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The recent conviction of Chris Oliver a Trustee from Houston Community College brought requests that the site which I published for numerous years be brought back as some people are still looking at what transpired and could still be happening. Rumors are that Chris has been given more time to help the FBI nab some more crooks, wish them well

However, because the tools that I am using now are different I am unable to fix links in the previous site, without a lot of work. So one can try using the links to see if they get you there. I apologize, but I don't intent to put a lot of time on the old site or this one for that matter. To give one an idea of what was on the old site; The part, small sample, that follows is from Link 1

Link 7 - The Veselka interviews are enlightening and I state that based on what was stated about Chris Oliver, so why wasn't he the focus of the investigation. Why were they protecting Chris Oliver??? Why did it take a firing for Renee Byas to step forward and bring the allegations, didn't she have a duty as the attorney for the District, or as acting Chancellor? I think I know they would have found a way to accuse of her something and she probably would have been fired and if really unlucky they would have manufactured a crime to accuse her off, they did to some employees in my opinion.


From the Chronicle

"But HCC's track record of shady contracts and kickbacks should have people thinking twice about giving the college any benefit of a doubt.

In fact, former acting Chancellor Renee Byas recently made claims about the board's bad behavior that now sound oddly prescient. No, we're not talking about the supposed fistfight that broke out during a closed HCC meeting when one trustee accused another of accepting bribes. Rather, it is her claim that three trustees were involved in a scheme where they would convince the board to buy property and receive 10 percent of the purchase price as a kickback."

The photo on the right was taken at about the time the land was purchased. Dave Wilson sued HCC to try to stop the purchase. While he did not succeed as they changed the method of payment. Everything that Dave Wilson claimed about the property was true, so now HCC has about $9,000,000 sitting there no longer even being fertilized by the cows that used to kept there. Another property that was bought and is now being used for storage after just sitting there for year is the O'Quinn property that is located in the area of the Medical Center. At the time the Board Chair lied that it was being used for class rooms. Are there kickbacks who knows but as the Chronicle alludes to it sure smells fishy.


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