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Faculty Senate Votes No Confidence

According to email that was sent to INSIDE the faculty senate voted no confidence in the president of the HCC Coleman College. I have not verified the email.

10,000 Slurs a day

10,000 racist tweets are sent ever day, a major new study into racism on social networks has discovered. Source

Ted Cruz files bill to stop Obama from forcing states to accept homosexual marriages

S. 2024, the State Marriage Defense Act, would require that the federal government give the same deference to the 33 states that define marriage as the union between one man and one woman as it does to the 17 states that recognize same-sex unions. Source

Democrat v Democrat

The Obamacare rollout has gone so badly in some liberal-leaning states that it has turned into an issue in Democratic primaries, where incumbents are under attack for botching the enrollment period that began in October. Source

Democratic Primary Voters did not come back after 2008

The Republicans held their numbers, turning out about the same number of voters in each of the two primaries that followed, but many of the Democratic primary voters who came out in 2008 never returned. In 2010, only 680,548 Texans voted in the Democratic primary. Two years after that, only 590,164 voted. In general elections, their top-line numbers also fell. Obama received 43.7 percent of the overall vote in the 2008 general election. Former Mayor Bill White of Houston got 42.3 percent in 2010 in a race for governor, and Paul Sadler lost the U.S. Senate election to Ted Cruz with 40.6 percent. Source

Garth Brooks at Jay Leno's last show



HCC Enrollment Continues To Decline

Qatar Contract

The Qatar Contract has been one of the most visited documents over the years, as I re-read the contract some of the language is a little confusing;

HCCS shall provide CCQ with proper invoicing and documentation in a form acceptable to CCQ,
in support of all expenses for disbursements. CCQ shall have no obligations to reimburse HCCS
for HCCS disbursements and any decision by CCQ to reimburse HCCS for such disbursements
shall be at  CCQ's discretion. Page 10, 13.4

The language above seems to suggest that HCC may not be paid for disbursements if CCQ should decide not to.

Prior to signing this Agreement, with effect on the Effective Date, HCCS shall provide a
performance bond for ten percent (10%) of the maximum fees set out in Appendix 3 relevant to
the first year of the Term, in favor of CCQ for the proper performance of the Services to be
provided by HCCS under this Agreement. Page 10, 13.5

HCC must have a performance bond

HCC had to purchase or use a cash bond of about $450,000. Every year they have to renew the bond clause 13.6. The CCQ has the sole discretion as to whether the terms have been met and they have to use Qatar law. The Bond may be about $900,000 this coming year.

HCC Degree to CCQ students

The original contract called for credit courses but that failed however CCQ students can obtain a degree or credit courses online, see below. Rumor has it that a few CCQ students have taken online courses but they did not have to pay as CCQ determined that it was included in the contract.

Obtaining an AA or AS Degree from CCQ and HCC - source

In addition to obtaining a degree from CCQ, students who are interested in pursuing an Associate’s Degree from Houston Community College (HCC) must satisfy residency requirements with HCC.  Eighteen (18) College level hours are required for residency. These courses are taught by HCC professors online through distance education. Students must meet with a Counselor or Advisor to ensure all appropriate degree requirements for graduation have been satisfied for each College, CCQ and HCC.

Below is what was originally in the CCQ student information, source;

Academic and Workforce Degree Programs

CCQ currently offers college-level freshman and sophomore academic courses leading to two-year Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Science (AS) and Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees. All academic courses and degrees are designed to transfer to baccalaureate programs in four-year colleges and universities. 

As a result of a our partnership with the Houston Community College in Texas, CCQ academic courses transfer by law to all Texas public universities and by agreement to most Texas private universities. As a result of regional accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), CCQ courses transfer to other similarly accredited institutions across the United States.

HCC and the lies they spread with the help of the Chronicle

Back in May of 2012 the Chancellor at HCC may the following statement;

''Instead of giving away our expertise, we're making money from it,'' Ms. Spangler said. To date, H.C.C. officials said, they have received $923,414. source

Last month HCC stated that they have made $1.1 million;

But the latest budget report shows HCC is expected to take in only a quarter of that amount - about $1.1 million - through this year. source

As INSIDE mentioned a few weeks ago, HCC has not made money on Qatar in fact INSIDE suspects that money has been lost. They have a contract that they may not be able to get out with forfeiting their bond.



Qatar - Qatus Advisors Contract

The Qatus Advisors Contract, here, raises another question as it seems that they had previously been part of another contract in regards to Qatar or something similar to Qatar.

"WHEREAS, Contractor has demonstrated competence, based on work performed as a
subcontractor under a prior contract between HCC and/or as a separate vendor, to perform the
advisory consulting services and to complete the Project as set forth and required under this

It seems that Qatus was to submit quarterly reports to HCC, 10 to 1 that no HCC Trustee has ever seen a report. Heck 10 to 1 that no HCC Trustee has ever bothered to look at a contract to see what was entailed. Rumors are that when they (HCC Trustees) wanted to see the contract between HCC and Art Tyler they had to come visit this web site.

The Project Leader shall provide to the HCC Representative written quarterly
progress reports outlining the Services performed and completed during the prior week. The
progress reports shall include: (a) a description of the Services performed under the Scope of
Work from Exhibit A; (b) a description of the task(s) within the Scope of Work that is being worked
on; (c) task statuses (Completed, In-progress, On-hold, Not started); (d) task status dates; (e)
task status comments; (f) Project

Still taking bets, 10 to 1 that the Trustees were not even aware that Qatus advisors had to submit monthly invoices and detail what they found.

On or before the 10th of each month during the Term, the Contractor shall send
an Invoice (as hereinafter defined) for the Fee for the past month's Services to the HCC
Representative for review. The invoice shall include (either on the invoice or as an attachment) a
detailed description of Services performed and Work Product achieved during that Fee period.
The Invoice also shall include a schedule showing progress toward dates set forth in the
Timeline; any non-conforming work that needs to be re-performed; any necessary steps to be
taken to correct any delays in delivering the Services or Work Product by the dates set forth in the
Timeline; a statement of work/services performed by subcontractors and the amounts paid such

Wonder who the HCC representative was that was to review invoices;

Upon receipt of the Invoice, the HCC Representative shall review same and if
he/she agrees that the Services have been performed in a satisfactory manner, and the Work
Product thereof is acceptable, the Invoice shall be processed for payment.

The clause below is pretty standard on all HCC contracts, wonder why they don't apply it? Boris Miles is still behind on his property taxes, here. 10 to 1 that HCC does not do anything about it, we will check next month on Mr. Miles tax records.


14.1 Contractor must not be delinquent in any taxes owed i.e. (Franchise Tax,
Property Tax, or other indebtedness owed to HCC). Delinquent taxes or other indebtedness shall
be considered a breach of this Contract.

Wonder if Qatus Advisors have minority vendors;

Contractor shall utilize its best efforts with HCC's Small Business Development Program and
will utilize small businesses (as that term is defined in the attached Exhibit C) for Services
comprising thirty-five percent (35%) of the total of all Fees.

From the State that Brought us President Obama - well half

This bill which the homosexual community calls "An Abomination".



Two Republicans will be on the November Ballot

Seems that the Democrat, Wendy Davis, would have voted to support the ban on abortions after 20 weeks. Here is the story.

Mr. Oberg - Channel 13 - KTRK - HISD

Channel 13 has noticed a strong correlation between the giving to campaigns and awarding of contracts. Here is the article.

"Our investigation found that nearly two-thirds of all 2012 bond contracts were going to political donors. But when we dug deeper, we found a more select group of donors. It was the so-called PAC Finance Committee. When we compared that group to the list of people getting HISD work, we found 82 percent of the PAC Finance Committee was getting paid by HISD for work connected to the bond or other contracts."

Mr. Oberg needs to look at the Partnership connection as they are the ones behind the scenes. INSIDE is surprised that any news media has been allowed to look into the possible corruption. I use corruption in the sense that the method of selection of companies are mired in mystery as INSIDE pointed out months ago with the selection of the Program Managers by HISD.

The New Westheimer Campus - Discrimination a la HCC

HCC is removing a successful program from the Northeast (Black) part of the District and moving it to the Westside (White). We have HISD moving campus to White areas and now a similar pattern is emerging at HCC. Description of the new campus follows;

This is a completely new  campus to the system and the focus of Its 144,200 SF facility Is STEM classes located In Westheimer Rd. and Eldridge Pkwy., Houston, TX 77082 on approximately 21.9 acres. The Eldridge campus new campus Is intended to be a NW Eldridge state of the art science, (Westside) technology and engineering Campus showcase, using 21st Century School philosophies and
Interactive learning environments. The project Includes group learning rooms, labs, 'maker space', computer rooms, IT support, K-12 and community engagement areas, allied health space, and a conference center.

Below is an article that was recently published by HCC.

HCC Northeast recognizes STEM camp participants Nov 10, 2013

Houston Community College Northeast hosted a recognition ceremony for students who participated in the summer Science Engineering Technology and Mathematics (STEM) camps for middle and high school students held at the College. The ceremony took place on Friday, August 2 at 10 a.m. in the Learning Hub Community Room at the Northeast Campus, 555 Community College Drive 77013.

The College partnered with the Houston Independent School District in this effort to expose and encourage minority students to career pathways in the STEM fields.

“Career paths in STEM present opportunities for individuals to position themselves to meet the growing demands of the 21st century workforce. HCC Northeast is honored to invest in our future through programs like these,” said Dr. Margaret Ford Fisher, president of HCC Northeast.

During the ceremony, Dr. Ford Fisher offered welcoming remarks to parents, camp participants and HCC Board Trustees in attendance. The students and contributing schools were recognized for their participation and achievements. The ceremony also included presentations by industry professionals and students participants.

The Summer STEM Academy is an intensive and interactive program to enhance the general STEM education of high-risk youth. Participants engage in a variety of activities that expose them to many career fields including forensic science, robotics, green technology, fire science and energy-related sciences.

Students receive instruction from both HCC Northeast and HISD instructors through a co-teaching partnership. The College also offered a Summer Math Camp, which focused on foundational math and science skills. Students who participated in the camps were selected through an application process and the recommendation of their high school instructors. Camp participants came from Kashmere, North Forest and Wheatley High Schools.

Northeast College continuously focuses on exposing students in Northeast Houston to career pathways in STEM. HCC Northeast’s annual STEM expo attracts middle and high school students from the area. The College also offers a dual credit and an early college high school program, which provides opportunities for students to take college level STEM courses.



More on HISD and Discrimination

An article in today's chronicle newspaper, here (must be subscriber to the Chronicle), indicates that one of the main reasons that Whites are coming back to HISD are the magnet programs.

Magnet programs when located in areas such as Jones High School or Booker T. Washington, Engineering Magnet, add a barrier that many White, Hispanic, and Black families are hesitant to cross. That barrier is fear of the surrounding area and the students that are zoned to that school. So the alternative is to build magnet programs in White areas such as Montrose. Public education as we knew it is dying here in Houston, the Magnet Programs, the Charter Schools are all pulling the brightest and most importantly the most competitive students away from the schools where the majority of the children attend. The only"special" school that seems to be lacking is a superb school for the mentally disabled.

In 2010 HISD had 79 schools that were considered small the most heavily subsidized was Woodson Middle School, source.

"While some school board members advocate school closures/consolidations they vote for the opening of other new small schools. One thing the school board has never understood is that you can not vote YES to open new small schools and then vote to close small schools. You can't have your cake and eat it to!" Diana Davila former HISD Trustee

One Million Dollars Per Student

The comment above is in reference to this article that was posted by Texas Watchdog, here. The comment above is still very true as HISD considers closing small schools they are supporting creation of new small schools. The most obnoxious is HSPVA in 2011-2012 HSPVA had less than 700 students but HISD will spend nearly $100 million on building them a new school.


It’s unclear when HISD began doling out the extra money to the small schools. Garrett said Tuesday that the subsidy has come and gone a few times over the years.

Seventy-nine HISD campuses are getting extra money this school year for being small, according to data provided to Texas Watchdog by the school district earlier this year. However, HISD officials this week counted just 66 schools still under the enrollment cutoff points to qualify as “small schools,” Grier and Spencer said.

At a meeting with the local press Tuesday, Grier didn’t answer a question from a Houston Press reporter for the names or locations of the 66 schools. Spencer later told Texas Watchdog that some of the 79 schools may have seen their enrollment grow this year enough to disqualify them as “small,” leaving just 66 on the current list.

With anticipated multi-million dollar budget cuts from the state next year, HISD trustees are looking to cut wherever they can. Both the small school subsidy and magnet funding are on the chopping block.

The school board has already voted this year to “repurpose” one school, H.P. Carter Career Center northeast of downtown, because of low enrollment -- 132 students -- and high per-student costs -- more than $20,000 per child.

“The bottom line is that it is cheaper to operate larger schools,” Marshall said. “... You can have a program and a successful school that has the academic rigor it needs when you have the appropriate number of students.”

But many of the small schools are academically rigorous, if the Texas Education Agency’s ratings are to be believed. Forty percent of the 79 schools getting small-school funds were rated “exemplary” by the TEA for this year, a Texas Watchdog analysis found, and another 27% were “recognized.”


“Right-sizing,” as the school system calls it, could mean closures and consolidations for the small campuses.

It “very well could mean closing schools, but that’s a board decision,” Grier said Tuesday. “We want to talk to the board about options and see what they have to say.”

Marshall gave Texas Watchdog an example of one small school in his district, Rhoads Elementary in the South Acres/Crestmont Park neighborhood, which receives more than $212,000 in small school funding.

“The community there is aging, and you no longer have a population of people where there are children attending school,” Marshall said.

“There are only 300 students at Rhoads. Both Law and Woodson (elementaries) could easily absorb the additional students,” Marshall said. Law is less than a mile from Rhoads, while Woodson is even closer, only a half-mile away.

“Once the kids are moved, you move all of the funding to the other schools as well. It creates more educational opportunities for everyone,” he said.

When closing a school, there’s a lot to be considered, Grier said.

“Where would you put those students?” he said. “Is there another school nearby where you could put those students? Then you get into, how do you get them there? Are you now going to charge (for) transportation? Are transportation costs going to offset potential savings? Those are the kinds of analysis we will have to do.”


Small schools are positive for a neighborhood, Galloway countered.

“Being poor serviced schools,” she said. “I think (small schools are) a good thing because it helps the community and keeps the community.”

She says she’s also looking to the future.

“Enrollment is going to go up in these neighborhoods in a few years,” Galloway said. “If we consolidate now, then we will have to come up and restructure again. I think, during this economic time, we are facing hardships, but new revitalization projects are coming to these neighborhoods.”

Galloway is referring specifically to the City of Houston’s Project Hope, a plan to reinvest in some of Houston’s historic neighborhoods by providing housing to low-income citizens.

“I represent the oldest African-American neighborhoods in Houston,” Galloway said when asked why so many of the small schools are in her district. “They are no longer here, but through Project Hope, the city is coming in and revitalizing, bringing younger families to the neighborhoods.”


From the Comment section

HCC should be committed to maintaining the highest standards of conduct and ethics by the Board of Trustees and Administration. What is HCC's Whistle blower Policy, it should reflects the practices and principles of behavior that support this commitment. HCC should expect every employee, student, vendor/contractor, volunteer, and trustee to read and understand the Policy and its application to the performance of his or her responsibilities.

HCC should investigate possible fraudulent or dishonest use or misuse of College resources or property by faculty, staff, administrators, trustees or volunteers. HCC should take appropriate action against anyone found to have engaged in fraudulent or dishonest conduct, including disciplinary action by the College, and/or civil and criminal prosecution when warranted.

All members of the HCC community should be encouraged to report possible fraudulent or dishonest conduct without fear of retribution or harassment. So, my question is do HCC employees, students or vendors feel empowered to speak out or bring issues forward that could involved decisions or actions by the Board of Trustees, College Presidents or District Administration?

Can HCC employees, students or vendors speak honestly and openly about decisions or actions by the Board of Trustees, College Presidents or District Administration that impacts them and may venture from the posted vision, goals, objectives and outcomes. What are the ethical performance stands of departments like Human Resources, College Police, Purchasing and Budget Office?

Does the Board of Trustees know that Human Resources is putting HCC's reputation at risk and potential lawsuits by not consistently following it's own hiring, salary, promotion and termination policies?

Several bad or ineffective Board of Trustees and highest administration members are gone, so why it it still business as usual? Is HCC waiting for the new Chancellor to turn this sinking ship around? It will take more than a "savior" Chancellor to undo this mess.


INSIDE appreciates all comments that help make Houston Community College a better place for everyone.

Not sure what the person is referring to when he states that "Several bad or ineffective Board of Trustees and highest administration members are gone, so why is it business as usual?" Who is gone as Trustees, Bruce Austin, Yolanda Flores, and Herlinda Garcia. The only two administrators that are gone are Mary Spangler and Art Tyler. The Houston Partnership is running the show and has been for years. They just got four trustees elected, Adriana Tamez, Zeph Capo, Robert Glaser, and Neeta Sane (re-elected). So why would anyone expect things to change immediately?

How many of HCC employees knew that the colleges had use of two credit cards? The normal credit card and one they referred to as purchasing card? INSIDE just became aware of such a week ago. According to the source some COOs are using the Purchase Card to buy breakfast, lunch, and dinner for themselves and their staff. If anyone knows of such abuse of taxpayers money let INSIDE know and open records requests will be made.

Money is very important at this point as HCC will be probably be about $20 million dollars short. INSIDE has reports that enrollment has continued to decline which is not good as that places a further burden on the budget. HCC has hundreds of millions of dollars tied to revenue bonds which will likely result in tuition and fee increases.

HCC has the highest student debt ratio (2012) of any similar size college in Texas, here.

I do want to warn any persons that report abuse that the State Comptroller will not keep your name secret and HCC has in the past removed employees for reporting abuse. It is a catch 22 if one reports they run the risk of losing their jobs. I for one lost my job because of this blog, but I knew that was a possibility when I first start writing it and had prepared for the possibility. If you have any information send us an email or post online, but please do not use names as INSIDE will remove those comments. Once something is verified names will be used.


More on HISD Discrimination

HISD claimed the following;

"Based upon data from a "snapshot" taken of HISD student demographics at the end of October 2013, HISD demographer Justin Silhavy said statistics show declining newborn population in the east, northeast and north parts of the district while there are increasing birth rates in neighborhoods such as The Heights, Montrose and the West End." source

Let us look at Montrose (zip 77006) and compare it to two areas that are losing schools. Dodson Elementary boundary covers two zip codes 77004 and 77003 the birth rate at those two zip codes in 2009 were as follow;

zip 77006 Women who had a birth in the past 12 months: 182 (134 now married, 48 unmarried)

zip 77004 Women who had a birth in the past 12 months: 310 (228 now married, 82 unmarried)

zip 77003 Women who had a birth in the past 12 months: 252 (198 now married, 54 unmarried)

Jones High School
zip 77033
Women who had a birth in the past 12 months: 647 (284 now married, 363 unmarried)

Source of birthrates, here.

Paula Harris
HISD Trustee

HISD either misspoke or spoke in a manner to deceive the public. The statement about Montrose having a higher birthrate may be true if they are comparing Montrose in 2009 to Montrose in 2000. But it is certainly not true that there are more children being born in the Montrose area as compared to the Dodson or Jones area.

INSIDE will again repeat the assertion that the Partnership, HISD, and other influential persons are willing to destroy low income neighborhoods to promote development in certain areas. Are they doing it for the benefit of the City, who knows as too many of the people involved also have their hands in the kitty.

Did not use data for Heights or West End as the majority of new schools are going in or near the Montrose area.


Is HISD Discriminating

Terry Grier
HISD Superintendent

Several days ago HISD announced the possible closing of five schools, here. As INSIDE was looking at where the money for the 1.2 Billion Dollar bonds was going INSIDE noticed that schools were being built in an area where the population would not dictate that schools were needed, the Montrose and Mid-town area. One school in particular brought it all into perspective, Wilson Montessori, here. The closing of Dodson Elementary would send the students now attending the Montessori Magnet program there to Wilson.

Jones High School at one time was where the Vanguard Magnet program was located. The Vanguard Program will now be located in the Montrose area, 1501 Taft St. here.

Young Women's College Preparatory Academy is located in Midtown.

High School for the Performing Arts will be located downtown, here. HISD states that they already own the city block at the location a look at Harris County Appraisal District indicates that they have owned it since 1988. Getting to that area of town in the morning is a hassle and so is parking.

Gregory Lincoln is located in the Montrose area.

HISD is not building to suit student needs but the needs of real estate developers and business groups. They are sacraficing minority neighborhoods to help rich people get richer. Destruction of neighborhoods by clsoing schools should never be the goal of a school district. Here is map of where the elementary schools are located, middle schools are here, and here are the high schools.

The closing of Port Houston Elementary and zoning them to Pleasantville Elementary makes no sense. Both schools have about the same number of students enrolled.

If you want to know to know where some of your bond money is going here is the place to visit. HISD like HCC will spend about half of the money on overhead, engineers, architects, program managers, project managers, etc. Think about that half of the money does not go to building buildings. It goes to the people that pay to play.

They Care About Their Post Office

The African American community cares more about its' post office than it does about its' children (schools). But at least they care about something which is more than the Latino elected officials care about their neighborhoods.


Dan Patrick - a Man who walks away from debts

Dan Patrick

INSIDE is kind by referring to Dan Patrick (State Senator and currently running for Lt. Governor of Texas) as a man. A real man does not walk away from his debts. Dan Patrick did that he is now a very wealthy man but still refuses to pay off the debts he walked away from. Here is Dan Patrick's latest financial statement that is available online. To get the latest financial statement one has to physically go to Austin to obtain it.

“He was a problem. It was a hassle getting rent money from him,” recalled Houston landlord and developer Victor Denenburg.

Patrick owed him $384,000 in unpaid rent on one of the sports bars, in northwest Harris County, according to bankruptcy records.

“He’s never offered to pay any of it,” Denenburg said. “It’s pretty pitiful. … Anybody would be irritated when somebody walks off with a bankruptcy. It’s just an easy way to get out of your debts.”source

Here is what one of Dan Patrick's opponent has to say about Dan Patrick;

Jerry Patterson

“Dan Patrick filed bankruptcy so he wouldn’t have to pay $816,000 of bills he owed to many hard working Texans. And after walking away from those debts – he legally changed his name, never paid those folks back and poured over one million dollars of his new wealth into his political campaigns today.”source Dan Patrick was born Daniel Scott Goeb, source. Real man don't change their names. Real man who honor their father do not change their last name. Even if your pa names you Sue.

Here Come Trouble - the Dan Patrick Story

Below is an exert from the story as told by Texas Monthly.

"Too constantly: The NFL would sue Patrick and five other bar owners in 1987 for showing blacked-out games. For a while the business thrived, largely on the strength of Patrick’s personality, but he soon fell prey to the same financial lunacy that infected so many Houstonians in the early eighties. He bought another bar and restaurant, and then another, expanding, finally, to five. Then the oil bust hit, and in short order the man who had made $100,000 as a sportscaster closed four of his businesses, declared bankruptcy, and watched his annual income plummet to $10,000. At the age of 36, he was broke and bitter."

Translation, Dan Patrick would steal from the NFL, that is what it means. If you take something that does not belong to you without paying that is stealing in my book. I guess God gave Dan Patrick the green light to steal according to him;

“My number-one REASON for being alive on the earth today is to be a Christian.”20 Patrick said that the past several years, “I have not made a major decision without getting a green light from God.”21 source

Here is the Texas Monthly story in full.

There is one good thing about Dan Patrick running for Lt. Governor we get to see how many Latino haters exist in the Republican Party. Dan Patrick is a liar that panders to people who are afraid of a changing world. Source as to pandering

The other thing we will find out how absent minded or stupid the Tea Party people are, they were furious over Dan Patrick's endorsement of David Dewhurst over Ted Cruz, here.


Transparency Transparency Transparency

HCC would not know what transparency was if it hit it on its' big collective face. According to various emails that INSIDE has received the short list of candidates will remain anonymous to all but the trustees.

"This is unconscionable. So much for the TRANSPARENCY that Renee so boldly boasted at the State of the College speech!

If these 6 people are not willing to be looked at by a Search Committee and are worried about the fact that their current employers will be upset that they are applying, then they probably shouldn't apply. The Search Committee members have signed a confidentiality statement."

HCC and the Janitorial Contract

The more INSIDE looks into the recent janitorial contract that HCC voted in favor the uglier it looks. Serious questions have to be asked as to who may be benefiting from the contract.

The two subcontractors may both pass through companies. TMG has serious financial problems there is an IRS lien. Have not had time to go to the court house to pull the data as to the amount. However there are two recent judgments against TMG the Moore Group. Here is one of the default judgments over $100,000, Chase Bank. Here is the other from Comercia Bank about $50,000. This is just Harris County who knows what would find in Texas and especially Louisiana, that is where they are from.

The other sub-contractor serious questions have to be asked if it really operates as a minority vendor. Here is an article that indicates that the owner a minority female indicated that she was with Jan PAC. Jan PAC is not a minority vendor.

Rumors are that at least one maybe two current Trustees are part of the contract and one former Trustee is also involved.

Four Indicted for Signature Forgery

Here is the story from Channel 2 Houston. One of the persons Ralph Garcia has been active in the political scene either putting signs up or taking them down for about 30 years. The question is should the person who hired the consultant, Fred Blanton he hired the signature gathers, be barred as a candidate?

In a recent case the Supreme Court of Texas refused to remove a person from the ballot, here, for insufficient signatures.

Wendy Davis sues Disney, here

Here is the lawsuit.

Wendy Davis is a complicated person she has voted in Republican Primaries;

In 2007, after nearly a decade at City Hall, Davis set her sights on the Texas Senate, where polls showed GOP incumbent Sen. Kim Brimer to be vulnerable. When her name popped up, though, many wondered what party Davis belonged to. She had voted in the GOP primaries in 1996, 1998 and 2006, and Davis had also given at least $1,500 to U.S. Rep. Kay Granger, R-Fort Worth, records show. 

“When I first put my hat in the ring, several very tried and true and loyal Democratic activists from our community said, “What? She’s not a Democrat. She’s a Republican,” Davis recalled. “I took that as a compliment, you know, that people didn’t necessarily know what my ideology might be because I wasn’t driven by that.” 

Here is the story in full.


Play Sherlock Holmes - why did Jacobs win the second time around

Below are the individual evaluations for the Program Manager;

Broaddus & Associates - here are the scores - they won the first time

Jacobs - won the second time - here are the scores

See if you can figure out why Jacobs won the second time- HCC went with different persons and different criteria the second time. Do you think that the system was manipulated. Carrol Robinson has been accused of manipulating the system to get Five Woods as a sub-contractor. Ask yourself who chose the evaluators? Why did they use different evaluators the second time around? Was the fix on for the first time and the second time the honest version? Was the second time the honest version? Were both of them rigged?

Evaluators when Jacobs won - 13-39

Michael Edwards, Executive Dean Coleman College
Julian Fisher, COO SW College
Kathleen Fleming, COO Central College
Avis Horde, COO SE College
Abe Bryant, Campus Director NE College
Glenn Jarrett, Construction Project Manager
Virginia Parras, COO NW College

Evaluators when Broaddus won - 13-09

Dr. Tod Bisch, Faculty Senate President
Winston Dahse, Chief Administrative Officer
Warren Hurd, COO NE College
Dr. Fena Garza, President SW College
Dr. William Harmon, President Central College
Dr. Zachary Hodges, President NW College
Dr. Irene Porcarello, President SE College
Dr. Betty Young, President Coleman College

Here is a PDF comparing the 1st and 2nd side by side - Jacobs

Here is a PDF comparing the 1st and 2nd side by side - Broaddus

Here is Jacobs and Broaddus side by side when Jacobs won

One has to wonder why the fee score was removed for the second round? That was the reason Broaddus won the first time. Is HCC getting a good value on the fees? The fee was worth 30 points. Who determined how many points to give on the fees and financial strength? That person or persons yields the ability to determine who wins and loses.

Why were different persons used to do the evaluation?


The Real State of the College (HCC)

by Carroll G. Robinson, Trustee, District IV

On Friday, January 31, 2014, the Acting Chancellor of the Houston Community College System (HCC) will report on the “State of the College”.


Unfortunately, the “State” of HCC is declining and the System needs stronger oversight from the Board of Trustees and greater accountability from the administration.

Before I was elected to the Board of Trustees and since I joined the Board in January 2012, a majority of the Board has been unwilling – and has failed – to hold the administration of the System fully accountable to prevent mismanagement, wasteful and unnecessary spending.


A majority of the Board and the administration have spent millions of dollars in taxpayer money without awarding a contract or using data to measure performance and evaluate results.  This should be unacceptable to all of us.

Return on Investment (ROI) has not been a part of the budgeting process at HCC.  It’s been a non-existent concept for the administration and not enough Trustees have been willing to require it.

The culture at HCC needs to be changed.

Oversight and Accountability

During my two years on the Board of Trustees, I have offered numerous proposals for improving and increasing the finances and fiscal accountability of HCC.  They have almost all been blocked, ignored or rejected.

During my first year on the Board, a majority of the Board and administration refused to adopt a policy that would require all HCC contracts be reviewed by the System’s lawyers.  I proposed this policy after I found out that the System’s contract with Qatar and the contract the former Chancellor gave her Deputy Chancellor had never been reviewed by any lawyer before they were signed.

That first year, I also supported establishing campaign contribution limits at HCC like those now in place at the City.  That policy proposal was also opposed by a majority of the Board.  Campaign contribution limits at HCC still needs to happen.

Last year, I offered a policy proposal that would have required contracts be suspended if there were any allegations of impropriety related to a specific contract until such time as a full and fair investigation could be completed.

That proposal was never placed before the Board for our consideration.  The then Chairman of the Board refused to do so.  This policy also needs to be adopted.

Part of the fiduciary duty of the Board of Trustees is to establish policies to protect the taxpayers’ money.

Student Success Needs Work

HCC has no real Strategic Business Plan that ties spending to outcome based metrics in the areas of student Enrollment, Retention and Increasing the System’s Graduation Rate and Workforce Certificates Awarded – Student Success.

Declining Enrollment

HCC’s enrollment is decliningRaising the tuition rate and fees will only make a college education and workforce training more expensive and less affordable for more Houstonians.

HCC is Our Community College.  Its focus should be educating people in Our Community; not building community colleges in foreign countries while HCC, in Houston, is declining and hundreds of thousands of people in Our Community need it to be working, affordable and effective.


The administration is now reporting that HCC has a multi-million dollar budget deficit that is only going to get worse in the coming years.  Their only recommended solutions are raising the System’s property tax rate and increasing tuition and fees.

I will not support raising tuition and fees or increasing the HCC property tax rate.  Neither needs to be done to fix HCC’s budget problems.

We Can Fix Things

HCC can increase its enrollment and fix its financial problems.  To do that, HCC must:

  • Implement a total Hiring freeze and conduct a comprehensive staffing analysis to determine how many employees the System really needs.  This will also require establishing an optimum enrollment goal for the System.  Doing so will help determine how many faculty and staff members the System really needs.
  • Subject the entire System to a Lean Six Sigma evaluation and a comprehensive performance and operations audit.
  • Improve, Streamline and Modernize its Enrollment, Financial Aid and Scholarship processes and systems to make them more user-friendly and easier for students to enroll.  They must also all work better together.
  • Convert existing advertising dollars into Scholarship Funds and go directly into all high schools – public, private and charter – in the HCC Service Area and offer students “last dollar” scholarships to fill the gap between financial aid and need to cover the full cost of tuition, fees and books.  Doing this one simple thing would help increase enrollment and retention rates.
  • Increase the number of state and federal Grants and Contracts awarded to the System. Grants and Contracts are an additional source of operating revenue.  Unfortunately, HCC has failed to maximize this source of revenue.  This problem must be fixed and will require better coordination with the Harris County Congressional and Legislative delegations.  For months, I have been offering ideas for improving revenue generation in this area and they have yet to be utilized.
  • Increase Investment Income by separating the Fund Balance form cash flow need and invest it in investments that will generate a minimum 2.5% return annually.  Tripling HCC’s current rate of return on its investments would generate several extra million dollars in operating income annually.
  • Increase Enterprise Revenue.  The current HCC central administration building at 3100 Main Street in Midtown generates millions of dollars annually in lease payments from private sector tenants.  HCC should use public/private partnerships to build a second building and parking garage on Main Street; Student Housing with retail space and a parking garage on the Central Campus; and Transit Oriented Development (TOD) projects at the Northline Campus and on property owned by the System in the North Forest area of Northeast Houston and at 288 @ North MacGregor.  These projects could be up and running over the next twelve to twenty-four months and could generate $15 to $20 million dollars in net new revenue annually.
  • Sell the small pieces of Surplus Property owned by the System that are too small to build on.  Though small, those pieces of property will generate several million dollars in new revenue for HCC.
  • Build and operate the Coleman College and North Forest Early College High Schools as Charter Schools.  This would allow HCC to help improve students’ college readiness while generating additional new revenue for HCC.
  • Participate in all ERCOT-Electricity Reliability Council of Texas – and Texas General Land Office (GLO) Energy Demand Response Programs.  Doing so will help the System save hundreds of thousands of dollars on its electric bill while generating new revenue.

This Year

HCC can no longer keep doing the same old things and expecting a different result.

This year, the Board of Trustees must begin holding the administration fully accountable based on performance data and outcomes.

It’s no longer good enough for a majority of the Board of Trustees to be a Rubber Stamp for the administration.  The Board should not allow outside groups and individuals to dictate what happens at HCC.  Allowing this to continue to happen is not in the best interest of the System, our students or the taxpayers.

It is the fiduciary duty of the Board of Trustees to protect taxpayer money while ensuring that the residents of our community have access to a quality, affordable college education and workforce training.

Proper Board oversight is the foundation for making the State of the College – HCC – Stronger.

This is what is needed to ensure that everyone in Our Community has An Opportunity To Do Better.


From THE Inbox

Jim Clark

David Miller

INSIDE received a copy of an IRS tax lien that has been filed against one of the candidates for County Commissioner, Precinct 4, Montgomery County. There are two candidates running for the position, David Miller and Jim Clark. Here is the IRS lien (Jim Clark). I have redacted some of the information in particular the tax payer's tax id. It is a small business and the tax id may or may not belong to the individual but a social security number should not be posted online.



HCC has excellent programs

Someone suggested that INSIDE write something nice about HCC.

The HCC Police Academy has an excellent reputation. I have a nephew who graduated from there several years ago and is currently a constable Pct 4. Lone Star recently lost its accreditation for a year so HCC is the place to go to. Most if not all of their graduates find careers after graduating.


Adriana Tamez should Do The Honorable Thing And Resign

During her campaign Adriana Tamez mailed at least two mailer where she accused Herlinda Garcia and Dave Wilson of spreading "LIES, AND DECEIT INTO OUR COMMUNITY." Below is part of one mailer.

What she claimed as FACT "This occurred in the summer of 2003 and the teacher was not teaching summer school." That was an outright lie by Adriana Tamez. Here is the summer school roster of all staff for the summer of 2003. INSIDE did an open record request and the list is from HISD. INSIDE has highlighted the two names, one is of Adriana Tamez the other is of the teacher that raped the little boy. Here is the Chronicle story on the rape.

"Officials at the Houston Independent School District have never received any complaints about Cerda, a district official said. Cerda had taught at Cage Elementary since August 2000 and taught at Petersen Elementary for about two years before that, the official said.

He was not teaching summer school."

As one can see by the Summer School Roster that Juan Cerda was teaching summer school.

So who is the liar? Adriana Tamez.

Adriana Tamez also lied about;

"When HISD learned of the incident, the teacher's computer was confiscated and his classroom was searched. No inappropriate images or items were found.

Inappropriate images were found on the computer. Ms. Tamez NEVER notified the parents about what had occurred. The parents will never know if that teacher may have molested their children or if he had images of their children.

The only person who should be ashame is Adriana Tamez, she knew that when she sent out those mailers that she was lying about what occurred that summer of 2003. The child's mother called the school and informed Adriana Tamez about Juan Cerda. Adriana Tamez ignored the pleas of the mother and allowed Juan Cerda to continue teaching. It was only after Juan Cerda was arrested and charged that Adriana Tamez do anything about it. Adriana Tamez allowed Juan Cerda to continue teaching without looking into the matter. She may have notified higher ups but the typical way that HISD handles things is to cover it up.

Adriana Tamez should do the honorable thing and resign after winning by lying, by deceiving the community, and dragging Dave Wilson into her deceitful and dishonorable campaign.

Adriana Tamez also lied about where she lives. She does own a house in the district but she does not spend time in the district. Tamez lives elsewhere, either the Allen Parkway address that she listed as living in 2011 or the Condo she owns in Greenway Plaza. Her parents reside in the house where she claims she lives.

Below are a list of some of her supporters, call them insist that they tell Adriana Tamez to resign and let an honorable person represent the district.

INSIDE has learned that former Trustee Herlinda Garcia will be filing a formal complaint with County Attorney Vince Ryan concerning the fraudulent representation by Ms. Tamez about where she resides. We know that Adriana Tamez is a liar and will lie about anything to get elected or keep her seat that she won by lying and deceiving the constituents of District Three.


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