Here is a petition for a Charter Amendment, six months to gather signatures.

HCC - Bravesite - Visit here for commenting Bravesite is not affiliated with INSIDE

The history behind the selection of Jacobs - Or where does corruption begin

Below is what was on INSIDE almost a year ago, here. One cannot look at Jacabs alone without considering the history of the bonds and the selection of the companies. One cannot forget that the Greater Houston Partnership invested nearly $100,000 in selecting two trustees that would vote their way. Those two have been towing the line, those two are missing from the corrupt list, wonder why? If not mistaken Renee Byas was at the helm when Jacobs who initially was 10 points lower than the first place company, but amazingly won the third time the selection was considered.

Who chose the method? Who chose the evaluators? Who changed the criteria? It was not the Trustees it was the administration and that would be have been Renee Byas or Art Tyler. The corruption begins or at least at that time begin at the top of the food chain that being the people that control the bid process.

On December 22, 2013 the Houston Chronicle had this headline, HCC probe:" Did trustee steer work to friend?"

Unfortunately the reporter failed to do research or to logically think through the statement above. How did Carroll Robinson try to steer work to his friend?

Was it after the HCC Board voted in favor of Jacobs as Program Manager? The Answer is no. Five Woods and IDCUS, INC were listed as the subcontractors for Jacobs when the HCC Board approved the Program Manager on June 25th 2013. If HCC is serious about looking into possible corruption they should look at the Program Manager and the two sub-contractors that were selected. Here is the agenda item.

Program Manager (Bond Program Manager)

One has to go back to early January of 2013 at that time it was believed that ESPA was going to be given the contract. There was enough suspicion that ESPA was going to be chosen with out an RFP that at least one unidentified person was sending letters like this.

For whatever reason ESPA did not get the Program Manager job. HCC went out for RFP and when the evaluation team came back the winner was, Broaddus & Associates with a score of 83, far behind at 71 was Jacobs. So why didn't Broaddus & Associates get the job? There were claims that HCC did not properly send out the RFQ and so they re-posted the RFQ. Here, page 26, is the agenda item that shows Broddaus received 83 points compared to 71 for Jacobs. Here is where the argument is that it was posted as an RFP when it should have been and RFQ. What is the difference and should it matter? Here is an explanation, notice that an RFP is a more formal RFQ. I believe that they could have accepted the Broaddus proposal, but some people must have wanted another bite at the apple.

The Second time around Jacobs received a score of 80 and Broaddus a score of 78. How did that happen? It is very easy if one wants to manipulate in favor of a company one does it with a committee.

The first committee that chose Broaddus consisted of the following: Here is the information in PDF.

 Dr. Tod Bisch, Faculty Senate President
 Winston Dahse, Chief Administrative Officer
 Warren Hurd, COO NE College
 Dr. Fena Garza, President SW College
 Dr. William Harmon, President Central College
 Dr. Zachary Hodges, President NW College
 Dr. Irene Porcarello, President SE College
 Dr. Betty Young, President Coleman College

The second committee consisted of the following; Here is the information in PDF.

 Michael Edwards, Executive Dean Coleman College
 Julian Fisher, COO SW College
 Kathleen Fleming, COO Central College
 Avis Horde, COO SE College
 Abe Bryant, Campus Director NE College
 Glenn Jarrett, Construction Project Manager
 Virginia Parras, COO NW College

Neither Carroll Robinson nor any other trustees evaluated the companies, so if one wants to accuse anyone of corruption one has to begin to look at the persons that did the evaluation and the persons that chose the evaluators.

That means that the administration must have been involved in the process. Which administrators only a thorough investigation could get to the bottom of it. Why did the administration wait until December to leak possible corruption? What changed? Who got burned on the deal? How many people were involved? There are too many unanswered questions, but one answer is that if Carroll Robinson did steer work to his friend he did not do it without help from others.

One possible way it could happen;

An administrator or more decide that they want a piece of the action so they approach trustees asking them who they would want as sub-contractors (that happened in the Chevron Energy scenario). The Trustees do have friends they would like to help (nothing wrong with that) so they recommend one or two subcontractors. The administration which has access to the evaluators then plants a word or two in the ear of one, usually more, and tells them what a great company ABC company is. The evaluators are employees at HCC they know who has the power to hire and fire or demote as in the case of Dan Arguijo (not sure who was behind that demotion). The Company that will get the contract has to agree to the sub-contractors for this to work. The sub-contractors may or may not have a deal going with their trustee friends.

What HCC has done is wrong, they are not interested in weeding out corruption they want to teach someone a lesson it may or may not be Carroll Robinson. The Administration may want to use it as a way to keep the other trustees in line.

If one wants to stare at the face of corruption one but has to look at the June 25, 2013 agenda. HCC used evaluators to select companies for construction. The best method to select such companies is to ask for bids, low bid gets the job. The work is guaranteed as a bond has to be posted.

HCC is so corrupt that it has come to INSIDE's attention that they are about $150,000,000 short on the construction projects. They don't have the money for the work they promised. Where did the money go? By they INSIDE does not mean just the little people from HCC, it means that the big wheelers and dealers from Harris County are manipulating the system. The only question is who is involved and what county elected officials may also be involved.

Lies and deception by Annise Parker and the Chronicle's Editorial Staff

City Of Houston

The misinformation by the City in its push to remove the budget cap has already begun. The Houston police department is asking for hundreds of millions of dollars in additional monies if we the citizen's of Houston want to do something about crime. If Annise Parker is serious about doing something about crime, If the Houston Police Union is serious about crime maybe they could use a simple rule, one hour's pay for one hour's work. HPD now pays officers eight hours for seven hours of work, I am being generous with the seven hours of work. When they go to eat they are getting paid, when you see them in department store shopping and their HPD cars are outside they are getting paid. In fact I would be surprised if they give the city six hours of work for eight hours of pay.

If the City were to start an hour's pay for an hour's work at HPD, it would be equivalent of hiring almost 15% more officers and not cost us a penny.

In case one is wondering why Annise Parker, it is because she controls the departments as a trainer controls her animals.

Chronicle and HCCS

The Chronicle editorial, on HCC, continues to promote the lies about the Veselka report. They even state that those trustees are no longer there, Chris Oliver is there. The Chronicle endorsed him when he ran for election after the Veselka report. He was the one taking those payments from vendors.

As to the trustee whose family got a contract, that did not happen the Veselka report was written in such a way to make it seem that it happened but the report acknowledges that it did not. So why does the Chronicle editorial board continue to promote lies. They knowingly continue to persecute people that they don't like.

The Houston Chronicle is a puppet of the Greater Houston Partnership and promotes their agenda which is the same thing that the acting Chancellor did, stupidly believing that it would give her a path to become the next chancellor. INSIDE stated as much over a year ago. INSIDE in fact warned her about taking the position.

If the Chronicle really thinks something funny went on they need to start from the beginning when Jacobs was not the winning firm. Why did HCC go out for another bid and how did a firm that was almost 10 points behind become the first place finisher the second time around? That is actually not true as it was the third time around when Jacob got the bid, the first time another firm had received the highest number of points, Art Tyler was in charge at the time.

Yes there are shenanigans at HCC but to put the blame where it does not belong does not solve the problems that HCC has, including decreasing enrollment.

Renee Byas fights back against the evil legions of HCC

"After two days of testimony, Justice Phillips concluded that HCC lacked good cause to fire Ms. Byas. HCC flatly ignored Justice Phillips's conclusion. A week later, HCC fired Ms. Byas. In a seven page letter HCC explained why the esteemed Justice had gotten it wrong and why HCC was right. In spite of Justice Phillips findings, Dr. Maldonado contended the school did have good cause to fire Ms. Byas. Then, the school filed the present action. The lawsuit asked this Court to declare that Ms. Byas's contract, under which HCC had paid her for a year, was invalid. Adding insult to injury, HCC demanded that the unemployed mother of two pay HCC's attorney's fees for the lawsuit commenced by HCC. Ms. Byas responded with the present action."

No matter who is right and who is wrong the fact remains that Houston Community College will resort to any means to go after a person. One interesting thing is mentioned about an Attorney Vidal Martinez in the counterclaim by Ms. Byas. INSIDE had inquired as to the billing or invoices by either Mr. Martinez or his office. HCC replied that they did not have any invoices that had been submitted. I find it hard to believe that Mr. Martinez was donating his time, but maybe he was.

Ms. Byas response is very enlightening as it seems that she was in communication with the FBI over the allegations that Carroll Robinson and others were using to influence the selection of companies. There is cloak and dagger going on as it seems that Ms. Byas was secretly recording the trustees when she met with them and numerous trustees are mentioned in her response. Here is what Eva Lorado had to say;

"At the March meeting, Trustee Eva Loredo stated she was concerned that HCC had "such a giant amount of projects yet we can't pass it out to everyone." Ms. Loredo stated that, "We have people out telling us at all hours every day, wherever we go, and they' re saying, 'Look, I supported HCC, I'm there for HCC, but I need to work. I need the job. I need the monies. When are we going to get that reciprocation for all that we do for HCC?"' Five other trustees joined Loredo's desire to "reciprocate" support to backers through contract awards." page 9 of here

Here is the lawsuit that was commenced by HCC and here is Ms. Byas response.

Below is the Chronicle's version of the lawsuit (counter claim) filed by Renee Byas;

"Renee Byas, ousted in August, said in the lawsuit that some of HCC's elected board members wanted to change procurement rules "so they could hand out bond-related contracts to friends or family."

The whistle-blower lawsuit is the latest in a series of accusations of improper business dealings involving one of the nation's largest community colleges. And it alludes to renewed interest in the institution by federal investigators.

Neeta Sane, chairwoman of the HCC board, denied that Byas was fired in retaliation for talking to the FBI and said she did not know of any instances in which board members tried to steer contracts to preferred vendors.

HCC won voter approval in November 2012 of a $425 million bond issue, the largest in the college's history, creating numerous construction projects to put out for bids.

"I'm just so disappointed in all these allegations," Sane said.

Neeta Sane

The lawsuit alleged that Sane and trustee Chris Oliver met with Byas for four hours in January "trying to convince her to abandon the strict procurement rules because people in their districts 'wanted contracts.' "

"At one point during the meeting," the lawsuit continued, "Ms. Sane showed Ms. Byas a list of firms who were supposed to 'get' contracts."

Sane said she recalled looking with Byas at a list of project managers included in a public meeting agenda, but Sane said she never asked the acting chancellor to select certain firms.

"I would never be involved in a meeting like that," added Oliver, the board's vice chairman.

According to the lawsuit, Byas spoke with federal investigators in person and by phone and shared unspecified documents with them. The lawsuit said the FBI approached Byas for an interview late last year around the time the college was investigating whether HCC trustee Carroll Robinson tried to steer bond work to a friend.

The investigation, completed months later by a private law firm hired by HCC, said there was no reliable evidence that Robinson recommended that Jacobs Project Management hire his friend's company, Five Woods, as a public relations subcontractor.

Concerns raised

The Houston Chronicle reported in December that another attorney hired by HCC raised concerns about the proposed subcontractor, saying in an email that representatives of Jacobs told her they were in a "precarious position" and that Five Woods was "sent" to them by Robinson.

Robinson has denied interfering in the contracting process.

The FBI generally does not confirm or deny investigations. "It's not appropriate for the FBI to comment on any pending litigation," spokeswoman Shauna Dunlap said Monday.

The Chronicle reported in September 2011 that the FBI was investigating possible corruption at HCC. The college at that time said it could not release records related to a construction project and a former high-level administrator, citing an ongoing law enforcement investigation as the reason for confidentiality. No criminal charges have since been filed related to that case.

Byas, represented by high-profile Houston attorney Rusty Hardin, also alleged in the lawsuit that Sane and trustees Dave Wilson and Robert Glaser "cornered" her at a conference in Santa Fe, N.M., and questioned why she couldn't revise the procurement process so that local firms could be given contracts for bond projects.

Wilson and Glaser could not be reached for comment.

Byas, named acting chancellor by the board in 2013, was so troubled that she carried a personal journal and tape-recorded conversations "so she could document the numerous instances that Trustees pressured her to break the law," the lawsuit said.

Reasons for firing

After the board hired a new chancellor, Cesar Maldonado, in April, Byas returned to her job as general counsel. Maldonado fired her in August.

In a letter to Byas, Maldonado said she was insubordinate. He said she sent a letter to a contractor without his review, shared confidential information about a potential hire and took computer files after she was placed on paid administrative leave.

In September, HCC asked a judge to declare Byas' last employment contract invalid. The college argued in part that she did not sign and return it by the specified date and that former board chairman Bruce Austin was not authorized by the full board in September 2013 to grant the extension through 2015.

Byas filed the whistle-blower claim in response to the HCC petition, alleging that the college was trying "to silence a public servant who refused to let HCC's Board of Trustees use a $425 million public bond project as a private slush fund."

Her lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

Daniel Ramirez, outside counsel for HCC, said Byas was terminated for valid reasons, declining to elaborate.

"HCC denies any whistle-blower violation or breach of contract claim," Ramirez said."

Erica Mellon, Houston Chronicle, Oct 27, 2014

Houston Chronicle will tell all types of lies to push bonds

The Houston Chronicle has enough resources and certainly staff to check facts, so the question is why don't they? In today's editorial they are pushing for the passage of the Lone Star College Bond Package and they are pushing lies to try to get people to vote themselves debt. This time they throw out a 33,000 increase in the number of students at Lone Star, here. Well a simple check will reveal that number is inflated the actual increase is 25,000 students, here and here.

The Chronicle actually uses an old trick to deceive voters into thinking that the need for additional facilities is very great. What the Chronicle fails to point out that Lone Star had a bond election in 2008 and it was approved, so there were additional facilities that were built to accommodate additional students. So the basis for starting the increase in students would probably be around 2011 or 2012. The increase in enrollment would be closer to seven percent (7%) not the 60% figure that the Liars at the Chronicle spin. The Chronicle also fails to account for the fact that much of the increase in almost all colleges in particular community colleges has been online enrollment. There is very little need for additional space for online enrollment and most of the few times that they would be required to appear in person could be a Saturday or a Sunday.

The question remains why are the community colleges, the school districts, and the Houston Chronicle water boys for an organization whose goal is to get contracts for their members. That organization being the Greater Houston Partnership.

Cesar Maldonado/Art Tyler -the tales continue

The person at the helm is no longer Art Tyler but the deceit of the HCC taxpayers continues. Several Trustees most notably Richard Schechter and Carroll Robinson took to the media to push a bond referendum claiming that Houston Community College was busting at the seams (nearly 100,000 students). They and all the other like minded individuals were lying either on purpose or because of ignorance.

Cesar Maldonado has continued the trend by suggesting that HCC has had enrollment increase. According to the figures, here and here, that the state has published that is not true. It is even worse than it suggests for one of the few places where there is an increase is in online enrollment. There is less need of space. So why is HCC still buying properties and building buildings that are already not utilized efficiently? Most HCC building have a utilization for about 30% according to a study that was done several years ago.

One has to wonder why individuals go to such great length to push lies. Who is benefiting from those lies?

It seems that here in Harris County the Greater Houston Partnership is behind the push for spending taxpayer monies. Whether it is HISD or Katy, HCCS or Lonestar. Why is the leadership at those district listening to a group (Greater Houston Partnership) whose purpose is get contracts for their members?

Maldonado is now hiding how much HCC is spending on advertisement but since the billboards keep changing the message, one could assume that HCC is still spending about one million dollars a year in advertising. What a waste of money as the enrollment should be the first concern, the second concern should be the graduation rate. Only one out of four students at HCC graduates with an associate or a certificate. In numbers what that means is that 37,000 students do not graduate or get their certificate and only 13,000 do.

How is Maldonado hiding how much HCC is spending? Maldonado now pays for the advertisement at less than $75,000 a buy. He then charges hundreds of dollars for the invoices for those buys.

HCC is an institution in decline and it is strongly suggested that any student that can attend elsewhere that they do.

The Democrats solution, LOCK THE DOORS ON LATINOS

Here is an article from Colorado where a Democratic candidate for Governor locked the doors on Latinos who were upset with the lies that they were told.

The tactic of locking the doors on Latinos seems to have become the tactic of choice for the Democratic Party. The Republicans call us names, make us out to be the less than humans and it certainly would be difficult to vote for someone that hates you so much. But there is strong reason to believe that the leadership of the Democratic Party thinks of the Latinos in the same way as the Republicans, they just lie about it.

On the right there is a Latino voting guide. The reason for voting for Republican judges and against Dan Patrick is to send both parties a message. That message is we can make the difference here in Harris County. If you tend to vote Democrat and can't find it in you to vote for a Republican judge, fine don't vote for either candidate.

I personally will vote for Greg Abbot as I believe that in time he will do more for Latinos than Wendy Davis ever will.

Neither person for Lt. Governor deserves to be there but the person that is not Dan Patrick is the least evil.

Sam Houston, A democrat, is a good person.

I know Chris Daniels, Republican, and he is a good person.

Orlando Sanchez, Republican, is also a good person.

George Barnstone, Democrat, very nice person.

I will vote for all Republican Judges as the harm they can do to the Latino community is very limited and it will send a message to the Democratic Party in Harris County.

If you live in the District where Pena and Perez are running for State Representatives, District 144. Pena is the much better person as Ms. Perez main concern seems to be lining her pockets.

Want to see stupid, look at this so called Latino supporter, who has supported non Latino Democrats, take the high road by referring to others as high-spanics. The guy is a joke. He claims to be an immigrant supporter but strongly supports the chief deporters, Obama and Adrain Garcia. This guy belongs to a group of Democrats who happen to have Spanish last names and use their last name to lie to the Latinos. When a Latino was running for Governor, that person supported Wendy Davis, that is but one time there are many others.

Will the Right do the same?

The Parker administration had this to say about sermons;

"If someone is speaking from the pulpit and it's political speech, then it's not going to be protected,"

If Houston allows Annise Parker to carry on that type of strategy don't be surprised when the Right also starts going into churches and other organization that are tax exempt to start monitoring their speech. Annise Parker is an evil person that needs to be stopped and run out of office as soon as possible. There may soon be a recall petition that will circulate asking for the removal of Annise Parker and the Council Persons that support her evil ways.

INSIDE is not alone when it states that Annise Parker is a liar

UPDATE (10-16-2014): In an interview with Michael Berry, the lead counsel for the pastors points out that David Feldman was copied on emails dating back weeks, and knew EXACTLY what was in those subpoenas. So the Parker Administration appears to be lying (again). Source


Annise Parker and David Feldman continue with the Lies to Destroy Religion

Below is what the City of Houston has stated will now be the scope of the subpoenas. The City's argument is a ruse as whether the pastors knew the requirement for filing the petitions. The question is are the signatures valid or not not whether the pastors knew the requirements. I am 100% sure that if the City found out that the Pastors were not knowledgeable but that the signatures were improperly gathered that the City would not drop its defense. There is no doubt that this the homosexual agenda first battle in destroying any religion that believes that homosexuality is immoral. The City knows that it can use the lawsuit to harass the churches but one has to wonder why were the African American churches not subpoenaed? Why are they being protected?

The answer is obvious the Democratic Party relies on the African American community to hold power in Houston. The selected person by Annise Parker to follow her is an African American that supported the Sexual Predator Act. That person is Sylvester Turner. Here is what he had to say on the topic, "Statement from St. Representative Sylvester Turner
“Discrimination against any group by a business in the public or private sector or a sports owner on the basis of race, age, sex, religion or membership in a GLBT community is unacceptable. Discrimination against any group cannot become the new norm. Those of us in leadership must speak out and act against it. That is why I am supporting the proposed Houston Equal Rights Ordinance.”

"Feldman said the intent behind the subpoena was never to prove the churches were violating the terms of their tax-exempt status, but to produce proof that pastors who organized a petition drive to put a repeal referendum on the ballot knew the city's rigorous charter rules but failed to follow them."

Churches and their leader need to stand up and fight Annise Parker, while this time it is not you they are going after, you will be next, history teaches as that.

Even Homosexual supporters are disgusted with what Annise Parker and David Feldman are doing!

The following is from the Huffington Post a liberal leaning or progressive online magazine. They correctly point out that what Annise Parker and David Feldman are doing is letting the world know that there is a Gay Agenda.

Actions like these, though rare, are incredibly harmful to the work that so many are doing in regards to LGBTQ equality and rights. When governments attempt such rash and unjustifiable actions, they give credence to the common conservative misconception that the "Gay Agenda" actually seeks to take away the religious liberties and freedom of speech of those who believe anything that is not "politically correct."Source

It is not a misconception about a Gay Agenda, as Annise Parker and David Feldman are at the forefront of the push to get rid of all religious freedom. There is a Gay Agenda!

In the words of Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, "the preaching of the church of God does not belong to Caesar, and we will not hand it over to him. Not now, not ever."

Here is a copy of the subpoena that the City of Houston issued. INSIDE has stated numerous times that Annise Parker is a liar and has shown where she in fact lied. Annise Parker is now claiming that she did not know about the subpoenas, while that may be the case with most clients, Annise Parker is a control freak and it would be surprising that she did not know and may have in fact encouraged the issuance of the subpoenas.

While still not 100% sure it seems that Annise Parker and David Feldman made sure that no Black Pastor or Church was targeted with subpoenas. Is this get the White Conservative agenda that we taxpayers are paying for?

Dave Wilson Press Conference


Dave Wilson, founder of Houstonians for Family Values (HFFV) will mail to voters the last of thousands of Petitions to Amend Houston's City Chatter to stop any future ordinance or executive order passed by the Mayor, or any future Mayor, from allowing men in the women's restroom.

HFFV's petition seeks to stop the so-called "equal rights ordinance" as well as seek to prohibit redefining "gender". The 50,000 pre-printed petitions should be in the hands of voters by Friday. Mr. Wilson stated, "We have collected over half of the signatures necessary to get this initiative on the ballot. We only need one last push to reach our goal which we expect to achieve in the next two weeks. These petitions do not face the issue of other petitions since they do not have to be notarized. This fact facilitates the path to a successful petition drive." The results of this petition drive may also determine whether a recall election of Mayor Parker will be made in May of 2015.

Vince Ryan-David Feldman-Annise Parker Birds of a Feather

The City of Houston has asked religious leaders to turn over their sermons, here. Homosexuals will use any methods including destroying the first amendment rights of groups and individuals. They do so not with their money but with our money to promote a life style that for thousands years has been considered deviant.

Vince Ryan constant attacks on Dave Wilson, HCC Trustee, are for the same reason, but Ryan will never admit it.

This November there is one person on the ballot that is a close friend of Annise Parker and may share the same disregard for the First Amendment. That person is Steve Kirkland who is running for judge. Two years ago I suggested that we support him, this time it would be better to vote against him or not to vote for either of the candidates. We cannot afford to take a chance that he places his lifestyle above following the law.


Houston Community College you must sue them for them to follow the law
or to do the right thing.

"Houston Community College Police Officer Samoan Scott was denied a light duty assignment even though she is five months pregnant and showing.

The Chief kept her on uniformed Patrol; issued her a shoulder holster to carry her weapon; told her she could wear her shirt out; and told her to buy dark stretch maternity pants and the department would reimburse her".... Source

You have to give credit where credit is due, this happened under the new Chancellor Cesar Maldonado and the old Chief, Greg Cunningham, Cunningham was appointed by Art Tyler.


Sheriff Adrian Garcia & Sheriff Arpaio - Two Peas in a Pod

While many counties are no longer helping ICE with deportation by holding people longer than required Sheriff Adrian Garcia like his counterpart Sheriff Joe Arpaio both continue the practice of holding longer than necessary. They are both racists and or bigots. Source for comparison.

Obama the Deceiver - promises, promises promises

Washington, DC - Leslie A. Holman, President of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) responded to two recent announcements from the Obama Administration, the first regarding eligible immigrants with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) applying for the Military Accessions Vital to National Interest (MAVNI) program and a second plan to allow young children from Central American countries to apply for refugee status from outside the U.S.

"Unfortunately, both these announcements are all noise with virtually no impact. The MAVNI program offers a chance for immigrants to serve this country and eventually earn citizenship, but there are so many caveats and limitations that this announcement by its own terms would be limited to very few. Add to that the fact that an existing Administration policy bars people from service based on their family members' immigration status. The result is that virtually all DACA-authorized individuals are effectively blocked from serving.

"Meanwhile President Obama's idea of implementing an in-country refugee processing program in Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala could be an effective tool in addressing the humanitarian situation there. But again here is a policy that is so limited as to lack any meaningful impact. The announcement actually lowers the total number of refugee slots available for the entire Latin American region down to 4000, and makes an odd proviso that limits protection of children only to those who have family members legally present in the United States. With tens of thousands in need, that's like the captain of the Titanic telling everyone to jump into one lifeboat. That's no solution for these desperate mothers and children-victims of domestic abuse, gang rape, beatings, and gun violence.

"These two actions are policies that sound good at first, but in operation only pretend to be changes. What we really need is the President to take big, bold action that will help our military, our economy, our communities, our businesses, and our families. These pretenses of policy change aren't helping. Last week he promised real action on immigration. We need better proof than this." American Immigration Lawyers Association. Suite 300, 1331 G Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005


Ebola - Will we survive?

Here is an article from the Washington Post on Ebola. There is a possibility that if it is not contained the disease may change our lives forever. Below are some excerpts from the article. A World War Z in the making?

"Six months into the worst Ebola epidemic in history, the world is losing the battle to contain it," Liu, of Doctors Without Borders, told the United Nations on Sept. 2. For the first time, she implored countries to deploy their military assets - something her organization had previously opposed for health emergencies...

The numbers grew even scarier. On Sept. 23, the CDC released a report estimating that, without a more robust response, as many as 1.4 million Ebola cases could potentially erupt in Liberia and Sierra Leone by Jan. 20...

What happens next in the epidemic will be determined in part by mathematics. As of Friday, the WHO had reported 7,470 confirmed or likely cases, and 3,431 deaths in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. Currently, each infected person is infecting about two more. To slow the spread of the disease and eventually stop it, officials must somehow reverse the math. Only when each Ebola patient infects, on average, fewer than one person will the outbreak begin to fade.

Frieden recently noted that, with the disease spreading exponentially, the math suggests a growing likelihood that Ebola will be exported to other countries - and then just days later came the news that it had made its way to Dallas.

The U.S. military is gradually arriving in West Africa. The basic plan is to get as many people as possible into treatment centers where they can be properly isolated. Troops will build 17 treatment centers, each with a 100-bed capacity. That will take many weeks.

The people in charge of stopping the Ebola epidemic will have to do something that they have not been able to accomplish: They must be even more aggressive, more ruthless and more persistent than the virus - a mindless and implacable force carrying out its own genetic instructions...."

That there sheriff of Harris County is one Smart Man

Sheriff Adrian Garcia has it all figured out so incidences like the one below (see video) don't happen again. How is he going to fix the problem? Supervisors will have more paper work to fill out. Yep one smart cookie that there sheriff of Harris County.

The incident happened a year ago, all his top Chiefs knew about it, several Captains knew about it, Several Lieutenants knew about it, several Sergeants knew about it, and certainly the supervisor that placed the note on the door knew about it. The person that notified the media, wonder who he is? Don't bother asking because if anyone would get fired it would be the person that brought the problem to the media. The only person who did not know was the Sheriff, so he claims. How many people believe that? If you do I have a bridge I am interested in selling.

My take on what happened, a year ago they all knew (that includes Sheriff Adrian Garcia) and crossed their fingers hoping that no one would find out so that they would not have to explain it. Sorry guys you all have at least one person on staff that cares about right and wrong.

Those strips of cloths hanging from the ceiling, would not be surprised that the goal of some of the people were for the inmate to hang himself. Sorry folks that he may have messed up your plans.

Remember Adrian Garcia wants to be your new mayor, don't think so, he belongs retired. Here is the Chronicle's take on the matter. Here is the latest from ABC 13.

Sheriff Adrian Garcia - treatment of Black Inmates

Sheriff Adrian Garcia already has the distinction of separating more Latino families than any other sheriff in the country. He is also no President Harry Truman, as the buck never stops at Adrian Garcia's desk. He is rapidly getting a reputation of treating Blacks in a manner that the previous sheriff a Republican would not tolerate, Garcia is a Democrat. Here is an ABC 13 exclusive how Garcia should have known about a Black inmate having to live in a cell that may not have been open in months. The inmate had to live with shit and trash and unable to tend to his basic needs.

"The cell may have not been opened for as long as two months, sources said. They said a sign attached to the outside of the cell door instructed guards not to open it. Food in Styrofoam containers was pushed in by guards through a slit in the door and the refuse was never collected, sources said."

If this was a Republican Sheriff the black officials that are interviewed would not have been so kind, Democrats protecting Democrats.

This same person that you see on the video wants to be mayor of Houston, he does not deserve to be dog catcher.

here is the story on ABC 13  


EBOLA comes to Texas, here

What do HCC and Ferguson Missouri have in common?

"Officials in Ferguson, Missouri, are charging nearly 10 times the cost of some of their own employees' salaries before they will agree to turn over files under public records laws about the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown." Source

A recent open records request would have cost $125 for scanning 480 documents. I don't have the scanners that HCC has but my $300 printer can scan that many documents in less than hour. So HCC is resorting to the same type of tactics that Ferguson, Missouri is using to try prevent people from knowing what they are doing. HCC probably already has the documents in scanned format so they are creating work to charge people for providing records that should be free.

What is HCC hiding under Cesar Maldonado?

HCC Chancellor Maldonado continues to show his stripes - A degree does mean smart

One sometimes wants to give a new person a chance to prove himself, Cesar Maldonado, but at some point a line has to be drawn and the new chancellor's honeymoon is over. In the latest stupid move the chancellor is prohibiting college recruiters on HCC campuses to recruit students. So HCC students will no longer be allowed to have the privilege of getting solicitations from universities such as Texas University, Texas Tech (Well they may get a one time offer others done have), Texas A & M, etc.

Two universities are being allowed to recruit, U of H, and TSU. The new policy by the Clown in Chief will;

Will hurt HCC as a college of choice, as

Students need to find out early-on what the four year institutions expect of them.


HCC- What is HCC Chancellor Cesar Maldonado Hiding or Spending

INSIDE made a request for information (open records request). The request made was copy of invoices that Cesar Maldonado has signed or approved under $75,000. INSIDE expected maybe a few dozen such invoices but it seems that Cesar Maldonado has approved 480 invoices under $75,000. Cesar Maldonado may have spent tens of millions of dollars without any oversight by the HCC Board.

$75,000 is where the Chancellor has to get approval from the Board, so that means that he has been circumventing the HCC Board. The question has to be why is he doing it? What is Cesar Maldonado hiding? It seems that HCC has a bad habit of picking chancellors that do not think that transparency is important. Why not be transparent? BECAUSE there is something you don't want the public to know. If it was Cesar Maldonado's money who would care but it is not his money it is our money.

The HCC Board remains as blind as it always has been, they need to find out what the chancellor is spending the money on.

All nine of the trustees are blind to what is happening as they quarrel among themselves about who is right or wrong.

The Buddha twice uses the simile of blind men led astray. In the Canki Sutta he describes a row of blind men holding on to each other as an example of those who follow an old text that has passed down from generation to generation.[6] In the Udana (68–69)[7] he uses the elephant parable to describe sectarian quarrels. A king has the blind men of the capital brought to the palace, where an elephant is brought in and they are asked to describe it.

When the blind men had each felt a part of the elephant, the king went to each of them and said to each: 'Well, blind man, have you seen the elephant? Tell me, what sort of thing is an elephant?'

The men assert the elephant is either like a pot (the blind man who felt the elephants' head), a winnowing basket (ear), a plowshare (tusk), a plow (trunk), a granary (body), a pillar (foot), a mortar (back), a pestle (tail) or a brush (tip of the tail).

The men cannot agree with one another and come to blows over the question of what it is like and their dispute delights the king. The Buddha ends the story by comparing the blind men to preachers and scholars who are blind and ignorant and hold to their own views: "Just so are these preachers and scholars holding various views blind and unseeing.... In their ignorance they are by nature quarrelsome, wrangling, and disputatious, each maintaining reality is thus and thus."


Dear Mr. President:

We, the undersigned 168 immigrants’ rights, faith-based, civil rights, human rights, anti-violence, and criminal justice reform organizations and legal service providers, are deeply dismayed to learn that your administration intends to open a new family detention facility in Dilley, Texas, dramatically expanding the warehousing of vulnerable mothers and children fleeing Central America to seek safety in the United States. This population includes young children forcibly displaced by the same chronic and acute violence described by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in a 2014 report,1 as well as their mothers, many of whom were victims of violence by intimate partners or criminal armed actors in their home countries. Many of these families experienced further violence, including kidnapping and rape, during their journey to find safety in the United States.

Family detention is wrong. In 2009, your administration wisely decided to stop detaining families at the T. Don Hutto Detention Center in Taylor, Texas, following years of litigation and other advocacy on the deplorable conditions of confinement and treatment of children at that facility. In summer 2014, unfortunately, you decided to return to the failed practice of family detention at facilities in Artesia, New Mexico, and Karnes County, Texas, together holding a total of more than 1,000 vulnerable mothers and children. On September 23, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced plans to open a massive 2,400-bed family detention facility in Dilley to be run by a private prison company at substantial cost.2 We urge you to reverse course immediately by closing Artesia and Karnes and canceling plans to build in Dilley....

American Jewish Committee (AJC)
American Psychological Association
Americans for Immigrant Justice
America's Voice Education Fund
Amnesty International USA
Asian Americans Advancing Justice-AAJC
ASISTA Immigration Assistance
Black Alliance for Just Immigration
Casa de Esperanza: National Latin@ Network for Healthy Families and Communities
Center for Community Change
Center for Employment Training
Center for Gender & Refugee Studies, UC Hastings College of Law
Conference of Major Superiors of Men
Detention Watch Network
Families for Freedom
Farmworker Justice
First Focus
Friends Committee on National Legislation
Global Campaign to End Child Detention
Grassroots Leadership
Hispanic Federation
Human Rights Advocates International
Human Rights Defense Center
Human Rights First
Human Rights Watch
Immigrant Legal Resource Center
In the Public Interest
International CURE
International Detention Coalition
Japanese American Citizens League
Jesuit Conference of the United States
Justice Strategies
Kids in Need of Defense (KIND)
LatinoJustice PRLDEF
Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
League of United Latin American Citizens
The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service
Mennonite Central Committee U.S. Washington Office
Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund
National Advocacy Center of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd
National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association
National Association of Social Workers
National Center for Transgender Equality
National Council of Jewish Women
National Council of La Raza
National Immigrant Justice Center
National Immigration Forum
National Immigration Law Center
National Immigration Project of the NLG
National Korean American Services and Educational Consortium
National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health
National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
National Organization for Women
National Partnership for New Americans
Peoples’ Action for Rights and Community
Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal, Commission on Migration, Refuge, and Forced Displacement, Mexico Chapter
Prison Policy Initiative
Private Corrections Working Group
Religious of the Assumption
Responsible Endowments Coalition
Rights Working Group
Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
Sisters of Mercy of the Americas
South Asian Americans Leading Together
Southeast Asia Resource Action Center
Southern Border Communities Coalition
The Advocates for Human Rights
The Episcopal Church
Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition (TASSC) International
Unitarian Universalist Service Committee
United We Dream
U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants
We Belong Together
Women’s Refugee Commission
Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights
State and Local Organizations
Alliance San Diego
Amoachi and Johnson, PLLC
Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Asian Law Caucus
Asian Law Alliance
Brooklyn Defender Services
Capital Area Immigrants' Rights (CAIR) Coalition
CASA de Maryland
Catholic Charities Legal Services - Las Cruces, NM
Coalicion De Derechos Humanos

Here is the letter in its entirety.

Carroll Robinson Responds to Chronicle

Below is a response by Trustee Carroll Robinson to the Houston Chronicle's editorial. While INSIDE agrees with much of what Robinson states, questions still remains. Who contacted whom first. What was the administration role in the whole scenario? Something is not right but neither the Chronicle nor HCC want to get to know the truth. Rumors have it that former acting chancellor Renee Byas tape recorded many of the trustees and others. That is supposedly her trump card if rumors are to be believe.

INSIDE has heard of order being given of records to be destroyed. One question that still bothers INSIDE is why did Richard Schechter suddenly resign? He was very instrumental in the BOND package and for pushing for immediate sale of the bonds. Why is he still involved with HCC, what is the connection? Maybe the Houston Chronicle needs to look at those dots and see if they one single investigative reporter that could connect those dots.

Let's Connect The Dot's

If that is the Chronicle’s new standard, then I look forward to all their forthcoming editorials on all the friends of elected officials in our area – not just the minority ones – doing business with governmental entities.

Third, the Chronicle now says that suspending the contract of a business that is accused of possibly engaging in improper conduct is an attempt to prohibit whistleblowing.

Why should taxpayers continue paying a company that might have agreed to violate the law?

The Chronicle’s logic amounts to advocating that taxpayers should pay a business who may have broken the law to confess that they did break the law. What kind of logic is that?

Finally, I agree with the Chronicle that HCC wasted hundreds of thousands of taxpayer’s dollars. It wasn’t however because HCC was trying to clean mud off my name. It’s because no one had the courage to connect the dots and point out the simple fact that Michelle Morris’ allegations did not add up.

Instead of speculating and making things up, the Chronicle should deal with the facts and get out of the business of writing fiction. Its time for the Chronicle to deal with the reality that the problem at HCC is not the Board of Trustees but rather, a broken procurement system and a lack of commitment to local small business contracting. (Maybe this will change now that HCC has a new Chancellor. I hope so.)

Fighting to improve the contracting process at HCC and strengthening the System’s small business program is not unethical or illegal.

It’s time for the Chronicle to move on and stop attacking HCC.


HCC - Problems, editorial - Houston Chronicle

Houston Community College's exculpatory report merely confirms cronyism.

INSIDE normally does not paste the entire article but this is worth reading. INSIDE does wants to point out again, if there were things done wrong, it probably could not have been done without the assistance of Jacobs and the administration. Carroll Robinson is one trustee and has one vote. He had to convince someone that the selection of Broadaus, had previously won the contract, was wrong. The scoring the third time around had to be different so that someone other than Broadaus would win. Does it smell yes. Unfortunately while there is a new chancellor many things remain the same at HCC, Maldonado may be over his head, as he comes from a college with enrollment less than 6,000.

Seems they moved the article to the editorial section is online, now, here.

Carroll Robinson - Dave Wilson
photo James Nielson Houston Chronicle

A Houston Community College trustee may have been cleared of ethical violations according to a recently publicized summary report, but something still stinks. The exculpatory conclusion reached by the Gardere law firm, which HCC hired to investigate a contracting scandal last year, doesn't do a good enough job connecting the dots. This report looks more like a cleanup operation than an investigation.

Taxpayer dollars and bond initiatives don't exist to reward friends or pay back community supporters. HCC's public dollars must be spent efficiently and effectively to educate students. That's not what is happening at HCC. Instead, subcontractors are being selected based on connections over skill and politics over policy. Meanwhile, trustees are promoting agendas that would discourage whistleblowers from coming forward.

This all began at the end of last year, when allegations arose that Trustee Carroll G. Robinson helped a personal friend land a $1.4 million subcontract with Jacobs Project Management, a major HCC contractor. The million-dollar subcontract was for public relations work. The friend's firm, Five Woods, specialized in landscaping and janitorial work. Whether or not Robinson violated board ethics rules and suggested a subcontractor to a vendor, this mismatch of skills smacked of poor public policy. In fact, the odd arrangement was so striking that it caught the attention of Michelle Morris, an attorney HCC retained to monitor procurement.

As she wrote in a lengthy internal e-mail at the time, "No one had ever heard of the company […] and Jacobs has not ever used this firm before." When Morris asked Jacobs representatives to explain the deal with Five Woods, they revealed that "the Five Woods representative was 'sent' to them by Trustee [Carroll] Robinson," she wrote. In her letter, Morris also described the response to her questions as "a nervous one," and added, "they outright told me that they are in a 'precarious position' (their words not mine)."

Apparently the situation was so precarious that, upon Gardere's investigation, the Jacobs representative denied making any such statement. According to Gardere's report, there was simply no reliable evidence that trustee Robinson improperly tried to help Five Woods land the contract.

What the study fails to address, however, is that Robinson proposed the automatic suspension of any HCC contract upon allegations of impropriety. The proposal also called for the automatic termination of a contract if the board of trustees determined that allegations of impropriety were proven to be true. This policy would have punished Jacobs for its whistleblowers, cutting its contract for employees admitting that they were pressured to take part in HCC's improper practices. After Robinson put forth this policy, the Jacobs employees changed their story.

How convenient.

So while HCC may have received an official clean bill of health, the whole thing still looks sick to us. After all, the report does confirm many of the concerns raised last year:

1. Five Woods lacked relevant experience.
1. The "price and scope" of Five Woods' proposed services were "inconsistent" with HCC's needs.
1. Jacobs selected Five Woods because of "relevant relationships" at HCC.

Relevant relationships? That just sounds like code for cronyism. According to the report, Robinson was responsible for connecting Jacobs with Five Woods during HCC's 2012 bond campaign. Jacobs selected Five Woods based on its relationship with HCC trustees. Despite this selection, Five Woods was not qualified for its subcontract. If Jacobs employees admitted that they were pressured to hire Five Woods, Jacobs could have lost its entire contract. Yet somehow, all of this does not violate HCC's ethics code.

Whether or not there was an official policy violation, the whole thing is far too reminiscent of the ethical improprieties that tarnished past HCC board members. The fact that Robinson himself declined to be interviewed by HCC's law firm should also make the end report all the more suspect. When news first broke, we wrote that any investigations should include statements taken under oath. Apparently neither HCC nor Robinson seemed to think that was necessary. When interviewed last year by education writer Ericka Mellon, Robinson said that he didn't "appreciate anybody dragging my good name through the mud."

This isn't about Robinson's reputation. This is about HCC. Our community college helps train the important middle-skill laborers who make our energy economy hum and fill Houston's middle class. These scandals leave a mark on the institution and distract from its true educational mission. These scandals also cost money: Gardere has charged HCC $271,500 for its investigation, and two more invoices are expected.

Taxpayer dollars should be spent educating students, not cleaning mud off trustee members. But until elected officials stop trying to play fast and loose with public funds, HCC will remain an institution in need of a deep cleaning.

Why Immigration Reform Matters to Many Latinos

But for many immigrant-rights supporters, the delay shows the president doesn’t understand the moral crisis at the heart of the immigration debate, in which those looking to escape poverty get branded as parasites, their children as “anchor babies.” Our dysfunctional immigration system has created a powerless class of millions of people; without the ability to vote or to advocate on behalf of themselves in public, they have no choice but to wait for our politicians to take sympathy. Lawmakers all “play politics,” but extending the suffering of this vulnerable population because it might save you a few votes at the ballot box is yet another sign you don’t fully consider them Americans. Source

Latinos Stay Home This November do not support the Democrats in Harris County

Where do Americans Believe that Latino Children Belong?
Behind Bars. America deports more persons than any other country in the world.

The Democratic Party in Harris County does not deserve the support of the Latino Community that believes that those persons, here undocumented, deserve a chance at becoming American citizens. Why do the Democrats not deserve the support of the Latino community;

  1. The Sheriff of Harris County, a Democrat, is the Deporter In Chief - he may be one person that is responsible for the most deportations by county than any other person in the United States. The Sheriff is Adrian Garcia.
  2. When Dreamers, children that have lived here most of their lives went to go visit with the Chair of the Democratic Party, Lane Lewis the chair locked the doors to the Democratic party office and refused to talk to them.
  3. When one of the top aides to a Democratic elected official, JP Risner, made a comment that she was going to go "wetback hunting", not one single elected Democratic elected official denounced her comment.

The Republican Party in Harris County has actually been more supportive of immigration reform than the Democrats. Democrats may talk a good fight here in Harris County but that is all talk.

HCC Art Tyler Wages 2007 - 2009

Here is some old Art Tyler data that was not published by INSIDE - you be the judge.

HCC - Check to see how much Hurricane Government Money Employees Received

Here is what all or most HCC employees were paid for Hurricane Ike. Many employees earned their money, I would love to know how Art Tyler and Mary Spangler earned their Hurricane Ike money while partying in Brazil?

What Fox will never print! Source

SAN ANTONIO — A militia member shot at by a Border Patrol agent is a convicted felon with a history of criminal activity, documents show.

A Border Patrol agent fired four shots Aug. 29 at a man holding a firearm near the Rio Grande while pursuing a group of immigrants east of Brownsville, The Associated Press reported. The man was not hurt, but dropped his weapon and identified himself as a militia member.

The militia member, identified as 45-year-old Brownsville resident John Frederick Foerster by KRGV-TV, served prison time for burglary and has been convicted on other charges, according to documents obtained by the San Antonio Express-News.

Foerster was arrested by Brownsville police Feb. 14, 2001, on three counts of burglarizing a building, a state jail felony punishable up to two years in prison, Texas Department of Public Safety records show. The offenses took place March 22, 1999, Feb. 13, 2001, and Feb. 14, 2001.

Foerster pleaded guilty to all three charges in May 2001 and served part of his sentence in Cameron County before being transferred to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice on Aug. 1, 2001.

He was released from prison Aug. 9, 2002, records show.

Prior to the 1999 arrest, Foerster was arrested on charges of possessing a switchblade and knuckles, a Class A misdemeanor punishable up to a year in prison. Foerster pleaded guilty to those charges and sentenced to 180 days in jail.

In 2009, Foerster was arrested in Missouri City on theft charges.

"I'm still going to be out there. I'm still going to be vigilant. I might be a little louder towards the agents so that they know that I'm there. I might even put a red strobe light on my forehead so that they can see. I'm not leaving," Foerster told KRGV after the shooting incident.

The Border Patrol and local law enforcement have discouraged citizen militias from patrolling the area.

"Sometimes it can be dangerous, because you have all these (non-law enforcement) people out there running around the border," said Kevin Oaks, the Border Patrol's chief in the Rio Grande Valley told The Associated Press. "There are cartel members that carry assault weapons and camouflage, and then there's others that may be under the auspices of whatever group, may look very similar, and we have no idea who those people are. My fear is that these things clash and eventually there will be a very bad outcome."

Militia leaders claim Border Patrol has called upon them for backup, San Antonio Express-News reporter Aaron Nelsen writes.

"They knew exactly what we were doing and where we were doing it," said Rob Chupp, who heads one of two Patriot teams in South Texas. "So it absolutely shocked us that this would ever happen."

Chris Cabrera, vice president of the union representing Border Patrol agents in the Valley, told the Express-News he has "never heard of an agent soliciting backup from any militia types."

"If militia members call us or arrive on scene that is beyond our control, but we do not call on civilians for backup, it's a very dangerous environment that we patrol," Cabrera said.


Over the Labor Day weekend, I read the personal memoir of a World War II child refugee.  A Long Way Home, by Bob Golan was published in 2005, although it was written from the contemporaneous notes of a 12 year boy whose family was driven from their home in Poland at the outbreak of World War II.  In the genre of Holocaust literature, we expect to read stories of cruelty, starvation, depravation and danger, and the extraordinary manner in which the survivors overcame the odds and lived to tell the story.  Mr. Golan’s account differs from the experience of concentration camps and ghettos. and instead, he tells the story of a child refugee as his family seeks safety but instead finds anti-Semitism and prejudice wherever they go.   Although the family escaped deportation to the concentration camps, they spent the war years as refugees learning to avoid and ultimately cope with extreme anti-Semitism, persecution and starvation in the Soviet Union.

The book is a compelling read, a story of courage, perseverance and the overwhelming will to live when faced with incredible deprivation, starvation, and disease.  The reader experiences anger and frustration caused by the anti-Semitism endemic not only from the Nazis, but from the Polish community and the USSR.  The reader learns  of the horror of the refugee camps in Ukraine during the early war years, a harrowing exile to Siberia, and the trek Mr. Golan ultimately took from Siberia to Tashkent, Tehran, and ultimately to Israel, where he arrived in 1943.  I don’t think my reaction of anger differs from most  readers because the horrible conditions were both unnecessary and the result of cruel and misguided prejudice and indifference.

But Mr. Golan’s story wasn’t just a story from the history of World War II.   I couldn’t help think of the reports I have been reading from colleagues in Artesia, New Mexico, and the stories of the women and children refugees from Central America, facing the same prejudice, deprivation, and the same barriers to resettlement and safety imposed by our own government.  Our government, the home of the free and the land of the brave, is acting on the worst prejudice of the population rather than our best instincts.   We are not talking about the anti-Semitism of Ukraine or Poland during World War II, the tyrannical policies of Stalin or the primitive isolation of Siberia.  In 2014, it is the United States government responding to refugees from Central American, mostly women and children, by incarcerating them in a remote location and deporting them without a hearing or serious consideration of the consequences.  We take only modest comfort that at least starvation is not part of the regimen in Artesia, but the crowded conditions, the isolation, and the inability of the children to attend school in an orderly, safe environment bears too much resemblance to the experience of Bob Golan as a 12 year old refugee in 1939.

Bob Golan’s hunger and fear was not relieved until he was identified by the Jewish Agency operating in Tehran in 1943, after which he was fed and clothed in safety for the first time in 4 years.   We are taught that the United States is a beacon of hope, that we have the resources, the compassion, and the means to provide safety and comfort for those who reach our shores as they flee from violence and fear.   I don’t understand how prejudice has permitted our government to define refugees as “illegal immigrants” in a misguided effort to deport them, and return them to violence and fear in the land they were forced to flee.  I am fearful that years from now, accounts of the way we are treating the refugees from Central America today will be compared to the treatment of Jewish refugees in 1939.   William Faulkner wrote that “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”

But we really ought to be better than that past. - Source

Written by Rob Cohen, Vice Chair, AILA’s USCIS Liaison Committee



The United States in Latin America


Who is the least evil - Democrats or Republicans?

Source of the article below;

Washington, DC - The following is a statement from Leslie Holman, President of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) about President Obama's announced decision to again delay any executive action that would help immigrants, their families, and our economy:

"Through this decision to delay, President Obama has broken yet another promise to immigrants, their families, U.S. businesses, and a community largely responsible for his even having a second term. This President, who has deported more people in 5 years than any other, who has doubled down on the jailing of women and children, who has tried to gut the protections we have for trafficked children, who has failed to curb the unjustified denial of legitimate business applications or provide promised incentives to encourage entrepreneurship, has now joined the House of Representatives in profound failure regarding our immigration system.

"By breaking his promise to exercise his authority this summer to provide some relief from the immigration system's dysfunction, the President has bowed to political pressure to the detriment of many: the businesses that are struggling, idea-generating immigrant entrepreneurs, families waiting to be reunited, and those whose lives his deportation machine is destroying each day. All of them, all of us, were waiting for him to lead.

"Even as he once again declines to act expeditiously, President Obama is doubling down on his aggressive deportation record by turning his back on our country's moral obligation to provide refuge for the most vulnerable people fleeing unspeakable violence, by consigning families to jails and rushing women and children through deportation with little more than an impersonation of due process. Despite the Administration's best efforts to railroad these families out of the country, volunteer attorneys have been gathering at the Artesia, New Mexico detention center-a center set up hours away from the nearest legal help-to provide pro bono assistance in battling what had previously seemed to be pre-determined fates of the women and children there. And what they are seeing are people clearly qualified for, and desperately in need of, this country's protection. Similarly, attorneys are trying to keep up with the number of unaccompanied children who are being marched before immigration judges, alone and unrepresented, to face a hurried judgment of deportation.

"The attempt to deny protection to desperate refugees, and the delay on immigration action, make absolutely no fiscal or moral sense, and are built on questionable political assumptions. The Administration's treatment of women and children refugees is leaving a stain on our country's history that can never be lifted. The President's chain of broken promises on repairing, or at least patching, our broken immigration system is a betrayal of all who put their hopes in his leadership.

"I'm disappointed in the President and urge him to reconsider and to move swiftly on both fronts: fix what he can of what's broken in our immigration system and do what's right by the women and children jailed and railroaded instead of protected. Our country's values require no less."






Gardere's Report on Carroll Robinson - Enjoy about a $400,000 report follows
If one prefers here is the report as a PDF it is easier to read.

GA R D E R E attorneys and counselors


JULY 2014

1000 Louisiana, Suite 3400
Houston, TX 77002-5011

Did Trustee Carroll Robinson violate the Board's Code of Ethics by suggesting or recommending a subconsultant to Jacobs for inclusion in Jacobs's responses to HCCS procurement solicitations for the program manager position related to the 2012 capital improvement bond initiative?

The evidence obtained pursuant to this investigation indicates that the answer is no.

In November 2012, voters passed a ballot initiative approving issuance of $425 million in bonds to fund capital improvements at the Houston Community College System ("HCCS"). The capital improvement projects would be coordinated by a program manager. After HCCS issued a request for proposals ("RFP")  and request for qualifications ("RFQ") for the program manager position, on June 25, 2013, the Board of Trustees (the "Board") authorized HCCS to contract with Jacobs Project Management Co. ("Jacobs").

Jacobs's RFQ response proposed that an outreach subconsultant ("OS") and its principal ("OS Principal") would provide community and small business enterprise ("SBE") outreach for the program. But, due to concerns with price and scope, Jacobs and HCCS removed outreach from the program management contract negotiations in July 2013. They had no negotiations about the outreach component for about six weeks. Meanwhile, HCCS and Jacobs executed the rest of the program manager contract on August 12, 2013.

On September 12, 2013, three events reignited outreach negotiations. First, the Board held a meeting at which various trustees requested that SBE outreach commence soon. Second, Jacobs representatives introduced OS Principal to senior HCCS staff members, saying that OS Principal was ready to begin outreach-even though OS Principal's involvement was still undetermined. Third, after the meeting, Trustee Robinson, with OS Principal at his side, heatedly told two Jacobs representatives that he was Jacobs's client, that Jacobs had· to immediately begin SBE outreach, and that he would replace Jacobs with another contractor ("September 12 Discussion").

After outreach negotiations resumed on September 16, HCCS employees and procurement counsel (Michelle Morris ("Ms. Morris")) met with OS Principal but became concerned that (1) OS lacked qualifications; (2) OS was seeking a large sum for work that HCCS was largely planning to do itself; and (3) Trustee Robinson, known to be acquainted with OS Principal, might have influenced Jacobs' selection of the apparently unqualified subconsultant. When questioned, Jacobs representatives admitted that OS lacked experience. Further, a Jacobs representative who had not participated in subconsultant selection but who was part of the September 12 Discussion, suggested to Ms. Morris and, separately, to an HCCS staff member, that Trustee Robinson was pressuring Jacobs to use OS. The same representative stated to Ms. Morris that Trustee Robinson had "sent" OS to Jacobs.

With these three legitimate concerns, Ms.  Morris and then Trustee Robinson called for an investigation in October 2013. Other than the statement that Trustee Robinson had sent OS to Jacobs, made by a Jacobs representative who was uninvolved in subconsultant selection, Special Counsel finds no evidence that Trustee Robinson suggested or recommended OS to Jacobs for inclusion in RFP or RFQ responses.



From October 2013 to July 2014, Special Counsel interviewed nearly 40 people, including Ms. Morris; fifteen HCCS employees, most of whom were involved in procurement, communications, or construction activities; eight  representatives from HCCS vendors involved in the bond program; three HCCS outside counsel; five Jacobs employees; and community leaders. Special Counsel encountered difficulties arranging interviews with two vendor representatives  and initiated a Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 202 petition to force their depositions. While the petition was pending, each vendor representative agreed to an interview, so Special Counsel voluntarily non-suited its petition.

Trustee Robinson declined to participate in the investigation beyond his reported statements in Houston Chronicle articles regarding the investigation.

OS Principal submitted an affidavit to HCCS in October 2013 but declined to be interviewed in person, offering instead to respond in writing to written questions. Without the ability to follow up or discuss any inquiries, Special Counsel did not engage in this process.

Special Counsel also gathered and analyzed numerous documents from HCCS and interviewees, including, e.g., procurement documents and communications, in addition to documents that HCCS employees received from OS Principal.


Special Counsel's investigation relates to the Code of Ethics, found in Article A of the HCCS Board Bylaws ("Bylaws"). Art. A, § 10(e) states: "If either the complainant, the Board member complained about, or a majority of the Board requests, the Chair or the Chancellor, as appropriate, will name an independent third party to investigate the complaint and report to the Board." Both the complainant (Ms. Morris) and the member complained about (Trustee Robinson) requested this investigation.

Based on Ms. Morris's October 4, 2013 email to HCCS's acting general counsel, Special Counsel's retention focuses on allegations of possible violation of Art. A § 4(k): "Board members are prohibited from suggesting or recommending subcontractors to vendors at any time, regardless of when the communication occurs.""If the Board finds a violation of this Ethics Code, it can reprimand or censure the Board member . . . ." Art. A, § 10(f).

Aside from a statement by one Jacobs representative uninvolved in subconsultant selection, Special Counsel did not find evidence that Trustee Robinson asked Jacobs to hire OS for inclusion in Jacobs's RFP and RFQ responses.


The Bylaws and HCCS procurement procedures include provisions meant to prevent trustees from influencing the fairness of the procurement process. These provisions are backed by sanctions of reprimand and censure. 1   The Bylaws also
include provisions to keep vendors from seeking trustee influence in the procurement process-and these provisions are backed by sanctions of temporarily excluding violating vendors from the procurement process.2  Beyond the Bylaws, HCCS has adopted procurement regulations, and rules are also set forth in procurement solicitations themselves that delineate boundaries between contractors and trustees and remind everyone involved of blackout periods. In addition to  these rules, HCCS can protect itself, as it did with respect to the program manager contract, by hiring procurement counsel.

In this instance, procurement counsel properly reported a potential violation of the Bylaws. In light of interviews and documents reviewed in this investigation, Ms. Morris had reasonable concerns. HCCS employees and Ms. Morris also properly vetted the experience and pricing of OS, ultimately concluding that OS was unsatisfactory and ensuring replacement with an experienced subconsultant. Thus, the system of relevant Bylaws, procurement procedures, and procurement counsel worked in this instance to protect HCCS.


Three concerns combined to create an apprehension that Trustee Robinson might have violated Art. A §4(k) by suggesting OS to Jacobs for inclusion in RFP and RFQ responses: (1) OS's lack of qualifications; (2) scope and cost of OS's services; and (3) the September 12, 2013 Discussion, which was perceived as a possible demand for Jacobs to employ OS.  Each will be discussed.

    • Potential violation of Art. A § 4(k)

Although HCCS staff and Ms. Morris's concerns were justified, there is no evidence to conclude that Trustee Robinson influenced Jacobs's initial selection of OS as a subconsultant.

      • OS lacked qualifications for bond program outreach.

Special Counsel learned from HCCS representatives and vendors alike that OS lacked relevant experience. Further, numerous interviewees involved in outreach discussions  stated  that  OS  lacked  relevant  abilities,  as  demonstrated  by  OS

1 Bylaws at Art. A, § 1O(f).
2 Exh. 5 at Art. A, § 1O(h).

Principal's presentations and presentation materials offered between September 16 and early October 2013. Based on interviews and documents gathered, OS was registered as a janitorial firm with the State of Texas and had a landscaping contract with HISD. Further, although OS Principal had worked for  elected officials, was on the board of the Houston Citizens Chamber of Commerce, and had volunteered to promote  bond campaigns, OS Principal had no identifiable experience with outreach during capital improvement programs. Thus, although Jacobs described OS as having relevant expertise in RFP and RFQ responses, as well as in communications with HCCS, HCCS staff found otherwise.

Although Special Counsel has obtained various records in which Jacobs stated that OS had a great deal of relevant experience, Jacobs representatives recognized in interviews that OS lacked experience in bond outreach. Indeed, Jacobs representatives admitted that OS was not chosen based on demonstrated bond outreach ability.

The scope and price of OS's proposed services did not match HCCS's needs and expectations.

According to documents and interviews, HCCS's communications department had a post-election community engagement plan before Jacobs and OS began negotiations with HCCS for outreach services. Help was only needed for a portion of the activities. The first phase of this help was to inform SBEs of the opportunities for contracting before subcontractors for the projects' architects and engineers were selected. After project managers were selected and construction began, HCCS communications staff thought they would need minimal assistance.

Nevertheless, throughout negotiations from July to early October 2013, OS proposed involvement in everything from SBE outreach to community meetings, coordination with community organizations, website and social media updates, capacity building/skills development, prime/sub matchmaking, and contract monitoring and compliance, all for years. HCCS employees saw little need for help in these areas beyond the SBE outreach early in the bond program.

Thus, with OS's proposed scope largely unchanged, there was a significant gap between what HCCS staff believed it needed and what OS proposed. Notwithstanding direction from HCCS communications staff as to HCCS's needs in light of current capabilities, OS's proposal remained largely static.

Further, although the proposed fee fluctuated, OS ultimately sought a fee of $1.4 million. HCCS staff could not justify such a fee, particularly because they were already doubtful of OS's capabilities and the need for a broad scope of work.

The September 12 Discussion and why Jacobs selected OS.

On September  12, 2013, the Board held a meeting and discussed the need for SBE outreach to potential subcontractors of architects and engineers working on the bond capital improvement program.  Jacobs representatives, as well as OS

Principal, were present at the meeting.3 That same evening, a Jacobs representative approached high-ranking HCCS staff members and introduced OS Principal, saying that OS Principal would be providing outreach services and was ready to get started immediately.

After the meeting, two HCCS staff members saw part of the September 12 Discussion. According to interviews, during this conversation, Trustee Robinson demanded that Jacobs begin SBE outreach immediately so that small businesses could begin pairing with larger firms providing services to HCCS. At that time, as had been the case since July 2013, part of OS's planned role was to provide SBE outreach.

Shortly after the September 12 Discussion, a Jacobs representative who was present at the Discussion told Ms. Morris and, in a separate conversation, a senior HCCS staff member, that Trustee Robinson was pressuring Jacobs to use OS.4
Further, the representative told Ms. Morris that Trustee Robinson had "sent'' OS to Jacobs and that he feared retaliation from Trustee Robinson if OS were not used.5

But the Jacobs representative had no personal involvement in selecting subconsultants for inclusion in the RFP and RFQ responses and did not state that OS had been sent to Jacobs before Jacobs included OS in responses to procurement solicitations. It is unclear whether the Jacobs representative's statements referred to pressure by Trustee Robinson during the RFP and RFQ process, pressure regarding SBE outreach during the September 12 Discussion (months after Jacobs's RFP and RFQ responses), or something else.

The Jacobs representative who claims to have recruited OS Principal states that he met OS Principal in mid-2012 (during the HCCS and HISD bond campaigns), while looking for potential small-business subconsultants who had a strong relationship and knowledge of HCCS and HISD. He believed that HCCS had a "keen interest" in diversity and the promotion of small businesses, so he was looking for potential subconsultants who would bring both of these aspects to Jacobs's proposal. After seeing that OS Principal was articulate, intelligent, and well-connected at HCCS, the representative introduced himself to OS Principal at an HISD or HCCS event. The representative asked OS Principal if he was interested in community outreach, to which OS Principal affirmatively responded. The Jacobs representative was impressed with OS Principal's knowledge of and relationships with the HISD and HCCS boards and the Houston community, and asked OS Principal to join Jacobs's bids at HISD and HCCS. The representative saw the teaming as an opportunity to turn OS into a success story by helping OS Principal expand his facilities maintenance and real estate business into the public

3 At this point, outreach had been carved out of the Jacobs contract since late July, and negotiations for the outreach portion had not resumed.

4 When interviewed, the Jacobs representative denied making these statements. Similarly, an HCCS staff member's notes of a November 22, 2013 meeting record a Jacobs representative stating: "the SB [small business] component was pushed by a Board member to hire a particular vendor." When interviewed, this representative said that he does not recall making that statement.  5 The Jacobs representative also denied making this statement.

outreach realm.6 The representative knew that OS Principal had relationships with HCCS trustees and admits that OS Principal's relationships were one of the reasons for selecting him. Indeed, the representative recalls that on October 19, 2012, with the bond election just a few weeks away, OS Principal introduced the representative to Trustee Robinson at a private meeting, the purpose of which was for Trustee Robinson and the representative to discuss design and construction. The representative denies receiving any suggestion or pressure from HCCS trustees to team with OS Principal, and it appears that Jacobs had already selected OS by October 2012.

Other Jacobs representatives noted that they knew of OS Principal's connections with various trustees, including Trustee  Robinson. These representatives also saw an opportunity for a "mentor-protege" relationship between Jacobs and OS to help OS expand its services and create a bond-related success story.

Notwithstanding the September 12 Discussion and the comment that Trustee Robinson had "sent" OS to Jacobs, Special Counsel has uncovered no reliable evidence that, when responding to the program management RFP and RFQ, Jacobs was influenced by a directive, suggestion, or recommendation from Trustee Robinson to team with OS.


The three concerns of HCCS staff and Ms. Morris were well founded. Indeed, it appears that OS lacked relevant experience and that the price and scope of OS's proposed services were inconsistent with HCCS's needs. Yet based on the evidence, Jacobs chose OS because OS had relevant relationships at HCCS, was a minority-owned small business, and was a ompany with potential to become a success story. Thus, there is no evidence to conclude that Trustee  Robinson suggested or recommended OS to Jacobs for inclusion in responses to HCCS procurement solicitations.

6 The representative admitted that the experience mentioned in OS Principal's profile in the RFP and RFQ responses did not refer to outreach.
GardereOI - 6474612v.6


Who is not welcomed at Kroger's?

Here is an article about who is and not welcomed at Kroger. So if you expect to find a little girl eating ice cream, dream on. But you may find plenty of people armed with Assault Rifles.


Police is at work - justified? For more of police at work at Santa Ana, here


Response to Comment

The following comment was posted on 8/26/2014

"I appreciate all of your efforts over the past few years in shedding light in places that no one wanted to have light shone. Haven't agreed with you 100% of the time but I still commend you for what you have done."

Still doing research and will soon be shedding more light where light needs to make things transparent. Working with others in hopefully bringing it to light within the next few months. HCC is still lacking in being as transparent as it should. HCC is the only government agency that spends more time in so called executive sessions than it does in public session. The question is why is that? The City of Houston does not go into executive session. The City of Houston does not prohibit speakers from talking about trustees or employees of the system. Why does HCC make real estate deals in the dark? Law allows it but it is not required. The more light one shines on a subject the less likely that corruption will be hiding there.


HCC Rumors - at least not sure what is true and not true

Rene Byas

Rumor has it that a hearing was held early this week and the Administrative Judge decided to split the baby and asked to the HCC pay half of her contract. According to the same rumors the maximum time is six months. It is believed that Ms. Byas had a salary of about 250,000. Therefore the buyout would be $125,000 plus any vacation and sick time accumulated by Ms. Byas. The total buyout if one includes other incidentals such as Social Security and Medicare that will have to be paid by HCC could be as high as $300,000.

It seems that HCC didn't win a thing as the lawyer fees and the fee to pay the Administrative Judge may have come close to what half of the buyout would have been. It seems that HCC the Lawyers are running the institutiton. HCC has three in house attorneys, one general council, and one special council.

One interesting rumor is that Rene Byas had been tape recording the HCC Trustees. There is certainly the possability that she recorded other people as well, such as , those she met with during the last six month or more of her tenure. Is it possible that she has some increminating information?

Why won't the "legals" apply?

The racists are always complaining that "illegals" are taking jobs from Americans but the truth is that time after time is that when jobs are available "legals" do not want the jobs. From an article in the Houston Chronicle;

"It's a catfight to get subcontractors to fully staff at your jobs," said D. Keith Oden. He added, "It's hand-to-hand combat."

The labor shortage has become so severe that the company recently started putting guards on job sites to keep its workers from being poached by competitors willing to pay more.

"We've had specific instances where people would come on site and try to round up workers," Camden's chief executive Ric Campo said in an interview. "During the World Cup, we actually put big screens on our sites to get people to stay. Source

Those jobs are back breaking type of work, here in Houston it gets very hot and not many people want to work in the heat. As they used to say Houston Hot.


New site, not by INSIDE to vent or post comments, here.

INSIDE will be posting less and less about HCC and probably not post as often. The reign of terror that started in 2009 and continued until recently is rapidly coming to an end. Hopefully HCC will now start to direct its' energy into education. It has been a long hard fight, I myself lost my job because of INSIDE, but don't fret as I had prepared for retirement and have more than sufficient skills to find work if I do need to work. For the last year I have enjoyed retirement doing things that I never had time to do during my 50 plus years of working. Actually they were much more than 50 years as summers were

Family Members taken in the 50s

dedicated to snapping cotton, starting at a young age of about 7. I learned to love school (Don't let anyone tell you that school is not work) as snapping cotton from sunup till sundown five days a week and half a day on Saturday was much harder than going to school. I remember only one summer vacation in my entire life beginning after first grade. I worked through college and worked through law school. I never knew how good not working (getting up and starting a schedule like the ants that we are) could feel.

May those at Coleman and those that suffered during the reign of terror pick up from where you are and march forward knowing that some of those students you are educating may be the leaders of tomorrow. That nurse may be the one that saves your life. That police man or fireman that you train may be there for you if you ever need them.

Remember to follow life and work like the tag line of a song, "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you are with".

The one regret that I have is that the bad publicity that former Trustee Yolanda Navarro Flores unjustly received by the liars and deceivers has not been corrected. But there were others for instance the police officer that was falsely accused of tampering with a government document and for four years had to think of his trial. There were other employees that were demoted or terminated because they spoke up about things that were not right. Gloria Walker was set up and her reputation ruined with the help of the Houston Chronicle. The Chronicle should be ashame of what it does to people. It destroys lives without looking at the details. They write falsehoods as if they were true.

God Bless all of you.


There should be a lot of very happy people after today's event at the Coleman campus.


Vince Ryan loses again

The judge denied the motion of the state (Vince Ryan). While the judge did follow the law, the judge took the liberty to basically call Dave Wilson a liar (lacking credibility) and by doing so basically said the jury was not too bright in deciding the case the way they did.

Has the Democratic Party become the party that attacks homeless and other down trodden individuals?

Interestingly the State made the argument that if a person did not live in a place that the city considered habitable then said person could not vote or run from such a location. I have to admit that I am baffled by that argument as the Democratic Party normally has been considered the party of the down trodden and the poor. The Democratic party via Vince Ryan now seems to be making the argument that a homeless person could never vote or run for office if he does have a place in which he or she lives, if the City deems the location unhabitable.

To White Republicans - Minorities are trash and animals

How does Texas bury immigrants found trying to better their lives? In trash bags, source.

How do White's refer to Blacks? Fucking animals, source.

Well maybe a lot of them are not like that, but when are the Republican politicians going to take those persons to task. Silence is acceptance. Where is the disgust for the inhumanity? Those that remain silent are as guilty as the ones that make the statements or bury them in trash bags.

The Asians should not be so smuck, it is only because you have not reached sizable numbers yet to bring the ire of the White Republicans.


Vince Ryan v Dave Wilson

The motion from the county to overturn the jury’s verdict  on the State of Texas vs Wilson will be heard Monday at 9:00 a.m., August 18,2014 in the 151st State District Court on the 11th floor of the Civil Courts Building. Public invited. The actual case is State of Texas not Vince Ryan but anyone with half a brain knows that this is a personal vendetta against Dave Wilson for his stand and actions against morality, homosexual life style. Whether one approves or disapprove of Dave Wilson's views is not relevant. What matters is the government is attempting to silence speech.

HCC the budget

HCC was saved by the increase in property values but yet still had to borrow several million dollars from the rainy day fun to make next year's budget balance. HCC continues to spend money like drunken sailors. One of the first trips a la Spangler and Tyler by the new chancellor will be a taxpayer paid trip to Vietnam. HCC is also predicting a three percent increase in enrollment for the Fall semester.

View from the prison where the United States is holding children

Recently a lawyer who was at Artesia, New Mexico discovered that one of the children that was being held was a citizen of the United States. He had been detained for about a month. If not for the attorney who was volunteering in all probability the child would have been deported.




Abuse of Children by the United States

Last month, National Public Radio reported that some of these children complained of being subjected to “abusive and inhumane treatment in U.S. Border Patrol stations in South Texas,” including frigid holding rooms known as “the ice box,” sleep deprivation, inadequate food and water and denial of medical attention.

Saul Martinez, a 15-year-old from El Salvador, testified at a Congressional Progressive Caucus hearing in Washington last month that after he was caught crossing the Rio Grande into Texas he was held with about 200 other children in an ice box for six days, according to an Arizona Republic report. Conditions were wretched and there was only one toilet for the 200 children.

A 12-year-old girl from Honduras testified at the same hearing that she had been better treated by the human smugglers who brought her to this country than by the U.S. immigration authorities, according to the report.

Gil Kerlikowske, the commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, did not dispute that some of the immigrant children had legitimate complaints about conditions in the holding cells, but said border agency officers had been overwhelmed by the influx of the youthful illegal immigrants. Source

What Do Fox Readers Really Think of Latinos - Source -Fox Allows it and Condones It

Shoot the illegal aliens and their sympathizers on sight.

Next time start shooting them, that will end a lot of this foolishness.

deport all of them to jail or Mexico they all are parasites. People need to be reminded what the law says 

The 3.7 billion Obama wanted for the 52000 illegal children crossing at the border equates to $70,000.00 per child.  If he took that same 3.7 billion, he could hire 52,000 border patrol agents at $70,000.00 per year, and that further equates to one machine gun nest every 200 feet along the Mexican border.  If it moves, shoot it. 

Those "protesters" should have been arrested too. I am sick of this pandering to these illegals and also sick of the actions of namby pamby goody two shoes folk on behalf of these invading illegals. The time is long past for shutting down the borders and stopping the over running of our nation by these people who seek to undermine our nation. Let's get serious and end this invasion rather than catering to these criminal parasites.

lawless folk do not respect the rule of law. Latino's disrespect our laws they refuse to speck English,they cross the border at will and a crimal gets a free pass.

Fox News is a racist organization that panders to like minded racists. For the Tea Party and the Republicans Latinos will always be Mexican and illegal first before they consider them Americans, if they ever do.

One of the First Americans Killed in Iraq was a Marine who had traveled here alone while a child

Marine Lance Cpl. Jose Gutierrez


One of the first U.S. servicemen killed in combat in Iraq was not a citizen of the country for which he sacrificed his life.

Lance Cpl. Jose Gutierrez, 22, a rifleman with the Marines, died in a firefight March 21 near Umm Qasr.

Born in Guatemala, Gutierrez held permanent U.S. resident status, which he obtained in 1999.

At 14, with his parents dead, Gutierrez followed the path of 700,000 of his countrymen to California. He made the 2,000-mile journey from his Guatemala City neighborhood without entry papers. He hopped 14 freight trains to get through Mexico. U.S. immigration authorities detained him. Source

Many of those now entering the United States care more about this country then the Racists in the Republican Party who always talk about wars but tend to not send their children.


New Chancellor - nothing changes

Employees at the bottom are the ones getting shafted by the big boys at the top. HCC employees working out of the County Jail seem to be without a job.

New Head honcho at the helm of the legal team, still having trouble getting open records information. Keep it hidden so that people will not know how incompetent HCC is.

Leave a message at a potential HCC student recorder and count it as a contact.

Only at HCC well maybe HISD can one expect the chiefs to have gotten to the top of their incompetences. By the way from voting records the Chancellors tend to be Republican. Here one would think that Republicans would be for more efficient government.


Wendy Davis strikes out at Greg Abbott



City loses at the Court House

A state judge yesterday granted an injunction preventing the City of Houston from enforcing the Sexual Predator Protection Ordinance (aka Houston Equal Rights Ordinance).

Federal Judge Miller sent the case back to State Court where the state judge granted the injunction, here.

The City Attorney claimed that it was not a victory as Annise Parker had already stated that she would not enforce the ordinance until? That is the question until what, we know that Annise Parker is not a woman of her word. She has no qualms about not telling the truth so it was a double victory as the move to Federal Court to delay the lawsuit failed and the injunction was granted.

The City Attorney also chuckled that it was not the judge ordering, nonsense. The City Attorney must think everyone is stupid if the City was stipulating and did not care why did it go the trouble of moving it to Federal Court?

Woodfill characterized the suspension as having been ordered by visiting State District Judge Jeff Shadwick, a suggestion that prompted a chuckle from City Attorney David Feldman.

"This is not the judge ordering us, this is the city stipulating that it would not enforce, consistent with the mayor's public representation," he said.

The Chronicle reporting is certainly questionable as to opinions thrown in as reporting;

"Opponents disliked protections extended to gay and Transgender residents, groups not already protected under federal discrimination laws, and promised to send the issue to the voters."

Please explain how allowing a person that looks like a man, dresses as a man, is a man, but claims that he thinks is a woman and can enter the women's bathroom is equal protection.

Dave Wilson - A vendetta by the County Attorney

Below is a letter to the editor that was published in the Houston Chronicle today. The author is Don Sumners.

A clear vendetta
Regarding "Harris County's persistence in HCC trustee's residency case is seen by some as piling on" (Page B1, Aug. 1), I suppose Harris County can technically be referred to as the plaintiff in the lawsuit seeking to have Dave Wilson declared ineligible to serve as Houston Community College District II Board Trustee for not residing in the district.

Questions about a political candidate's residence to qualify for a particular position have been around as long as I can remember. For years there was a question about deceased State Sen. Mario Gallegos' residence address.

As I recall, to qualify as a resident of his district he was registered to vote at his mother's home on the east side, while his wife lived at a home in Scarsdale off the Gulf Freeway ("Report rebuts election challenge. Says Gallegos' residency is not an issue based on state constitution, Page B6, Dec. 5, 2004).

In the 1991 city of Houston mayoral race a question arose as to the residence address of mayoral candidate state Rep. Sylvester Turner who lost to Robert Lanier. He was reportedly leasing a house in Houston with his wife living elsewhere ("Residency laws will prevent wife from voting for Turner," Page A37, Nov. 28, 1991).

You have to give County Attorney Vince Ryan credit for creative effort in framing his argument to prove Wilson does not reside at a warehouse apartment on West 34th St.

I am not an attorney but having worked at the Harris County Tax Office for 14 years and having served as the Harris County tax assessor-collector and the county voter registrar, I am very familiar with the applicable exemption/residence portions of the Property Tax and Election Codes in this case.

Ryan's claim that somehow the homestead exemption provisions of the Property Tax Code prevent Wilson from having a separate residence from his wife because a homestead exemption obtained by her on a home solely owned by her bestows a benefit on him is bizarre to this tax man. The Property Tax Code actually penalizes him by preventing him from claiming a homestead exemption on his separate residence as long as he remains married.

Besides, the definition of residence in the Election Code is the applicable law in this case. Trying to bring in the Property Tax Code to disqualify Wilson strikes me as a legal Hail Mary pass.

Regardless of how one feels about Wilson's actions leading up to the lawsuit, the jury has spoken. Ryan's legal theory is terribly flawed, and it is time to end the vendetta.Source

Don Sumners, Houston

Where could the County Attorney get such ideas about combining property tax law with election law? One possible source could be Richard Schechter, former HCC Trustee. In an email to the County Attorney's office he wrote;

"The point I was making earlier is that under Tax law a husband and wife can only declare one property as their residential homestead ... if that was really his residence , I am betting he would claim a homestead exemption, which would have to save him 1000s of dollars." Schechter is referring to the difference in value to Dave Wilson's residence on 34th street vs. the property that belongs to this wife.

According to the information that INSIDE received there were numerous communications between Richard Schechter and the Harris County Attorney's office.

Republicans talk about smaller Government - but spend like drunken sailors

The darling of the Tea Party, small government movement, treats his office as bigger is better. It seems that Ted Cruz's office is the most wasteful of all the Senate offices in the country, here. One can only imagine that he would run the country the same way. That is the problem with Republican they talk as if they will be different but they normally are much worse than the Democrats. What Ted Cruz does very well is pander to the Latino and Black haters of the Republican party. The Republican method has embolden Russia to emulate the Republican party by mocking the African race, here.

Houston time to worry about being outside - Chikungunya has arrived

According to the Dallas news Chikungunya virus was found on a mosquito trapped in Houston, here. Numerous cases of West Nile infections have been reported in Houston here.

Chikungunya is carried by mosquitoes that love to bite during the day, here. So we can choose our mosquitoes Chikungunya during the day or West Nile at night. We are feast for mosquitoes.

Rest assured that the Latino haters, mostly Republicans, will find a way to blame the children from the south. It does not matter that Ebola and Chikungunya are found in the Caribbean and Africa. INSIDE will blame the pink people, Whites, as they are the ones doing the traveling and returning with the illness and allowing themselves to be bitten by the mosquitoes. That sounds stupid doesn't it? But it is the same logic used by the Republican Latino haters.

Will Give Republicans credit for being Creative

Who would have thought that allowing homosexuals to marry could lead to incest?

Going further than commonly relied upon arguments in defense of same-sex marriage bans, more than 60 Republican lawmakers of the Texas Legislature have signed onto a brief arguing that such bans prevent “other morally reprehensible actions” from being recognized – including bigamy, incest, pedophilia and group marriage. Source

Those people that are already in a relationship of same sex partners had not been associated with incest in the past, why would it now? Leads one to think that the Republicans are pandering to the basest of the Republican Party the haters of the group that seem to control the Republican Party at this time.



City of Houston Sued

Petitioners seeking to overturn the Sexual Predator Protection Act wasted no time in filing suit to get the referendum on the ballot, here. As usual the Chronicle begins with a lie to prove a point. The lie this time is that the City Secretary Anna Russell finding that the petitioners failed to gather sufficient legal signature. That is outright lie. I wonder if the editorial board bothers to read its' own newspaper. In the front page they have an article titled, "Equal rights law foes sue city". The quote below is what the City Secretary found;

"In a memo to Mayor Annise Parker and the City Council, Russell said she had found 17,846 valid signatures."

In fact when questioned about the interference by the City Attorney, Anna Russell had this to say, "She cannot recall another instance in which city attorneys reviewed the pages of petitions".

INSIDE has not been shy about stating that Annise Parker is a liar. Annise Parker will resort to any methods legal or not to get her way including involving the city attorney's office. INSIDE predicts that after 60 years of service to the City that Russell will be retired before the Mayor of Houston, Annise Parker. Anna Russell broke a rule that a city employee cannot disagree with Annise Parker. The Proper way is to keep quiet or praise the Queen.

As to the rest of the editorial they did point out what many people already knew the growth has not been in the Houston area is has been outside Houston's city limits. Houston has been stagnant since Annise Parker has been mayor. If they think an ordinance that protects homosexuals and gives men the right to enter women's bathroom is a recipe for growth they are mistaken.

INSIDE has not problems with most of the ordinance, however, the City's ability to collect up to $5,000 fines is wrong. The inclusion that a man who thinks he is a woman can enter a woman's bathroom is wrong. We are not talking about Transgender men who for the most part look or dress like women. Cross dresser are not always Transgender. Annise Parker forgot or never understood that she is Mayor of all of Houston.


One has to wonder if Cesar, the new chancellor, is listening and if he is listening who is he listening to? There are serious problems at HCC this is not a time for timid people or people who are too timid to get in the fight for what is right. Cesar Maldonado needs to learn what great leaders do. I am sure the faculty can provide him with excellent sources of books and information. INSIDE will start with recommending the reading a book on Harry Truman, here. Maybe Teddy Roosevelt, here, will be better accepted as Cesar is Republican, or at least one may assume as one of his positions was courtesy of Rick Perry.

Cesar is a powerful name the new Chancellor needs to perform to the level of his name.

DREAMers confront Rand Paul and Steve King. Watch their hilarious and offensive reactions.

DREAMers Erika Andiola and Cesar Vargas stopped by a fundraiser in Okoboji, Iowa, to introduce themselves to Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and Iowa's Rep. Steve King, who is also known as an ultraconservative crazy person and rotten human being.

Rand Paul could not get away fast enough from the Dreamers, King did stay and manage to sound stupid but the vast majority of the Latino haters that reside in the Republican Party do tend to fall into the stupid category.



HERO (Sexual Predator Protection Ordinance) Repeal Petition Falls Short of Required Valid Signatures for Ballot

Fox 26 Take on the matter above, here.

KHOU 11, here.

Click2 Houston, here.

ABC 13, here.

Houston Chronicle did not have it online this morning.


From the Chronicle blog, this twitter account of Terry Grier (HISD Superintend) taking on the head of KIPP. Terry Grier needs to get a grip on things and quit making excuses for the sorry products that HISD tends to produce. Charter schools like KIPP are basically private magnet programs. How many Special Needs Children does School for Health Profession have? One main difference is that some charter schools such as KIPP and YES are doing a much better job that HISD is doing with the Magnet Programs and at a much cheaper cost.

What Do Starfish and Artesia, NM Have in Common?

Artesia is a tiny town in Southeastern New Mexico that has been thrown into the national spotlight because the federal training center located there has been turned into a make-shift detention center for women and children fleeing violence in Central America.  It’s dry, it’s dusty, it’s hot, and it’s nowhere near an ocean.  So, what could Artesia, NM possibly have in common with starfish?

Several years ago, AILA Colorado presented a Lifetime Achievement award to Betsy Bedient, an AILA Colorado member, who in addition to battling the USCIS for years, had just won her second battle with breast cancer.  During her acceptance speech, Betsy told a story about saving starfish, which is her mantra for her work as an immigration attorney.  She described being on a beach where a number of starfish had been stranded and the frantic efforts one person on the beach made to return the starfish to the water as soon as possible.  In the story, the person is criticized for a futile effort that wouldn’t make any difference.  The person responded, as she threw one back, that she made a difference to that one.  Betsy said that in her practice she couldn’t save them all, but she saved as many as she could and her work made a difference to those that she could help.  Our clients and the people we represent are like starfish.  We can’t save them all, but we can save them one at a time.  Saving starfish has become AILA Colorado’s motto.

And this brings us back to Artesia, NM.  The women and children stranded in Artesia are like the starfish on the beach.  Immigration attorneys from around the country are dropping everything, abandoning their practices, their families, and racing to Artesia, NM to frantically work together to protect these women’s and children’s due process rights.  It is hard work.  It is frustrating.  It is heartbreaking.  Yet, these attorneys are making the impossible possible – they are saving starfish!  And what’s even more incredible is that what’s happening in Artesia is starting to happen everywhere.  Immigration attorneys are volunteering around the nation, wherever they are needed, to help these women and children.   As a witness to these valiant efforts, I feel humbled, I feel hopeful, and I know that our efforts are not in vain.

Written By Lisa Helen York, member of AILA’s Board of Governors

OBAMA - IMMIGRATION - By executive action

President Obama is preparing to announce new measures that would potentially allow millions of illegal immigrants to remain in the United States without fear of deportation, a politically explosive decision that could jolt Washington just weeks before the midterm elections, according to people who have been in touch with the White House.Source

From a Friend



INSIDE calling for the Mayor of Houston to Join

When Annise Parker introduced and pushed through the Sexual Predator Protection Ordinance one of the reasons was all the other cities do it.

Well Annise Parker why not do like a lot of other cities are doing and start opening your arms (City) in becoming an immigrant friendly city like these cities. Why has Annise Parker been so quiet on the issue?

INSIDE is calling on the Harris County Democratic Party to open your doors and stop hiding from the issue. The Democratic Party locked the doors on the DREAMERS and refused to speak them, it is time that you all open those mouths for other things besides promoting homosexuality. Norm Adams a Republican is doing much more for the immigrant community than any of the Democratic elected officials.


INSIDE has heard that there is a $50,000 a page report that has come out that found that Carroll Robinson did absolutely nothing wrong. If someone has a copy of the report please send it to INSIDE.

INSIDE has heard that Rene Byas is appealing her termination and that a hearing will be held this coming week.

Hurts and People laugh




County intends to go all the way to the State Supreme Court with the Dave Wilson Case

The attorney handling the case for the county attorney Vince Ryan had the following statement in the Houston Chronicle;

However Judge Mike Engelhart rules after an Aug. 18 hearing, the dispute is likely far from over."No matter which way he rules, it's going to go to the appellate court for a better answer," Ray said. Source

Vince Ryan and his supporters in the Commissioner Court, he would not be doing it without their okay, are bound and determined to go after Dave Wilson. How dare a White man win in a Black district. How dare a Man who believes that homosexuality is morally wrong and speaks out about it not be punished by government. How dare a Man who has addressed the Commissioners for their cronyism win a seat without their approval be allowed to retain a seat he won in an election. There are many political figures that hate Dave Wilson and they may have good reason to hate him, but they should use private money to attack him, not public money.

The attorney representing the County made some interesting statements;

1. "I've been kidding around with people saying I'm going to put up a cot in my office and register to vote there. Who's to say I'm wrong? It's really come into focus since the case was decided … that a lot of people are looking at this as a license to basically ignore the rules."

If the county allows you to do that, and if you decide to call it your residence, and if you do stay there, then why not? You would not be the first to do that. Nor would you be the last, we have a Democrat running for judge now using a downtown law firm to run from. We have about 1,000 people voting from P.O. Boxes. We used to have a Democrat that had about 20 people voting out of his house. We have elected officials that live in other cities but claim to live here. We have a few City Council members whose houses are outside the City limits. We have a State Representative who has his house in another district, used to have house outside the district that was worth millions. If not mistaken half of the people that ran for District I lived outside the district. The person who presently holds District H was not living in the district when he ran. Christi ran from a commercial property and after winning rented an apartment. M.J. Khan represented a City Council district but had a homestead outside the City limits.

Notice I said if you do stay there, many of the folks that rent apartments or buy houses do not live there, but they represent the districts they were elected from. The truth be told that if actually having to live in a district was enforced some districts would not be able to get anyone to run.

2. He said the jury's ruling sent a message that "anything goes" when it comes to claiming residency to run for office or claim tax exemptions.

That is not true and you know that Mr. Ray, each case has its' own specific facts and if someone else with exactly the same facts as Mr. Wilson ran and won office the jury verdict would probably apply to them. But the verdict would not apply to the scenario you mentioned in statement number one in regards to the cot in the office joke you made.

3. "If Mr. Wilson can claim he lives in a warehouse at the same time he has a homestead exemption at another location, then anybody can claim to live anywhere.

Mr. Ray you know that the house has one owner only and that is the spouse of Dave Wilson. I guess you must be from the old school that women can not own property. Maybe you go way back and believe that women are chattel, do you?

Mr. Ray while it is listed as a warehouse you are fully aware that there are rooms on the second floor that can be used as apartments. Your own investigator who tailed Mr. Wilson for a week proved that Dave Wilson does in fact live in the warehouse apartment.

There is something terribly wrong with the County Attorney's office it has the smell of an outhouse.


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