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There are Lies, Dang Lies, and then there is the Houston Chronicle

In today's printed edition (could not find it online) the editorial staff of the Chronicle has an editorial called "Budget Busters." The quote below is from the editorial;

"Despite claims of concern for public safety in the event of a funding shortage, HFD didn't seem to worry when scores of firefighters skipped work on the first day of hunting season."

Outrageous lie by low lives that write for a tabloid that they call a newspaper. Did scores of Fire personal take a day off for the first day of hunting season, yes. But it was vacation time they have to ask for months in advance.

"Firefighters have a habit of taking off work for holidays, forcing the remaining to charge unexpected overtime, to the tune of $8 Million dollars this year."

What a bad habit using vacation time and taking holidays that everyone else is entitled to. Chronicle makes me sick they are as much responsible for the state of HCC as anyone else.

In Tribute to those who risk their lives. They gave their lives last year protecting us, here. They rush in when others rush out. First Responders deserve better treatment than the lies the Chronicle publishes.


From 92% Passing to 66% Passing

From a reader of INSIDE a pdf showing that under the administration of the Greater Houston Partnership and their puppets at Houston Community College the Coleman College has gone from one of the best to one of the worst. The decline started in 2009 in that year Betty Young was made president by Mary Spangler. Here are the passing rates.

Under the puppeteers, the Greater Houston Partnership, enrollment has also declined.

Under the puppeteers, the Greater Houston Partnership, Houston Community College now has the highest student debt ratio in the state.

A good friend of mine told me don't worry once they, the Greater Houston Partnership, milk the College dry they will go away for a while.

From a comment,what about the students?

"The below standard NCLEX-RN board rate is bad for Coleman but what about the students who were the failed attempt of the Coleman president's disastrous experiment in 8 week Med-Surg classes? These people gave up jobs to go to school full-time, took out student loans, invested 100s of hours that they will never recover not to mention the heartache of feeling like a failure. The students who suffered under her regime have the perfect ammunition for a grievance or even worse a class action lawsuit."

"Flowery words" won't fix what Trustee Zeph Capo considers the district's biggest problem high teacher turnover.

That quote above is from the Houston Chronicle's article on "Grier expands Spanish initiative. If Capo really means what he says he would be all over the administration as to the high turnover at HCC in particular the Coleman College. Don't hold your breath he is one of those that has his masters that he has to report to.

Fancy Words

"Today's court decision is not made in defiance of the great people of Texas or the Texas Legislature, but in compliance with the U.S. Constitution and Supreme Court precedent. Without a rational relation to a legitimate governmental purpose, state-imposed inequality can find no refuge in our U.S. Constitution."

We discriminate all the time, we don't allow felons to vote, we don't allow persons under 18 to vote, we discriminate against the White man (this writer is not White). It is just plain crazy that we allow persons who make life style choices (being homosexual) to marry. A man marries a man that is just plain crazy. Until science can point to a gene that makes one prefer their own gender for having sex this writer will continue to believe that homosexuality is a choice that they make. Here is the source for the quote above.

Republican Candidates "There's a sucker born every minute"

"Four Texas lawmakers, including two now running for statewide office, bought into a fledgling technology company that aimed to reap huge dividends with trades in electricity markets.

Instead, the lawmakers said in a lawsuit, they were scammed by a chiseler who once claimed to have found Noah’s Ark." Source of the quote from Dallas News. One of them may be our next Attorney General, God Bless Texas we need it.

Bad News For Democrats

"Only a quarter of registered Texas voters think the country is moving in the right direction, but 45 percent say the state is on track, according to the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll.

More than three in five said the country is on the wrong track, while 35 percent said the same about the state." Source Dallas Morning News.

Texas Agricultural Candidates v Farm Lobby

When Republican agriculture commissioner candidate Eric Opiela appeared on television sets across Texas recently to declare “No amnesty under any circumstances,” he was no doubt attempting to appeal to the conservative constituency that is expected to turn out in next week’s primary election.

So are his major primary opponents, former state Reps. Sid Miller and Tommy Merritt, and Uvalde Mayor J Allen Carnes, who oppose any pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Current Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples, a candidate for lieutenant governor, is also blasting one of his Republican opponents, state Sen. Dan Patrick, over reports that he hired undocumented workers and supported amnesty for one of themdecades ago.

But all of the candidates also happen to disagree with one of the country's most powerful agricultural lobbying groups, which boasts some half a million members in Texas. The American Farm Bureau Federation and its local arm, the Texas Farm Bureau, are strong supporters of a major immigration reform bill the U.S. Senate passed last year that offers a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Source Texas Tribune.

Who Said, Tweeted?

"MARRIAGE = ONE MAN AND ONE MAN. Enough of these activist judges. FAVORITE if you agree. I know the silent majority is out there with us!"

Check this out you will be surprised, probably a Freudian slip, source.



Excellent Comment From A Reader of INSIDE

The Greater Houston Partnership’s mission (as stated on their website) is to make the Houston region the best place to live, work and build a business.

There are several questions we should ask as they relate to the GHP and its involvement in the functions and operation of Houston Community College; and the article by Mr. Welcome Wilson Sr.

1. Why would The Partnership invest $100,000 in making sure that any trustee is removed from the Houston Community College Board?

2. What exactly made those two trustees “out of tune with what the Partnership was doing to the institution”?

3. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Chairman of the Board of Regents of the University of Houston for three years (3 years) what would give Mr. Wilson the idea that he knows what is best for Houston Community College?

Please allow me to direct ALL who do not know or understand that politics and education don’t mix and WHY they don’t mix.

The above website will direct you to an article by Professor P.L Thomas who identifies “Why Politics and Education Don’t Mix” and gives a very simple example for non-believers to understand. I hope that this scholarly work will convince those who have no idea who educators are and what they do a lesson that will in itself be an education.

Politicians Talk About Deporting - Abortions- Homosexual Rights

What they should be talking about is;

"The average age of a non-Hispanic white woman in Texas is 42. The average age of a Hispanic woman in our state is 28. And that pretty much sums up the future of Texas."

Here is the article in its' entirity.

Reaching 65 - Medicare

As this writer nears 65 he has been bombarded with Medicare related mail. I wonder who gave them my birthday?

A recent article in Business Week, "Paying Doctors To Shun Hospitals" drew my attention as to which way to go in choosing a provider. Here is the article.


Today is your day Faculty, Staff, Students

In today's Chronicle Welcome Wilson, who is the main puppeteer that is running Houston Community College, has an editiorial asking the Board to prolong the chancellor search and to leave Rene Byas in the helm. Go and post and let the world know what is happening at HCC. Here is the article, don't be surprised if they remove the comments or the article.


The Greater Houston Partnership is at it again

In today's Chronicle Welcome Wilson (Welcome Wilson is chairman of the Higher Education Committee of the Greater Houston Partnership) claims that Rene Byas is doing a good job;

"There is no need for haste when the acting chancellor is providing stable and effective leadership during this interim period. The Houston Community College trustees are off to a good start. The selection of the new chancellor is an absolutely critical step, and the board should proceed deliberately and carefully to identify and recruit an outstanding chancellor."

It seems that Mr. Welcome Wilson thinks that the new Trustees are a bunch of dummies. Maybe because the new trustees are asking questions that the Partnership does not like. Maybe because they are not approving everything that the administration has presented thus far.

"It also takes more than three months for the board, almost half of whom are brand new, to unite behind a common vision. Some say that the old board's job description for chancellor is a wish list of traits for an ideal leader. This list, however, may lack focus on the three or four key priorities the board is seeking for HCC in the next five years. I believe the new board, as a unit, should identify the most pressing needs of the institution and focus its search around those needs."

HCC has been without a chancellor since December of 2012. The Partnership invested about $100,000 in making sure that they removed two trustees that were not in tune with what the Partnership was doing to the institution. Two members of the Greater Houston Partnership are getting paid nearly $200,000 a year to monitor the Qatar College. Another Partnership member was hired about a year ago he is making about $200,000 a year. Numerous members of the Partnership have been given the key to the bond money. The new method of doing things both at Houston Community College and Houston Independent School District is Construction Management at Risk. A funny term because there is no risk what so ever to the company chosen.

The Greater Houston Partnership is taking the hard bid part out of the hands of HCC and HISD and placing it in the hands of the construction managers at risk. At HCC they have chosen Construction Managers with no plans as to what they will be building. Imagine having a house built and you give the Construction Manager half a million dollars and tell him build my house but don't go over half a million dollars. You would have no idea as to what you are going to get. That is exactly what HCC and HISD are doing. It is crazy. $2.5 billion dollars placed in the hands of the foxes.

The Partnership does not care about education they care about money and how much they can place in the hands of their members. It is called taking from the poor and giving to the rich. These people have not gotten rich because they are the best they have gotten rich because they have learned to manipulate the system to their advantage and have no qualms about doing so.

If Mr. Welcome Wilson really cared about Houston Community College he would be asking why is enrollment down. If Mr. Welcome Wilson really cared about Houston Community College he would be asking why are only 66% of the RN passing the license exam (it used to be 88% passing a few years back). If Mr. Welcome Wilson really cared about Houston Community College he would be asking why did the faculty senate vote no confidence in the President of the Coleman College. If Mr. Welcome Wilson really cared about Houston Community College he would ask why is Houston Community College about $20 million short on its' budget.

Where was Mr. Welcome Wilson when INSIDE was publishing the credit card abuses by the administration? Mr. Welcome Wilson may care about something but what is best for Houston Community College is not one of them.

Faculty, Staff, Students if you want to see change at HCC contact Mr. Welcome Wilson inform him what is happening at HCC or HISD. Inside believes he is the puppeteer that is pulling the strings at the moment.

Is HCC Chancellor Search Tainted- sent to Inside

Has the search for the new chancellor of HCC been influenced by people outside the process that was set by the board? You decide.

The board selected ACCT, Association of Community College Trustees, to spearhead the chancellor search. Each trustee was to select a representative from their district to serve on the committee. Chris Oliver must not have anyone in his district capable of serving because he appointed Richard Schechter to the search committee. You've got to ask, why??  Was it because Richard Schechter was there to promote and push for Renee Byas to be the permanent chancellor? Is Renee Byas the choice of the Houston Partnership because she follows orders given to her at weekly meetings?  And what about ACCT? Are they trustworthy? Seems, they rolled with a violation of the ground rules without any problem. Did Chris Oliver and

Richard Schechter tell ACCT what to do? Who to select?

And let us not forget Adriana Tamez in this sham after all she is chair of the search committee. She knew the rules. Apparently, it didn’t matter since she allowed Richard Schechter to remain. It seems her commitment to transparency might be in words and no action. Transparency. Transparency. Where are thou transparency? Apparently not at HCC.

Lack of Transparency Continues at HCC - sent to Inside

Recent discussions on the building of a Million Dollar rig for the Energy Institute and the programs that go with it have been going on between the administration and faculty. There is one problem with this, faculty representatives are not feeling welcomed. Does Vice Chancellor Charles Cook feels insecure by having faculty in the meeting since rumor has it that Charles Cook cancelled a meeting rather than hold it with faculty representatives present. Oh, and it seems he also forgot to inform the president over that program that he scheduled meetings to discuss a program under her authority. If Charles Cook is following orders from Renee Byas, why doesn’t Renee Byas want faculty and the president in the meetings? Transparency is an issue one more time. What does it matter if two people sit in on the meeting to listen? If everything is being done with transparency, what does it matter? Some would say, somebody has something to hide. Could it be coming from Renee Byas’s regular meetings with the puppeteers? 

Transparency. Transparency. Where are thou Transparency? Profoundly, not at HCC.

HISD - School Closures - $2 Billion Bond Package

Let us look at one High School - Sharpstown High School. Sharpstown High School at present has about 1300 students, it had 1,480 students transfered out last year, but they are building a new school. Sharpstown student population has been declining because of students transferring out. We can blame minorities and parents not caring about their children's education if you are the type that think minorities don't care about their children's education. But why would parents who don't care about education bother to transfer their children. There is something else at play at the campus just like there is something else at play in many other campuses.

I was a teacher at Jones High School years ago and the same policy that existed then exists now. That policy is cover up. When I reported that there had been shots fired at the campus, the principal reported that the shots were fired from a street a few blocks away, that was the official report of HISD. I used to teach ESL at Jones High School to help the School with the influx of Vietnamese students, when I appeared before the HISD Board to state that we had no books the head of the department stated that I had failed to request them. I asked her to give me the names of the books she couldn't because the books did not exist. HISD is into cover up, cover up all the bad things that are occurring in our schools. It is only when they can no longer cover it up does it become public knowledge, i.e., this incident that occurred at Sharpstown High School became public knowledge only because someone reported outside the system. When you see large exodus of students there is more than a desire for better education there is a very strong possibility that they running away in fear. Fear of the culture of the schools in HISD. A culture that HISD has allowed to fester especially in minority schools, it is so easy to say they are minorities and that is their culture.

From page 10 and 11 of Texas Monthly, regarding Sharpstown High School;

I left both buoyed and dismayed. The Apollo kids, I realized—and the kids who attend HISD magnets and the nice public schools in nice neighborhoods—are the lucky few. More than anything, education is governed by pendulum shifts: the superintendent comes in, makes changes, and then leaves, and today’s reforms become yesterday’s news. Already those planning for Grier’s departure are talking about the benefits of incremental change—which wouldn’t be so bad if there was any indication that the district could actually find a middle ground between razing everything and razing nothing. Most likely, Grier’s departure would mean a dismantling of the three-year experiment that’s given a handful of kids a taste of what they should have been getting all along.

“My contention is, we’ve known what’s worked forever,” Grier had told me. “We just haven’t had the political courage to do what we know.” I wouldn’t want to be the one to explain that to Taylor. And I wouldn’t want to have to tell her that she lost her chance to get ahead because the most powerful adults around her couldn’t stop behaving like children.

HISD like HCC are being controlled by the Greater Houston Partnership, Superintendents and Chancellors come and go but the people pulling the strings remain the same. Our community has focused on the wrong persons as to what is wrong with education in Houston Texas.



From The Comment Section;

Mucho gracias for restoring the comments feature to InsideHCCS. The faculty, staff, students, former employees and students are very serious about getting the word out about the mismanagement, abuse and incompetence among the so-called leadership at Coleman College including the HCC District administration.

People looking for attention or have a particular bone to pick with someone in charge might consider another method or place to expose intimate occurrences or personality attacks. The situation at Coleman College is too important to Houston to allow the current problems to continue.

People who posted inappropriate comments in the attempt of getting this section of InsideHCC closed from public access need to find another game to play because as you can see it did not work.

The truth about HCC problems and the need for new effective leadership will continue to come out to the point that those at the top will have to wake up, investigate and take necessary actions to get HCC back on track for student success and greatness.

This entire episode has made me wonder why the media (newspaper, TV news and radio) has been so silent about problems at HCC except they were so eager to engage in a feeding frenzy about Dave Wilson. Do you remember all the constant media coverage and drama about the TSU saga involving former President Pricilla Slade? What's the difference, mismanagement of taxpayer funds and trust along with corruption should be treated, exposed and treated EQUALLY.


Where is the Houston Press, Chronicle, Fox News and "investigative" reporters? The mismanagement, corruption and poor leadership involving Qatar, vendors, the Police Chief, Human Resources and questionable real estate purchases could keep them busy for a long time.


In answer as to what has happened to the Houston Press, Chronicle, Fox, etc. They have been bought off or scared off. Wayne Dolcefino was let go just before he ran a story on HCC. KHOU was also frighten off, the Houston Press was about to write an article when HCC started buying ads. A combination of what I believe are buys by HCC and pressure from the Greater Houston Partnership, which is the puppeteer that is pulling the strings, are responsible for the lack of coverage by the main stream media. INSIDE has on occasion referred to the Houston Chronicle as a low price whore, but after finally getting information that showed that the Chronicle had received over a million dollars in advertisements over a year and a half, INSIDE called them a high price whore.

The race for Lt. Governor - GOP

Polls show that Lt. Governor Dewhurst polling in high 30s or low 40s. The race is for second place thus the Patterson investigation of Dan Patrick having hired illegal workers.

"Some polls show that Staples has nudged into third place, but the most reliable information I've seen suggests otherwise. Dewhurst is still looking at polling in the 30s or low 40s, so the real race right now is for second place. Patterson believed that a story attacking Patrick’s credibility (the man fond of saying “Stop the invasion!”) would make his opponent look like a hypocrite and propel Patterson into the May 27 runoff. Patrick might have breathed a sigh of relief when the news about Abbott hit, thinking that it took a little pressure off him, but I believe the damage was done." Source 



From the HCC Rumor Mill

FROM THE RUMOR MILL: Coleman College is rumored to have a low passing rate in its nursing program (wonder what this does to HCC application to set up a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing?)

Information received from SACS (the entity that gives HCC its accreditation), indicates that a 66% pass rate for the Coleman College students is a serious matter. It’s a good reason for the state to send in auditors and investigators. The state accredits programs. SACS accredits the institution. If the state investigates, then it is likely that SACS will investigate. If it is verified that HCC has a low pass rate, accreditation for the whole college could be in jeopardy. SACS will investigate, independent from the state, if someone files a complaint.

 The trustees should take action, but don't fast until they do. It won’t happen until the  downtown puppeteers give the trustees permission to o something.  

That is not a rumor the RN passing rate is 66%. The Houston Partnership are the puppeteers and education of our children is not in their vocabulary.

MORE FROM THE RUMOR MILL: a higher up HCC administrator and a certain HCC mid-management administrator are engaging in a little bit of hanks-panky. More after the open records request.

RUMOR: HCC police staff is down to one-half of what it was. Only 1 police officer per shift at the colleges.

RUMOR: Six HCC police officers were denied their Exit interview. The six officers who quit wanted HCC administration to know why they quit. Seems the administrations response was, we don't care!

If Rumor about HCC police officers is true then the Trustees are truly clueless and not much hope for HCC.

At a fund raiser last night

Harris County Treasurer, Orlando Sanchez, held a fund raiser at La Colombe d’Or Hotel on Thursday night. Orlando has an opponent in the Republican primary. It is expected that Orlando will win handily over Hinojosa, his opponent. Rumor has it that Hinojosa was “encouraged” by County Commission Steve Radack.  Latinos supporting Orlando included construction business owners, engineers, project managers, attorneys, Higher Ed people and architects. One supporter who is HCC connected made this comment: it is now known what HCC”s mission is: to drive away all the people, including the students. If an insider sees HCC like this, HCC is in serious trouble.

They list P.O. Boxes as their address to vote

About a thousand people in Harris County are registered to Vote from P.O. Boxes, here is the list (Removed first and Middle names), where is our County Attorney, the bigot. He is a bigot as he seems to target one particular person who has been an out spoken person for traditional marriages, Dave Wilson. Not only is Vince Ryan a bigot he is a bully using his political office to attack people that do not believe like he does.

INSIDE keeps hearing that State Senator Sylvia Garcia, State Representatives Jessica Farrar and Ana Hernandez are making robo calls for Steve Kirkland. Steve Kirkland is a homosexual and close friend of Annise Parker. The fact that Kirkland is homosexual should not be a reason to either vote for him or not. However, I want to point out the hypocrisy of the homosexual community. The homosexual community as well as the African American community jumped all over Dave Wilson for not putting his photo on his mailers and letting them think he was African American. I have yet to see a mailer from Steve Kirkland identifying himself as a homosexual. Why is he letting voters assume that he is straight?

Most importantly why are the Latinas always supporting white homosexuals over Latinos or Latinas? They supported a white homosexual over a Latina last election.

Lori Gray is better qualified to be a judge than Steve Kirkland. Kirkland career consists mostly of appointments to office. Annise Parker is the person behind the appointments. Kirkland and Parker are partners in Silver Street Properties. They begin their venture soon after Parker's election to council office.

Stephen Costello votes to place public safety second to money

Annise Parker has recently increased the salaries of her staff by hundreds of thousands of dollars. Every year at the end of the budget year departments race to spend money, use it or lose it. There is a lot of waste in the city and money could easily be found from non crucial accounts, a few less bike trails for instance.

Here is a story as to what can occur when people like like Costello place money in front of safety.

Costello has done very well living off the public trough as an engineer.

"Houston City Council member Stephen Costello and his engineering firm's ongoing contract with the city are under investigation by the city’s Inspector General’s office, records obtained by Texas Watchdog show.

Costello Inc. signed a $1.7 million contract to fix water lines in the Memorial Plaza, Shadywood and Regency Square areas of the city in October 2009. He was elected to council in December of that year." Source

This writer was chief of staff for a council member 20 years ago, our office budget was bloated then and it is worse now. There is no reason that a council member needs a budget as large as they have. Every department is top heavy with administrators that spend their times going to meetings. Most meetings are a waste of time that could have been better utilized. For a part time job council members are over paid as most spend very little time studying the issues.


Faculty Senate Votes No Confidence - Coleman College

Here is a copy of the resolution of no confidence.

Here are some comments from when Young left her old job.

34% of HCC RN students failed the State Exam

INSIDE wanted to verify one of the figure that was mentioned which was the passing rates for RN students. The figure was correct only 66% of the RN students at Houston Community College passed the exam last year, only one other college has a lower passing rate. Here are the figures on the passing rates for RN students.

Houston Community College has a serious problems and it is not mortar and bricks. The HCC Trustees and administration are focused on contracts, rewarding the pay to play crowd. They passed a bond with lies, Carroll Robinson and Richard Schechter in particular sold the bonds with the lie that HCC was busting at the seams. One has to question why Richard Schechter left just before the sale of the bonds. One has to question why the Chronicle bought into the lies so easily. One has to question why the Houston Partnership through the HBEC targeted for removal the one Trustee (Yolanda Navarro Flores) that was speaking out as to what was happening at HCC. They have a program in Qatar and cannot account for all the monies. INSIDE maintains that HCC is losing money but they may be considering renewing the contract for additional years. At the moment there are no Trustees that seem to care about the educational programs and the reputation of Houston Community College. I used to tell people that HCC was one of the best values and had excellent programs, I no longer do so.

Houston Community College does not need a new building for the nursing program, they need new administration. Starting at the top with the person that is currently sitting there, Rene Byas she has had ample time to turn things around. Unfortunately that is not likely to happen as the Greater Houston Partnership is very happy with things as they are.

There are three trustees that will be up for election next year, Adriana Tamez, Eva Loredo, and Sandie Mullins. Carroll Robinson is toying with the idea of running for City of Houston Controller. If they do not respond to the call for action remember them, work against them, tell your neighbors, friends, relatives to work against them. There is one other person that is responsible for much of what has occurred that is State Representative Mary Ann Perez, work against her she has an opponent in November.

State Senator Dan Patrict Admits Hiring "Illegals"

Dan Patrick is running for Lt. Governor and one of his main issues is illegal immigration. Here is the story from Channel 13 Houston.


Where Are The Elected Officials?

Where are the elected officials for the area? Latinos need to start voting their elected officals out of office. From Channel 2 Houston. Here is the story.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player 

The Zero-Three Strategy

"However, Gower said that through the use of her computerized data analytics program, Regalado can focus on the One-of-Threes, the Zero Threes, the thousands of voters who rarely, if ever, vote. Interviewed in “The Cave,” the war room Regalado has set up in Pharr, Gower and her team are running a sophisticated phone bank operation. Once early voting starts, Gower’s staff will zero in on those One-of-Three and Zero Three voters who indicated interest in Regalado’s message and who have yet to go to the polls." Source

The Chronicle Publishes Lies About Taxi Industry

The Houston Chronicle is either run and written by idiots or by people that are taking bribes to slant the news, there could be a third reason but I can't think of one. A few days ago the Chronicle ran this headline;

"A damning indictment of taxi and limousine regulations is the best way to describe a recently released report from the city of Houston's Administration and Regulatory Affairs Department."Source

What the Study Says about the Industry

"There are many positive things to report regarding the Houston taxi system. Most impressive is the response time achieved by the city’s largest self-service taxi company. This company achieved a response time of 77% of calls from a taxi being serviced within 15 minutes and 93% being serviced within 30 minutes. This is among the better level of taxi dispatch service for any city in North America, especially for a large metropolitan city.

Overall, individual Houston Taxi users are very satisfied with their dispatched taxi services." Source

Are there problems with the system of course there are, however there is nothing to suggest that allowing a company such as Uber to operate in Houston would alleviate the same problems, or that Uber would not have the same type of problems..

The Chronicle does a disservice to the public when they publish lies disguised as news or informed editorials.

Uber does have its problems

There have been problem regarding Uber drivers background checks.

"In Detroit, state and local police have the go-ahead to ticket Uber drivers who, intentionally or not, failed to get licensed as a driver for hire, officials told the Free Press. Penalties for unlicensed operations run from a fine up to $500 to jail time. The city said officers have not issued any tickets yet.

Uber has encountered similar regulatory scrutiny in some of the other 70 or so cities in 25 countries where it now operates, including Chicago and Washington, D.C." Source

"It looks like Uber’s background check problems are not limited to San Francisco. Following Pando’s exclusive report on SF Uber driver Daveea Whitmire, who had a criminal history including felony convictions, the Chicago Tribune has found  another UberX driver with a previously undisclosed felony record." Source

"Lyft, Uber and Sidecar declined to provide the Tribune with a list of their Chicago drivers.

One driver that Uber did provide, Tadeusz Szczechowicz, 24, of Burbank, pleaded guilty to felony residential burglary in Cook County in 2010 and received a two-year probation sentence." Source

When you get in a cab in Houston you know what it is going to cost, no so with Uber as the price is not consistent;

"At 10 p.m. on New Year’s Eve, I hailed a taxi outside my apartment in Adams Morgan and directed it to a friend’s apartment in Shaw, a nearby neighborhood, also in Northwest Washington. It took a mere minute to find an open car, and the traffic-clogged two-mile trip cost $13, including tip.

Three hours later, early in the morning on New Year’s Day, I figured that hailing a cab would be difficult if not impossible, and I requested a black car from the app-based service Uber. It took three minutes for a sleek sedan to arrive, and Uber let me know that I would be charged two and a half times its normal fare — part of its “surge pricing” strategy, implemented to help keep supply in line with demand, the company says. That ride home cost $47, no tip necessary.

The same service. The same amount of time. The same trip, if in reverse. And a price differential of three and a half times. That kind of arithmetic has, of late, enraged many of Uber’s users, who accuse the company of ripping off consumers when they need a ride the most: during holidays, deluges and snowstorms. The reaction from Uber has been equally strong. In short: Don’t want to pay the fare? Fantastic. Don’t use the service." Source

"Uber's Snow Storm Surge Pricing Gouged New Yorkers Big Time." Source

What Uber is doing with pricing may be illegal in some states including Texas;

"It's here that Uber’s snowstorm surge may be on thin ice. When Hurricane Sandy took out mass transit, demand for rides jumped and Uber's pricing algorithm raised fares accordingly. Customers responded with outrage on social media. The company initially defended the price hike, saying it would incentivize more drivers to hit the roads. Eventually it backed down and reverted fares to normal. Kalanick wrote, "There are huge losses for the business in doing this initiative, but will do it as long as we can today while we figure out more sustainable ways to keep supply up while the city is in need."

But according to New York state law, what Uber was doing may actually be illegal. A statement released by the Attorney General's office specifically called out the taxi industry, noting:

This recent snowstorm was hardly a weather emergency. And Uber would likely argue that its prices are being set by the market, and aren't therefore "unconscionably excessive." But during the surge this weekend Uber riders not only had to pay a sevenfold increase in the rates per mile, but also abide by a $175 minimum. That means customers could be charged $175 for a ride that lasted a mile or two. Price-gouging penalties have been applied to gas station and supermarkets for far smaller markups." Source

What the Chronicle needs to do is send of those so called people that they call reporters or columnists and do an in depth study of the problem. If Uber is successful in driving out competition we could find that people that rely in taxis might be paying a lot more for the trip to super-market or taking a trip home from the bar.


Please do not talk about personal matters, if someone is having an afffair or you heard rumors of affairs this is not the right forum. If you have proof and it effects the colleges send it to INSIDE and we will investigate.

INSIDE will remove any comments it deems inproper.

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Inside is not responsible for any comments left by readers.



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December 2013 State Representatives Borris Miles and State Representative Harold Dutton owe property taxes. here. Why hasn't the County Attorney Vince Ryan started the process to foreclose on their property?

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