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Now for the bad news

Moody downgrades HCC

The outlook for Houston Community College has been revised to negative from stable. Here is the article.

Richard Schechter
Former HCC Trustee

HCC lied about need for bonds

Here is an audio of an audio that "Off the Kuff" conducted with then HCC Trustee Richard Schechter. I am displaying the same audio here in INSIDE with former Trustee Richard Schechter image to the right. Normally I only link to source but I wanted to make the audio so that it would play in all devices, so I converted the audio.

Richard Schechter states that just because they are asking for $425 million does not mean that they will ask for it. Wrong he led the crusade to immediately borrow and now they want to spend it all. Those that have time listen to the audio please do so. Richard Schecther during the interview spends a lot of time speadking about the Coleman College, please let us know what was not true in the interview. You can post it in the comment section.

Former HCC Trustee Schechter's interview with "Off the Kuff"



King Perry and UT

King Perry aka Rick Perry

Here in Houston we have the meddlesome Greater Houston Partnership at UT they have Governor Rick Perry. To some people UT now stands for University in Turmoil. Below is an exert from Texas Monthly.

"What do the letters “UT” really stand for? Over the past few years, “University in Turmoil” might have been the best guess. That’s what happens when the governor barely conceals his desire to oust the president of the flagship campus and the UT System Board of Regents splits into factions over pretty much everything. Not exactly the idyllic scene of students sitting on a blanket under a live oak studying Shakespeare. But the not-so-faint whiff that something is rot ten in the city of Austin got even stronger in February, when Francisco Cigarroa, the respected chancellor of the UT System, announced that he was stepping down. Zounds! Did things just get a whole lot worse?

Adding to the confusion was Rick Perry’s decision to let the regents know that they should consider his friend Kyle Janek, a former state senator whom he appointed to head the Health and Human Services Commission, for the chancellor position."

Here is the article in full. I created my own version of Rick Perry as I thought that Texas Monthly did not do a good job with the Photoshop of the Governor.



In lieu of picketing

The two comments can be effective but like all things complaining once normally is not sufficient;

We will attend the next board meeting in UNTOLD NUMBERS. We are now ALL REGISTERED NUMBERS. We have GREAT RESPECT for MANY OF THE CURRENT AND PAST FACULTY. Certain FACULTY have caused us to be where we are today and we will SHOW UP TO SUPPORT THEM IN UNTOLD NUMBERS.

If the students do show up in numbers and sign up to speak that will get their attention. They will try to dissuade the students from speaking they always do that. They will warn you that if you use names there can be consequence they always do that. I should rephrase that they have done it for the last four year, things can change.

I'm glad I was told about this website before sending my son to Coleman College. I take pride in my son's education and will not subject him to the type of bullying behavior the Coleman president exhibits. My cousin is a current Nursing student and complains about the 8 weeks courses and current nursing pass rate. She spoke with both the president and Dean and they both dismissed her concerns. It's not students first with the president. A true leader would listen to the students concerns and come up with a reasonable solution that is best for the needs of the students and the college.

Parents can write letters and also show up to speak. If enough people show up that they are too capacity that will get their attention, maybe even the media will notice as they are normally there.

Having written the above my experience has been that it very difficult to get large numbers of persons any where except events that are exciting. Speakers will be the last ones to speak they will have to wait hours while the Board goes into executive session to discuss matters and fill their bellies with the great food they have for them.

Below is something that all activists are taught, President Obama learned the rules early in his career.

Saul Alinsky’s 12 Rules for Radicals

Here is the complete list from Alinsky.

* RULE 1: “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.” Power is derived from 2 main sources – money and people. “Have-Nots” must build power from flesh and blood. (These are two things of which there is a plentiful supply. Government and corporations always have a difficult time appealing to people, and usually do so almost exclusively with economic arguments.)

* RULE 2: “Never go outside the expertise of your people.” It results in confusion, fear and retreat. Feeling secure adds to the backbone of anyone. (Organizations under attack wonder why radicals don’t address the “real” issues. This is why. They avoid things with which they have no knowledge.)

* RULE 3: “Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy.” Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty. (This happens all the time. Watch how many organizations under attack are blind-sided by seemingly irrelevant arguments that they are then forced to address.)

* RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules. (This is a serious rule. The besieged entity’s very credibility and reputation is at stake, because if activists catch it lying or not living up to its commitments, they can continue to chip away at the damage.)

* RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions. (Pretty crude, rude and mean, huh? They want to create anger and fear.)

* RULE 6: “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.” They’ll keep doing it without urging and come back to do more. They’re doing their thing, and will even suggest better ones. (Radical activists, in this sense, are no different that any other human being. We all avoid “un-fun” activities, and but we revel at and enjoy the ones that work and bring results.)

* RULE 7: “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.” Don’t become old news. (Even radical activists get bored. So to keep them excited and involved, organizers are constantly coming up with new tactics.)

* RULE 8: “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.” Keep trying new things to keep the opposition off balance. As the opposition masters one approach, hit them from the flank with something new. (Attack, attack, attack from all sides, never giving the reeling organization a chance to rest, regroup, recover and re-strategize.)

* RULE 9: “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.” Imagination and ego can dream up many more consequences than any activist. (Perception is reality. Large organizations always prepare a worst-case scenario, something that may be furthest from the activists’ minds. The upshot is that the organization will expend enormous time and energy, creating in its own collective mind the direst of conclusions. The possibilities can easily poison the mind and result in demoralization.)

* RULE 10: “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.” Violence from the other side can win the public to your side because the public sympathizes with the underdog. (Unions used this tactic. Peaceful [albeit loud] demonstrations during the heyday of unions in the early to mid-20th Century incurred management’s wrath, often in the form of violence that eventually brought public sympathy to their side.)

* RULE 11: “The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.” Never let the enemy score points because you’re caught without a solution to the problem. (Old saw: If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Activist organizations have an agenda, and their strategy is to hold a place at the table, to be given a forum to wield their power. So, they have to have a compromise solution.)

* RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)



Which 11 presidents did not have a college degree?

Below is one of them: One of Presidents spoke another langugage than English, English was his second language. He was also the first president to have been born in America.

Abraham Lincoln

"Lincoln had a mind to be reckoned with, but, officially, he received only about a year’s worth of education from travelling pedagogues and the like. Although, as a youth, he read and reread the King James Bible, Aesop’s Fables, Robinson Crusoe, and Franklin’s Autobiography."

Here is the article that lists all of the eleven.

Thirteen years of war, let someone else carry the load?

Republicans on the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday strongly urged President Obama to take a firmer stance against Russia in light of the Ukraine crisis and amid increasing disquiet on Capitol Hill about what Moscow's next move might be. 

The letter, authored by eight congressmen, comes after U.S. and European security agencies estimated that Russia has deployed military and militia units totaling more than 30,000 people along its border with eastern Ukraine, Reuters reported.

Here is the article.

Democrats are worried about ObamaCare;

Several Democratic senators reportedly plan to introduce as soon as Thursday a set of principles and legislation aimed at fixing parts of ObamaCare amid concerns the law could cost Democrats House seats and possibly the Senate in November.

Sens. Mark Warner, D-Va.; Mark Begich, D-Alaska; Mary Landrieu, D-La.; Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D.; Joe Manchin, D-W.Va.; and Sen. Angus King, I., Maine, will introduce proposals to improve the law, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Begich and Warner have called for allowing "copper" plans on the government-run health exchanges. The new insurance plans would offer lower premiums and higher out-of-pocket costs than the "bronze," "silver" and "gold" options currently offered.

Here is the article.

NRA setback in California gun laws;

A federal appeals court dealt a blow to the gun lobby on Tuesday by upholding two San Francisco gun laws requiring owners to securely store their weapons and regulating ammunition dealers.

Handgun owners in San Francisco currently must use trigger locks or secure weapons in a safe inside their homes when they are not carrying them. The restriction aims to prevent unauthorized users and children from accessing guns. Additionally, the city forbids licensed ammunition dealers from selling hollow-point bullets, which expand upon impact and can cause massive damage to the human body.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in San Francisco, defended the two separate pieces of legislation this week as reasonable attempts to increase public safety without destroying residents’ Second Amendment rights.

Here is the article.

Washington Appeals Court could knockout ObamaCare;

Like a heavyweight entering the late rounds, the Affordable Care Act has taken punch after punch – 52 repeal attempts on Capitol Hill, dozens of court challenges – without toppling. But now a centerpiece of President Obama’s signature law looks like it’s about to hit the canvas.

That was the takeaway Tuesday after a remarkable oral argument before the nation’s second-highest court. While the TV cameras were massed at the Supreme Court for the Hobby Lobby contraception case, a group of conservative plaintiffs flew beneath the radar four blocks away, pushing what may be an even more important challenge: It was asking a three-judge D.C. Circuit panel to cripple the Obamacare tax subsidies designed to make insurance affordable for lower-income Americans.

Here is the article.

Rescue of trapped worker;



What is HCC Hiding?

INSIDE wanted to know how much the taxpayers are paying two law firms; HCC decided that what they pay is privileged and do not want to release the information. Inside will write a corresponding letter to the Attorney General asking that HCC redact information that is not public. Most attorney do not give legal opinions when they bill their clients that should have already occurred. Below is the request and their response.

Please submit copies of all invoices that have been submitted for payment by BRACEWELL & GIULIANI LLP. The time request for the invoices is from January I, 2012 to December 31, 2013; 2) Please submit copies of all invoices that have been submitted for payment by ANDREWS KURTH LLP. The time request for the invoices is from January I, 2012 to December 31. 2013.

request may be exempt from public disclosure because it contains information that is excepted under the act for the reasons listed below:

Section 552: 101: 503) Information Confidential by Law (attorney-client privilege. Tex. R. Evid.
Section 552. I 07: Certain Legal Matters (attorney Client Privileged In formation)

Transparency at HCC means that they operate in the dark hiding everything they do, release the good and hide the bad. Unfortunately there seems to be more bad than good.

Did I say what kind of snakes they are at HCC? They asked for the opinion on March 4, 2014, INSIDE received notice via email on March 26, 2014. It makes a difference if one contacts the AG and fully explains the matter. As an example the City of Houston had refused to release OIG complaints and sent a request to with hold the information. What they did like HCC is doing is they find a "sample" that is to their benefit. They cheat! INSIDE did get quite a few of the OIG complaints against City employees. HCC has denied INSIDE some time to contact the AG.

Qatar - Qatus

According to an informed source the Board was told that the payment to Qatus would not come from taxpayers' money but rather from the millions that HCC was going to make. Since Queen Mary HCC has gone to hell and has continued its' residence there under Rene Byas.

"keeping the Board fully informed of any matters in Qatar that might. immediately or eventually. affect the image or reputation of HCC; keeping the Board fully informed of any matters in Qatar that might. immediately or eventually. pose legal risks to HCC."

Qatus Advisors will work with HCC Board of Trustees and Administration to promote its international education programs and business interests. while helping develop a strategy for HCC students in Texas to benefit directly from HCC's international endeavors.

Remember the Crazy College of Qatar? Here is a thread of what was being said back then. Below is a short article from Inside Higher Ed.

Houston Community College's efforts to help create a community college in Qatar have faced numerous obstacles, including the requirement that courses be taught separately to men and women (contrary to the contract signed between the college and Qatar), The Houston Chronicle reported. Most Western colleges and universities operating branches elsewhere have stressed that they would abide by the same commitments to equity that they use on their main campuses. The new college has also faced accreditation difficulties, high faculty turnover and other problems, the article said. One administrator there wrote to Houston Community College leaders that the CCQ acronym of Community College of Qatar (as the project is known) had come to stand for "Crazy College of Qatar." Senior administrators and press officials of Houston Community College did not respond to e-mail messages seeking comment. Here is the link to the article.

How many HCC students do we have in Qatar? At last count zero.

Contract was good till June 2015. So why did the Administration recently sell it as an emergency that must be done now? The present administration of Rene Byas is so corrupt in the sense that they have no qualms lying to the people that have to make the decisions, the Trustees. Who is responsible for that the Houston Partnership through its' education arm that is headed by Welcome Wilson, no relationship to Trustee Dave Wilson.

Some of the comments have asked how to bring attention to what is occurring at Coleman, trying contacting the person that runs the college , Welcome Wilson may be able to contact him via GSL (opinion of this writer). Welcome Wilson is quite often at the HCC Board Meetings, according to sources he was there on yesterday when the Board voted down the waste of money proposed by the Partnership via Rene Byas.




Today by a 6 to 3 vote the HCC Board of Trustees handed the partnership and their puppets a defeat. The partnership had been trying to pass an agenda where the $425 million dollars were to be placed in the hands of the contractors (partnership) they were asking the Board to approve spending all of the money with not even one single drawing to indicate how the money was to be spent. The puppets for the partnership are Adriana Tamez, Zeph Capo, and Sandie Mullins (If Ms. Mullins thinks that she will garner the support of the partnership when she decides to run for city council next year she will be in for a big surprise).

Big push for ObamaCare - Why it will fail

I decided to take a wait and look before I made my mind up about Obamacare. As I looked at the details I found that it was not a viable plan for most individuals as it is too expensive. Below are two quotes from an article about the push to enroll persons before the deadline of March 31st.

Too Expensive;

“A lot of these people are going on [] and seeing exactly how much the plans are going to cost them per month out of pocket,” said John Davidson, a health policy analyst at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a conservative think tank. “And they are making the decision that it’s not worth it or that they can’t afford it.”

If your income goes up during the insurance plan you may be charged extra;

Davidson, of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, attributed the low enrollment numbers to costly premiums throughout the marketplace and said that the state would not see a substantial change in the number of uninsured regardless of a last-minute surge in enrollment.

“What we’ve seen in almost six months now of open enrollments is exactly what skeptics of the Affordable Care Act said we would see,” Davidson said, adding that reluctance to purchase insurance through the marketplace stems from expensive health insurance plans and disincentives to accept federal subsidies to pay for coverage because individuals can be required to pay portions of them back if their income increases.

Poor people know what to do when they are sick, they go to the emergency room knowing full well they have no intentions of paying the bill. They don't go to the doctors or clinics because they require money up front before they see you, assuming the person does not have insurance. Can't write a bad check as that can put you in jail, hospitals have to see you.

City of Houston Ponders Rules to Kill More Dogs

That is not really the intent of the new ordinances the City is considering but that will probably be the consequences of the adoption of the new rules. Here is the article but one must be a subscriber to the Chronicle, not many of us subscribers left. As I watched the person deliver the paper I noticed that I was only subscriber in my block. The problem with people that make laws is that they don't think like the people that violate the rules. They are normally poor, no money, maybe not all there (mentally) they don't react to the rules like some of us would.

Council Member Gallegos may have been the only one that understands the concept of what the City has to deal with.

Councilman Robert Gallegos, who has focused on animal control, cheered the city's acknowledgment of an animal problem and attempts to address it.

"Whatever we do, we need to think it through and make sure whatever we do pass is going to help," he said. "A pet owner that's really not that great of a pet owner, if they fear the citation, will they just take the dog and dump it somewhere? That's my concern."

Why would the City be killing more dogs? If they are pit bull or mix that is what they do, kill them they don't even attempt to put them up for adoption. Twice I have taken mix pit bulls that wondered into my yard to the City facility knowing they would be put to death, they tell you that the dogs will be killed. I don't like the feeling that I am responsible for that death. Not only that I have to pay for the privilege of paying them to kill them. You can call animal control to come pick them but that can be awhile before they arrive and but the end result for the dogs are the same.

3 days be adopted or be killed that is the BARC Rule;

Section. 6-102 of Houston’s city ordinances states that “It shall be the duty of the animal control officers to take up and take charge of all dogs found to be running at large within the city in contravention of section 6-101, and to take such dogs to the animal control center or other suitable place, there to be impounded and detained for a period of THREE CALENDAR DAYS.

Here is an article about BARC. Yes the City will be slaughtering more dogs in the days to come. Maybe we need a rule that the person that calls in the animal has to do the killing maybe there will be less calls.


Do Not Picket Comment

Posted late Sunday Night;

"NO, DO NOT picket outside the 3100 Main garage. YES, DO ATTEND the monthly board meetings and let the Coleman presence and concerns be addressed. This is how we will alert the board to the implosion currently happening at Coleman. We need all who are willing and able to attend the April board meeting."

Yes attend the Board Meeting and please state how the Board and the Media will know what is happening at Coleman and do something about it? Will the person who stated do not picket be the one speaking, I seriously doubt it. Will the person who made the comment attend, probably and sit meekly among the crowd. INSIDE gets about 3,000 hits a day and some of those hits are from people in the media and bloggers. They know what is happening there at Coleman, there is no story there, tell me what the news is. One has to make the news. Bad administrator are a dime a dozen, how many low performing schools does HISD have? How many inept departments exist in the county and city? No guts no glory. Picketing is one suggestion, there are other ways to get the media's attention.

Time to wake up, 30 must do things;

Take time to realize what you want and need.  Take time to take risks.  Take time to love, laugh, cry, and learn.  Life is shorter than it often seems.  Here are 30 must-do’s you can start working on today: Here is the article read number 9: Here is the article.

20 ways to get happy;

Being happy may just be the single most important thing you can do for your health, making it just as important as diet and physical activity. Here is the article.

May 1994 George W. Bush;

"Bush got into Harvard Business School only after he had been turned down by the University of Texas Law School or that the Midland Country Club began awarding a George W. Bush prize to the worst-dressed golfer at an annual tournament." Here is the article.

Agendas; Week of the 24th

City of Houston;

15.          ORDINANCE establishing a hiring incentive for Police Trainees; the amount of the incentive; conditions for payment;

The City has had problems finding police officers, they can't fill the police cadet classes. That is why they can't afford to piss off the police by messing with their pensions. If all the officers who are vested get pissed about a third of the police department would be gone.


While Rome burns the trustees spend taxpayers' monies like drunk sailors.

Notice is hereby given that the Board of Trustees of the Houston Community College will hold a Special Meeting on Tuesday, the twenty-fifth (25th) day of March 2014, at 1:30 p.m., or after, and from day to day as required, at Royal Sonesta Hotel, 2222 West Loop South, Level Two in Champions IV, Houston, Texas, 77027.

Whey pay for a hotel? They are in the hole and they waste money. All I can say is the voting public are idiots based on the people they hired as HCC trustees.


10. Sheriff

a. Request for approval of an agreement with the City of Houston for the city to issue permits and enforce county game room regulations within the city limits.

b. Request for authorization to renew an agreement with the Social Security Administration in the amount of $420,429 for the Cooperative Disability Investigative Unit to investigate cases of suspected disability insurance and Medicaid Program fraud for the period of May 1, 2014-April 30, 2015.

c. Request for authorization to purchase a cellular phone with monthly airtime service.

$300,000 that is how much traveling county employees will be doing based on this month's agenda. Here is the list.


HISD had it's agenda last week.


Addition because of these comments

1) Inside, how can we get media's attention. It's not fair the president and Dean tries to control student funds. They both disrespect and violate student rights. I am grateful for this website so I and many others can express themselves in hopes that someone in power will see the frustration of many students.

2) Why should faculty and staff put their careers and jobs in jeopardy by demonstrating at 3100 Main for a college president with a documented poor leadership history at two previous colleges.

I don't have a horse in the race, I never have. When I started this website I knew that it could jeopardize my job. I did not work at HCC. It did effect my job, I was fired because I dare print the truth about corruption at HCC. It was choice that I made to help a friend former Trustee Yolanda Navarro Flores and some police officers that had grievances, one of those officer was John J. Portillo, one of the reasons that I was told that I was being fired was because I had a video that would allow a guilty person to maybe avoid punishment. A lawyer said that another lawyer agreed with it. Mind you we are in America but those two idiots believe that one is guilty until they prove they are innocent.

I was ready to retire so it was no big deal, would I have done it if I had not been prepared, I don't know because having a family to support makes a difference. No family then yes I would do it as I had done it before. But don't expect change if you are not willing to fight for it but don't gripe as it does not do any good. Anger held inside only harms the person carrying it.

If you don't want to do anything about your situation don't, it is your health that will suffer. Lately since my retirement I have had a chance to read more, and even time to watch some shows. Recently started watching Grimm and some people are like the characters in that series in that some people are mice, some are wolves, and some are Grimms.


From a comment posted today;

"She threatens and abuses employees, misappropriates tax payer funds, and practices inequity in pay. The HCC board will not allow these practices to continue or the college will be in jeopardy with the Department of Labor."

Other comment posted yesterday;

Raleigh, NC

Mar 6, 2009
Amazing! I am an English instructor at A-B Tech. WE did all the work to propose, establish, operate, and manage the Writing Center above and beyond our regular work load because it was the right thing to do for our students. In fact, we got the Center off the ground prior to Dr. Young's arrival at A-B Tech; she had absolutely nothing to do with its inception.

When our Writing Center Coordinator, English and Communication Chairperson, and Arts and Sciences Dean went over last summer to ask Dr. Young for additional support for the Center, she said there were no guarantees about anything and that she had lots of other pressing decisions to make first. Her one contribution was a requirement that we automate the process and offer online tutoring, which we did as an experiment the next semester (very few students made use of this, as most of them prefer individual face-to-face conferencing).

We heard nothing else from Dr. Young about the matter, even after the Coordinator provided her with detailed statistics about the Center's connection to retention at A-B Tech. Now that she's leaving, Dr. Young takes credit for the project.(It's not the Writing "Lab," by the way - she has no idea what even to call it, which says a lot.)

We are horrified. It's a final slap in the face to English faculty who have worked so hard to make the Writing Center a success despite little to no administrative support.

INSIDE started in August of 2010 things at HCC have not changed much in regards to the Board. Most of them are not there for the sake of education. They have other motives and the well being of Houston Community College is not one of them. They spend time on the contracts. They know what is happening at Coleman, some of them read INSIDE on an almost daily basis.

Want to get the attention of the HCC Board, try picketing. The Board meets once a month (The General Meeting often the 3rd Thursday of the Month), they post the meetings location and time, here. Some of the Trustees get there a little before the meeting and some trustees always run late. Once a month get your signs ready go stand next to the garage entrance they have to drive by you. A few more stand on the sidewalk, the sidewalk is public, by the two entrances two the building. If you are afraid of retaliation, and there is good reason to be afraid as that is how HCC operates, were a mask to cover your identity. They do that in countries where free speech is something to be feared. This is the United States and one should not fear retaliation but we are not as free to speak our minds as people think. HCC is not the only one that retaliates the City of Houston is very good at it also especially under the dictatorship of Annise Parker. Have a spokes person to speak to the media, contact them about the picketing.

Speaking on this forum educates but it will not help your situation. The Board gets to hear one side and it is not your side. Guess who they believe? They spend time with the other side, they break bread together. How many of you have lunch or dinner with the trustees? If you care do something and be prepared to spend some time on getting results. They will first meet with you and promise you what you want but it will take time. They have no intentions of giving you what you want they are just playing you for time. Picketing works.

Picketing Against Everything "Candid Camera"




The administration, the Trustees are all out to lunch. Oh they seem to always be out to lunch as they are like the three monkeys, see no wrong, hear no wrong, speak no wrong. From a comment posted today.

"I am a very proud ADN graduate from back in 2004 and I have never known the Coleman pass rate to be less than 80%. Coleman, we have a problem. Many students are posting on Facebook to RUN quickly away, and that Coleman has serious leadership issues especially the president. They are complaining about the 8 week courses, and how the president always interfere with the nursing program.

It deeply saddens me to know such a profound program has descended by a president who doesn't have a healthcare background. I really sorry for the current students who didn't get a chance to experience how good the ADN program was. All it takes is one bad apple (the president) to spoil the bunch."




Who - What - When

HISD is a mess because like HCC it is controlled by the Greater Houston Partnership

Attached is a log of all Request for information from HISD things like;

All emails between Superintendent Greer and Pete Medford - Houston Chronicle Erica Mellon;

How much campaign money given to Marshall by Guilani Firm - Centeno;

Records request for lost/stolen HISD police equipment - KHOU Channel 11;

Emails between Grier, Harris, Marshall, and Eastman - KTRK Channel 13, Dolcefino;

Request for teachers trained outside U.S. HCC Trustee Zeph Capo;

All travel and Meal expenses for Board, Sup., and Senior Managers for the last 2 years - KTRK Channel 13;

"I'd like to poison your mind
With wrong ideas that appeal to you
Though I am not unkind"

From Whistling in the Dark, Here

President Obama is trying to convince the young and some of the old that are not sick, not in need of doctors, or medicines to buy into ObamaCare. Obama is whistling in the dark as that group of people look at the cost which may not be much with all the subsidies (credits) that the government provides they still see a $5,000 to $6,000 obstacle staring at them. That is the deductible per person, $12,000 per family before the insurance pays one dollar in insurance.

With Latinos Obama is trying to convince them that he won't use ObamaCare to find and deport some of their relatives. I guess being Deporter-in-Chief has its' consequences, here.

Below is a spoof by Kimmel



Why didn't the investigator report the burglary?

Vince Ryan used paid taxpayer's money to pay an investigator to follow Dave Wilson for a week. The investigator found that Dave Wilson lives and sleeps at his residence and business on West 34th St.

KHOU showed the film that was provided to Trustee Wilson by the County Attorney as part of the discovery. The film is so dark you cannot see where the video camera is taping. Inside has obtained a copy and lightened the video so that one can see some detail. The video has to make one wonder why the Private Investigator did not report the crime. Was he asleep during the time,not likely as the camera came on during the burglary. The thief tried to cut the chain and was unable to do so. The thief left and came back with a bigger bolt cutter. Why didn't the Private Investigator see it? Or did he see and not report the crime? Vince Ryan owes the Harris County residents an explanation.

Trustee Dave Wilson's residence and place of business is well ligthed at night as evident by the tape he provided to KHOU channell. The investigator is using and old camera that does not have good low light capabilites. The Private Investigator would have been able to see a person by the gate.


County Attorney hires private investigator to tail Trustee Dave Wilson-
Investigator films burglar stealing truck and flat bed.

For three days a private investigator tailed Dave Wilson and filmed where he lives. Guess what they filmed? Dave Wilson sleeping at his residence on 34th St. The investigator also filmed a burglar breaking in an stealing a flat bed truck and trailer. KHOU has a story on the incident, here. According to Trustee Dave Wilson the county attorney provided him with copies of the film that the private investigator took. The film is very grainy but it shows the crime in progress. Was the private investigator asleep on the job? Did he see the crime being committed and chose not to call the police as it would take the private out of the investigation? The County Attorney is mum on what occurred. If I had to venture a guess I would guess that the investigator allowed a felony to be committed while he video taped the residence of Trustee Dave Wilson. Vince Ryan is a joke that needs to be replaced in 2012. KHOU chose not use the video that was provided to Dave Wilson or to over-expose (compensate for the lack of light) the film to show the crime being committed. One would think that the County could hire someone that has cameras that can see in the dark, they do make them and they are not that expensive. Remember the Red Light Cameras in Houston they could see in the dark even photograph the license plate of a moving vehicle.

What a terrible boss can do to you

Having worked under a boss that seemed to me to be very much like what the employees describe at Coleman I can sympathize with the employees. Below is a recent comment as to what it feels like.

"@Alumni/Health Science Faculty, I am so glad to have found out about this website. It's away to voice our true feelings without any replications. Because I am staff, I, too am afraid to speak out so I just keep my mouth shut and do whatever I'm told. I get sick every day I come to Coleman College. I am so stressed out and a nervous wreck because the president has created such a very hostile workplace. You never know what changes the president is going to come up with next. Everyday I hear the students complain about how frustrated they are. I really feel bad for them because I thought our job is suppose to support and be there for our students. We can't effectively do that if the college is in constant chaos due to Coleman administration. Another problem is whatever the PR Director want, Dr. Young makes sure he gets. It's so unfair."

Unfortunately we have Board Trustees that care more about contracts than they do about education. We have top level administrators that are the same and/or incompetent to handle the job they were hired to do. Rene Byas was a decent attorney but she is way out of her ability as acting chancellor. Consequently she relies on others who do not have the well being of Houston Community College in their agenda.



Comment with most thumbs up in the last 3 days

@Northeast Professor, I also support the resolution of the vote of no confidence against the Coleman College president. The salary of Title III Director should be investigated and most definitely discussed at the next faculty senate meeting. 

What is the Acting Chancellor and the Board of Trustees doing about this. Perhaps this needs to get to the media. Dr. Betty Young is not only affecting HCC, she is affecting the community. How long must HCC endure wrong doing of thus woman. Does the Acting Chancellor and the Board of Trustees understand the damage this woman has done and is continuing to do. 

The Board discusses increasing enrollment, we first must fix the leadership problems. Isn't anyone paying attention that students are running quickly away from HCC, the Coleman ADN program is tainted. Dr. Betty Young and the Exec Dean should be asked to step down before they do anymore damage. Coleman can bounce back, the president and her cabinet needs to step down. 

Top of Comment Removed:

The comment that follows had some allegations of criminal records, if the allegations are true send the name to INSIDE so that it can be verified. Please be careful that we don't call people convicted criminals if we don't supply the facts to support such allegations.

There is power in numbers, Northwest and many others support you.It appears that the following idiom is correct. "The chickens have come home to roost." Yes there will be multiple investigations and audits forthcoming Madam President of Coleman College. You overplayed your hand this time. You attempted to play the same type of politics that you played in your previous work environments. However, the game changed for you and much to your chagrin when you migrated to the fourth largest city in the nation to oversee the operations of a lone community college located in the largest medical center in the world.
You knew these facts prior to coming to Coleman as you eloquently articulated these facts as you left your last college of employment. Suffice it to say Madam President; you underestimated the power of the "proletariat.” You underestimated us. You set up your own "petite bourgeoisie."

You set up an unneeded state of affairs at the college. You did not act in good faith. You have not been a good steward. You laid the ground work for multiple lies and you opted out of being transparent as a leader. You are a peace breaker. You conspired against the very people that trusted you and for all of your acts, you will be justly rewarded. You often said that this is not your first rodeo. You received a vote of no confidence and this is your last rodeo.


HCC to be investigated

HCC received official notification on March 7, 2014, that the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) will audit the formula funding data integrity (the contact hours HCC reports for formula funding) at Houston Community College.  THECB will send a representative to perform the audit the week of April 7, 2014. The years under review are 2010 through 2012.

The audit involves the office of admissions and records, the business office, and instruction. A review will include student records, student payments, contact hours reported, instructor qualifications, and an evaluation of success points.

It is believed that the audit may be a result of HCC’s financial aid program review with the Department of Education (DOE). The THECB and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) received copies of the notification letter from the DOE to HCC that announced the financial aid program review. Relevant staff will begin planning and preparing for the audit.

It seems that HCC may have been lying even to the state as to enrollment at HCC. They lied to the public to pass a bond to build buildings they don't need. They lie to the Trustees, but the trustees are blind people who ask no questions and accept what is placed in front as gospel. With one or two exceptions they are worthless.

The Westheimer Property may have had political connections:

The property was owned by the Barnhart estate. This is the property that now trustee Dave Wilson sued to stop the purchase. HCC may have paid three to four times market value for the property. The property is in a flood zone.


After 3 1/2 years justice for former HCC police officer John J. Portillo

Officer John J. Portillo

"Disgusting" is how one of the jurors described the actions of the District Attorney that represented the state. It did not take the jurors long to enter a finding of innocent after listening to six days of trail and closing arguments.

According to Officer Portillo many of the jurors were crying with joy for him. Officer Portillo described feelings as "a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert" as tears ran down his cheeks. He told this writer that he found a small room and knelt to thank God.

Following this article is a video that I compiled about 3 years ago that showed that Houston Community College, through the actions of their police department, was rail roading Officer Portillo to teach other HCC police officers what could happen to them if they filed complaints. HCC trustees, at the time of this occurrence, are too blame for what happened to Officer Portillo as they rewarded the person arrested to use as a witness against officer Portillo. HCC paid the person $80,000. The jury's finding of innocent confirms what INSIDE has been stating from the beginning that there is so much corruption at HCC that many of the Trustees must be a part of it.

INSIDE continues to believe that much of what has been allowed to happened is because of the Houston Partnership's role in pulling strings to make sure their puppets do as told. There is a reason why one can normally find one of the top Houston Partnership member monitoring most board meetings. The Houston Partnership is involved and much of the blame belongs there.

While the top two people are now gone HCC and the Trustees continue to act the same way. A comment posted yesterday asked "Can Board Members be charged with negligence and fined or jailed for ignoring warning signs of poor or ineffective leadership? The answer is unfortunately no! If you want to change HCC you must become involved politically as that is something the trustees understand, they love the power and the "Honorable" in front of their names. There is nothing honorable about what they have done to Houston Community College.

Most of the Trustees live in Lala land, if you want to get their attention you have to embarrass them. A tried and proven method that this writer has used often in the past is to protest. Get out in front of the administration building on those days when they are have their monthly meeting. Post protesters at the entrance to the garage so that the blind people (trustees) can see them and a few more at each entrance. If you fear for your job, an you should, find friends or family members to do the protest, hold signs up. Don't forget to call the media and tell them what you are doing. One more thing you have to be like a bull dog, you may have to do it for months as they know that most protests go quietly away. I once led a protest that lasted over a year but we won at the end as government bureaucracy can't deal with long protests.

Video and comments written about Officer Portillo's case.

Officer Martinez was never in a position to hear Officer Portillo (JJ) Part I

Here is a map by Google Earth, I have marked the locations where JJ exited, Where Officer Martinez exited, and where the suspect exited. I added sound to the locations marked on the map.

I have added sound to the video to point out that Officer Martinez was never in a position to have heard Officer Portillo yell or shout. Officer Martinez in his statement however leads one to believe that he was. It is true that he did not hear anything. If that young woman that was by the door heard Officer Portillo please contact this site, contact us, Officer Portillo is a single parent supporting nine children, he is being railroaded by HCC and he needs your help. If anyone knows the young woman please let her know as Johnjay Portillo needs her to come forward and tell them that she hear him yell "Stop" or whatever she may have heard.

Martinez was not truthful when he said that JJ was not running, you saw the video he was. Martinez was inside the building when JJ was already out so he could not have seen JJ do or say any thing. Martinez in fact saw JJ running back to his car. Martinez and JJ were together when they started out to find the suspect. JJ was much further out which indicates that either JJ was running or Martinez was being very slow. Rumor is that "Get Portillo" came from the top for writing that letter to Dr. Ford.

New Video with Sound


Office Martinez, see below, makes the statement, I did not hear Johnjay Portillo, yell stop. That is a true statement.

I, John Doe, will make the statement that I did not hear Johnjay Portillo, yell stop. That would be a true statement.

There is one big difference, I John Doe, was not there, tonight I will prove that Officer Martinez while closer to the action was not there, either. He however, seems to imply that he was. Officer Martinez is the short kinda stocky officer that is the first HCC officer out the front entrance.

One comment made about what they read and saw below, "They are like the Mafia they will come after you if you cross them."

6.23.2011 Part II

John Portillo was he railroaded? Who tampered with a government document?

John Portillo (JJ) is a single parent with nine children five of which are adopted children, he was an officer with Houston Community College until recently. John made one mistake he dared send a letter pointing out some things that may need attention with the police department at HCC, remember Cunningham, see below? John wrote this letter to Dr. Ford. That letter was to start a nightmare that continues to this day. Some time later John made an arrest and was then accused by some HCC Officers of tampering with a government document, here are the charges. I have a short video clip that I would like for you to look at and than you be the jury, did John Portillo tamper with a government document or was it the officers that accused him that tampered? Read what Officer Martinez states about John Portillo, how John Portillo walked to the car and watch the video and you decide who is not being truthful. My opinion John Portillo is hauling ass to his car, I would vote that Officer Martinez was not truthful with his statement.

Did Officer Martinez make up the part about John walking to the car? The rumor is that he was under pressure from higher up, that is the rumor.

Here is a polygraph exam (lie detector) taken by Officer Portillo. I personally have one other question is why did the DA except the charges? Rumors are that HCC has someone on the inside that is compromised, that is a rumor I heard. I have no reason to either believe it or not, but there is something fishy in my opinion.

HCC community college in my opinion has engaged in "Witch Hunting" HCC must have taken notes from Joe McCarthy in learning how to go after its' perceived "enemies".

Let HCC know that you are fed up send them an email that you are sick and tired of the waste of taxpayer money. Send them an email (Board Services).

On the it is too funny, Word is that Mary is not using the limos to go to the airport now, she is now having an HCC officer in a patrol car drive her there and pick up her up. I guess that is one way to save money;-)

1) On the first two scenes you see the suspect running, then you see the suspect slow down as there was a Metro Officer in front;

2) You will notice that the HCC officers heading out the doors, no way that Officer Martinez could have seen JJ coming out other entrance;

3) Notice that right after the young woman looks toward the right that the suspect moves faster;

4) You will seen JJ hauling ass from the top of the screen, Officer Martinez was not truthful about JJ walking to his car:


Liar Liar Pants on Fire

HISD is under the same control by the partnership so they act just the HCC puppets act.

The superintendent of HISD has claimed that they will use Jones High School and Dodson Elementary as temporary housing for other students as the schools are being renovated. INSIDE poses the question where is HISD going to get all the buses and all the drivers to get the students to the locations. Everyone knows that HISD can barely transport those students it now transports. Will it quit transporting magnet students? Those parents are actively involved, I don't think so. Time for change in Houston get rid of all those puppets that are being controlled by the partnership. Get involved in politics.



Email From Trustee Wilson - Concerning the Bond Spending

Last Board Meeting the Trustees were asked to agree to spend the entire amount of the bonds. HCC has already spent over $50,000,000 and not turned a shovel of dirt. Soft costs, paying the program manager, paying the project managers, paying the architects, paying the engineers, paying who knows what else. The administration now wants the Trustees to sign over $400 million dollars to the administration to do with as they best see fit. No studies have been presented as to needs. No demographic studies have been presented. Some people are going to make millions of dollars, while the community gets the shaft. The email below has been circulating at HCC.

"After reviewing the “Rules Applicable to All Tax-Exempt Bonds (IRC-149)”, “Tax-Exempt Government Bonds – Compliance Guide”, the government bond website (with all the public information), and numerous other publications, I talked with Tom Sage and Greg Jones of Andrews Kurth LLP. I would like to share with you my understanding of the time restraints of spending the proceeds of the HCC 2012 bond election, and ask you to pass this on to the rest of the board.

 As I understand it, if there is no positive arbitrage and if the funds are spent as defined on the face of the bonds, then a definitive timeline does not trigger reclassifying Tax-Exempt Bonds as Hedge Bonds. There are certain other restrictions and conditions that may amplify and/or modify this statement.

 As I understand it, as a worst case scenario, if the Bonds are reclassified HCC has a minimum of five years to spend the proceeds. First year 10%, second year 30%, third year 60%, and fifth year 85%. HCC has already spent $52 million in the first ten months. 30% of $425 million is $128 million for years one and two. Subtracting $52 million (year one) from $128 million equals $76 million (year two). We may have a maximum spending requirement of $76 million for 2014/2015. Spending $76 million for the second year of the program does not, in my opinion, constitute a time crisis. Dr. Estes and five other people with the administration at the February 18th meeting lead me to believe we had to spend $130 million in the second year or lose our Tax-Exempt Bond status. This is absolutely incorrect. Whether that statement was made intentionally or due to lack of knowledge, it is unconscionable that six senior administrative staff and advisors would make such a statement to a Trustee.

As I understand it, even if the Bonds are reclassified as Hedge Bonds (which is highly unlikely) the interest on the Bonds can still be Tax-Exempt (IRC-149(g)(1).

It appears to me that the administration has tried to manufacture a time crisis to pressure the board into approving these contracts before the board members can do the necessary due diligence and perform a careful and meaningful review. As you can see, this has raised more questions than have been answered. Let us slow down and get this right from the beginning."

Is the administration lashing out at persons who speak out - Or painting their face to cover the ugly?

The following pdf was sent to INSIDE

HCC Coleman College STAFF (Full-time and part-time):

Have you ever been a victim of identity theft? Or someone telling gossip to others using your name and you had no idea it was even going on? If you haven't before, you have now.

HCC Coleman College for Health Sciences has five faculty senators that represent, as their name implies. the faculty. Three of the senators that represent the faculty from HCC Coleman are:

• Deborah Johnson
• Christine Castillo
• Carla Tyson

The Facts

Deborah Johnson. Christine Castillo, and Carla Tyson allowed a resolution to be introduced last week at the HCC Faculty Senate meeting {a district-wide meeting with senator representatives from around the district) that reads, "on behalf of the faculty and staff of Coleman College". This resolution is very damaging to the credibility of our college, and especially toward our president. The resolution stated that the staff does not have confidence in the president to lead our college.

What This Means to You

A resolution like this is incredibly damaging to the reputation of HCC Coleman as "the jewel of HCC" as we have so often been referred. It places our college in the target of new HCC trustees and the new future chancellor who don't know the truth; who don't know all the amazing work we as staff have been doing to support our students, transform their lives and build a college that rivals any in the Texas Medical Center, or across the nation.

In a time when HCC trustees are seeking cost-saving initiatives. and have actually usedthe phrase "pink slips" at public board meetings. we don't need faculty members Misrepresenting the staff and administrators of our college to them. We need the faculty senators to keep us OUT of their campaign, and we need the trustees to hear the truth about our college.

What Can You Do About This?

Contact Deborah Johnson (she is the lead senator from HCC Coleman) at xxx- or xxx and let her know she does not speak for you. and that you believe in the mission of our college and the leadership of president Young. Ask her to STOP using your name to advance the destructive agenda she has. Tell her you expect an apology from her and the HCC Coleman senate delegation for using your name without your permission.

What Is The Cost of Inaction?

The three faculty senators who are leading this campaign will continue to use your name
and position at this college to further advance their destructive campaign. It could
prevent the construction of our new building across the street, significantly reduce future
funding to renovate our current building, affect pay increases for program and has already damaged our reputation around the district as the "HCC crown jewel".




Houston Community College has Lost Millions of Dollars in the Qatar Venture

Trustee: a person or organization that has been given responsibility for managing someone else's property or money through a trust.

We hope that the people that we elect will be honorable persons an be trustees of our money that we pay into such institutions such as Houston Community College. I have reason to believe that the trustees have failed in their basic responsibility of being trustees of the taxpayers money. I received records regarding Qatar, invoices and payments. What I found is disgusting.

Here and here are the invoices that HCC has submitted to the Qatar government for payment, they total about $22 million. HCC has been paid less than $21 million. HCC may have lost millions of dollars in their venture overseas. Here is what HCC has been paid. I used Excel to add the invoices that were submitted to me. Here is the data that I ran. Remember according to the contract HCC made money based on the fees that was added to the actual cost to HCC. HCC may lose as much as 2 to 5 million dollars on the Qatar venture.

Someone may have made money on the deal but it was not the Houston taxpayer.

Technically HCC can claim that they have not lost money as they are account receivables, but that is not the way the contract was suppose to work. Here is the Qatar contract.

Want Invoices HCC can create some

In fact I can't even trust HCC to provide all the invoices as they have sent different or other invoices in the past, here are invoices from 2010. Why did INSIDE not get the same invoices from 2010?

Qatus Advisor Contract

There are other expenses such as the Qatus Advisor Contract. What do we get for our money? Don't know as the invoices don't indicate how Qatus is earning the money, other than consulting. Heck give me the contract at $7,000 a month I believe I can send invoice and ask for money and write down consulting. Remember that Qatus was suppose to indicate on the invoice what services they had performed. Here is their contract and here are the invoices.

We are allowing the second richest per capita nation in world to use money that should be used for our students for their citizens. Houston wake up.

Regarding Rene Byas and Chancellor Search

The word out on the street now is that she did not make the cut. If she is not careful she may wind up without a job, I am hearing that the partnership is considering replacing where with one of their own for the time being. If what INSIDE is hearing is true then Rene Byas is being stabbed in the back by the people she has been serving.


What could be bad news for the Democrats

"One of the big questions was whether the parties' standard bearers — gubernatorial candidates Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis — would help or hurt themselves on a primary day where neither candidate faced a high-profile challenge. Abbott certainly seemed to do himself no harm, collecting more than 1.2 million votes even though the total number of votes cast in the gubernatorial contest trailed turnout in both 2012 and 2010. Davis, on the other hand, didn't break 80 percent against an underfunded candidate. She also could not break 450,000 votes and lost in a series of counties across South Texas, stoking talk of an enthusiasm gap by Republican operatives on social media Tuesday night.

In another sore point for Democrats, two thorns in their side — U.S. Senate candidate Kesha Rogers and agriculture commissioner candidate Kinky Friedman — made runoff races, meaning both will be around for a few more weeks. It also means they will have the opportunity to say or do something that distracts from the candidates at the top of the Democratic slate." Source

If you did not vote in a primary - you can vote in the run-off - take your pick R or D.

Question From Reader

"Rumor that temporary chancellor Renee Byas as HCC attorney knew of contract with Qatar. Maybe why no effort made to help HCC employees there. Doesn't she want to be made permanent? Can Inside find out?"

If the question is did Rene Byas know about the contract with Qatar, the answer is yes.

Does she want to be permanent? Yes she threw her name in for chancellor, rumor has it that she one of the top candidates that will be presented to the board.

Question for reader what makes you think that the employees like faculty is a major concern for them? They care about contracts, at the moment they are trying to convince the Trustees to buy a pig in a poke. They want the Trustees to approve all of the bond expenditures without so much as even seeing one blue print.

The Greater Houston Partnership is behind most of what is happening at HCC and they care about money not education, they claim they do care.

HISD - excellent article by new HISD Trustee Wanda Adams on school closures

"If taken in isolation, demographic shifts would be long-term and could be managed over time. HISD however, has accelerated the flight of kids from many of these schools through its policies.

HISD for years has been a leader in the public school choice movement. More than 25 percent of all HISD students now attend a school other than their neighborhood school, with a larger percentage of high school students attending a non-zoned school.

While school choice can be a wonderful thing, it can and has resulted in a weakening of neighborhood schools. Any school in HISD that has "room" for a student can accept that child. Often, even schools (high schools in particular) that are overcrowded continue to accept students." Source


Please Go Vote

The weather outside is terrible, so your vote will be much more important. To find voting locations, visit this site.

Letter from Qatar

It has been a while that I have written about the CCQ, there are efforts to close the program by some of the Trustees. Any information from persons there or who recently left CCQ are welcomed. INSIDE will remove names when it can't verify as to who is responsible. INSIDE will forward the letter to the Trustees to investigate the allegations. INSIDE does not have information as to the insurance part at this time and some of the other allegations so the names will be removed. Open records requests as to certain allegations made will be sent to HCC.

"I notice you haven't had much to say about CCQ these days, so I thought I will give an inside. I was hired by HCC in the second year and left at the end of last year. However, I am still contact with many of the HCC employees still there. They have been begging HCC HR for help for many years now, but always been ignored. Example, when I was hired, the HCC part of the contract said that they would provide 50% of medical insurance in Qatar. We asked HR about this many times, but never got any response. So, the HCC employees have been in Qatar for four years now, without enough insurance. In the last contracts, the HR just removed that part about insurance. So, instead of fixing it, they just ignored us for years and then deleted it. They also abandoned us when dealing with the Qatari administration. Every year we had more and more of our contractual vacation taken away, and HR never did anything. Many of my colleagues had children and the original contracts say that CCQ will pay for schooling. When they arrived the first year, the Qataris just changed it without warning and decided to pay only a small portion. My colleagues asked for support/help from HCC, but as usual, nothing. All of these things happened when XXXX was in charge and she did nothing. YYYY is the HR person who is supposed to help everyone, but he never contacted us. When I wrote to him a couple of times about HR questions, he just didn't answer or only said "No". You wrote years ago that XXXX and YYYYY travel to Qatar in business class and stay at the Grand Regency. They do all this while HCC employees are there with no insurance, their contracts not honored, and she is only ignoring our requests for help. When she didn't ignore us, she threaten us to keep quiet. Then XXXX went on "leave of absence". She was released from work to attend a program at UT while receiving full pay. Again, while the people she tricked and lied to were in Qatar with no help. Now I hear she is back on the project and still doing the same thing - nothing. The faculty senate has two times held a vote and sent a letter of no confidence asking for the removal of YYYY. I was part of this one year. We asked for any other HR person who would help represent us and would not just ignore and lie to us. The HCC HR never responded. It is strange that over 100 people would ask for the removal of one person two times and HCC does nothing. I guess there is something they are hiding. The latest thing is they change the shipping policy for personal goods. So, when we first went, we could take 400 kilos of goods and it would be paid for. Now, the Qataris have changed the contract without alerting anyone. The current employees had to agree to this because it was November before they ever saw their contracts even though they had been in Qatar since September. Again, the current employees asked HCC HR for help and to represent them. They do nothing. The Qataris have absolutely no respect for our contracts and treat us very badly. They only look for ways to take money or time from us. HCC does absolutely nothing for their own employees. There are at least 8 of my colleagues who are going to file lawsuit against HCC because of this lies about insurance, pay, abandoning, and lying."

The Only Election That Matters

Please go vote and unless you are planning to run for office as a Democrat, please go vote in the Republican primary as that is the only election that matters this year. The election in November does not mean a thing. Here is the source. But just because you vote in the Republican primary does not make you a Republican it makes you a person that understands politics in Texas.

While I made the statement that if you are planning to run as a Democrat in the future one should maybe not vote in the Republican primary, the statement is not a hard fast rule. There are persons running as Republicans that have voted in the Democratic primary and there are Democrats that have voted in the Republican primary. The only thing is if you are planning on running as a Democrat don't be against homosexuals or pro life. If you are planning on running as a Republican one should be against illegal immigration, pro choice, and homosexuals. Here in Texas one has to be pro gun whether one is running as a Republican or Democrat, there are a few exceptions.



Please do not talk about personal matters, if someone is having an afffair or you heard rumors of affairs this is not the right forum. If you have proof and it effects the colleges send it to INSIDE and we will investigate.

INSIDE will remove any comments it deems inproper.

Please help by flagging comments that are in bad taste.

May have to require prior approval if comment section is abused, what that means Inside will have to read comments before allowing it to be posted. Inside could also require that one has to have an email on file to post. Please do not abuse the comment section.

Inside is not responsible for any comments left by readers.



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