Here is a petition for a Charter Amendment, six months to gather signatures.



County Attorney Vince Ryan thinks that the Jurors are Stupid

Not only does Vince Ryan think that the jurors are stupid he wants the Judge to agree that they are too stupid to understand that Dave Wilson cannot live where his body rests at night. The only logic that makes sense is if those same jurors voted for Vince Ryan in which case INSIDE could accept that at least some of the time they are stupid. But INSIDE strongly suggests that Mr. Ryan have himself tested to determine if he is sane enough to hold office.

Vince Ryan on Wednesday July 30 filed a Motion for Judgment Not Withstanding the Verdict.

Vince Ryan in his attempt to overturn the jury verdict cites only one case to attempt to make his case, that case being Owens Corning v. Carner (sic, they can't even get the name right, here.) This case is a forum shopping case not an election code case. Owen Corning, company that had been sued because of asbestos related claims made the claim that Carter did not reside in Texas. Below is the argument that Corning was making;

"... a Texas citizen temporarily residing in Alabama but simply intending Texas to be his permanent home may take advantage of section 71.051(e). Owens Corning contends that the statutory definition of "legal resident" simply tracks the definition of residence in the Election Code, see TEX. ELEC. CODE. § 1.015, and this definition is not equated with Texas citizenship; instead, the definition of "legal resident" in section 71.051 may be construed to exclude nonresident Texas citizens, thereby treating them the same as nonresident noncitizens. Owens Corning contends that we are obligated to construe the statute in this manner to avoid constitutional infirmities."

Vince Ryan and his cronies simply misapplied the case to attempt to overrule jurors who agreed that Dave Wilson has his permanent residence where he claims. Below is the entire paragraph citing the law as to residence.

Under section 71.051(h)(1), a person's place of "legal residence" is the specified political subdivision intended to be the person's permanent residence. Id. § 71.051(h)(1). A person may have a legal residence in Texas "despite temporary residence elsewhere or despite temporary absences." Id. (emphasis added). With regard *571 to a person who has a "temporary residence elsewhere," the statute assumes the existence of two residences—one permanent, one temporary. To take advantage of section 71.051(e), a person's permanent residence must be in Texas. Id. § 71.051(e). The statute does not define "permanent residence." Accordingly, we look to the generally accepted meaning of the term. With respect to individuals, "residence" means the "[p]lace where one actually lives or has his home; a person's dwelling place or place of habitation; ... a dwelling house." BLACK'S LAW DICTIONARY 907 (abridged 6 th ed.1991). In addition, although intent is necessary to establish a permanent residence, it alone is not sufficient to establish a permanent residence. See Mills v. Bartlett, 377 S.W.2d 636, 637 (Tex.1964) ("Neither bodily presence alone nor intention alone will suffice to create the residence, but when the two coincide at that moment the residence is fixed and determined."). Thus, a permanent residence in Texas requires a home and fixed place of habitation to which a person intends to return when away. Cf. TEX. ELEC. CODE § 1.015. So construed, section 71.051 does not discriminate between nonresident citizens and nonresident noncitizen (Greg Abbot was the author of the opinion).

Vince Ryan picked his words to attempt to call the jurors stupid. This is what Vince Ryan has on his motion;

"A permanent residence in Texas requires a home and fixed place of habitation ..."

We will soon find out if the Judge, who is a Democrat, will buy into the Vince Ryan's stupidity. The argument in the case is that Carter had no fixed place (home) in Texas. Dave Wilson has a fixed place an Apartment that is part of the warehouse.

Vince Ryan's other argument is that since the city has not approved the structure for a residence, occupancy permit, it cannot be a place with an apartment. The logic, if one could all it that, employed by Vince Ryan is nonsensical.


Latino Haters say the craziest things

"Mark my word on this, my friend. Texas is a gateway state to the U.S. If we don't stop them in Texas, ladies and gentlemen, they're going to be in your neighborhoods all around the United States. Criminal elements. People breaking the law," Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (R) said in an interview on Sean Hannity's radio show. Source

Image a four year old child spreading all that fear that it makes a White six foot giant quiver in his boots. Dewhurst is full of it, unfortunately there are way too many Aliens, those are the pink looking folks from Europe, that have the same ability to create fantasies.


Did over 50 HCC former students lose their Certification?

Imagine that you are a police officer and receive a letter revoking your license. You immediately cease being a police officer according to the police officers that spoke with INSIDE. Well that happened recently.

INSIDE has learned that students in one of the classes, class 2222, Firearm Instructor, from the police academy had problems and as a result thereof that students have received notices that revoked their licenses.

Information from police sources indicate that it may be worse than just losing your license as many of the people that take that class may have been attending while being paid by their employers.

One has to ask why did the person who reported the problems to TCOLE not inform HCC first? Why do students feel that HCC will not take care of the problems and have to resort to outside agencies?

City- Annise Parker wants a garbage fee

Here is the story. Off course the so called Parker supporters support such a fee, here. Annise Parker is resorting to deceits and lies to promote the removal of the CAP placed on the City's tax base. Annise Parker basically said remove the cap on taxes or we are going to screw you with a garbage fee:

"The mayor said she could ask voters to amend the cap to accommodate needed services, including waste pickup, or could let the cap force a cut in the property tax rate and impose a garbage fee instead, explaining to voters why it is necessary."

They want to force people to recycle. That type of attitude that the Chronicle supports that the politicians know what is good for us.

Recycling is about six times more expensive than typical waste disposal, here. Maybe citizens of Houston need to consider a recall of Annise Parker as she is no longer serving the needs of the many but of the few.

Time to Recall the Mayor of Houston.


Chronicle what a Character

"Sunday morning on the front page is see the statement, " As interfaith marriages increase, a quandary for couples looms, United in God's eyes, but whose God."

Only people with very limited knowledge would make a statement such as "Whose God". All of the Major religions believe in one God, even the Hindus. The God of Abraham is the God of the Jews, the Christians, and the Muslims. The Chronicle is suffering from a lack of reporters and or writers that are students of history and therefore lack the basic knowledge to write factually.

Foot Traffic Destroys Sidewalks

The author of this article makes the following statement;

"But more walkers mean more wear and tear - and far more dependence - on sidewalks." Source

Nothing like starting the day drinking coffee reading the paper and bursting out laughing at the statements in the Houston Chronicle. Can't blame the Chronicle for this one though.

Does anyone really believe that people walking on streets is what causes sidewalks to look like:

Well what do you think caused the problems with the sidewalk? Hint it is not the lady in orange. Here in Houston the soil is also responsible for many of the problems with the sidewalks. When dry it shrinks and when wet it expands that is also the reason we have problems with water main breaks during the summer.

The City requires the property owner to obtain permission from the City to cut the tree, however, the City with its' money grabbing hands wants the owner to foot the bill for repairing the sidewalk and in all probability not damage the tree.

Let me inform you of what a former Council Member who was also a lawyer did. He removed the sidewalk and challenged the City to sue. The City backed down because the law (State) is not clear as to who is responsible and if the owner is the owner of the sidewalk then he or she may have the right to remove the sidewalk. Then there is the case of the person who did not remove the sidewalk he buried it.

If you put a sidewalk in front of your house you are inviting the public to use it and all the liability that goes with it. One thing that the writer of the article failed to mention is that the City is responsible for sidewalks on major streets. If the City really cares about foot traffic it could start by taking care of its' own house before making others do it.

One More, Ruben Navarrette - here

Mr. Navarrette was born in the United States, I guess at least one of his parents was from Mexico, states that he is a Mexican-American. Wrong Mr. Navarrette you are an American. Maybe you own your job to the fact that you have a Spanish last name and you want to milk the opportunity it offered you or maybe you are just good and happen to have a Spanish last name I don't know. But until you and others like you see yourself as Americans you will never be Americans in other persons eyes. Some us have ancestors that have been in this country since before the signing of the Constitution and still refer to ourselves as Mexican American. Where do we get the Mexican from? As my dad used to say what has Mexico ever done for us that we should referenced ourselves as "Mexicans".


Time Will Tell if Obama will grant relief to millions of undocumented

When President Obama issues executive orders on immigration in coming weeks, pro-reform activists are expecting something dramatic: temporary relief from deportation and work authorization for perhaps several million undocumented immigrants. If the activists are right, the sweeping move would upend a contentious policy fight and carry broad political consequences.

The activists met privately with the President and his aides June 30 at the White House, and say in that meeting Obama suggested he will act before the November midterm elections. They hope his decision will offer relief to a significant percentage of the estimated 11.7 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. “He seems resolute that he’s going to go big and go soon,” says Frank Sharry, executive director of the pro-reform group America’s Voice. Source

After All Obama does tend to flip and flop

President Barack Obama insisted for years that he had absolutely no legal authority — none whatsoever, zero, zilch — to slow deportations on a broad scale.
Forget everything he’s said.

Obama’s pledge to use his executive powers by the end of the summer marked both a dramatic reversal in rhetoric and a major strategic shift on immigration. The president is no longer emphasizing his own powerlessness but rather his determination “to fix as much of our immigration system as I can on my own, without Congress.”Source

Dave Wilson is Legit

Well I guess the forces of Religion win one, but then again almost always when people vote they have not supported the homosexual agenda.


Rick Perry Pandering to the Latino Haters - Source

Dear Jennifer,

Former State Senator Shapleigh

My name is Eliot Shapleigh. I am a fifth generation El Pasoan. For 14 years, I proudly served as Texas Senator from El Paso, a community of patriotic, resilient and hardworking Texans perched right on the US, Texas and New Mexico borders.

In 1999, Rick Perry served one term as our Lt. Governor. With George Bush’s election as President in 2000, Perry suddenly became Governor.

Having served with Perry for 12 of my 14 years in public service, I know Rick Perry well. I know his record, his beliefs and what he has done or failed to do on the Texas Border.

On Border issues, Rick Perry’s sole motivation is to pander to extremists in the Republican Party. In 2008, when Juarez, Mexico just one mile from my home in El Paso passed Baghdad to become the most violent city in the world, I spent countless hours in DC, Mexico City and Juarez visiting with federal, state, and community leaders crafting solutions to combat violence, help our sister city and build solid jobs.

Perry was absent from State Department discussions, absent from real policy positions, absent from concrete solutions that might create real job options in a region of Mexico where ‘sicario’ then ranked at the top end of the pay scale. If ever the Border needed Perry’s help, that was the time.

Before that, in 2001, our office passed a Texas Mexico commission to help plan, implement and create a solid infrastructure, trade and economic development with our largest trading partner to grow prosperity in what is America’s poorest region—the 32 counties of the Texas Mexico Border.

Perry failed to implement or fund Commission activities.

In 2003, our office passed innovative RFID technology so frequent Border crossers engaged in business and trade might utilize finger print identifiers to move across the Border, a program based on a successful prototype in Washington/British Columbia. Perry failed to fund the RFID program and thus passed on a concrete opportunity to make the Border safer, build jobs and move the $56b in legitimate trade that moves through the El Paso/Juarez/ Southern New Mexico port.

Throughout the last decade, with great law enforcement, fusion centers and regional cooperation between local police, state DPS and Federal officers, El Paso has been the safest or second safest city in the US (usually Honolulu is first). In 2008, when 3000 people were murdered in Juarez, making our regional public relations issues acute all around the world, Rick Perry told US media that ‘car bombs’ had just gone off in downtown El Paso, a statement that had no truth whatsoever and that significantly hurt tourism, trade and job growth for months.

Perry never apologized to our community for his statement.

For a guy who has made a career doing nothing on the Border, ordering 1000 National Guard here during the run up to the Iowa primary is just plain pandering not a serious policy that will make any positive difference. Texas National Guard are trained for war not to detain four year old migrants. Texas National Guard troops have no authority to arrest nor detain nor even ask questions and will just get in the way of well trained US Border Patrol who do have arrest authority and whose increased numbers and technology have limited border crossings to the lowest in decades. To give you an idea of exactly what is going on here I have copied a recent photo from a New York Times story that ran a few weeks ago.

Back in 1997, during a similar deployment of military to the Border, a US marine shot and killed Ezequiel Hernandez, a US citizen who was herding goats near Redford, Texas. I’ll send you a recent interview with his family on what they think of troop deployment to our Border communities.

Let’s make a deal — we’ll send you Rick Perry every weekend to campaign. You send us blankets, food and medicine so we can take care of refugee children who need due process on what will happen to them if they return to war zones.

Very truly yours,

Senator Eliot Shapleigh

Texas Senate



American Immigration Lawyers Association - AILA

Washington, DC - On Tuesday, representatives from the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) along with other immigration advocacy organizations visited the Artesia detention facility in New Mexico housing 626Central American women and children. AILA observed such severe due process violations at the facility that AILA is now calling for the suspension of all deportations from there until fundamental improvements can be made.

"The lives of children and families are at risk. I was shocked to hear of immigrant families -- including mothers with young children, some still nursing, being sent right back into the danger from which they fled with no meaningful chance to contact a lawyer," said Karen Lucas, AILA Legislative Associate, who was on the site visit. "A woman who speaks no English and has no knowledge of the American legal system can't possibly make a successful asylum claim with no lawyer and no time even to get her bearings. This is truly heartbreaking and a travesty of justice that families are in effect being denied access to asylum and other protection."

Access to counsel at Artesia consists of little more than DHS handing out a single slip of paper with three names, as if these few service providers can represent hundreds of people. No thought has been given to how to provide access to counsel, even though planeloads of people already have been removed. Hundreds of AILA members stand ready to provide pro bono legal assistance. However, there is no effective way as of yet to match them with those who want representation but don't know how or where to ask.

"Women are being asked to share intimate details about past persecution and violence right in front of their children because DHS has not created a safe and separate interview space," said Lucas. "Years ago DHS learned a hard lesson that detention of families is unacceptable. It was sued for bad conditions and abuses at a Texas facility that ultimately was forced to shut down. It should not be going down this path again, and absolutely should not escalate family detention to the level of 6350 more beds that the president is requesting of Congress."

"This has to stop," said Crystal Williams, AILA's Executive Director. "We recognize that the government stood up this facility quickly, but it cannot deport people from it until due process has been provided. And Artesia is just not prepared for that. AILA calls upon the Administration and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to suspend these unconscionable and blanket deportation practices until they can ensure a fair and safe process."

More than 57,000 unaccompanied children and tens of thousands more Central Americans traveling as families have crossed the border since October with most fleeing from conditions of extreme violence and poverty. The Artesia Center was opened in barracks of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. It now holds about 400 people but eventually will hold about 700 women and children. Source


Where are the Latino Leaders from the East End

While the County works on moving the homeless out of the Independence Heights area to the "Mexican" side of the City, our elected officials say nothing, do nothing, and hear nothing.

When is the Latino community going to get tired of electing worthless political people. Isn't the Latino community sick and tired of them moving the homeless out of the non Latino areas to the Mexican area? When they built Enron Park, now called Minute Maid Park, they moved them to the near North Side and Second Ward areas. Now they want to move them to the East Side. Start calling and demanding that the worthless elected officials stand up and fight for your community. Let me add one non Latino to the people that you need to call and that is your commissioner Jack Mormon. Here is a link to Jack Mormon's website, notice all the wonderful things he is doing? Why doesn't he show that he voted to move homeless to the East Side?

Below is an image of the "Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil" worthless elected officials that the East Side has. If you move your mouse over the name you will a link to their office, call them and gripe. Here is the story about the moving of the homeless.


Worth Posting - Comment Section

Big changes coming throughout HCC in two weeks, mark your calendars.

The new Chancellor is in the process of cleaning house and getting rid of some big fish that hid behind titles, egos and abuse power.

At some point he will get around to Purchasing, Human Resources and Information Technology the trio of corruption, waste and abuse of employees.

This cleansing by Dr. Maldonado is necessary to save HCC and get this institution back on tract to greatness. He has about 20 years of mismanagement, ineffective processes and silos to undue.

Hats off to Dr. Maldonado for what he has accomplished in just a few months. The next six months should be very interesting as certain administrators scramble to cover their tracks and attempt to change their stripes to spots.


Fox News - Griping about Fair and Unbalanced

An opinion posted on the Fox website, is critical of the Latino media for not being balanced and fair on their report of the humanitarian crises that is occurring in the Rio Grande Valley.

"I don’t hear enough Latino journalists discussing how these nations bear a responsibility to ensure the safety of their citizens. 

Nor do I hear Latino journalists discussing how citizens of these countries should demand better elected officials so that there would be no need for them to run from their homelands.

The crisis reminds me of that old saying: “Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day; teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” We need to discuss ways to fix the root of this problem, rather than address its symptoms.

But the reason most Americans don’t comment on this media bias is because all these news broadcasts are in Spanish, tailor-made for these specific ethnic groups. To me, it seems that the Latino networks just care about keeping their viewers happy and simpatico ..." source author of the article is Manny Alvarez.

Fox News is a lot of things but presenting an event in a balanced and fair way is not one of the things that they do. I have to admit that I have very few doubts about the author's, of the article, ability to know the history of those nations.

The author is a Cuban American, you know those people that would not stay behind and demand that their leaders change things. But they do get to step on American soil and become legal residents. He is a medical doctor with what seems a limited knowledge of the history of the Americas.

Talk about not being grateful for allowing Cubans special treatment, Cubans take the take. It was a Democrat that signed a law that allowed them to stay here legally and lowered the time to become residents, instead of deporting them back to where they fled from. Here is the President that signed into law. By the way Manny Alvarez it is much safer in Cuba then in those countries. If you think that they are really that free to speak their mind why not move there and start flapping your lips. Why didn't you flee to one of those countries?

Eisenhower the great discriminator did treat Hungarians differently then he treated Mexicans. By executive order he allowed 35,000 Hungarians to come to the United States in one year, source.



Republicans/Unions hate Latinos

Those person who claim it is only the "illegal" they hate about the children are not being truthful. One cannot tell the difference between a "legal" and an "illegal". As proof thereof we have the State Representative from Arizona who tweeted that he had seen the bus of "illegals". They happened to be American citizens who were in route to a YMCA camp. See previous article, here. It is all about hate here is a post by one of those "illegal" haters who posted photos of the protesters and counter protesters. If one bother to read the comments anyone that is "illegal" looking is always an "illegal" to them. They should learn a little history so that they can appreciate "illegals" contribution to Texas. Most of the founding fathers of Texas were illegals who crossed into Mexican territory without permission from the Mexican government, Mexico passed a law in 1830 prohibiting Americans from entering their county. I guess laws don't matter much when the illegals are European looking. As to the founding fathers of this country they were alien invaders who killed almost all Native Americans to steal their land. If one steals something why get so upset if someone else tries to steal it back?

Those stories that disease is what wiped out the Native Americans are lies perpetrated to hide the killing and enslaving of the Native Americans. Disease did kill many Native Americans it was not the diseases that killed them, bullets is what wiped them out. There is no other explanation because of the diseases were responsible for all the death the countries south of the border would not have so many descendant of Native Americans who still speak their language. Mexico fought the Yaquis into the early 1900s, here.

Many of the Native Americans were captured enslaved and sent to other countries, here.

As the pieces of the puzzle come together in the scholarship, historians note that nowhere is there more documentation than in South Carolina, what was the original English colony of Carolina, established in 1670. It is estimated that between 1650 and 1730 at least 50,000 Indians (and likely more due to transactions hidden to avoid paying government tariffs and taxes) were exported by the English alone to their Caribbean outposts. Between 1670 and 1717 far more Indians were exported than Africans were imported. In southern coastal regions entire tribes were exterminated through slavery compared to disease or war. In a law passed in 1704, Indian slaves were conscripted to fight in wars for the colony long before the American Revolution.

Well as to Unions hating Latinos, a not so hidden fact is that the Democrats almost hate Latinos as much the Republicans. Here is an article where one very active Democratic made a statement that she was out to kill "wetbacks".

Why did the Democratic Chair lock the doors and refuse to talk to the Dreamers, here?

The Dreamers visited the Harris County Democratic National Committee offices in Houston to deliver a letter to County Chair Lane Lewis, urging him to stand with immigrant communities and pressure his party’s leadership to do more to stop deportations and provide administrative relief.

See photos here.

“We were disappointed that Mr. Lewis refused to meet with us,” said Moses Chege, A Dreamer from Washington state and member of the Washington DREAM Act Coalition, a UWD affiliate. “We came here to talk about his party’s legacy, one that becomes more tarnished with every deportation and every family that’s torn apart. We came to tell him that as long as 1,100 people are being deported, we can’t wait, and our message came through loud and clear.”

Shoot them like feral hogs - From a Republican, here. The video is below but if you go to youtube you will find all the Latino haters who want to kill "illegals".



Dave Wilson Wins

It took the Jury about one and a half hours to reach the conclusion that Vince Ryan's attempt to quash Dave Wilson's first amendment right was a no go. It took the jury about one and half hour to reach the conclusion that Vince Ryan had no business trying to overturn the rights of the voters. People like Vince Ryan have no business being in elected office, people like Vince Ryan are a disgrace to good politicians.

The Chronicle is confused as to what is reporting and what is opinion, for instance below is an excerpt from the story where the jury returns a favorable verdict for HCC Trustee Dave Wilson.

"But the evidence they gathered and presented in court this week - from clandestine footage of Wilson loading barbecue meats into his wife's vehicle outside a warehouse, to pictures of the spare, clean apartment inside - wasn't enough to convince a jury that Wilson was lying about his residence."

That is reporting that Dave Wilson was lying, how in the heck would the reporter know if it is a lie? He doesn't but yet they run articles as news.

New Boundaries set for legal residency in Harris County at least

In my opinion the jury decision at least made one point clear and that is that one does not have to give up the homestead to run for office. That is twice that courts have allowed persons to run from addresses different than where the spouse resides and has a homestead. The first court case that this writer is aware of is former State Senator Mario Gallegos who listed his address for residency as his mother's address. Senator Gallegos had a spouse who resided outside the district she maintained a homestead. Like Dave Wilson the homestead was outside the district.

The Democratic Party knew about the arrangement and the Democratic Party's chair testified that there was nothing wrong with the arrangement. This was pure political vendetta by the County Attorney for Dave Wilson's Christian believes on homosexuality. It was not about race although State Representative Harold Dutton was the person who filed the complaint. State Representative Harold Dutton, also, was the one that complained to Houston Community College.

Although it never went to court M.J. Khan was a City of Houston Council Member for six years and his wife maintained a homestead. M.J. Khan also ran for Controller and State Representative in areas where his wife did not maintain a homestead.

Jack Christie ran and won a position as Houston City Council from a commercial address.


Republicans are using Latino Children as the Bogey Man

Republicans are so full of hate for Latinos that their elected officials concoct stories to push hate and fear in the minds of the mindless Republicans that may have developed early states of dementia. There is no other logical reason for the way they act and behave, but than again Europeans have a lot of Neanderthal in them.

Arizona Congressman wanabe
Adam Kwasman

Arizona Rep. Adam Kwasman tweeted from the scene, "Bus coming in. This is not compassion. This is the abrogation of the rule of law." He included a photo of the back of a yellow school bus.

Kwasman later said he saw the migrant children. "I was actually able to see some of the children in the buses. The fear on their faces.... This is not compassion," he said.

But there was a problem with Kwasman's story: The children on the bus were not migrants, and there was no fear on their faces. The children from the Marana school district heading to the YMCA's Triangle Y Camp, not far from the Rite of Passage shelter for the migrants, at the base of Mt. Lemmon. Source


Here is the Chronicle's take on the trial concerning residency of Dave Wilson. Warning you must be a paid subscriber to read the slant of the Democracy hating, Politicians knows best Houston Chronicle.

Here is the take by KHOU 11.

If the jury follows the law as to what a residence is for voting and running for office, Dave Wilson should have no trouble winning. But juries are a fickle group of people. Most of the times it consists of people that would never have lunch together to discuss politics or any other subject.


The Houston Chronicle will write the darnest things

The Chronicle seems to have problems with people that do not agree with their message, e.g., editorial today is titled Unpopular referendum. The Chronicle has this to say about the will of the people;

If you want to see the problems with government by referenda, take a look at California. The once-golden coast has been rendered practically ungovernable by a state constitution that reduces policy to a popularity contest. Politicians end up restrained by contradictory agenda passed at the ballot box.

I never thought I would see the day that the ultra liberal editorial staff at the Chronicle would make a statement that the State of Texas is much better than the State of California. I guess the Houston Chronicle subscribes to Alexander Hamilton's view that "The masses are asses."

"All communities divide themselves into the few and the many. The first are the rich and the well-born; the other the mass of the people ... turbulent and changing, they seldom judge or determine right. Give therefore to the first class a distinct, permanent share in the Government ... Nothing but a permanent body can check the imprudence of democracy." Alexander Hamilton

It is unbelievable that they would even print a statement that Politicians know what is best. I guess they really mean politicians that believe as they do because they are often at odds with our State leaders.

My take on the story is that the Chronicle hopes that there are insufficient signatures to call for a referendum as polls likely show that Annise Parker's Sexual Predator Protection Act will fail in the ballot box. Well, Houston Chronicle, according to very reliable sources there are at least 20,000 signatures that have been verified which is more than sufficient to place the referendum for a vote in November.



Coleman faculty and students do not stop working toward your goal, pressure has to continue as people tend to have short memories. The new chancellor knows about the problems at Coleman but he gets to hear two sides. One side is not very flattering of the trouble makers, that would be the people that want change. Attending one Board meeting is never sufficient back in my younger days we spent over two years protesting and picketing before we got the commitment we wanted from the Mayor of Houston, Lanier.

HCC Trustee Dave Wilson's residency trial begins today with the selection of the jury. The case is being heard in Court 151, Judge Engelhart.


Jonah Goldberg recently wrote, "These immigrants aren’t fools." First I want to give him credit for using the proper terminology in referring to the children and parents that are turning up at the border. Second he is correct they are not fools which is a lot more than one can say about Latino haters. Below are comments posted by the fools of the Right.

Obongo the Marxist Muslim isn't intelligent enough to put all this together all by himself. Vallerie Jarrett et all are the ones calling the shots to bring down the USA in just eight critical years.

Of course this was intentional - this is what socioipaths do.

The Republican Party which is about 90% white hates Obama with such a passion and it started immediately after his election, their irrational behavior can only be because of the color of his skin.

City of Houston

The signatures that were submitted calling for a recall must be meeting the expectations of the people who want to overturn the Sexual Predator Protection Act. The reason being this editorial by the Houston Chronicle. As always the Houston Chronicle peppers their editorial with all kinds of misinformation for instance this statement;

Just in case not everyone has visited one of those states or cities that already have a nondiscrimination ordinance, let us lay it out in simple terms: Business owners are free as ever to boot weirdos and criminals to the curb, whether they're gay, straight or any other shade of humanity. They just need to have a reason that isn't discriminatory.

One has to wonder what their definition of weird is, would one consider the following wierd?


The Houston Chronicle also claims that;

Houstonians have patiently studied these others' experiences, and the results are overwhelmingly positive. A city of sex criminals run amok only exists in the perverse fantasies of those prone to moral panics, desperately yearning for evidence that their fears were rightly founded. That evidence simply does not exist beyond the anecdotal urban legend.

The Chronicle may be able to do some things right, still trying to figure out what that is, but doing research is not one of them. Below are some articles where men have used the MEN IN BATHROOM to take advantage.

Here is another where women in shelters have complained about men in the shelter, bare in mind that many of this women are fleeing abusive spouses.

Here is a search that resulted in many cases where men entered women's bathroom for less than the right reason. Sexual Predator Protection Laws like the one Houston City Council passed facilitate the ability of degenerates to do things that they should not. There should not be discrimination but the ordinance that Annise Parker proposed and passed goes way beyond what was required to pass.

Comment on CNN - article

Three Points. 1. Bigotry and racism can be found in any groups and all walks of life, but YOUR PROBLEM, just like many in the Republican Party, is that you appear to be unwilling to acknowledge the AWFUL TRUTH about the Republican Party, so you deflect and erroneously say that people are 'smearing or extorting', and you seem to be downplaying or being ignorant or willfully ignorant about the fact that ‘Bigotry, Ignorance, Fiscal Irresponsibility, and Hate’ is often the Republican Party’s calling card . . .

All one has to do is look at the POLICIES that the GOP supports, and intelligent Americans could see that the Republican Party WELCOMES Right Wing Extremists, Bigots, and is RAMPANT with bigotry and hate against various groups (ie. Racism, Anti-minority, Anti-women, Anti-Jewish, Anti-gay, etc.), and many Americans of ALL races (White, Black, Latino, Asian, etc.) are fed up with the Republican Party’s bigotry. The GOP policies and actions show that they are against Voting rights (ie. suppressing the vote, etc.,), against Equal rights, Anti-woman, Anti-gay, Anti-Jewish, the racist comments and actions that are FREQUENTLY directed towards the President, his family, and other minorities. Often when they're confronted with their obvious blatant racism, they try to turn it around and play 'victimhood': For instance, they'll say something ignorant and racist, or show racist disrespect towards the President or black people, but then they'll quickly add, “put the race card back in the deck”, they are ‘playing the race card’, or "but of course i guess that makes me a racist and the race baiters will pull out the race card and call me a racist”. . . . Guess what? You are a racist.

2. Here are some examples of blatant racism & bigotry in
the Republican Party (including Tea Party): Kansas House Speaker O’Neal cited a Bible verse calling for President Obama to be killed, his wife to be widowed, and his children to be orphaned. Email to state house Republicans referring to
the First Lady as “Mrs. YoMamma.” . . . Marilyn Davenport, an elected Republican Central Committee member, forwarded her own email that included a doctored photo of the President and his parents as monkeys . . . . Republican Congressman Lamborn candidly said he didn’t “even want to have to be associated with … (President Obama). It’s like touching a tar baby …” . . . . . Nugent calling the President a subhuman mongrel, Copeland calling the President the N-word, Limbaugh and Palin racists comments. The racist clown of the President
at the rodeo, and the list goes on and on . . . It wouldn’t be surprising if some ignorant A person (INCLUDING YOU) will read the above examples and say the above has nothing to do with race, as they hurry out the door to their weekly Klan meeting.

Many agree that the only difference between the K K K of
yesterday and today is that the latter wore hoods, and many of today’s Klan are wearing shirts and neckties, and blouses and skirts, and is the majority of the GOP – Racists to the CORE.

3. The blame lies primarily with the Republican Party, who
welcomes these Bigots – GOP and T-Party are one and the same – and Voters who voted for these individuals are no better than this GOP FILTH: - You propped them up, supported them, nurtured them, supported their bigotry (racism, anti-women, anti-gay, anti-religious freedom, etc.) and hate, VOTED with and for them and supported their policies, praised their dedication to apocalyptic outcomes, and NOW that you can’t control these ‘crazies’ – ignorant, hateful Carnival Barker Bigots - and they have taken over your asylum, you blame them and try to distance yourself, run, hide, etc. - too late, we see you are one and the same.

America, above is just another reason of many why you should
vote these Republicans OUT of office. Their Bigotry and Hate is going to destroy this great country if you let them. Intelligent Americans can see that often the GOP = Republican Party = Conservatives = T-Party = Right-Wing Extremists = Dangerous/Evil = K K . . . you know the rest . .



We Reap what we Sow

Many of the problems can be attributed to humungous appepite that the United States has for drugs but there are other reasons including NAFTA.

Honduras has never been a particularly stable country, and in recent decades, war and major macro-economic shifts have left it vulnerable to organized crime. The country’s proximity to warring nations in Central America has long made it a prime spot for the transit of illegal weapons, contraband and drugs. The government’s decision to become involved in regional free trade agreements also displaced numerous traditional economic motors at a time when large drug traffickers were changing trafficking routes.

The country’s first premier international drug trafficker was a man named Juan Ramon Matta Ballesteros (pictured below). Matta’s beginnings stretch back to the early 1970s when, after escaping custody in the United States for drug trafficking crimes, he made his way to Mexico. In Mexico, Matta liaised with what would become the Guadalajara Cartel, a loosely knit group of transporters who were moving Mexican drugs to the United States and starting to connect with Colombians interested in transporting cocaine to the world’s largest drug market.

Matta consolidated his hold in the Honduras underworld with the murder of Mario and Meri Ferrari in 1977. He then provided what can be described as the Honduran bridge, establishing a link between what would become the Medellin Cartel and the Guadalajara Cartel. His power inside Honduras reached into the highest levels -- there are whispers that he financed a military coup in 1978.

Matta’s connections to the military remained intact even after it abdicated power to a democratically elected government in 1981. He continued to expand operations, moving between Honduras, Mexico and Colombia. After the Guadalajara Cartel tortured and killed Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent Enrique Camarena in 1985, Matta became one of the most wanted men in the region. He was captured in Colombia the following year, but bribed his way out of jail.

Matta then made his way back to Honduras, where he bought off the government and appeared safe from prosecution until 1988, when United States Marshals showed up at his house, took him captive and couriered him back to the US to face trial for the death of Camarena. Hondurans were furious and burned the US consulate. Matta was later convicted of kidnapping and is currently serving his sentence in a US federal prison.

Throughout the 1980s, Honduras was used as a trampoline for the movement of all types of illicit goods, from drugs to weapons to contraband. The US government, more concerned with fighting what it considered a burgeoning communist threat in the region, even contracted Matta’s air fleet to get aid and weapons to the Contras, who were fighting the Sandinista government in Nicaragua at the time. Even after the armed conflicts ended, the contraband routes remained prevalent.

In the early 2000s, the country experienced a new surge in drug trafficking and illicit activity. As drug trafficking organizations in Mexico became the principal operators and gained more control of the distribution chain, Central America’s importance rose. Local transportista groups emerged, the most important of which are the Cachiros in the northeastern province of Colon, and the Valles in the Copan province. These organizations work with other Hondurans such as Jose Natividad “Chepe” Luna and Jose Miguel “Chepe” Handal, as well as international traffickers such as the Sinaloa Cartel.

In recent years, Honduras has seen its homicide rate skyrocket partly because of this increased criminal activity. In 2011, Honduras had 7,104 murders, putting the murder rate at 91.6 per 100,000, and making its homicide rate the highest in the world, according to United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) figures. San Pedro Sula, a city in the northwestern part of the country, has also overtaken Mexico's Ciudad Juarez as the world's most violent city. For young adult males between the ages of 20 and 34, the murder rate in Honduras exceeds 300 per 100,000. Source


While our elected officials pose as gun toting children killers the Chinese are coming

The Chinese and Nicaragua are in talks about building a second Canal through the Americas.

"Nicaragua’s “Grand Canal” will be fully operational a year later, says Telemachus Talavera, a member of the Nicaraguan government’s development committee. HKND, the Hong Kong-based development company that will build the canal, unveiled a newly government-sanctioned route that will, as in Panama, slice the country in half. “The so-called ‘Route 4’ includes two ports (Pacific and Caribbean), a ​​free trade zone in Brito, a tourism resort in San Lorenzo, Boaco, an airport in Rivas, and a network of new roads to connect all sub-projects,” PanAm reports. According to HKND, the canal will be “between 27.6 and 30 meters deep, 230 and 520 meters wide” — about 91 to 98 feet deep, 754 and 1706 feet wide — “at its narrowest and widest points.”

The Independent says it will span 173 miles in length and is being “billed as the biggest engineering project in human history.” HKND has promised to employ more than 50,000 people in its construction, and once built, “the canal and side projects would bring more than 200,000 jobs” to Nicaragua, writes Patrick Boehler for The South China Morning Post." Source

The Chinese are not stupid they realize that to neutralize the United States they will have to make us look South instead of East.

If one thinks that photos like the one above or the people that stopped the buses carrying children while shouting obsecenties at them are not shown south of the border, guess again. Some of the things that they shouted;

“Nobody wants you. You’re not welcome. Go home.” One protester shouted, “Turn around and go back,” “Vamanos. You’re in contempt of Congress…. criminals. Go home. We have no money for you.” Another protester approached a tan police officer who tried to hold back the crowd, saying, “Can you take the day off for me, boss? These are your kids too, man.”

A small group of immigrant counter-protesters was also present and verbally threatened at the demonstration, including Lupillo Rivera, the brother of the late Mexican singer Jenni Rivera. He told the Los Angeles Times that a protester had shouted that “he was an illegal immigrant and should go home.” Rivera, a U.S. citizen, “went home and returned with several of his friends and bandmates to confront the protesters.”Source

Some comments that have posted in the Chronicle about immigrants.

They don't like the sharp shooters? Then they should think twice before leaving home.....and then they can go to hell or stay in Guatemala

These felons paid thousands of dollars to invade our country. Sometimes those breaking and entering another's property get shot. Predator drones should be used to patrol the border and shoot illegal invaders.

They don't like the sharp shooters? Then they should think twice before leaving home.....and then they can go to hell or stay in Guatemala

Comments posted on other sites

The only way these people will stop trying to cross the border illegally is if they know they will be shot doing so. Once a few  are taken out, the others will get the message. Problem solved.

Aim for the head. Death to illegals. ALL OF THEM. This is war. An then destroy Mexico. They are an enemy.


CIWS emplacements along the border. As long as the movement is towards the Mexican border the emplacements are inactive. For motion away from the boarder the weapon fires a single warning shot into the nearby ground. If motion continues away from the border they activate and sweep the area knee high until the motion stops. Can also be remote airborne controlled by drone. 

Simple, economical, no wall so doesn't obstruct the view, environmentally friendly. With image recognition software domestic wildlife is safe.

Digging a minefield for the border...shovel-ready jobs for Americans !

Go to the border, start shooting illegals.


Annise Parker is a liar.

INSIDE has often written that Annise Parker is a liar, in an article posted on the 8th where Annise Parker through her mouth pieces claimed that Fire Inspectors were not directed to not issue citations to City facilities. ABC 13 Houston has found proof that Annise Parker is a liar. Below is an email that proofs that Annise Parker is a liar. The words may not come from her mouth but they came from people that were told what to do by her administration. Here is the source.


Two persons who endorsed and supported former Trustee Yolanda Navarro Flores are still being threatened with censure and possible impeachment.

It seems that when one becomes an officer or works for HCC you leave your rights at the door. I wonder why no one is going after Charles Cook, he gave money to Zeph Capo. One could safely assume that donations of money is an endorsement of a candidate. There are other HCC employees that were helping Capo.

What INSIDE has heard (rumors) is that Zeph Capo may be behind the continued harassment of HCC employees that worked with or supported former HCC Trustee Yolanda Navarro Flores.

INSIDE has often stated that the homosexual community is very vindictive, here.

Another Rumor

There are rumors circulating around HCC that the chancellor's emails are being monitored by some HCC employees.


Crazies from the left

Below is an article how Catholic Nuns (Sisters of the Poor) are being attacked by the groups that believe that abortion and pregnancy prevention is a God given right.

It's true that churches and closely related organizations do not have to comply with the mandate, but there's a big catch, and one that provides another level of absurdity. HHS requires that any such group primarily employ and serve only members of their own faith. The Little Sisters, who provide hospice care to impoverished people about to die, do not restrict their service to just Catholics. In other words, HHS demands compliance in the case of these "dirty" nuns because they refuse to discriminate in serving the needs of the poor.

All of these issues have been litigated in lower courts prior to Hobby Lobby, with mixed results for common sense. A loss at the appellate level forced the Little Sisters to seek emergency injunctive relief from the Supreme Court in December to stop ruinous fines from forcing them to end their service to the community. Justice Sonia Sotomayor's grant of a temporary injunctionunanimously extended later — prompted unhinged anti-Catholic attacks from news sources that should have known better than to run them, as well as a New York Times editorial that instructed the nuns on how to interpret their faith.

Here is the article in full.

The Aliens are going crazy

Who are the aliens? Well the Aliens are all those pink looking folks that you see walking around, quite often vote in Republican primaries. Those pink looking folks sometimes referred to as Whites are like an invasive weed that no matter what you do just keep reproducing weeds that destroy good crops. This weed snuck in on boats around the 1600's here in North America and since then have killed all almost all other native species of humans.

This Aliens somehow are now calling the Natives to the Americas aliens. Don't know if it is stupidity on their part or just ignorance. You have to be careful with the aliens as they are very violent and will attack not only men but women and children. Just this week Aliens from League City claimed that native American children were terrorists, here.

Who were the original settlers of the Americas? Here is one article that suggest that they were Asians, so all those brown folks the pink people call "Mexicans" are really Asian. Here is an article that suggest one common ancestor.

Well it really is much more complicated than just saying brown looking folks are Asians but they were here first therefore China has a claim to the Americas, tongue in cheek.

By the way pink looking folks have a lot of Neanderthal in them. I guess that could explain their violent nature, here.


This is what has happened under Annise Parker


Here is the link to the story. Heck even the Houston Chronicle that gave Annise Parker hundreds of thousands of dollars of free PR during her campaign has open its' eyes as to who Annise Parker is.

"What we should not do is what the mayor is advocating: take a long-standing public venue and hold it hostage by saying you come up with the money to save it or we're giving it to a higher bidder. She would not allow that to happen to parks in Montrose, and it shouldn't happen to Gus Wortham Golf Course." Source


Quiz - Boehner wants to sue Obama for use of exuctive orders

Guess which one is Obama

1081 Executive Orders

484 Executive Orders

381 Executive Orders

291 Executive Orders

182 Executive Orders

Answer, here


The Bigots and Immigration

The bigots that are anti-Latino tend to use Mexican immigration laws to point out how much tougher they are than ours but like too many other things they lie about it and the lie takes roots and soon becomes a truth to them that do not research and read. Below is what Mexican immigration law does;

Prior to May 2011, Mexico's immigration flows were regulated by the outdated and highly restrictive General Law of Population of 1970. However, on May 24, President Felipe Calderón signed into law a new and much more liberal Migration Law.[6] The Mexican Senate and subsequently the House had unanimously approved the migration bill that led to this new law on February 24 and April 29, respectively. Some of the most significant principles of this new law deal with the rights of migrants. The new law guarantees that foreigners and Mexican nationals will receive equal treatment under Mexican law. Under this principle all immigrants, regardless of status, are granted the right to access education and health services. Mechanism aimed at promoting family unity are now in place. Moreover, before the government takes action (e.g. deportation) with respect to migrant children and other vulnerable individuals (women, seniors, the handicapped and victims of crime) their specific needs must be prioritized and adequate services must be provided. Migrants are also granted judicial rights that they previously lacked, such as the right to due process. In addition, the law also calls for establishing a Center for Trust Evaluation and Control which will be charged with the task of training and certifying immigration personnel in hopes of curtailing corruption practices. All Institute of Migration officials are to meet the same standards as the rest of the country's security agencies. Government officials found to be in violation of this law are now subject to stiff penalties, including monetary fines and hard time behind bars. Source

The Mexicans are more humane than many in the Republican party.

Happy 4th of July

Annise Parker and her lies - Sufficient signatures gathered

At a news conference concerning the referendum calling for repealing the Sexual Predator Protection Act, Annise Parker stated;

“Let me be very, very clear it is illegal today, it will be illegal tomorrow, it will be illegal under this ordinance or not under this ordinance for a man to go into a women’s bathroom,”Source

The above statement is an outright lie by Annise Parker, there are men going into the women's restroom at City facilities. The executive order that she issued about two years ago allows men to go into women's bathrooms. Police have been told to not do anything about it according to reliable sources. The woman (Annise Parker) is a liar and has no qualms about it. Remember the pay day loans and how they were going to enforce it, a lie by Annise Parker.

"Ramirez said the city will approach enforcement using a complaint-based system, and said there are no stings or compliance audits planned.

That contrasts with statements from City Attorney David Feldman as council prepared to pass the rules last December. Feldman said Houston would have a plan to enforce the ordinance up front, saying, "It's obviously something that requires not just manpower, but skilled manpower." The city estimated it would need to add four staff to ensure each lender was audited once every three years.

Houston hired only Ramirez, however." Source - Feldman is Annise Parker's mouth piece.

There is another petition that would take care of Annise Parker's Executive Order that allows
men to go use the women's bathrooms
, here

The HFFV.ORG petition would prevent the City from allowing men into women's bathroom. The repeal of the ordinance that was recently pass would not effect Annise Parker's executive order.

HCCS - Homosexuals discriminate

Annise Parker states that Houston does not discriminate, another lie by the lying queen. Annise Parker has to look no further than Houston Community College to find discrimination. There is presently a homosexual administrator that is harassing Latinos and telling the employees that there is no concern as homosexuals are being protected by HCC Trustee Zeph Capo. Whether Capo is protecting homosexuals or not is unknown but sources do indicate that homosexual supervisors have stated that.


City of Houston

INSIDE has been informed that sufficient signatures have been gather to have a referendum on Annise Parker's Sexual Predator Protection Act. Supposedly there were over 40,000 signatures but that after review slightly more than 20,000 were verified. If the information is true it looks like we will be voting on the Sexual Predator Protection Act come next November 2015.


There are many changes that are occurring at HCC, the termination of former acting chancellor, Rene Byas, Charles Cook is leaving, Winston Daschle (not sure about spelling) is departing, Destinee Waiters (acting general counsel) supposedly is also leaving. There is no news as to whether there will be changes at Coleman College. One person is leaving to join Art Tyler in California.

There will be updates occasionally and maybe will continue posting if people who have stated they will provide research and articles do provide such services.


Time to Repeal Mayor Parker's Sexual Predator Protection Act
By: Jared Woodfill - Email
Chairman, Harris County Republican Party

HCRP Chairman Jared                                               WoodfillI want to thank all of you who stood against Mayor Parker's Sexual Predator Protection Act. The battle to repeal this ordinance has begun. I encourage each of you to join me in taking a stand against the ordinance proposed by a Mayor who admits that the ordinance is all about her personal agenda and the campaign promises she made to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender ("LGBT") community. The next step in this battle is to promote and circulate a petition that would force a city-wide referendum to repeal Mayor Parker's Sexual Predator Protection Act.
There should be no special privileges for her special interests. Parker's Unequal Rights Ordinance is 34 pages long and creates two new "protected classes" in the city charter's anti-discrimination provisions. This new city ordinance would grant minority status for "sexual orientation" and "gender identification." Mayor Parker's ordinance would include minority status for transvestites, allowing men who dress as women to enter women's public bathrooms and locker room areas. For example, if a biological male, who believes he is a female, wants to use the women's restroom and you do not allow them to use the female restroom, then the leaders of the business, restaurant, church or other establishment could be prosecuted criminally for discrimination under the Mayor's ordinance. Additionally, it forces these same entities to recognize same sex marriage or be prosecuted for refusing to do so.
The ordinance is really about Mayor Parker's personal, social, LGBT agenda for the city, state, and country. She must be stopped!
Like you, I want to protect my family from being exposed to the dangers of male sexual predators masquerading as women in women's public bathrooms, locker rooms, showers and other facilities. It is outrageous that Mayor Parker and some members of city council passed an ordinance that places women and children at risk to sexual predators. That is why we refer to it as the Sexual Predator Protection Act.
Under the ordinance, if you as a business owner, disapprove of an individual's actions based on your religious beliefs, and don't participate then you can be prosecuted. For instance, if you are a photographer or cake maker who chooses not to participate in a homosexual wedding ceremony where your services are sought, then you too are subject to prosecution under the ordinance. Enough is enough! It is time for us to tell Parker and the city council, "No!"
So what is the next step? A petition drive to force a city-wide referendum to repeal the Sexual Predator Protection Act has been initiated. We have until June 30 to collect the requisite number of signatures to force a city-wide referendum.
The petition is finalized and posted at with all necessary instructions - they will be adding Notary and drop off points over the next couple of days.
The instructions and petition are also available at the links below. Unfortunately, only folks living in the City of Houston can sign the petition. Regardless of where you live, please forward this email and the website information to your distribution list. This will allow your network of friends to spread the word and gather signatures from those living in the City of Houston. Please let me know if you need anything to assist you. Remember, we have to collect 17,000 signatures by June 30th. I will keep you posted on our progress.

Petition Instructions:


Please do not talk about personal matters, if someone is having an afffair or you heard rumors of affairs this is not the right forum. If you have proof and it effects the colleges send it to INSIDE and we will investigate.





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