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City of Houston Audit Letters

Here are the 96 pages of audit letters that the City of Houston released. They go back 10 years. INSIDE has optimized the documents to allow word search.

Senator Cornyn Response for return of contribution

Dr. Alameel is running for U.S. Senate (as a Democrat), he has contributed to Republican Candidates in the past including his opponent. Alameel recently asked Republicans to return his contributions. Cornyn response is below. source Texas Tribune

Wonder if the fact that he is very wealthy has anything to do with Wendy Davis and Leticia Van De Putte endorsing him?

Dear Dr. Alameel,

Though my campaign has not received a formal request, I noticed media reports indicating you would like a refund of the political contributions you gave to my campaign committees in 2004 and 2005. I have always run as a conservative candidate in Texas, so it is unclear why such a refund would suddenly be warranted now.  Just as I was then, I am proud to be a consistent voice for the life of the unborn, those who hold the 2nd amendment so dear, and finally all who believe the federal government has gotten too big. I presume you donated to Governor Rick Perry and Attorney General Greg Abbott for similar reasons.

Thanks in part to your support for Texas conservatives like myself, Gov. Perry, Attorney General Abbott, and others, Texas has implemented a successful pro-growth agenda, marked by prolific job creation thanks to lower government spending, less taxes, and limited regulations. Equally as important, Texas has cultivated a culture that respects life and the right to keep and bear arms.

As with all Texans who stand up and join the fight for conservatism, I thank you for your enthusiastic and generous support of these causes. Without your help, conservatives across Texas could not have fought back against the big-spending, big government, pro-choice agenda that Democrats in Washington, D.C. have tried for so long to impose on our state.

That fight continues, and, regrettably, it is one for which no dollar can be spared. Therefore, I must respectfully decline your request.

I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail.

For Texas,

John Cornyn

The information below is from the Texas Tribune

Harold Dutton Jr. - Financial Disclosure - here - fun reading here

Sources of Income

  • He operates the Law Offices of Harold V. Dutton Jr. and Associates, which specializes in the areas of civil rights, employment discrimination and personal injury.

  • He is an adjunct professor at the Texas Southern University Law School.


    • Residential property in Houston valued at $165,000

    • Lot in Houston valued at 14,890

    • Lot in Houston valued at $17,000


    • Dutton, who practices family law, has filed dozens of bills related to child support. Among his proposals were bills that would have made it easier for the government to collect child support, some that would have limited the collection of child support from those who were wrongfully convicted, and others meant to ensure that child support orders from the court did not unfairly put a larger burden on either of the parents. It is not clear whether any of those measures would have specifically affected Dutton, who did not return multiple phone calls requesting comment.

    • Dutton used his campaign account to cover rent at the Monarch in Austin, and to fund a hotel stay for a convention in South Africa. He also used it to make payments on a Cadillac "campaign truck." All of these expenses are permitted by state law. 

    • In 2005, he had a fully probated suspension from the State Bar of Texas.

    • According to a Dec. 12, 2007, Houston Chronicle report, a Harris County family court found that Dutton was in arrears on court-ordered child support and awarded his ex-wife nearly $16,000. Dutton said he fell behind on the payments because the original court order was "ambiguous" and failed to stipulate how his payments would change when his sons turned 18 years old or if they moved in with him.


Hubert Vo - Financial Disclosure - here

Sources of Income

  • Vo is a self-employed real estate investor and developer.

  • He has a business interest in Newlink Investment Inc. and Era Investment Inc.

  • He owns mineral interests in Houston and Sugar Land.


    • His residence in Houston is valued at $60,000.

    • Era Investment, which he has an interest in, owns one Houston shopping center worth $2,993,291 and another worth $2,643,455.


Carol Alvarado - Financial Disclosure - here

Sources of Income

  • Alvarado is a self-employed consultant who does work for a variety of companies, including engineering firms like Entech and CDM, the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, and others who do business with the government. Some of her contracts specifically exclude her from doing work that involves any state agencies.

  • She also had a $5,000 retainer from Strategic Partnerships, which works to secure government contracts for businesses.


    • Residential property in Houston valued at $241,767


HCC Audit - Is HCC in trouble again

The following emails has been circulating within Houston Community College.

"It has been a challenging week in financial aid due to serious system processing issues. Prior to leaving for the break, the system was set up to repackage student Pell Grants based on actual enrollment to prepare for bookstore purchasing. We package students at a full-time status until 10 days prior to the start of classes and then begin awarding based on actual credits of enrollment. The automatic repackaging effort did not go well last Friday and we did not discover the problem until Monday morning. A number of students had their Pell Awards reduced to 0 for spring due to a system error and we have been feverishly working on the problem with IT since Monday.  Some of the problems were corrected through Roy’s efforts by updating batch processes. Some were corrected manually by staff members. Others are yet to be corrected because the cause of the issue has not been pinpointed. We turned off automatic repackaging last evening and have been working with lists of students. Unfortunately, students change their enrollment faster than we can run the lists. We MUST find a solution to the problem systematically as manual adjustments are not feasible with our volume of students. Our financial aid system analyst will not be in the office until Monday morning. Roy has been an incredible help in correcting as many records in batch as possible.

Therefore, I have made it a priority to work on this problem as soon as he arrives in the office on Monday morning. In the meantime, we will continue to work as fast as we can to correct these Pell awards manually.

It has been reported to me that some students may have been dropped for non-payment prior to us discovering the problem Monday morning.  We turned off the purge process earlier in the week and protected as many as we could the end of this week when we turned purge back on. If there are students that were affected by this problem, I can look them up to determine if they were eligible for aid at the time the system dropped their courses. However, I do not have authority to place student’s back in closed classes. I would look to all of you for guidance of what can be done for students in that situation.

I am not pleased with what has occurred this week and will work with the IT department to ensure that this does not happen in the future. Roy and I will be working on a detailed checklist of every process completed by the system (behind the scenes) and the steps that need to be taken to prevent aid from inaccurately calculating by the system processes."

-----HCC to be audited-----

"Final Audit Determination – 2012 – Return to Title IV (R2T4) Calculation Errors
The chancellor received the final audit determination from the Department of Education dated January 9, 2014. The final audit determination stemmed from the disclosure from the internal auditors, as is required, that HCC inaccurately calculated 2012 award year return of Title IV funds, omitting required fees (general use, technology, and student activity). This resulted in students’ retaining more aid than were eligible in the amount of $494,389. This was reported to the board by the external auditors in a board presentation of the 2012 single audit report.

The final audit determination cites “HCC failed to address the return of Title IV funds due to the Department totaling $494,389.” This resulted from a lack of communication from HCC to the Department of Education to inform them that the amount owed had been rectified. Corrections were made electronically over the period of November 2012 through January 2013 which balanced the amount owed. Furthermore, safeguards were put in place to prevent the recurrence of future errors as was demonstrated by a clean audit in 2013.

HCC must now appeal by February 22, 2014 to the Secretary of Education for a review of the financial liabilities established by the final audit determination. The offices of financial aid, finance, and general council are working together to prepare the appeal. HCC has the documentation to support our position that the monies are not owed.

Program Review – February 24, 2014 – February 28, 2014
On January 17, 2014, executive director of financial aid, JoEllen Soucier, received a phone call from a representative of the Department of Education – Dallas regional office. She was informed that a program review team from the Department of Education will be visiting HCC to conduct a thorough program review to determine HCC’s administrative capability to administer federal financial aid funds. The visit will take place on February 24th through the 28th. The Department of Education will be reviewing two award years (2012-2013 and 2013-2014). HCC administration will be meeting next Tuesday to prepare for the program review.

As HCC became aware of deficiencies within the financial aid operations, several measures were taken to improve processes and regulatory compliance. This includes the utilization of external financial aid and IT consulting services and the hiring of a seasoned executive director of financial aid. This resulted in increased automation, development of internal controls, improved internal communications, and enhanced staff training."

Who are the people that have been supporting the administration

One does not have to go far, just go the campaign report filed by Houston Business Education Coalition PAC, HBEC PAC. We can find the persons that contribute money to candidates at HCC and HISD. The question one has to ask is are the people that are behind HBEC interested in education of our children or in the thickness of their wallets? INSIDE tends to believe that for some the thickness of the wallets is what drives the people behind HBEC. Someone has to explain to me why out of the $454,000,000 ($454 million dollars) only about $280,000,000 dollars will be used for actual construction of buildings. Where does the rest go? The bulk of it goes to program managers, project managers, engineers, architects, there are layers and layers of people that will make millions of dollars from the bonds. The same thing is occurring at HISD.

Below are the last four HBEC campaign reports filed by the PAC, by the way they HBEC PAC did not file a December report, the run-off; Just look at the Jan 2014 and Oct 28 2013 the other two are of little value.

Jan 2014

Oct 28 2013

July 2013

Jan 2013

Jan 2014 Report

Kellner, Lawrence - Emerald Creek Group - $10,000

Welcome Wilson - GSL Welcome Group - $3,500

Richard Schechter - $2,500 - Why did Richard Schechter resign after the passing of the bonds? The Statement below about busting at the seams is not true, why did Schechter mislead people?

HCC presents its proposal as necessary to meet the growing demand for a skilled workforce. Schechter said 75 percent of all college freshmen are enrolled in community college. HCC’s enrollment has grown 40 percent in five years, from 53,000 students in the fall of 2005 to more than 75,000 in the fall of 2011, he said. The system ranks first in Texas and fifth in the the nation in granting associate degrees.

“The bottom line is, we’re busting at the seams,” Schechter said. “Without further authorization, we cannot expand classroom space, and we need the classroom space,” Schechter said.


Oct 28 2013 Report

Day, Jonathan - Andrews Kurth LLP - $2,500 - Law Firm has contract with HCC

Jamail, James - The Jamail Family Market - $5,000

Mach, Steven - Mach Industrial Group - $2,500

McClanahan, David - Centerpoint Energy - $2,500

Schechter, Richard - $2,500

Sreerama, Karun - ESPA - $10,000

Weekley, Richard - Weekley Properties - $5,000

Wilson, Welcome Sr. - GSL Welcome Group - $10,000

Woo, Don - Mission Constructors Inc - $2,500






John Whitmire in Bed with so many people ....

A Chronicle blog has John Whitmire making a claim that his opponent is committing fraud. Why is his opponent committing fraud according to John Whitmire, because;

“Most nights his wife and two kids live in Bellaire,”

His opponent and his wife own a house in the district. Where his wife and children wish to spend some nights makes no difference, Whitmire knows that. It is not fraud. Whitmire should be debating the issues not making accusations that he cannot prove. If he has proof that LaCroix has not met the residency requirements he knows that the courts are the proper venue.

Whitmire has hundreds of acres in Washington County, maybe he spends most of his time out there in the Hill Country. Is he committing fraud by claiming to live in the district when he may be spending his time else where? Here is his Financial disclosure from 2013.

Why would a person that has almost $7,000,000 (Seven Million Dollars) in campaign funds want to debate where his opponent lives? Here is Whitmire's latest campaign report. What really is the purpose for Whitmire to come out an make statements about residency? Why isn't he challenging Ana Hernandez, Jessica Farrar, Adriana Tamez, Hubert Vo they have questionable residency, are they committing fraud? Chris Oliver votes from an address different from the homestead that his wife has is Chris Oliver committing fraud? There are at least two council members that have questionable residency, why isn't Whitmire questioning their residency? Mr. LaCroix campaign report is here.

If we wanted to play we could ask Senator Whitmire about that interest that he has or had in Surface Properties. Surface Properties Inc is registered to Michael D Surface, here. Not sure if it is the same Michael D. Surface that is associated with Jerry Eversole, here but if it is here is the indictment. Maybe the Chronicle wants to go ask Senator Whitmire if the Surface Properties he has or had an interest in is the same one associated with the person that got indicated.

Here is Whitmire's July 2013 Campaign report.

Here is Whitmire's January 2013 Campaign report.

Here is the article in the Chronicle.

There were 16,229 Democrats who voted in the primary in 2012, Senate District 15. The number should remain about the same. Spend some of that money Mr. Whitmire, it is not yours. I am sure that the persons that gave it to you did so out of the goodness of their heart. They did not expect to get your ear on certain subjects every now and then.

John Whitmire like Bruce Austin has lost touch with his constituents, if the voters in Senate District 15 are smart they will replace him with someone that cares about their children not their pocket books. Forty years in the senate is too long he needs to make room for new blood, he should have retired this year. Mr. Whitmire you will be 65 this year go enjoy your ranch in Washington County.

In 1973 when John Whitmire took office he was a college dropout. His elected position has been very kind to him. The New York Times had a recent article on John Whitmire;

“This is a guy who is in bed with so many people I don’t know if he has his constituents’ best interest in mind or his own pocketbook’s best interest in mind,” said Trent Seibert, the founder of Texas Watchdog, a nonprofit group dedicated to tracking the influence of money in state politics. “This is what turns people off from politics.”

"Like many of his peers, Mr. Whitmire at times has used some of the money to help finance an often-lavish lifestyle. He uses it to pay for part of a lease of an $80,000 BMW 650i, and since the 1990s has bought $290,000 in tickets to sports events, including the Houston rodeo. Car leases are allowable and the ticket purchases, for “constituent entertainment,” got the Texas Ethics Commission’s blessing."

Here is the New York Times story.

Maybe Mr. LaCroix is right



HCC and Janitorial Services

Even union members vote the way they are told once they get to HCC - Zeph Capo had no problems supporting the Janitorial contract that was presented on January 23, 2014. Here are some reviews of the GCA by employees. In fact one has to wonder why HISD had to get a settlement agreement between ABM and GCA, here on page 4. Well maybe Zeph Capo voting the way he did is no surprise he did take that all expense paid trip to Costa Rica with Borris Miles. Wonder if Zeph Capo will vote on Miles getting all the insurance when it comes up in a few months? Hopefully INSIDE will have information, by the time the Insurance Contract comes up, that could either prove or disprove that a former Trustee, Mary Ann Perez, is a subcontractor with Miles Insurance. State Representative Mary Ann Perez is a mentor and supporter of Adriana Tamez.

GCA did receive the top evaluation but we don't know if they were low bid. The question remains why did Chris Oliver recuse himself? Is he going to get part of the contract,Chris Oliver has a new company, AcurC Level Inc? Both sub-contractors are providing mostly broker services from what Inside has found available online. TMG one of the subcontractors is a broker, here is the City of Houston minority description. Diversified Chemical Supplies is providing cleaning materials, they list Jan-Pac address as their address, 6356 Clara St.

Larry Shealy formerly with Aramark (Aramark at one time had the Janitorial contract) stated that the bid process at Houston Community College was dirty;

"Mr. Healy learned from talking to people outside the institution that its reputation was not good. He was told things like bidding process 'could be somewhat of a dirty process, be careful' and 'minority participation could be a check writing situation." From the Veselka Interviews, Larry Shealy

The Veselka interview of Betty Brown a HCC employee at time of interview;

"The prime Janitorial contractor is ABM. CAM cleaning services is the sub for ABM. She had no knowledge of improper influences ... she did not feel ABM was the strongest bidder, and does not know why they were selected." Veselka Interviews, Betty Brown

Angel Herrera employee of Aramark;

"HUB vendor Partners; ... created to provide minorities a share of procurement opportunities ... Aramark does not receive invoices from these businesses, which are suppose to receive 35% of profitability of the contract ... Mr. Herrera is not aware of the work that these HUB vendors perform ..." Veselka Interviews, Angel Herrera

From the interview of Linda Richard from Aramark;

"Aramark bid on the HCC janitorial work contract, which was awarded to ABM. Everyone believed that there was a connection between and HCC Trustee and one of ABM's subcontractors, CAM Services." Veselka Interviews, Linda Richard

When Chris Oliver was asked about Ft. Bend Mechanical and ABM what did he say? Chris made the motion on ABM;

"ABM was prime janitorial contractor during Hurricane Ike. Dr. Tyler told him to give consideration to ABM and FBM (Ft. Bend Mechanical) for contracts. Trustee Oliver made motion based on recommendations of administration." Veselka Interviews, Chris Oliver

Chris Oliver was on Ft. Bend Mechanical Payroll at the time he made this motion to move Ft. Bend Mechanical from 6th place to the top. Here are the checks and dates he received payment from Ft. Bend Mechanical. The motion was made in Feburary 2010, he was on Ft. Bend Mechanical's payroll. But he was just following the recommendation of the administration. If you will notice that his biggest paycheck was received right before the recommendation and vote, must have worked hard for that money. Regarding the janitorial contract, Ft. Bend Mechanical was a subcontractor with ABM. Why was this not sent to the District Attorney?

Doesn't it make you wonder why so much of what was on the Veselka report was not given to the DA? HCC is rotten to its core.

Does anyone really think that HCC has changed its ways? There may be cost savings by using private companies in lieu of employees as most government agencies here in Harris county use private companies for janitorial services. But the graft and corruption must be taken out of the system. Too many of HCC colleges hired people on a part time basis to do the cleaning and fixing that does not get done when the private companies came in. HCC and HISD are dens of corruption so that monies that should be spent where they need to be spent in, educating our children, is wasted. As one person said, when you have a sub of a sub of a sub you will find a Trustee involved.

Most corruption is not a straight payout or even the hiring of a Trustee's company. The corruption occurs with gifts or loans to elected official, such as, the ex governor of Virginia or former Harris County Commissioner, Jerry Eversole. Corruption here in Harris County is so pervasive that it has become an accepted practice of doing business with government agencies. The partnership is involved either directly or indirectly by condoning such practices our children's education is what we are sacrificing.

Let me venture into the future, if it is typical white wash to hide their dirty laundry HCC will not make public the investigation into the Program Management contract which accused Carroll Robinson of possible tampering with the bidding process. There will be more on selection of Program Manager selections and what occurred before.

As one former employee who left HCC said;

"Mr. Kyme left HCCS because he was tired of working in that environment was fed up with the process of Procurement." Veselka Interviews, Michael Kyme



Mark Christopher Thering Candidate for Judge - using Commercial Address

Here is the application that was submitted by Mr. Thering. The address is a commercial address per Harris County Appraisal District, here. Below is an image from Google of the address listed by Judicial Candidate Thering.

I am sure that Mr. Vince Ryan will do his duty and investigate the matter, after all Mr. Vince Ryan is an honorable man.


Vince Ryan and DA investigating all judicial candidates

Vince Ryan opened a can of worms when he decided to question the residency of one elected official. It seems that now he claims that he will investigate all judicial candidates petitions. Judicial candidates are required to submit petitions with signatures of registered voters that reside in the district for which they are running. A Justice of the Peace has a judicial district, the county and district wide offices encompass all of the county. According to Terry O'Rourke;

"He said the Harris County District Attorney's public integrity unit also is investigating ... It's a serious issue, and we simply have to look at it ... The investigation could wrap up by the end of next week." Houston Chronicle

There are hundreds of judicial candidates running, how will Vince Ryan office look at all the petitions to verify that the signatures are genuine? Most judicial candidates have a minimum of 500 signatures that they have to submit. They have to call the persons, visit with them, there are thousands of names that have to be verified how will they finish by next week?

And the untruth of the day, by the Democratic Chair Lane Lewis;

"We didn't believe that we would find anything because we check ours on the front end as they come in ..."

Mr. Lewis how do you explain the fact that on its' face the application by Mr. Thering had a commercial address? I also have a candidate that seems to have used an address that is not listed in Harris County Appraisal District, but will have to drive by there to verify if there is a building located there. Mr. Lewis how do you explain that one of the Judicial candidates used an address that Harris County Appraisal District has as a vacant lot. An investigation indicates that a new house is there and that someone does reside there.


Democrat JP's chief clerk out to kill WetBacks

Is it any wonder that Justice of the Peace George Risner is concerned about his judicial race and will do anything to remove opponents. He hires people that are out to kill "WetBacks";

What will the Democratic Party do about the candidate? Is this Vince Ryan protecting Democrats. The Democratic Party is not the party for the Latino Community. Where is the condemnation by the likes of Sylvia Garcia? Adrian Garcia? Jessica Farrar? Mary Ann Perez? Ana Hernandez? Armando Walle?

Here is the full story from fox news.


Property taxes should be paid before running for office

While Mr. Ryan is investigating the above and all Judicial Candidates petitions, I suggest that he can encourage at least one Democrat to pay his taxes, here.


Over 4,000 registered voters using commercial addresses

There are over 4000 Harris County registered voters using commercial addresses.

I wonder how the Democratic Party missed the use of a commercial address? They certainly had no problem with Mr. Wilson a few years ago. The Democratic Party is under the control of Homosexuals who require that candidates believe in their dogma. I remember when the Democratic Party had room for people to disagree on one or two issues. Now you have to support abortion and homosexual rights.



Homosexual Rights Trump Religious Rights

From Oregon where a business chose not to bake a cake for a lesbian couple because of the couple's religious beliefs;

"The backlash against Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of the bakery, was severe. Gay rights groups launched protests and pickets outside the family’s store. They threatened wedding vendors who did business with the bakery. And, Klein told me, the family’s children were the targets of death threats." Source Fox News


Wendy Davis Life Story a lie

Wendy Davis

Seems that the woman that is running for Governor as a Democrat has embellished her life story. She forgot to mention that she left her husband after he made the last payment on her student loan. She forgot to mention that her ex-husband got custody of the children. What kind of woman loses custody of her children or gives it up so easily. The initial divorce claimed that she was having affairs.Here is the story.

In his initial divorce filing, Jeff Davis said the marriage had failed, citing adultery on her part ..."


Did three of the new trustees make a deal?

Neeta Sane
Board Chair

Last Thursday Neeta Sane became Chair. She received five votes, herself, Chris Oliver, Robert Glaser, Adriana Tamez, and Zeph Capo. Why would the three new board trustees all vote for Neeta Sane? Could it be that they had a quid pro quo? It sure smells like a fix was in, because she named all four persons that supported her to the Chancellor search committee. She removed Sandie Mullins and Eva Loredo who had been working in the committee for months.

Why would Neeta vote for someone that she thought was not "transparent" in his dealings? Below is what she had to say about Chris Oliver;


"Trustee Sane had a gut feeling but no facts that Trustee Oliver had a relationship with FBM before he submitted a disclosure. She said Mr. Medford was always interested in "doing things." When Trustee Sane told him he needed to provide a disclosure, he backed off. He has a reputation of going after trustees in Ft Bend." Neeta Sane interview

Why was the above not submitted to the DA when they went after the only trustee that was bringing out problems at HCC? Why is the partnership protecting Chris Oliver? They even allowed Chris Oliver to receive Worker's compensation, here.

The new trustees promised to be transparent, well their first vote seems to have made liars out of them as it smells at HCC. Will the new trustees soon start lining their pockets? Inside will continue to monitor until HCC becomes a poster child for what a Community College should be.

Chris Oliver

Chris Oliver is Vice Chair, and Robert Glaser is Secretary, coincidence I doubt it. They had probably made a deal before the vote. Did they sell their votes?

We will have to keep an eye on those new trustees as they have learned fast how to wheel and deal. Maybe they are just puppets of the partnership who is controlling them.

Ask yourself why statements from William Carter and Art Tyler below were not investigated by the DA? The Trustee is still on the Board.

"In 2006, Campus Works was hired as an outside IT consultant to assess IT staff, reorganize IT department and make new assignments, and re-do all infrastructures in network planning, etc. Global Times, owned by Bobby Singh, was a subcontractor to Campus Works. Mr. Singh, however, wanted Global Times to be the primary contractor. He was friendly with the board and Mr. Carter felt that Singh insinuated that he had contacts on the Board of Trustees that would help him. Campus Works filed a cease and desist order against Global Times, alleging that Singh had asked for donations from Campus Works on behalf of a board member, insinuating that it would be necessary if Campus Works wanted to continue as the primary contractor."

"With respect to construction projects, Singh has two companies: Isani and Asani. Isani is a subcontractor under PGAL, contracted to do classroom technical and network equipment. Singh also has contracts with HCCS for intranet work. Mr. Carter has heard rumors about Singh providing kickbacks, but nothing specific."William Carter interview

According to Vice Chancellor Art Tyler, Bobby Singh was protected by Board Chair Neeta Sane;

Mr. Singh told Bill Carter many times that he had connections with Trustees and that he could get the votes. Dr. Tyler went to Dr. Spangler about getting Mr. Singh out. He met with Dr. Spangler and Mr. Singh in this office. This effort started backlash with trustees. Neeta Sane became very concerned and"threatened" Dr. Spangler and Vice Chancellor that if some things didn't happen, they might be fired. There were some very difficult Board meetings but Mr. Singh got the contract anyway. Dr. Tyler raised serious concerns about it (the contract was added to the budget for $1.SM) and the issue almost got Dr. Spangler fired. Art Tyler interview

If one were to guess who the trustee was that may be getting paybacks who would it be?

Robert Glaser

The new trustees Robert Glaser, Zeph Capo, and Adriana Tamez just voted for Neeta Sane as Chair and Chris Oliver as Vice Chair, the question has to be asked will the new Trustees follow their leaders? Will they be just like them? With the partnership protecting them and rumors circulating that they want Art Tyler as Chancellor is HCC heading back to the bad old days? Could that be the reason they don't want Dave Wilson there? Why does the partnership condone corruption? Maybe some of their members are involved? Inquiring minds want to know.


The Board meeting video showed what Inside has been stating for months, HCC has been extremely wasteful with the taxpayers monies. Estes stated that enrollment was down how much is it down? We have two type of students attending HCC those that pay and those that don't. The ones that don't pay are the dual credit students. HCC loses money on those students but they are counted for enrollment. If HCC removes them from the equation where is the enrollment?


Where Does Adriana Tamez live?

Here is where Ms. Tamez requested a marriage license on July 2011. She stated that she lived at the 3333 Allen Parkway address. A few months later a search of voting records indicates that she voted from the Jefferson address that is in HCC District 3. Ms. Tamez does own a house in District 3. Sources have indicated that she purchased the house when she was principal at Cage Elementary.

Ms. Tamez also recently purchased (2010) a condo that is located in Greenway Plaza. The condo is appraised at over $200,000. The house on Jefferson is occupied by her parents. Three persons voted, recent election, from the Jefferson Address two born in the 1930s and one born in the 1960s.

Puzzling is that Ms. Tamez contributed $15,000 to her campaign. Why would she do that? Why not a loan? Something does not smell right, since a few years before she took out a lien on the house on Jefferson. In fact why would James Rodriguez Campaign use Marc Campos address on another contribution? Something fishy happened in that campaign.

Question remains will Vince Ryan investigate where Ms. Tamez lives?


Recognize the image below? It is the Chevron Tower (1600 Louisiana). Guess how many people are registered to vote from that address? Let me not keep you in suspense, 13 persons are registered at that address. It is possible that the persons are prior tenants of the old YMCA that used to be located adjacent to the Chevron Tower. In 2012 there were four people that voted from a vacant lot.

From the Republican Party

Jared Woodfill
GOP Chair

The right to hold elected office comes from the will of the voters. When other elected officials seek to undue an election process it should be done with great caution. Dave Wilson was elected to the HCC board. Democratic County Attorney Vince Ryan had ample opportunity to remove Dave Wilson from the ballot prior to the election process starting. Seeking to remove Dave now that he has won is an affront to all voters. Democratic County Attorney Ryan has set a high bar for himself and we call on him to investigate where his fellow Democrats reside. This list includes HCC Board member Adrianna Tamez, State Rep. Eugene Wu, State Rep. Mary Ann Perez, State Rep. Ana Hernandez, State Rep. Jessica Farrar, State Rep. Carol Alvarado, State Rep. Hubert Vo, Houston City Councilman Jerry Davis to name a few. I hope that the County Attorney is not involved in a game of selective enforcement against Republicans.


Vince Ryan has made the office of County Attorney something that fears the light. Open records requests go unanswered. He hides behind a wall of attorneys to prevent light from shinning on the shenanigans that he or other county employees or elected officials may be engaged in. Rumors of affairs and other misdeeds by elected officials are the subject of small talk by attorneys at the water coolers.

We expect the same type of concern from Vince Ryan when he is presented a list of candidates from the Democratic Party that are using commercial addresses and vacant lots as a residence.


Good for the Mayor that she married her partner in California, now if she could quit discriminating against persons that do not believe in her lifestyle.

Round 4 - Dave Wilson vs Vince Ryan

Dave Wilson will be at the meeting tomorrow at HCC! Vince Ryan once again attempted to have a hearing without giving notice to Dave Wilson or his attorney. They attempted to get an ex parte hearing claiming that they could not contact Dave Wilson or his attorney. Amazingly they have no trouble getting hold of the media. Vince Ryan needs to go.

This morning Vince Ryan lost round four in his attempt to circumvent the will of the people. The question has to be asked why Dave Wilson? Dave Wilson may have his faults, but exposing corruption has been something that he has been doing for years.

Vince Ryan is the tail being wagged by others. Former Trustee Feldman, related to the City Attorney David Feldman, was appointed because of calls made to certain trustees by Republican and Democrat commissioner(s). Recently the City has started getting into the sell and lease back agreements. The governmental entity may or may not benefit from the lease backs but one thing is certain, some individuals walk away with millions of dollars.

Is it only coincidence that many of the properties that HCC purchases are in El Franco Lee's district?

Chronicle wants an investigation, where do we begin

The Editorial Board wants an investigation as to the voter registration of Dave Wilson's children. If there is going to be an investigation, Inside suggests that we start with Dominique Sache, she has voted at least twice from the channel 2 address. There are 14 people registered at 1600 Louisiana (Chevron) at least half of them have voted at least once from that address. One well known owner of a car dealership voted from the dealership location. One well know furniture store owner voted from a store location.

Why do the same people that donated so much money to oust certain Trustees
want Chris Oliver as Board Chair?

Interview of Tony Garcia;

"Trustee Oliver asked to do clean-up work for G&G while G&G was working on HCC
West Loop Project."

Interview of Bobby Singh;

"Mr. Singh has taken HCC Trustees to lunch a few times over the last few years. When
asked about the Super Bowl tickets he provided to Trustee Chris Oliver, Mr. Singh
became uncomfortable, spoke privately with his attorney, and asked to adjourn the

Interview of Renee Byas;

"Someone called and told her that Trustee Oliver was working for Fort Bend Mechanical...Hollingsworth ... told her Trustee Oliver would be angry if she called him about filling out a Conflict of Interest Disclosure form."

Interview of Bruce Austin;

"Trustee Austin said Dr. Tyler is an avid golfer who plays with Trustee Oliver, which may lead Dr. Tyler to favor a company who has a relationship with that particular trustee."

Email - Chris Oliver is pushing for Ft. Bend Mechanical while being on their payroll.

Agenda May 2009, Chris Oliver votes for the Chevron contract. Ft. Bend Mechanical is a sub-contractor and Chris Oliver is on Ft. Bend's payroll.

Maybe some people have a reason - it is called lease buy backs.

Letter from Terry O'Rourke to Federal Judge regarding Jerry Eversole criminal case.

Channel 13 version of what was going on, lease back properties. Notice that Commissioner Lee was also part of the discussion.

"Tax records show El Rio Development buys land in October 2000 at 7901 El Rio. That's the same week commissioners court approves a deal to lease purchase the property. We'll pay rent on the building until the year 2022 before we own it. Whose employees were involved in evaluating the proposal? El Franco Lee's were.

At the time, Commissioner Lee ran an engineering firm called ESPA. At the time, ESPA did business with one of Schatte's companies in another county.

Months after the El Rio deal, ESPA engineering moved to its new offices at 7120 Grand Blvd. We looked up the owner.

Want to make a bet what we found? We're all in.

The building owner is Grand Blvd Ltd. Its registered agent used to be Michael Surface, now it's Andy Schatte.

Small world."

HCC has a history with the property on Westheimer. This property was the basis of a lawsuit filed by Dave Wilson to stop the purchase. HCC paid four times the appraised value of the property.

It was proposed that the HCC foundation take a gift of 150 million dollars and build a campus there on the Westheimer property. That fell through when the gift meant that HCC had to secure the bond money. Two of the trustees that were strongly against the deal were Trustee Garcia and Flores.

INSIDE believes that there may be attempts at the same type of buy back schemes that have been generating a lot of money for some individuals.

There may be reasons that Vince Ryan and certain commissioners may not want Dave Wilson as an HCC Trustee.

Campaign Reports for Vince Ryan;

July 2013

Jan 2013

Oct 29, 2012

Oct 9, 2012

July 2012

Jan 2012

January 2013 Vince Ryan's Financial Disclosure - I redacted personal information.

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