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Investigate Lane Lewis for allowing Democrats to run who do not meet residency requirements!

I want to appologize as Mr. Vernon may meet the residency requirments as it 12 months before the general election. According to the voters registration he registered to vote on January 29th of this year. There is no requirment that you have to be a registered voter. I want to appologize again to the readers, Mr. Vernon, and Mr. Lane. I will point out that as of 1/14/2013 there is Fred Vernon reigistered to vote from the place he indicated he resided, nor is there a person by his name registered to vote.

If the County Attorney wants to go after people that do not reside (meet residency requirements) in a District, I suggest that Vince Ryan look at the current Democrat running for State Representative District 138. While he is investigating Mr. Vernon, I would suggest that the County Attorney investigate the Democratic Chair Lane Lewis for allowing Mr. Vernon to sign up as a candidate.

The residency requirement for a State Representative is 12 months, here. Mr. Vernon stated on his application that he has only resided four (4) months in the county and four (4) months in the district for which he running as a Democrat. Here is Mr. Vernon's application. The address, phone number, and email address have been covered for privacy. Here is the list of Democrats running for office.

Mr. Honorable County Attorney do your job as you have stated that what is happening to Dave Wilson is not political. The first set of complaints were passed on to the County Registrar, what are you going to do with the complaint on Mr. Vernon?

What is the Judge ruling on?

It is amazing that we have news organizations with millions of dollars that cannot determine what Judge Engelhart will rule on.

Judge Engelhart has asked for briefs to determine if the TRO should have been issued. Questions as to whether a TRO is allowed were raised by Dave Wilson's attorney, Keith Gross.

The Judge has refused to sign an order that would prohibit Dave Wilson from serving. The County Attorney has tried three times to get a judge to sign a TRO that would stop Dave Wilson from serving.

The Christ hating Chronicle bias is showing, again

The head line on the Christ hating Chronicle reads "Judge extends order keeping Wilson from HCC Office." A blatant lie by the authors of the article. The judge that ruled on Friday and Monday has never ruled that Dave Wilson could or could not keep his office.

This is what the Christ hating writers of the Chronicle article wrote in today's paper wrote, "His lawyer told the judge on Monday that the small business owner and anti-gay activist should be seated..." That is a flat out lie. His attorney never refers to his client as the anti-gay activist.

Christ hating homosexuals or their supporters never stop using words to demean individuals that disagree with them.

The battle for our children is not won by people who do not fight back using the same tactics that the opposition uses.




Breaking News

Early this morning the County Attorney again attempted to prevent Dave Wilson from appearing and serving on the HCC Board. The Judge refused to issue such an order. According to Mr. Wilson's attorney Dave Wilson can commence participating as the duly elected Trustee for District II.

Here is the link to the article on ABC 13. The County did try to expand the order to prevent Dave Wilson from taking his seat as Trustee. The Judge declined to expand the order.

"[The judge] didn't overrule and say that the oath was invalid," Wilson's attorney, Kevin Gross, said.

What the County Attorney is doing is pure harassment, they know that Dave Wilson meets the letter of the law as to residency. There are no requirments that you have to live with your spouse to establish residency.

Vince Ryan is not an honorable person and come next election cycle he will have plenty of persons vying for his seat. More on Vince Ryan later this week.


Setting The Record Straight as to Yolanda Navarro Flores

The attorney hired by Houston Community College to investigate three Latino Trustees was Larry Veselka, a friend of then Trustee Richard Schechter. He was paid in excess of half a million dollars for the investigation. HCC has a history of paying attorneys well to come up with the conclusions that HCC desires. Did then Trustee Schechter steer the contract to his friend, inquiring minds want to know.

First I will quote what Veselka wrote as summary and then a more detail look at what he found based on his report. I will finish with explaining how Veselka wrote the finding in such a way to make is seem that Trustee Flores' son was getting contracts.

1. Enlisting the assistance of then-Board President Abel Davila to leverage HCC's business relationship with at least one HCC contractor Vendor B) to hire a business Vendor C) with which her son Individual C-1 was involved. Vendor B paid Vendor C, with which Individual C-1 is involved, some $162,947.00 in just ten months between December 2008 and October 2009;


Abel Davila's role in getting a business with which Trustee Yolanda Navarro Flores' son is involved hired by an HCC vendor. Individual C-1 is Trustee Yolanda Navarro Flores' son. Individual C-1 has worked for years with Individual C-2 with Vendor C and/or related entities.

Mr. Davila told Administration Official X that Ms. Navarro Flores had asked him to help get her son hired by an HCC vendor. Administration Official X understood that Mr. Davila had done so. Vendor C bas been paid as a subcontractor on HCC projects by Vendor B. Vendor B's reports to HCC show Individual C-1 as the contact person on that work for Vendor B.

Individual C-1 is Ms. Flores' son. He is involved with various construction and information technology businesses in the Houston area. He is a member/manager with individual C-2 of Vendor C and/or related entities, which is or has been located at Ms. Flores' law office address,
4801 Irvington Blvd, Houston, TX 77009. Individual C-1 is listed in various public documents as the owner of Vendor C. Vendor B hired Vendor C as a subcontractor to perform painting and fence work. Individual C-2 is a principal of Vendor C. Individual B, President of Vendor B, has dealt directly with Individual C-2 in handling the subcontract business performed by Vendor C. Individual B met Individual C-1 at a political fund raiser for Trustee Navarro Flores. According to Individual B, Individual C-1 recommended Vendor C to him.


Working backwards, "Individual B" is Pete Medford here (bottom of page 1) is what he had to say on the matter; He said that he was working with Farrar that is State Representative Farrar's brother. He never stated he was working with Flores' son. In fact HCC had a letter from him stating that Trustee Flores' son had not done any work for him. The letter further states that the company belongs to John Farrar, here is the letter.

Former Trustee Davila stated in his interview that he never recommended Trustee Flores' son, here is the interview.

Veselka claims that Individual B told him that Trustee Flores' son recommended John Farrar's company. That may or may not have occurred as the name was redacted, however if Vendor B is Ft. Bend Mechanical then all the evidence that was at HCC's disposal indicate that no such thing occurred. Who redacted the names and for what purpose?

Veselka did not find that Trustee Flores son was or had received any work from John Farrar with HCC. What Veselka did is state that John Farrar's company had made $162,947. He said the Trustee Flores's son was involved with John Farrar, how was Trustee Flores's son involved? Well they have been and are still friend since they went to high school together. They had worked some jobs together but not at HCC.

What HCC under then Board Chair Richard Schechter did was to further twist the truth by claiming;

WHEREAS, the investigation found that Ms. Flores violated College Board policies and her fiduciary duties to the College by enlisting the assistance of then-Board President Abel Davila to leverage the College's business relationship with at least one College contractor to hire a business with which her son was involved; and

WHEREAS, the aforementioned contractor paid the business with which Ms. Flores' son
was involved some $162,947.00 between December 2008 and October 2009;

Here is the Richard Schechter interview, he claimed that;

Trustee Schechter first became aware of J's Quality at the April 8, 2010 Board meeting during executive session when they were handed materials revealing Former Trustee Davila as a Corporate Officer of J's Quality.

Inside did an open records act requesting the documents that Richard Schechter stated that he saw. There were no such documents. Did Richard Schechter tell the truth during the interview? Richard Schechter either has a terrible memory or a propensity to tell falsehoods or a combination of both. Where in the investigation did Veselka find that Abel Davila recommended Flores' son? The question one must ask is why did Richard Schechter want Trustee Flores out? There were much more serious allegations against Chris Oliver but he was protected, why? What are they hiding at HCC? Why is Richard Schechter so concerned with what is happening at HCC? If he cared so much why did he resign?

Using the Veselka method of association, one could say that Veselka and Schechter are friends. They have been friends for a while. They may have even been involved in the same cases, therefore because Veselka received over half a million dollars from HCC, then Trustee Richard Schechter must have also benefited from Veselka being paid.

Vince Ryan's Office passes the buck

The complaint on the persons that are registered to vote was addressed by the County Attorney's office. They have been referred to the County Register for review. The County Attorney's is well aware that the County Register is prohibited from doing any thing per the settlement agreement reached with the Democratic Party. His office should be well aware of the Agreement as they were a party to it. Here is the agreement and below is the pertintent part. The persons voting from commercial locations have to be challenged and the proper county agency to do that is the County Attorney.

Vince Ryan is abuing his power and has become what too many judges believe themselves to be "gods" in their little kingdoms.

"The Voter Registrar's Office will not fail to register a voter for the sole reason that the alleged residential address of an applicant may be a commercial address. However, if the Voter Registrar's Office deems the given address to be commercial, a formal challenge may be made under the provisions of the Texas Election Code. The Voter Registrar's Office is not authorized to conduct an investigation of eligibility that is based solely on residence except as is necessary to prosecute a challenge."

I do want to at least thank the office of Vince Ryan for acknowledging the complaint. Some elected officials have persons who have their own homesteads voting from the residence of the elected official those voters will will also be complaint on.

Vince Ryan is not telling the truth

Yesterday complaints were filed questioning the residency of the voters in the article that was posted yesterday. Ten to one that Vince Ryan will not call them to court or even contact them nor will he attempt to have them removed from the voters registration rolls. That is just the beginning people are lining up to file complaints against numerous individuals that have questionable residency. We expect Vince Ryan to conduct the same type of investigation that he is presently doing against HCC Trustee Dave Wilson. After all Vince Ryan is an honorable man.

In fact Vince Ryan is such an honorable man that the firm that fired him had this to say about the honorable Vince Ryan.

"The firm states that Ryan was terminated for his ineffective work and is now trying to extort money. The firm also accuses him of breaching confidentiality agreements." source Please read the article to see what kind of man Vince Ryan is. Is Vince Ryan an honorable man?

Vince Ryan is an honorable man.

Following is a video from KHOU, I chose to embed that in this site as it was fair and balanced in the reporting.
Here is the link to the video and story, the video follows.


One of Vince Ryan's attorneys had this to say;

“He claims to live in a warehouse,” said Robert Soard, first assistant with the Harris County Attorney’s Office.

It is a commercial building, but it is not a warehouse. A warehouse is :  a structure or room for the storage of merchandise or commodities. That is not what the building has ever been. It was constructed in the 1950's. When Dave Wilson purchased the building the apartment already existed as well as numerous other rooms that could be used as offices or as the owner saw fit. One of the main uses of the building is to hold classes there.

There is a refrigator in the building and a shower. There are no bathtubs. Dave Wilson even has internet connection in the apartment, it is called Wi-Fi.

“He claims to not live with his wife, and there’s other evidence that will come out.”

Well if living with your wife is a condition let me suggest that Vince Ryan investigate why HCC Trustee Chris Oliver has his voter registration at one location and his wife has a different place where she resides and has a homestead exemption there. Obviously he does not live with his wife according to the magi? So I guess that someone that is stationed overseas could never run for office as he or she does not live with their spouse. We may have had people serving in the arm forces that were in elected positions. According to the sage, Vince Ryan, they would not or should not be able to hold office.

We all know that Vince Ryan is an honorable man and that he will investigate all the complaints that will be coming his way, after all Vince Ryan is an honorable man.

Richard Schechter and Mary Ann Perez were there, eyewitness stated that they saw Schechter passing notes to the county attorneys. Why is that? Are the county attorneys so naive that they have to rely on other attorneys?

The Judge did not grant the TRO so what is Vince Ryan going to do? He is going forum shopping again in search of one of them dumb Democratic Judges that will sign anything they put in front of them.


It is a question of fairness. If Vince Ryan treats one person differently
it is called abuse of power.

The New Standard for where one resides is now being set by the County Attorney, who is an honorable man. What is the new standard.

Ryan says no.

"Mr. Wilson is the poster child for this kind of issue," Ryan said.

Wilson ran for the HCC office swearing he resides at the small apartment above his electrical safety school on 34th Street. In photos taken by a city of Houston inspector, the living room and bedroom and bathroom are all well kept -- too clean, says Ryan; there was no shower, no occupancy permit until this week, no refrigerator and no wife. Wilson's wife resides and is registered to vote at this home a few miles away. Channel 13 news January 9, 2012

If you suspect that someone who presently holds office does not have his wife there or his house is too clean, please report them to If you know of someone that is presently running for office that does not live where he or she claims to live please report them to County Attorney Vince Ryan at If you know of someone that is presently voting where there are no showers or no apartments or does not keep his wife there please report them to the County Attorney Vince Ryan at Below is a list of people that are voting from what one would consider suspicious places where bathtubs, showers, and wives/husbands or at commercial building with no residency permits.

Voting from the 8181 Southwest Fry is DOMINIQUE SACHSE, here is the link. Ms. Sachse is an anchor at Channel 2, 8181 address is the address of Channel 2.

Mr. Ryan you are an honorable man walk down to 1001 Preston, that is the County Administration Building there you will the following people registered to vote from their apartments there. Wait a minute there are eleven (11) people all in one apartment there, apartment number 911. Hope their spouses know that they are all sharing one apartment. Maybe there are 22 persons there is they are all married. I am sure that Mr. Ryan is an honorable man and that he will get to the bottom of it.

After you go investigate those apartments at 1001 Preston mossy down to 1400 Lubbock, that is the City of Houston Municipal Court Building you will find the following people registered to vote from there. How many apartments do you think the City has there? Do they have their spouses living with them?

Mossy on down toward where you have your office and stop at 1201 Franklin and check out those those apartments there. 1201 Franklin isn't that the Criminal Justice Center, sometimes called the Criminal Courts?

We are not through Mr. Ryan look at what INSIDE found at 1200 Travis, that is the HPD administration building. Wonder how many residency permits they have. Think they have their spouses there sleeping at night with them?

There are other persons voting from commercial building in the downtown area Mr. Ryan but I will stop with one more example of possible violations of residency. These persons are registered at 6831 Cypresswood Dr., Spring Texas, here is a Google map. What? those cars have Sheriff written on them. The Sign on the building seems to say Adrian Garcia, isn't he the Sheriff of Harris County? How many apartments do we think you will find there?


Mr. Ryan, County Attorney, prove to the constituents of Harris County that you are not telling fibs when you say that what you are doing with Dave Wilson is not politics.

Those people above are just the tip of the iceberg Mr. Ryan you will have thousands of Quo Warrantos to file as there will be many more persons to report. You seem to like to be on TV and be quoted in the paper why not start with that nice lady from Channel 2.

A complaint of possible violations of the residency requirement was filed with the County Attorney. There will be a complaint filed on a regular basis as more cases of people residing in commercial buildings are found.

What the County Vince Ryan is doing is wrong, he knows it is wrong but does not seem to care, why? Look at the Kubosh case which was heard just a few months ago in the 157 Civil Court, here the court refused to grant the injunction. So what is the real reason that Vince Ryan is doing what he is doing? Vince Ryan ran promising not to use his office for politics he seems to have forgotten his promise. I used to admire Vince Ryan and what he stood for.

In defense of all the people above they may have very good reasons not to list their home addresses. They may be police officers who want to protect their families. The same way Vince Ryan wants to protect his family. Do a search at Harris County Appraisal District, here, you will not find that Mr. Ryan's home listed why is that? You will not find Steven Radack house listed there either. Dave Wilson is no different in wanting to protect his family. Vince Ryan with his trying the case in public may have put Mr. Wilson's family in danger. The Mayor of Houston, Annise Parker, does the same thing by protecting her family. Is Mr. Wilson's family of less value?


Where does the corruption begin?

On December 22, 2013 the Houston Chronicle had this headline, HCC probe:" Did trustee steer work to friend?"

Unfortunately the reporter failed to do research or to logically think through the statement above. How did Carroll Robinson try to steer work to his friend?

Was it after the HCC Board voted in favor of Jacobs as Program Manager? The Answer is no. Five Woods and IDCUS, INC were listed as the subcontractors for Jacobs when the HCC Board approved the Program Manager on June 25th 2013. If HCC is serious about looking into possible corruption they should look at the Program Manager and the two sub-contractors that were selected. Here is the agenda item.

Program Manager (Bond Program Manager)

One has to go back to early January of 2013 at that time it was believed that ESPA was going to be given the contract. There was enough suspicion that ESPA was going to be chosen with out an RFP that at least one unidentified person was sending letters like this.

For whatever reason ESPA did not get the Program Manager job. HCC went out for RFP and when the evaluation team came back the winner was, Broaddus & Associates with a score of 83, far behind at 71 was Jacobs. So why didn't Broaddus & Associates get the job? There were claims that HCC did not properly send out the RFQ and so they re-posted the RFQ. Here, page 26, is the agenda item that shows Broddaus received 83 points compared to 71 for Jacobs. Here is where the argument is that it was posted as an RFP when it should have been and RFQ. What is the difference and should it matter? Here is an explanation, notice that an RFP is a more formal RFQ. I believe that they could have accepted the Broaddus proposal, but some people must have wanted another bite at the apple.

The Second time around Jacobs received a score of 80 and Broaddus a score of 78. How did that happen? It is very easy if one wants to manipulate in favor of a company one does it with a committee.

The first committee that chose Broaddus consisted of the following: Here is the information in PDF.

 Dr. Tod Bisch, Faculty Senate President
 Winston Dahse, Chief Administrative Officer
 Warren Hurd, COO NE College
 Dr. Fena Garza, President SW College
 Dr. William Harmon, President Central College
 Dr. Zachary Hodges, President NW College
 Dr. Irene Porcarello, President SE College
 Dr. Betty Young, President Coleman College

The second committee consisted of the following; Here is the information in PDF.

 Michael Edwards, Executive Dean Coleman College
 Julian Fisher, COO SW College
 Kathleen Fleming, COO Central College
 Avis Horde, COO SE College
 Abe Bryant, Campus Director NE College
 Glenn Jarrett, Construction Project Manager
 Virginia Parras, COO NW College

Neither Carroll Robinson nor any other trustees evaluated the companies, so if one wants to accuse anyone of corruption one has to begin to look at the persons that did the evaluation and the persons that chose the evaluators.

That means that the administration must have been involved in the process. Which administrators only a thorough investigation could get to the bottom of it. Why did the administration wait until December to leak possible corruption? What changed? Who got burned on the deal? How many people were involved? There are too many unanswered questions, but one answer is that if Carroll Robinson did steer work to his friend he did not do it without help from others.

One possible way it could happen;

An administrator or more decide that they want a piece of the action so they approach trustees asking them who they would want as sub-contractors (that happened in the Chevron Energy scenario). The Trustees do have friends they would like to help (nothing wrong with that) so they recommend one or two subcontractors. The administration which has access to the evaluators then plants a word or two in the ear of one, usually more, and tells them what a great company ABC company is. The evaluators are employees at HCC they know who has the power to hire and fire or demote as in the case of Dan Arguijo (not sure who was behind that demotion). The Company that will get the contract has to agree to the sub-contractors for this to work. The sub-contractors may or may not have a deal going with their trustee friends.

What HCC has done is wrong, they are not interested in weeding out corruption they want to teach someone a lesson it may or may not be Carroll Robinson. The Administration may want to use it as a way to keep the other trustees in line.

If one wants to stare at the face of corruption one but has to look at the June 25, 2013 agenda. HCC used evaluators to select companies for construction. The best method to select such companies is to ask for bids, low bid gets the job. The work is guaranteed as a bond has to be posted.

HCC is so corrupt that it has come to INSIDE's attention that they are about $150,000,000 short on the construction projects. They don't have the money for the work they promised. Where did the money go? By they INSIDE does not mean just the little people from HCC, it means that the big wheelers and dealers from Harris County are manipulating the system. The only question is who is involved and what county elected officials may also be involved.

Dave Wilson may have his faults but being corrupt is not one of them, why are they so scared of him?


Rumors are that Renee Byas has been telling people that Bruce Austin will be appointed while the case of Dave Wilson is tried. If that is true that would seem to suggest that the Judge that will hold the hearing has already made up his mind prior to any testimony being presented. Who would be privy to such information? The Judge, the County Attorney, and any other persons that they spoke to about the per-determined decision.

Vince Ryan has been investigated for possible cover ups, here regarding Constable Victor Trevino. Here where it seems that Vince Ryan may have been protecting the husband of one Commissioner El Franco Lee's staff. Who could possibility get Vince Ryan to act in the manner that he is doing regarding Dave Wilson. One logical solution pops up, the African Americans. Did they threatened to run someone against him? That makes sense as the Democratic Party consists of three factions, the largest is the African American community, followed by the White Liberals followed closely by the Latino Community. Vince Ryan is vulnerable if a Latino and/or African American lined up against him in the primaries. Judge Steve Kirkland saw what could happen when they ran an African American against him.

Is the African American community asserting pressure on the Judge that will hear the case, he is a Democrat.

The other part of the rumor is that Renee Byas will have the Board ban Christmas Break and Spring Break. Allegedly the staff is up in arms about that possibility.


Vince Ryan and the Hatchet Lady

Every time that County Attorney Vince Ryan opens his mouth he changes the bar that has to be reached. It was not long ago that Vince Ryan was claiming that no apartment existed at the address listed by Dave Wilson at 5600 W 34th St. Well it seems that there is an apartment there. So now what does Vince Ryan have to say, "If you look at those photographs, it does not look like he's been living there for two years." Houston Chronicle

State Representative Hubert Vo

Today the City and the County went to the Chronicle's hatchet lady, Lisa Falkenberg to try their case in the media. Anyone that is open minded knows that the Chronicle is not unbiased reporting. But if the County Attorney needs more work, let me suggest that they start with State Representative Hubert Vo.

State Representative Vo has a homestead exemption at an address on Clipperwood. Mr. Vo also has property where he used to live in Sugarland, on Armitage Lane. In 2003 the property on Armitage was used as a homestead exemption.

One has a value of $150,000 the other has a value of about $50,000. There is reason to believe that the four people that are registered to vote from the Clipperwood address address may not actually live there.

Mr. Vo also used to own a property on W Rivercrest, it presently has a value of about $2,000,000. How many people really think that Mr. Vo was living at the Clipperwood address? He very recently sold part of the property, not sure if he sold all of it as he has it listed as 35 lots in his personal financial report, here. I normally would not print the address where they reside but the information is on the San Antonio's website so I cannot redact the numeral addresses.

If one looks they will find that they do not list the real estates as rental income. Who would just have a house sitting there?

Where does Mr. Vo spend his nights? The hatchet lady "Lisa Falkenberg" should use her skills to persuade the County Attorney Vince Ryan to investigate where State Representative Vo lives.

If the hatchet lady "Lisa Falkenberg" and the County Attorney Vince Ryan believe that what is happening to Dave Wilson is not about politics then they need to investigate Mr. Vo.

We know they will do the honorable thing as they are honorable persons.

The City provided the photos to the Chronicle on one day notice, but it take them minimum of ten days to respond to my open records requests. We know that the City is an honorable entity, one has to look at the airport contract that is in the paper today to know that the City is not beyond giving contracts or jobs to friends of the Mayor.

State Representative Eugene Yuanzhi Wu

Mr. Wu was elected to office in 2012. The law at that time waived the residency requirement as to time required to live in the district because of the redistricting. Mr. Wu made the run-off coming if first with less than 800 votes.

Up till 2012 Mr. Wu was registered to vote at the Hazen Address. There are still two persons registered to vote from there. The address is in State Representative Boris Miles District.

In 2009, 2010, and 2011 Mr. Wu was registered and voted from the Hazen address using the Yuanzhi Wu name. In 2012 for the primary he shows a residence at an apartment on the 3700 block of South Gessner. His campaign reports however shows a Hazen address, here. For 2014 it seems he has bought a house and while the middle name remained the same his first name appears as Tai.

If Mr. Ryan was an honorable man and the hatchet lady "Lisa Falkenberg" had inquiring minds they would have looked at the situation as it was no secret that Mr. Wu and the other candidate in the run-off did not meet the residency requirements.

While both honorable persons are investigating why not inquire why the contributions that Mr. Wu and one other person made became loans three campaign reports later?

But we know that Vince Ryan and Lisa Falkenberg are honorable persons.

State Representative Ana Hernandez

In 2005 in a special election Ms. Hernandez won the right to represent the people of State Representative District 143. It was common knowledge that Ms. Hernandez did not live in the District for the required one year residency. That is past and the year after she won she purchased a house in which she claims to reside.

In 2010 she married, her husband also has a house in the Heights.

Rumors are that Ms. Hernandez actually spends most of her time at the Heights, it is only rumor but Vince Ryan is an honorable man and he will send his investigators to inquire, after all Vince Ryan is an honorable man.

INSIDE is sure that the hatchet lady "Lisa Falkenberg" will also make a phone call or two to see if there is any truth to the rumors, after all Ms. Falkenberg is an honorable person.

State Representative Jessica Farrar

Just this morning I was talking to a resident of Lindale Park a neighborhood where Ms. Farrar has her "homestead". The person stated that nobody lives in the house as it is vacant almost always. Is it possible that Ms. Farrar resides outside the district?

Mr. Vince Ryan since you are an honorable man, why not send some of your investigators to look to see if there is any truth to it.

Ms. Hatchet Lady, Lisa Falkenberg, you are an honorable person why not pick up that phone and give the state representative a call and ask her to show her to prove she lives in the house, you are an honorable person, Ms. Falkenberg.




Campaign Reports for Commissioner's Court

Following are the campaign reports for the five persons that serve in the Commissioner's Court. Here is Campaign Reports guide lines. The pertinent part is;

For contributions accepted on or after January 1, 2004, candidates for and holders of statewide
executive-branch offices and legislative offices are required to disclose an individual contributor’s principal occupation or job title and the full name of the contributor’s employer if, during the reporting period, the filer has accepted contributions aggregating $500 from the individual.

Only County Judge Ed Emmett properly listed the occupation or job title of the contributor. There is a reason for the law as written so that one can see if persons ineligible to contribute do, or to see if there is possible influence because of the donation. By the way at HCC there may have been violations by certain sub-contractors during the black out period. More on that later.

The person with the largest war chest is Commissioner El Franco Lee with over $3 million in the bank. The least is Commissioner Cagle. No other commissioner has over $1 million in a war chest.

El Franco Lee

Steve Radack

Jack Morman

Jack Cagle

Ed Emmett

Don't bother filing campaign violations as it seems that the violation fines can be paid with campaign money, at least Judge Elaine Palmer did. She paid a five hundred dollar ethics fine with campaign money.


Could the Property at Westheimer be the Reason for efforts to keep Dave Wilson out

On August 2011 the HCC Board under the leadership of then Board Chair Richard Schechter voted to rescind the purchase of the property using one type of fund and then voted to buy the property using enterprise funds. Enterprise funds are funds that quite often are generated by the students from book sales, vending machines, etc. By policy those should be used for students. How many students could have received scholarships? Here is the youtube video of the Board meeting. At about two minutes into the video you can hear Richard Schechter state that they were not buying the property for the building of a campus. The reason for the actions taken is that Dave Wilson had sued HCC to stop the purchase of the property. Well drive up there and you will see a sign that says they are going to build a campus. The property is located about 200 yards west of the of Eldridge on Westheimer, it is on the right hand side when traveling westbound toward Highway 6.

The property was purchased for about three times at what the land was appraised. Later that same property became the source of a $150,000,000 possible gift to the HCC Foundation for the building of a Campus. That fell through when the Board after the departure of Richard Schechter voted to not guarantee any loans that the HCC foundation assumed.

One of the reasons that Dave Wilson was adamantly opposed to the purchase of the property is that it lies in a flood zone. The land adjacent to it is prime proof that what Mr. Wilson was arguing was true. The owners of the property adjacent to the HCC property have move tons of dirt and raised the elevation of their property by about three feet. According to reliable sources permits were not obtained and allegedly the dirt came from excavation done by the county for flood control. Were they suppose to pay for the dirt? Sources have informed INSIDE that the dirt was given them to them. Below is a Google Earth image that was downloaded today. That tract of land is valued at $4.5 million, half of what HCC paid for their property, here is the Harris County Appraisal District valuation. INSIDE has not verified that what the sources said are true, but the dirt is there and a look at permits does not seem to indicate that were permits issued.

Yesterday I drove there to look at the property and verify that the land had been raised. Not only was the land raised they were doing some sort of development on the property. I did not travel or actually go into the property but I did not notice any type of retention pond. When it rains that water will flow down, how it will effect the property that HCC now has? In fact because of the way that the land that HCC bought is laid out, it would be very difficult to provide adequate parking for students and faculty or to construct a campus that would properly serve the needs of the students.

What was the real intent of the purchase of the Westheimer Property? Below are street views of the HCC property and the adjacent property. Below are street views of the properties. Stayed tuned some previous Trustees pushed too hard and some heavy weight political figures are behind the Westheimer move for it to just disappear from the radar.

Just went to look at ownership of the land, and found that HCC may no longer own the property. Here is a list of all properties owned by HCC that are listed with the Harris County Appraisal District. Go to owner and type in Houston Community College.


HCC buying ads again in the Chronicle

The price of an ad in the Chronicle is bias reporting and character assassination by the "news reporters" In the Sundays paper is a half page ad, page B3. Trustee Robinson go look at see how the Chronicle was rewarded for "dragging your name through the mud". I am sure that the trustees and administrator that are out to get Trustee Robinson think that the taxpayers monies were well spent.

How many potential students does HCC think that ad will reach?


Council Member Jack Christie

In 2009 Jack Christie defeated Jolanda Jones. When he ran for council member he used the following address, 11602 Oak Glen. The Oak Glen address is listed as commercial property. Soon there after he rented an apartment where he is now registered to vote and run for office.

The Oak Glen Address is registered to Jack Christie, however the Memorial Chiropractic Inc has a John Christie as the President. There does not seem to be any other properties listed in Harris County that are listed to Jack Christie. Christie certainly is wealthy enough as he once purchased 33 houses to help a bank. Where the Christies do seem to own large tracts of land is in Willis Texas. The properties they own sit adjacent to Lake Conroe.

In 2004 a Jack Christie voted from the 11602 Oak Glen address.

In 2006 a Jack Christie voted from the 11602 Oak Glen address.

In 2007 a Jack Christie voted from an address on Kellywood St.

In 2009 a Jack Christie voted from the 11602 Oak Glen address.

Vince Ryan has opened the door to start filing complaints on people who claim to live in one place but live some where else. I can see where a Vince Ryan would file court actions on a George H.W. Bush who used a hotel to registered to vote and hold office.

In the last District I election there were two people that were claiming to live in District I when they did not.

As Marc Campos wrote on his blog, " A couple of Democrats that I respect have told me in the past few days that they don’t like the idea of Vince trying to undo the results of an election. Stay tuned on this one for sure."

Personally as this writer had to endure Khan for six years as a Council Member, I am glad that Vince Ryan has opened the door to allow people to undo elections. The run-off for the seat was between two individuals that did not live in the district. Thank you Mr. Ryan as Harris County residents will not have to put with those types of shenanigans anymore.

I expect to find numerous Democrats that running in the primary that will need to be complained on. I expect that the County Attorney will pursue the complaints with the same vigor and tenacity that he has against Dave Wilson.



Breaking News - Dave Wilson was sworn in and certified by the State of Texas

Vince Ryan Is An Honorable Man

Recently Vince Ryan sought to prevent Trustee elect Dave Wilson from getting sworn in as Houston Community College Trustee. What could be so important that Vince Ryan may have gone forum shopping to find a judge that would sign an order that would prevent Mr. Wilson from getting sworn?

There are presently three judges involved in Mr. Wilson's election. Judge Grant Dorfman, who was the initial judge that signed an order to preserve records and force the HCC Board to canvas the election; Judge Mke Englehart, who issued an order for a hearing as to Mr. Wilson's residency; and Judge Elaine Palmer who issued the order to prevent Mr. Wilson from getting himself sworn in.

Rest assured that Mr. Ryan is an honorable man and would not go forum shopping.

Who is Judge Elaine Palmer

Elaine Palmer was elected in 2012 after running what many considered a nasty campaign to oust an incumbent Judge. There were allegations that she was hand picked because of a ruling by Judge Steve Kirkland.

Kirkland’s supporters also questioned why Palmer joined the race against the Democratic incumbent.  Houston Attorney George Fleming is identified in campaign finance disclosure documents as the largest contributor to Palmer’s campaign.  Contributions from his law firm and his political action committee Texas for Good Leaders, total $35,000.  Fleming recently lost a decision in Kirkland’s courtroom.  In a lawsuit against a major pharmaceutical company Fleming’s firm collected more than $40 million in fees.  His former clients sued saying they had been charged more than firm promised.  Kirkland’s decision, setting a limit on how much in fees the firm could collect, could cost Fleming’s law firm as much as $13 million.

“There’s no question in my mind that Judge Kirkland would never have had a primary opponent  had not Ms. Palmer found what we will call a patron saint,” said Stein.  “An African American female opponent,  knowing that black voters are disproportionately Democratic primary voters in an extremely low turnout race which is heavily mail in and early voting, there’s a real chance this attorney will succeed,” said Stein. source KHOU

Below is what the Chronicle found;

Houston attorney Debra Norris, who aspires to run for judge someday, received a tantalizing phone call from a local political consultant last October.

The caller, Justin Jordan, told her that leaders in her neighborhood recommended her as a judicial candidate. Furthermore, he assured her if she ran against a particular incumbent, State District Judge Steven Kirkland, Houston attorney George Fleming would provide sufficient campaign contributions.

Intrigued, she met both Jordan and political consultant Bethel Nathan, whom Jordan identified as his former employer, at a Starbucks. Their message to her was "we have funding, we're looking for the right candidate and you are it."

Though she was "flattered," Norris said she decided against the race. "I talked to other people and everything I learned is that he (Kirkland) is an outstanding judge."

The story provides important context as the May 29 Democratic primary approaches. Kirkland, a Democrat first elected in 2008, finds himself battling a well-funded opponent, Elaine Hubbard-Palmer. In her last financial report, her sole contributions, totaling $35,000, came from Fleming's law firm or the political action committee he funds.

Kirkland and Fleming are far from strangers. The judge recently issued a decision, now on appeal, that could cost Fleming's firm as much as $13 million in lost earnings. The firm was sued by former clients over $41 million in fees it collected after winning a settlement against the pharmaceutical giant, Wyeth, regarding the diet drug, Fen-Phen.

If the name Justin Jordan sounds familiar it is because he was the one that helped Dave Wilson with the radio ad.

Then there is this blog that had this to say about Judge Elaine Palmer;

We think you’d agree that Back to Basics PAC has thrown some heavy punches against Rick Perry and other corrupt Republican officials across Texas.

That’s why we were surprised to be attacked by Democratic candidate for Civil District Judge Elaine Palmer. People says plenty of wild things during election season, but what about our work exposing corruption in Texas government could have made her so mad? Well, we took a look at her record, and here’s what we found:

Elaine Palmer’s candidacy is being bankrolled by a lawyer who stands to lose millions because of a ruling by the incumbent judge. He and supporting organizations have given her $46,500 to help run misleading attacks.
We’re not the only ones who’ve noticed: Rice University political science Professor Ben Stein says: “There’s no question in my mind that Judge Kirkland would never have had a primary opponent  had not Ms. Palmer found what we will call a patron saint.” Others have said that ”a cynic might infer they were trying to buy themselves a judge.“

But it’s not about the money, according to donor George Fleming. No, this “patron saint” is supporting Palmer because ”She has practical experience with clients. She has a good feeling for the types of clients I represent.”
Was he talking about this kind of experience?

  • Elaine Palmer was publicly reprimanded in 2008 for “professional misconduct” She failed to communicate with her client, and neglected a legal matter entrusted to her.
  • Elaine Palmer took contributions that exceeded the limits of Texas’ Judicial Fairness Act
  • Elaine Palmer worked to collect debts with false & misleading language
  • Elaine Palmer has taken thousands of dollars from tea party operatives

Not sure that taking money from "Tea Operatives" is bad unless you are a Democrat that believes that only Democrats know what is good for our country, state, county, and city.

But the Blogger failed to mention that Judge Elaine Palmer has been sued numerous times,

In 2009 Elaine Hubbard Palmer was sued for breach of contract, the Chiropractor claimed that he was not  paid for work performed that was guaranteed by Ms. Palmer, cause number 2009-11284:

In 2008 Elaine Hubbard Palmer was sued by Harris County for failure to pay property taxes, cause number 200815968- 7, If one opens this link, the 2008 case, one will find that the IRS also had a lien on Elaine Hubbard Palmer. Personal information that was found was redacted as the government agencies do not always do that, the information is public information that is available to the public.

In 2005 Harris County sued Elaine Hubbard Palmer for, not paying property taxes, cause number 200518222- 7.

In 2003, Elaine Hubbard Palmer was sued by the Klein School District for not paying property taxes, cause number 200347086- 7.

Elaine Hubbard Palmer recently purchased a house, interestingly Ms. Palmer does not list the property as her homestead.

Did Vince Ryan go forum shopping? Vince Ryan and Elaine Palmer are honorable persons.

Vince Ryan is engaging in the same type of conduct that the Democrats abhor when it is being done to them.
Below is the wording of an agreement that the Democratic Party got when they sued Paul Bettencourt;

"(c) The Voter Registrar's Office will not fail to register a voter for the sole reason that the alleged residential address of an applicant may be a commercial address." source

Vince Ryan is using the County Attorney's position to deny a legally elected Trustee to assume the role of  Trustee before conducting a proper investigation. He did so by maybe picking and choosing to whom to take a TRO.

Vince Ryan is an honorable man.

The law in Texas is clear;

"A restriction on the possible field of candidates infringes not only on the rights of the person seeking office, but also on the right of the people to select the candidate of their choice. For this reason the analysis must begin with the presumption "that constitutional provisions which restrict the right to hold public office should be strictly construed against ineligibility." Brown v. Meyer, 787 S.W.2d 42, 45 (Tex.1990); see also Sears v. Bayoud, 786 S.W.2d 248, 251 (Tex.1990). Therefore, it follows that if a constitutional provision uncertain of meaning is susceptible of two reasonable interpretations, the least exclusionary must be utilized."  839 S.W.2d 766 (Tex. 1992)

County Attorney Vincent Ryan and Judge Elaine Hubbard-Palmer without a hearing and granting an opportunity to Trustee elect Wilson to provide evidence as to his residency are  seeking  to deny not only Trustee Elect Dave Wilson an opportunity to represent the people who voted for him. County Attorney Vince Ryan and Judge Elaine Palmer are seeking to deny almost 6,000 people that voted to oust Bruce Austin their choice as to representation.

Both Vince Ryan and Elaine Parker should read a little more in particular history;

The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa is a luxury hotel in Houston, Texas.[1] The facility includes a hotel, a spa, a restaurant, a health and fitness center, and a conference center. George H. W. Bush used the hotel as his official voting residence in the 1980s

What possible motives could Vince Ryan and Elaine Palmer have for clearly flaunting the  law of the State of Texas. Is Mr. Wilson's attorney correct in that corruption maybe a reason. The corruption at HCC has large tentacles that reach high up in the political sphere of wheelers and dealers.

One can rest assured that Vince Ryan and Elaine Palmer are doing the honorable thing because they are honorable persons.


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