Annise Parker is up to her evil ways

Yesterday groups that are preparing to for recall of council members and the Ordinance that was passed, Sexual Predator Ordinance aka as the Equal Rights Ordinance, went to obtained a copy of the ordinance. The City refused to hand them a copy of the ordinance. Annise Parker (via City employees) claimed that it was up in legal. If legal is still working on it what did the Council Members and Annise Parker vote on? Annise Parker will resort to any means to get her way, including depriving the public the right to call for recalls and putting the ordinance up for a referendum.

To help stop the part of the ordinance that allows men to go into women's bathrooms and showers go to HFFV.ORG to obtain a copy of the petition. This petition requires either signatures of 5% (last City election) or 20,000 whichever is higher. 20,000 signatures will be required. There is a time period of six (6) months to obtain the signatures.

The Mayor, Annise Parker, already has an executive order in place that allows gender confused individuals to go into bathrooms and showers of the opposite sex. The Executive Order and policy has stopped the Houston Police Department from following state law. An HPD officer that cites or arrests a gender confused individual risks reprimands. What Annise Parker allows at the City facilities will now be the law and policy in all of Houston.

Recall of elected officials

There are about 60,000 Republican primary voters in Houston's city limits. The African American community and the Hispanic Community do not support homosexuality. The media and the anti-Christian people like to claim that Dave Wilson deceived the African American community into thinking he was Black. Dave Wilson ran a campaign that emphasized the word of God as written in the Bible.

Houston can add the following names to the list of people that think like Annise Parker

The anti-religion Houston Chronicle continues heaving rocks at those that are religious

Lisa Falkenberg who calls people bigots and racists is again on the warpath preaching logic and reason. A few paragraphs above the call for patience she used the word "Vitriol", bile, bitterness. Are those the words of someone that is calling for patience and for stopping the name calling? INSIDE finds it amazing that she even purports to state that she trys to be objective, "And as a reporter, I tried to keep my cool and not let the language distract from the story or the goal of objectivity. The few times I did speak up, it only seemed to encourage the offending person."

Dave Wilson is fed up with the Chronicle and their anti-Christian crusade that he felt compelled to send the Chronicle the following. Dave Wilson is not anti-gay, or a bigot as Ms. Falkenberg called him. Those are both terms that the Houston Chronicle uses to identify people that they do not agree with when it comes to homosexuality.

Out of courtesy and respect to my fellow Board members (who may not share my views) and the institution (Houston Community College), I request that in all future articles pertaining to City of Houston issues,  the Houston Chronicle refrain from referring to or identifying me as a Board member of Houston Community College.  This is not because I am ashamed of being on the Board, quite the contrary, I am proud to represent the citizens of District 2.  My personal Christian views on the traditional family values have not been endorsed by the Board or the institution and please do not confuse the two.

Letter From the Republican Party

Houston City Council Passes Sexual Predator Protection Act
By: Jared Woodfill - Email
Chairman, Harris County Republican Party

I want to thank everyone who joined our fight against Mayor Annise Parker's Sexual Predator Protection Act during the past month. I know that many of you made calls, sent e-mails, participated in protests and gave public testimony at City Hall opposing the expansion of the Mayor's personal, gay rights agenda for the City of Houston. Despite these efforts and a hard-fought battle waged by conservative leaders, six principled members of Houston City Council and members of the public, Houston City Council passed the ordinance yesterday by a margin of 11 votes to 6. This passage of the Mayor's Sexual Predator Protection Act now opens the door to not only the prosecution of those who act within their religious convictions, but also to a real public safety danger now that sexual predators have the freedom - guaranteed by the rule of law - to enter the restrooms of the opposite sex by claiming a "gender identity" with the opposite sex.

Although the ordinance passed, our fight is not over. We now have the opportunity to repeal the ordinance through a vote of the people - as was done with the elimination of the red light cameras - by securing enough signatures to call for a referendum on the issue. We have only thirty days to secure the necessary signatures, but I am confident that outrage by the majority and people of conviction will triumph over the heavy handed actions of Mayor Parker and the small community that she represents.

I would finally like to recognize the six brave and principled members of Houston City Council who stood strong and voted to oppose this dangerous ordinance. Those who stood with us on this issue were Council Members Brenda Stardig (District A), Dwight Boykins (District D), Dave Martin (District E), Oliver Pennington (District G), Michael Kubosh (At-large 3) and Jack Christie (At-large 5.) I encourage everyone to contact these members of Houston City Council and thank them for standing up for our conservative principles and to protect public safety. To get access to information regarding the signatures needed to get a referendum on the ballot for the November election, please go to for more information.

District A, Brenda Stardig, Phone: 832.393.3010,
District D, Dwight Boykins, Phone: 832.393.3001,
District E, Dave Martin, Phone: 832.393.3008,
District G, Oliver Pennington, Phone: 832.393.3007,
At Large 3, Michael Kubosh, Phone: 832.393.3005,
At Large 5, Jack Christie, Phone: 832.393.3017,    

ODD NEWS - A man gets one year probation for making son walk home one mile,here.



City Council Voted and Dave Wilson today mailed petitions to over 30,000 Houstonians

The recall of certain Council Members is being discussed

Under the new ordinance the man in the video can claim he is gender confused and walk away



Paul Simpson
Chair-Elect, Harris County Republican Party

The newly elected Republican Chair has taken a stand on the Sexual Predator Ordinance aka the Houston Equal Rights ordinance.

Mayor Parker’s ham-handed proposed ordinance is a misguided quest press the national liberal social agenda without regard to the will of the citizens of Houston.  As outgoing Harris County GOP Chair Jared Woodfill has rightly pointed out, those of us who object to the Mayor’s desire to violate citizens’ rights to privacy in public bathrooms have been met with scorn and ad hominem attacks by proponents who want to shut down debate and free speech. 

But there are other dimensions to this fight: it also highlights the opportunity for principled Republicans to build lasting coalitions with citizens who don’t always align with us. 

To stop this unnecessary ordinance we must explain why this bad policy is unneeded to a larger audience than those who already agree with us.  We must win converts, fighting on multiple grounds.

This ordinance is also a stark reminder why rebuilding the party from the ground up is crucial.  We arrived here because Mayor Parker cruised to reelection with the support of high profile Republicans and a party with no ability to attract good candidates or a grassroots organization to support them.  My team and I are busy preparing for the upcoming transition and laying the necessary foundation to rebuild our grassroots.

In the meantime, we must work to stop this unnecessary ordinance from becoming law.  You can help by calling all or key City Council members, including Councilmen Jack Christie, Richard Nguyen, and Robert Gallegos.  I urge you to reach out to your neighbors and friends and consider these points, in addition to the arguments you’ve heard about bathrooms, etc.:

Anti-democratic social agenda: Liberal groups from Washington D.C. seek to dictate Houston’s legal, political, and governmental policy for their own aggressive, anti-democratic social agenda.  It’s important to remember this ordinance is not the result of grassroots campaign to right a perceived wrong.  No, it’s a dictate from national liberal groups who are seeking to enforce their radical social agenda.

Economic impact: The notion that this ordinance will help Houston thrive is ideology masquerading as fact-based policy. Houston's economy has long been among the nation's healthiest and most resilient. Our diverse, welcoming, and friendly melting pot is a hallmark of our open and thriving City.  Adopting this ordinance will go a long way toward sacrificing Houston's economy and long-term growth on the altar of an aggressive and intolerant social agenda.

Unintended consequences: Arbitrary number-of-employee-based thresholds are not panaceas. They create disincentives to growth and incentivize businesses to leave Houston. Rest assured Montgomery and Fort Bend Counties are rooting for this ordinance to pass. Creating new rules and protected classes (“e.g., “family status”) does not further Houston's interests.

Lead – don’t follow: Emulating Washington D.C., New York, San Francisco, or even Austin is a not in the best interest for Houston.   Hoping this ordinance will appease the demands of those pressure groups is a fool's errand. What’s next?

Unnecessary: Congress and the Legislature don't need Houston to enforce their laws. This ordinance is another unnecessary layer of red tape and governmental intrusion. Creating a local remedy for novel discrimination claims is pointless.

This is why it is so crucial that we restore the Republican Party in the City of Houston so it can have a real impact on City elections.

Greater Houston Partnership and Diversity

From yesterday's article about support of the Sexual Predator Ordinance the Greater Houston Partnership went on record as supporting the ordinance for the following reasons;

"We believe the current proposal is a carefully constructed ordinance that balances the rights of all Houstonians to enjoy all that our city has to offer. It includes common-sense protections for citizens and businesses alike, and it affords proper due process for all involved. It appropriately exempts religious institutions and affiliated organizations, as well as private clubs." Source


While they promote "diversity" maybe Bob Harvey can explain why the Greater Houston Partnership members don't look like the Houston community. Maybe they can explain why the minorities have sought to create own their business chamber, such as the Greater Houston Black Chamber or the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The photo on the left indicates just how diverse the Greater Houston Partnership is.





The Greatest Threat to our Country does not come from the Far Right it is the Far Left we have to fear

When the wife of the President of the United States is telling children to;

"Last week, Michelle Obama made headlines when she exhorted graduating high schoolers in a commencement address to monitor their families for politically incorrect thoughts and behaviors." Source A video of what she is telling children and young adults to do.


When the media refers to people like Dave Wilson as "Anti-Gay"they have already cast him as the "evil" person. The Left and their control of the media will destroy our country when they destroy the right to disagree with others that the Left considers "progressive". When a finalist for Pulitzer Price refers to Dave Wilson as a bigot, America has a problem. It is not terrorist we have to fear as much as the "Progressives" that are home grown.

Why don't they refer to "Pro Choice" persons as "Baby Killers" that is what abortion is. There is an evil that is hovering over our country and it is not the Far Right that we should be fearing but the Far Left. When our leaders are suggesting that we work toward controlling thoughts of others.

When people like Dave Wilson who hold strong religious beliefs get comments by the so called progressive with comments like:

"Eat Shit","","","If this is the bigot, old cunt. Please die a horrible and painful death. Please, hurry! Your kind isn't wanted or needed anymore.","", This was sent to INSIDE

The following comments were on a "Progressive Blog" (Think Progress) that portrays itself as a blog that promotes progressive ideas. A blog that claims that it publishes facts, but can't get the facts right on the article about Dave Wilson. Just on mis-information published by them is the mailer that they claimed was mailed by Dave Wilson when he ran for Mayor, the mailer was sent when Gene Locke was running for Mayor. If the comments below are from "Progressives" we have much too fear from the "Progressives" in America.

Jim Haldeman · Top Commenter · Pittsburg State University
what a lying scumbag bigot. what is wrong with our country? it is trash like dave wilson.

Daniel Hines
It should be perfectly legal to shoot this man in public...

Armando Saenz · · Top Commenter · Works at Retired
Garrett, many of us born and raised here do not agree with this idiot Dave Wilson. He does not represent us. We are glad you are here to help us get rid of narrow minded politicans like him.

Michael Jackson · Top Commenter · Queens, New York
Lord, deliver us from the diseased pestilence of the Republican Party. Rid us of the evangelical cancer that is eating away at our foundations of equality and freedom. Rid us of this fundamentalist filth that will not rest until America is a biblical corporate theocracy. Amen.

Matt Jones · Top Commenter · The Ohio State University
A better question: has Houston Community College considered the fact that they've got a walking hate-crime-waiting-to-happen on the board?

SpaceCadet Williams · Top Commenter · Palmetto, Florida
Dear Wilson, please drag your knuckles back inside your cave.

Kenneth Edward William Walker · Top Commenter · Gray Court, South Carolina these morally inept people want to be able to discriminate? Sounds like these haters need shock treatments for their mental disorders.

Leans Left· Top Commenter (signed in using Hotmail)
Somebody shoot that old terrorist.

Scott Myers ·Top Commenter · Production Staff Member at The Wildey Theatre
Hey Dave Wilson, go eat a dick!

What is so "Progressive" about comments like "Kill the terrorist"? "Eat a dick"? They are sick individuals with a perverted view of the world.

Annise Parker and the 80's

Parker finally admits that the ordinance about herself and her her lifestyle. INSIDE could not find the article online but it is on the print addition this morning.

Parker claims death threats in the 80s when she was a gay activists, well Annise Parker, Dave Wilson is still getting death threats in the year 2014. Religious people face much more discrimination by the likes of Annise Parker.

Is Ellen Cohen so ignorant that she believes that recall elections are intimidation. What the heck is a $5,000 fine to a small business if not outright intimidation. All the groups in the ordinance, but the homosexuals are already protected by the State and United States Constitution. When someone can show me the studies of homosexual discrimination such as that faced by African Americans, Mexican Americans, Native Americans, I will gladly work to pass such an ordinance. I grew up in the 50s and I lived the segregation and discrimination. I would have gladly liked to have hid my difference to make my world better. If my features were different I could have done like others did, Anthony Queen, Ritchie Valens.

So how does one tell if someone is homosexual? Two of the council members here, are homosexual can you tell which ones? I for one can tell which ones are African American, Latinos, White but if the two council members had not come out I would not be able to tell if they were homosexuals. Would you?

By the way Ms. Cohen, Jewish people could also change their names since one cannot tell if one is Jewish by their features, here is a long list of Jews that changed their names. Wonder if African Americans changed their names if people would have noticed? Don't think too hard on that Ms. Cohen, the answer is yes people would still know that they are of African descendant.

The Greater Houston Partnership promotion of anti - Christian, Muslims, and other religions;

In today's chronicle the Greater Houston Partnership is again pushing for discrimination against people of faith,here. They claim that such an ordinance is needed to promote diversity. I guess that means to show the world that we are not all red-necks in Texas. Didn't Houston elect a Lesbian Mayor? Houston has two open homosexuals as council members, what does that show. Why the need for an ordinance, where is the discrimination? Annise Parker has been elected to office since 1999. Where is the discrimination against homosexuals?

For an organization (Greater Houston Partnership) that relies on Houston and Harris County to survive they have no reason to be meddling. They are but the lapdogs of those that throw the bones at them. One expects them to do as their masters tell them.

But Bob Harvey did have something to say that made sense, "It simply says that in Houston, businesses will not discriminate." Well lets cut out a lot of the bull that is in the fine print of the Sexual Predator Ordinance and pass an ordinance that says in Houston we will not discriminate. That includes against people that are not homosexual also, forgot to include them in the ordinance.

Petitions To Recall

Petition to recall council members who vote contrary to State Law are being printed the only thing lacking is the names of the Council Members that vote on an ordinance that violates state law and the state constitution.

Will post the petitions online when the people that supporting the recall decide who to recall.


Concealed Weapons Permit - Dan Patrick

Should a person who has twice attempted to commit sucide according to this article have a concealed weapon permit?

Should a person who has shown violent streaks according to this article be allowed to carry a concealed weapon:

  During the 2011 session Patrick was carrying the sonogram bill and got into argument with House Sonogram sponsor Sid Miller. Patrick blew his cork one day and walked over to House where he threatened, in front of House members, to beat up Sid Miller. The House then got mad at Patrick; he went to see Straus and they had an argument and Straus told Patrick to stay away from the House.
  On the night of the vote on TSA groping bill, Patrick said he had the votes. Patrick was recognized by Dewhurst to bring up the bill based on his telling Dewhurst he had 21 votes, but immediately senators started complaining he didn’t have the votes, and Patrick pulled down the bill, then started yelling crazily at the Senators and Dewhurst and ran off Senate floor.
  Another episode Was the this year’s education bill. Patrick agreed to an amendment dealing with requiring Algebra II, in front of the entire Senate caucus…then in characteristic style came out on the floor and announced “he’d changed his mind” during the debate (unheard of in the Senate). Sen Tommy Williams carried the amendment to require Algebra II, which passed.
  During the 2013 session Patrick always had to look good and would not accept challenges to his authority. His behavior as Chair of Public Education was embarrassing, yelling at witnesses and always having to be right. Houston education advocates Don Adams and Jim Windham complained Patrick continually told them he was going to do one thing, but did another.

Dan Patrick has a concealed weapon permit according to this article.

Did Dan Patrick meet the qualifications for obtaining a Concealed Weapon Permit? Here are questions that are often asked about application for concealed weapon permit, at 22. Was he honest in his application?

Vote on Tuesday May 27, 2014. If you did not vote in any of the primaries you can vote in the Republican primary. Here is a list of voting places for Election day, Republican - Democrat



How to get rich by flipping property - Corruption yes or no
no wonder HCC wants all land purchases secret

The Property in question is located on N MacGregor Way and 288.

In 1990 Houston Community College purchased the two pieces of property for about $800,000, here and here.

In 2000 Houston Community College sold (here and here) the property to Southeast Houston Community Development (SEHCD) for $2 Million. Here and Here are the articles of incorporation of SEHCD.

On October 14, 2005 SEHCD sold the property to 288/MacGregor 9.1 for $3.87 million. Here is a copy showing the sale. 288/MacGregor was formed in September, here and here, and almost ceased to exist immediately after it sold the property to Gateway Medical, here.

One month later on November 23, 2005 288/MacGregor sells the property to Gateway Medical for $8 Million. A profit of over $4 million dollars for holding the property for one month. SMELLS BAD here is copy of the sale. One has to ask why didn't the nonprofit SEHCD sell directly to Gateway Medical? Who knew about the sale before hand?

Then in November of 2013 Houston Community College repurchases the property from Gateway Medical for $13.6 million dollars, here and here are the purchase. A profit of &5.6 million dollars, for Gateway Medical. Questions need to be asked why did HCC re-buy the property. It SMELLS REALLY BAD, here and here are copies of the paper work of the purchase.

This is something that the FBI needs to look into as it sure seems that something is not right.

Did the acting Chancellor make the recommendation to purchase the property, if not her who then?

Inside wants to thank the person that provided most of the information for the article.

If I Were The Devil



Recall - Recall - Recall
Certain District Council Members will be the focus of a recall election as they are committed to passing the Sexual Predator Ordinance

Jerry Davis - Dwight Boykins - Ed Gonzalez - Robert Gallegos - Mike Laster - Larry Green

Jerry Davis - District B - 3,061 Signatures required to recall - The African American community is not in favor

Dwight Boykins - District D - 1,415 Signatures required to recall - The African American community is not in favor

Ed Gonzalez - District H - 1,796 Signatures required to recall (1400 Republican Primary Voters)

Robert Gallegos - District I - 865 Signatures required to recall (over 1300 Republican Primary Voters)

Mike Laster - District J - 974 Signatures required to recall (Over 2200 Repbulican Primary Voters)

Larry Green - District K - 2,676 Signatures required to recall - The African American community is not in favor

The Communities that the Council Members above represent are against the Ordinance, why are they supporting it? Two of them are openly homosexual and may be voting their personal beliefs just like the Mayor, Annise Parker.

The numbers required may not be correct as to district D and I, depending if signatures required are based on the run-off election or the general election.

Here is the source of the information below from KHOU Channel 11, Houston, Texas:

Opponents of Mayor Annise Parker’s proposed Houston equal rights ordinance have vowed to take the issue to voters in a referendum, but now they’re seriously discussing a sort of nuclear option at the polling place: a recall election to remove her and some council members from office.

Although recalling the mayor wouldn’t be easy and the opposition would have to work quickly, the threat alone could cause problems for some city council members.

Dave Wilson

“This is absurd, it’s unheard of,” said Dave Wilson, a longtime Christian (word changed to properly describe Dave Wilson) and critic of Parker who’s fighting the proposed ordinance. “It’s nothing but pure payback for the mayor. She’s paying back her core constituents that supported her.”

Houston’s city charter prescribes the criteria for which an elected official can be recalled – incompetence, misconduct, malfeasance or unfitness for office – but opponents argue the proposed ordinance contradicts state law.

“We consider them to be incompetent,” Wilson said.

... “It does make council members pause and reconsider,” said Bob Stein, the Rice University political scientist and KHOU analyst. “I think it also shows that the mayor is weak in the eyes of at least somebody. And should this petition drive succeed, it might lessen her ability to push legislation through the council.”

Parker’s proposal has stirred up an unlikely coalition of conservative whites who never cared much for the mayor anyway and African-American ministers offended by the notion that sexual orientation is a civil right. Church leaders have rallied outside City Hall in opposition to the ordinance, focusing largely on the idea that it would allow transgendered people to decide whether to use men’s or women’s restrooms.


HISD - Developers - Schools

Dodson Elementary
1808 Sampson St, Houston, TX 77003

While reading Business Week I ran across this article, which reminded me about something that I wrote about a few months back, closure of schools by HISD. It is this writers opinion that HISD in conspiracy with developers and others is abusing the minority community in particular the African American Community. HISD and others pretty much can do as they please since probably every single elected official representing those communities is in someone's pocket or clueless as to what is occurring.

"In Apollo Beach, Fla., Newland Real Estate Group donated space so a private Montessori preschool could be ready to open in 2012, before the first house sold in its Waterset development. The school, which is expected to add higher grades, intends to attract parents who might be turned off by “test-score issues” at nearby public schools, says Teri Slavik-Tsuyuki, chief marketing officer for Newland, the largest U.S. developer of master-planned communities, with 28 projects in 14 states. “We don’t do this because there are exactions that the counties are dragging out of us,” says Slavik-Tsuyuki. “We knew that a school was the right thing for the community, and that’s just the cost of doing business.”

At nearby FishHawk Ranch, Newland spent $5 million in 2009, at the bottom of the housing market, to prepare a building site for a new high school, almost five years before model homes were ready. “It was like Field of Dreams,” Slavik-Tsuyuki says, referring to the movie’s famous “If you build it, he will come” line. “There’s this massive new school in the middle of this vacant, open master-planned community.” Source Business Week

If one wants to believe in coincidences one can choose to that, but consider the following:

HISD moves one of their primer Magnet Programs downtown and a few months later the City awards $75 million in initiatives to developers to build housing units, here is the source. What will probably occur is what what happened at River Oaks Elementary where people who reside in River Oaks can have their children attend River Oaks Elementary, here. It was not always thus, children who resided in River Oaks used to have pass the same exams other students did.

"River Oaks Elementary serves approximately 720 culturally and economically diverse students in the Houston Independent School District. Our students consist of those residing in the HISD attendance zone for River Oaks as well as those students across the city that apply and are accepted into our Vanguard Program for the gifted and talented."

Dodson Elementary was recently closed even though performance wise it was doing well. HISD blames enrollment and the cost of providing education to those low enrollment schools. Nonsense,BS, some of the most expensive schools to operate are the all magnet programs which tend to have low enrollment. Low enrollment for high schools is less than a 1,000 enrollment. The top two high school programs in HISD have less than a 1,000. DeBakey High School and HSPVA. They are building a $100,000,000 ($100 million) campus for HSPVA in downtown Houston. If HISD really cared about the cost per student they would close both those schools down. HSPVA only has 200 more students than Dodson Elementary. Debakey High School has only 300 more students than Dodson elementary.

Developers know that to attract people you have to provide them with schools where they can send their children otherwise parents have to consider the cost of sending their children to private schools. HISD and the developers that run this city know that as well, so they have been robbing the poor to give to the rich.

Homosexuals are destroying Democracy- freedom of expression is only when you agree with them


Where were the Homosexuals when Tebow expressed his religious beliefs

How quickly things have changed from the recent experiences of Tim Tebow. When the quarterback heroically led the Denver Broncos to a playoff victory in 2012 and dropped to one knee, as he often did to express gratitude to God (a move that quickly became known as "Tebowing," which spawned countless YouTube parodies), he was widely ridiculed by many of the same entities that now defend Michael Sam, including some NFL players and even "Saturday Night Live," which in a skit had "Jesus" offering Tebow advice while sitting next to him on a locker room bench. ...

Yet, Tebow endured a sometimes silent and often shouted campaign to brand him in a negative way. He was called "polarizing." It was said he had "baggage," though his "bags" were considerably lighter than many other professional athletes who have had drug and alcohol problems, incidents with guns at strip clubs and numerous out-of-wedlock children.

The Nation's Dave Zirin revealed the secular left's real problem with Tebow when he wrote, "(Tebow) is a religious figure in a country that is uncomfortable talking (about) religion." 

Really? I would venture to guess there are probably more people attending church on Sunday mornings than attend NFL football games on Sunday afternoon. Such is the bias of those who hold disdain for people of strong faith because it apparently exposes flaws in themselves they prefer not to see.

After the Broncos cut Tebow, haters took to the comment page of The Huffington Post:

"Awwwww. I bet this makes the Baby Jesus weep. Tim should have prayed more."

"Hey Tim, are you getting the message now? Nothing fails like prayer."

"We're all going to h--l and we're excited about it. Don't be jealous."

"Where is your God now, Tebow?"

NFL players who joined in the mockery were not fined, disciplined or forced into education training camp. Such is the cultural double standard between the way Michael Sam is being treated and the experience of Tim Tebow. But what should one expect these days when anything goes, except for free speech critical of the LGBT crowd? Source

Double Standard by the homosexual community, they are bullies. Homosexual tend to not be religious, source. It is the belief of this writer that they want to destroy religion as religion tends to make homosexuality a sin or taboo if one prefers.



Dave Wilson - Lisa Falkenberg - Off The Kuff - A reader of Inside -How Great Reporters are made

The email below was sent to INSIDE by a reader of INSIDE.

So does this mean that Falkenberg, i.e. the Chronicle and Kuff cooperate with one another also -1. attack people, 2. try to discredit people, 3. call people names and try to malign people? Could these actions, interactions be termed a conspiracy to defame?

Do her actions demonstrate or Prove that the Chronicle and its reporters have predetermined inclinations? sometimes referred as bias, prejudice, disparate treatment?

Ms. Falkenberg performed a public service when she consulted with the Kuff person by revealing the truth about certain matters.

She revealed that

1. she accepts Kuff's information as Gospel since she failed to contact Dave Wilson as a prior to publishing her article, or she declined or was indifferent to the truth,

2. that she forgot a fundamental principal taught in Journalism 101 -  Tell The Truth.

 3. that she did not begin her article by beginning with the professional basic discipline of fact gathering and verification,

4. that she proved that seeking reliable, accurate facts is of no significance to her or to her employer,

5. that she proved that subjectivity is the mantra under which the Chronicle operates, and

6. that she proved that a goal of her article is to poison public opinion and defame a person who does not agree with her philosophy and that of others whom she contacts prior to writing an article.

Shame, Shame, Shame on her!

Inside had not written on Ms. Falkenberg's article but does keep up with bloggers, and was aware of what was happening because of this article and this article. In fact Ms. Falkenberg used the word bigot just like the blogger. The Chronicle and the blogger are out to destroy Democracy as we know it. Freedom of speech will mean that we can speak only what they (people like Kuffner and Falkenberg) agree with or risk public humiliation by resorting to name calling. This blogger also ran without checking the facts, he like Ms. Falkenberg, Mr. Kuffner, and the Houston Chronicle support men in bathrooms or the NDO. Some people call it the Sexual Predator Act as it may facilitate sexual assaults on women or girls.

Some people are hounded until they are forced to resign because they are on the wrong side of the Falkenberg type of view while others become finalists for reporting. Democracy is dying a very quick death.

How many reputations has the Houston Chronicle destroyed by failing to check facts? One is too many and there have been way more than one in this writer's opinion.

It is a shame when people who believe in God and that the bible is the Word of God are called bigots by newspapers such as the Chronicle. What does the Houston Chronicle have against persons of faith?

Is the HCC administration hiding something?


Rumors has it that HCC is going to build a Katy Campus and that there are at least two offers on a Build and Lease. One involves building on the property that HCC already owns and the other at another location. INSIDE has been informed that the build on HCC property would save the taxpayers money but that the administration is not informing the HCC Trustees of the offer to build onsite.




Full Page Ad 5/18/2014


A thousand $ here - a thousand $ there

The Ad to the left was in Sunday's Chronicle page B5. The Houston Chronicle charges $75 per column inch, there are 126 column inches in most pages of a newspaper. That comes out to $9,450 for the advertisement. We don't know who designed the ad so that may be an additional cost.

If you get the Chronicle and even bothered to look at the fine print you have to read half way into the wording before they commence talking about Dr. Maldonado.

Waste, Waste, Waste!

If you drive around town you may have noticed that they changed the billboards probably ten of thousands dollars more. Do those people that are in charge think that the ad in the Chronilce or the new Bill Board message will help increase enrollment? Can they be that dense? Don't answer.

Waste, Waste, Waste!

I noticed that all the Trustees signed the letter, well they have one thing in common with the people that estimated how many people attended the Art Car Parade, the people that estimated how many people attended the Thanksgiving Parade. They pull numbers out of the air. In my world that is called telling a lie. Enrollment according to the Texas Association of Community Colleges was south of 48,000 the Fall of 2013(HCC claimed 70,000 students) and enrollment decreased for the 2014 Spring semester. HCC lied about the enrollment on the ad.

Shame, Shame, Shame!

Could it be a payoff to the Chronicle?

HCC purchases a $10,000 ad that runs on Sunday then on Monday there is "nice" article about HCC. Coincidence maybe, but not likely. Inside has on occassion referred to the Chronicle as a low price whore. More about the article tomorrow.

Point of Privilege


Wrong Mr. Capo, no one has compared the homosexual community to predators. What they have stated is that it would facilitate predators who may take advantage of the right that Houston is giving men, the right to enter women's bathrooms. But since you seem to think that homosexuals are angels let me point out that one was a predator for 45 years, here. Maybe you are aware of the teacher at Cage Elementary that assaulted a young boy, here? Why not ask Trustee Tamez she allowed the teacher to stay in the class room for a few days after the parent contacted her (according to teachers that worked that summer). Homosexual are no different from anyone else. They are a minority but there is no comparison to what true minorities have suffered to any perceived harm that homosexuals think has been done to them.

The homosexual community will even go the extent of boycotting an entire country when that country finds homosexual predators and tries them in a court of law, here. There are also all those priests. One of the myths that homosexual supporters attempted to debunk is that homosexuals are not more likely to be pedophiles. To that they have to create two boxes, homosexual that like sex with older man and homosexuals that like sex with young boys. They then separate the boxes and say that proves they are not as likely to be pedophiles, very simple way of stating how they attempt to debunk the "the myth". See the guys that prefer adults and boys are homosexuals, the ones that prefer just young boys are not really homosexual.

Ana Eastman (HISD Trustee) claims not one incident has been reported. Every one knows that many bad things occur at HISD that never get reported. Back in the day when I was an HISD teacher I reported a person shooting at a student, the principal wrote a report that the shots were fired blocks away from the school. We can't let people know how bad some of our schools are, can we Mr. Capo after all it is your job to protect some bad teachers. By the way HISD has a school where only girls can attend and one where only boys can attend, isn't that discrimination? Do you think that the "Gay" community would get upset if HISD set up a school for "Gays"? For Latinos? For African Americans? Or Whites only?


Lizzie Aguirre daughter of a friend of mine, Richardo Aguirre - A beautiful voice




The Song Poison was Written and Sung by Lizzie Aguirre

Lizzie Aguirre can be found on Facebook





Council Member Brenda Stardig on the Sexual Predator Ordinance

Thank you for your recent email about the proposed equal rights ordinance.  While most Houstonians and I agree that discrimination of any kind is wrong, this proposed ordinance does nothing more than duplicate existing laws, add bureaucracy, and highlight the city's endless overstepping of their jurisdiction. 

The real question is not whether or not someone should be discriminated against. The real question is: What is the proper role of municipal government?  Cities are created to provide basic services such as water, sewer, fire and police protection, and infrastructure.  Cities are not created to govern comprehensive issues like discrimination.  We have different levels of government for a reason, and it is imperative that each level does not exceed their jurisdiction.

If passed, this ordinance would create a new bureaucracy for the city to address discrimination complaints.  Houston would have to expand government to handle the same issues already funded for and overseen by the state and federal government.  It is incomprehensible to me how the city can waste our time and your tax dollars to duplicate these services.  There are still pot holes, road repairs, and additional police and fire needs to which your city tax dollars should be allocated.

Cities should stick to what they were created to do. I was elected to represent my district on city matters, and I will not stand for the city overstepping their authority. 

Brenda Stardig
Houston City Council Member, District A


If the City wants to pass a protection ordinance Inside suggests they protect large people

Comments like the one below are common;

"This one here, chubby wubby, she gets fatter and fatter every meeting," Cote said. - Source

Large people are much more likely to be bullied than homosexuals.


Gender Dysphoria - Men who think they are Women or Vise Versa

In the upcoming fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), people whose gender at birth is contrary to the one they identify with will be diagnosed with gender dysphoria. This diagnosis is a revision of DSM-IV’s criteria for gender identity disorder and is intended to better characterize the experiences of affected children, adolescents, and adults. ...

For a person to be diagnosed with gender dysphoria, there must be a marked difference between the individual’s expressed/experienced gender and the gender others would assign him or her, and it must continue for at least six months. In children, the desire to be of the other gender must be present and verbalized. This condition causes clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.

Gender dysphoria is manifested in a variety of ways, including strong desires to be treated as the other gender or to be rid of one’s sex characteristics, or a strong conviction that one has feelings and reactions typical of the other gender. Source

We are being told that is perfectly okay for a man to think they are a woman and say yes God made him that way. I guess next time someone tells me that they are reincarnation of Jesus I will start praying to them. The loonies are in charge of the asylum.

Loonies defined - those are the City of Houston Council Members who have bought into all the crap the mayor is pushing.

Maybe it is the lawyers behind all the Homosexual rights Hoopa

Why not the lawyers there are way too many of them, here in Texas one for every 280 residents. The passage of the Sexual Predator Ordinance will create a lot of work for lawyers.

If same sex marriages are recognized will that create rights prior to the passage, e.g. Annise Parker has been with her spouse for over 20 years? Is the spouse entitled to half of the Mayor's pension? Over 10 years together is she entitled to Parker's Social Security? There will be a lot of work for lawyers. One sees a woman lawyer (It looks like a woman) deeply involved in the passage,will she be getting a lot of the work? If yes is it because she cares about her brothers and sisters, or the pocket book?

Comedy Team

Barack Obama and Annise Parker have something in common they would rather push for homosexual rights than for immigration rights.


Letter from Chancellor

Dear HCC Family, 

What an honor and privilege it is to be named Chancellor of one of the leading community colleges in the country.  HCC is not only a national leader in higher education, but also strategically positioned to expand its role in forging new models for education and workforce development. I am eager to learn more about the opportunities that are ahead for our institution.  

We have a great deal of excitement ahead of us. This is a new day at HCC – one that centers around you and your extraordinary work – in the classrooms and in the broader community.  I look forward to personally meeting you and learning from you.  Until then, keep up the great, committed work and let’s continue to make HCC all that it can and needs to be for our students and for our community. 

I hope you take a few moments to watch my welcome video:  

Dr. Cesar Maldonado
HCC Chancellor

Parker Makes Ordinance More Dangerous to our children

Jared Woodfill

Jared Woodfill sent the following email

After hearing from tens of thousands of Houstonians opposed to Mayor Parker's Sexual Predator Protection Act, the Mayor recently claimed she was removing the "Bathroom Language" (Section 17-51(b)) which allowed gender confused individuals to utilize the bathroom associated with their gender identity/preference or expression regardless of their biological sex. The Mayor claims she is compromising on her original position. Unfortunately, Mayor Parker's personal, social agenda dominates her decision making and one must study the language of the Ordinance to appreciate the deceptiveness of the alleged compromise. The Mayor's "compromise" actually makes the Ordinance more egregious and dangerous to our families.

Even if Section 17-51(b) ("Bathroom Language") is removed from the ordinance, places of public accommodation will still be required to allow biological males to use the women's restrooms, locker rooms, and other facilities.  Even worse, businesses will be forced to allow more biological males into the women's facilities than if Section 17-51(b) is not removed.

Section 17-51(a) makes it "unlawful for any place of public accommodation or any employee or agent thereof to discriminate against any person on the basis of any protected characteristic." The Ordinance defines discrimination: "to distinguish, differentiate, separate or segregate...any person on the basis of a protected characteristic." (section 17-2) "Gender identity" is a protected characteristic under the ordinance. Therefore, if the Bathroom Language is removed, places of public accommodation that do not allow all who claim to be women, regardless of biological sex, to use the women's facilities could face criminal charges of discrimination pursuant to Section 17-51(a).

To make things worse, the Mayor eliminates the "good faith" defense provided to businesses under Section 17-51(b). This means that places of public accommodation will be forced to allow biological males who present as male (regardless of whether they are dressed as females) to use women's facilities, since the ordinance prohibits discrimination because of gender identity. Removing Section 17-51(b) and its "good faith" defense will allow more biological males into the women's facilities, not less.

This is just one of many reasons I have previously articulated that justify defeating our term limited Mayor's last ditch effort to push her personal, social agenda on the City of Houston. Please call, email, and fax all City Council Members and the Mayor immediately.  Thank you for standing tall!

District A, Brenda Stardig, Phone: 832.393.3010,
District B, Jerry Davis, Phone: 832.393.3009,
District C, Ellen Cohen, Phone: 832.393.3004,
District D, Dwight Boykins, Phone: 832.393.3001,
District E, Dave Martin, Phone: 832.393.3008,
District F, Richard Nguyen, Phone: 832.393.3002,
District G, Oliver Pennington, Phone: 832.393.3007,
District H, Ed Gonzalez, Phone: 832.393.3003,
District I, Robert Gallegos, Phone: 832.393.3011,
District J, Mike Laster, Phone: 832.393.3015,
District K, Larry Green, Phone: 832.393.3016,

At Large 1, Stephen C. Costello, Phone: 832.393.3014,
At Large 2, David Robinson, Phone: 832.393.3013,
At Large 3, Michael Kubosh, Phone: 832.393.3005,
At Large 4, C.O. "Brad" Bradford, Phone: 832.393.3012,
At Large 5, Jack Christie, Phone: 832.393.3006,

Mayor, Annise D. Parker, Phone: 713.837.0311,

Annise Parker is an evil person, do not let evil win!

Tweet that Annise Parker sent "To my trans sisters/brothers: you're still fully protected in Equal Rights Ordinance. We're simply removing language that singled you out.-A"source

Jared Woodfill will be a guest on the Sam Malone show on Wednesday, May 14th on 1070 AM
at 8:45 am to discuss Mayor Parker's tricks in changing the Ordinance.
Please tune in or online for the discussion Wednesday morning

Homosexuals and their supports will resort to lying and name calling to win. From one of the supporters

I’m old enough to remember people like Ed Young and Steve Riggle making the same claims about the Equal Rights Amendment back in the 70s.

The homosexual supporter is suggesting that Ed Young and Steve Riggle were against Civil Rights Amendment, people like them. That is blatant dishonesty, as dishonest as my printing that people like him hate religion and do not believe that there is a God. Their goal is destroy God and Religion. Who does not allow religion? Communists.

Homosexuals and their supporters are liars about possible abuse of the ordinance


Homosexuals and their supporters are out to destroy religious beliefs


Anna Eastmen - HISD Trustee and Transgenders - why is HISD not encouraging the the people that think they are not what their body is to enter one of those struggling campuses which discriminate based on gender?

Business Community forces the Evil Mayor to backdown on the bid for the downtown Post Office Site

INSIDE had pointed out that the present site at 61 Reisner made more sense as the City has 18 acres there. From the article;

Though the justice complex will not be built on the post office site, Evans said the city still may need to stage construction equipment on the site if the new complex is built where the city's current cops-and-courts facilities sit, at 61 Riesner and next door at 1400 Lubbock, just to the west and across the street from the post office site.

The 18-acre Riesner-Lubbock site is home to five aging facilities, including Houston's central jail and the main municipal courthouse.

A recent study concluded the buildings need $55 million in repairs.

The City will waste more than that trying to get software to work, they may have already spent more than that with ICMS - current software they purchased a few years back and C-SMART a program that is a "work" in progress three years over due and counting. A year ago spoke to one of the persons involved in the program, "I will retire in 5 years and they will not have it working properly". The Mayor and Municipal Court administration are lying to the council members. But when you have primarily idiots as representatives one does not expect much.



Vince Ryan and Homosexuals - have a history

Below is an article from 2010 and possible voters fraud, voter intimidation, and a not so detached County Attorney Vince Ryan. INSIDE maintains that County Vince Ryan has targeted Dave Wilson on his residency because of Dave Wilson's beliefs of the Christian Bible. Source Texas Watchdog

Texans Together Education Fund;

Dear Friends:

Attached please find an invitation to an event honoring Mayor Parker that Texans Together is hosting next Thursday, May 15, 2014. I hope you will be able to join us in honoring the Mayor and her recent commitment to the human rights ordinance.

As many of you know, it is probable that the forces opposed to equal rights for all will attempt to reverse this important ordinance through a referendum. Texans Together is working hard to educate the public about the importance of the ordinance and why it is a benefit for all Houstonians. I hope you will come to our event and help us with this fight for human rights.
Thank you.

is honoring the Annise Parker for the so called "Human Ordinance". The label does not fit as it only adds one group for protection that group is the homosexual community. INSIDE continues to state that if it is truly an ordinance to end discrimination the Mayor of Houston would include discrimination that is blatant such as is often the case with people that are severely overweight. It would include the undocumented residents of Houston. It would include discrimination against left handed people. Those three groups have to face discrimination every day of their lives. Homosexuals do not have a history of discrimination. The homosexual community has spread lies and use a few incidences to convince people that there is discrimination similar to what the children of former slaves had to endure.

The Democratic Party also prevented Dave Wilson from running for Commissioner. There is a conspiracy to silence all voices that believe that homosexual behavior is immoral.

The Texas Watchdog article follows:

Ryan told the folks gathered in his office Tuesday that he would send investigators to take statements from "various people in the early voting stations where the trouble had occurred," according to Harris County Democratic Chairman Gerry Birnberg. 

County officials found no proof of trouble 

And all accusations of intimidation were looked into by the Harris County Clerk’s Office, which found no proof of any malfeasance, said Hector DeLeon, a spokesman for the office. “We processed 26,031 votes, we had 14 complaints, all from Democrats, of intimidation,” DeLeon said. "We had no complaints on Tuesday or [Wednesday]." Representatives from his office went to each site of a complaint, spoke with officials there and found nothing to uphold any allegation of trouble, he said. Still, Ryan called for a monitor from the U.S. Department of Justice, although reports that the DOJ was looking into any particular group – including declarations that some tea party members were involved in the intimidation accusations -- were incorrect. DOJ: No investigation into any specific political organization, tea party “The department is looking into allegations of misconduct in polling places that occurred in Harris County during the first day of early voting,” DOJ spokeswoman Xochitl Hinojosa said via e-mail. “There is no investigation into any specific political organization, including the tea party, at this time regarding this matter.”  Birnberg, the Democratic party chair, insists there was intimidation and that it has continued. "The complaints the clerk's office deals with are different from the complaints we are receiving," he said. "We get the documented stories of intimidation, from credible sources. One was on the board of trustees at Houston Community College. One worked for a Texas senator."  
The fracas, which involves investigations, lawsuits, ethics complaints and allegations of intimidation and improper activity at polling sites, stems from Vasquez' assertion in August that Houston Votes had turned in thousands of faulty voter registrations. The lame-duck Republican compared the work of Houston Votes to that of the much-maligned ACORN in a press conference

The King Street Patriots is a conservative group that has taken up squelching voter fraud as a key issue, through its True the Vote arm. It provided Vasquez research of its findings before that press conference. It’s too early for the King Street Patriots to file a tax form 990, which would shed light on the scope of its operation. Claims, finger-pointing between political parties common in Houston, across U.S. around Election Day But the maelstrom that has engulfed the Rosenberg-based political operation has moved the group from tea party niche status into the bulls-eye of Democrats and progressives. 

Shortly after Vasquez announced the voter fraud investigation, state Dems responded by suing him.  The Patriots skated on that legal action, but this week the Texas Democratic Party amended an existing lawsuit against the Green Party to include the group.  "We're not interested in political gamesmanship," said Catherine Engelbrecht, who leads King Street Patriots. "We're interested in free and fair elections. We're doing nothing more and nothing less than any citizen has the right to do." 

Houston Votes has not returned calls over the past several weeks.



I am a registered Democrat, I love gays, I have gays in my family;

and I value tolerance and inclusion, but the national dialogue regarding gay rights, abortion, and free speech have gone way overboard. 

I am also a pastor who unapologetically teaches a biblical understanding of marriage and the sanctity of life. 

There are millions of religious Americans, like me, who love gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, and love women who’ve had abortions, but believe that heterosexual relationships are biologically, physiologically, and spiritually unique and therefore should be reserved for the union identification of marriage and that life begins at conception. 

Our views should be respected.

Societal structures exist throughout our culture and I believe heterosexual unions should be one of those structures that are preserved for marriage between a man and woman.

For the rest of the article, here.

4Th Amendment Right To Privacy does not exist anymore?


The Transgender in a woman's bathroom question


Then you have the woman that posed as a man to have sex with a girl, here,

Over 250 reported incidents of transgender criminal activity, including assaults on women and children, indecent exposure, public masturbation, covert photography and more, here.




Danny Goeb show us your Medical Deferrment - or is it just another lie?
Please Vote - if you did not vote in the primary you can vote in either the Republican or Democratic Primary.


HCC Trustee Dave Wilson speaks out against men in the women's bathroon

Houston City Council May 6, 2014

My name is Dave Wilson.  I am president of Houstonians for Family Values (  We are running a petition drive to prohibit men from using the ladies restroom (executive order # 1-50).

Today’s ordinance is not about equal rights, discrimination, or tolerance.  This ordinance is pure and simple “Pay Back” to the Mayor’s core group of supporters;  that support homosexual behavior.  I believe homosexual behavior is immoral and unnatural.

The biggest threat we face in this City is the spiritual, cultural, and moral collapse of our society.

EVIL preaches tolerance until it silences GOOD.

God bless the Mayor.  God bless the City Council.  God bless the people in this room today.
Thank you.

Dave Wilson



"A Sick Sexual Predator" Poses as Transgender to Assault Women

Claimed to be Transgender

A biological man claiming to be ‘Transgender’ so as to gain access to and prey on women at two Toronto shelters was jailed “indefinitely” last week after being declared by a judge a “dangerous offender.”

Pro-family leaders are pointing out that this is exactly the type of incident they warned of as the Ontario government passed its “gender identity” bill, dubbed the “bathroom bill,” in 2012. Here is the Story.

Annise Parker states that one act of discrimination is too much, well how many girls or women have to be assaulted/raped for it to be too much? The Mayor of Houston, does not care as long as she pays back her core group of homosexuals, lesbians, and Transgenders supporters. Stand up Houston and tell Annise Parker and the City Council that one assault is not worth the passage of an ordinance that allows men into women bathrooms.


Radio Spot Opposing Annise Parker's Ordinance

Here is the link to the Council Members, the following Council Members told the Homosexual Group (LGBT) that they would support such an ordinance. Email them tell them you oppose the ordinance.

Jerry Davis: Ellen Cohen:  Dwight Boykins: Ed Gonzalez: Robert Gallegos: Mike Laster: Larry Green: Steve Costello: David Robinson: C.O. Bradford: Jack Christie:

Vote of No Confidence Outs President at U of H Victoria

A system spokesman did not immediately return a request for comment. But stepping down does not appear to have been Castille's choice. ... Castille received a vote of no confidence from the university's faculty senate on Friday. Here is the article in its' entirety.

Don't you wish that the HCC Chancellor (acting Chancellor) had the same type of fortitude that the Chancellor at U of H has? Rene Byas was a mistake and if the new Chancellor is smart he will clean house as their is a lot of rotting corrupt individuals throughout the top of the administration and filtering all the way to the mid level administrators.

Just as amazing is that the HCC Board Counsel, Jarvis Hollingsworth, is the Chair of the U of H Board of Regents. By the way U of H is also one of those universities that use hard bids for construction contracts. So why is HCC pushing for Construction Management at Risk?


City of Houston will make God a Criminal

Annise Parker, the known liar, dismisses concerns by two council members regarding when could a business owner because of his religious beliefs deny a man who claims he is a woman the right to use the women's bathroom. Annise Parker dismissed those concerns as discrimination. I suggest that if the city wants to address the issue that the city require that all known men who claim to be women register with the city so that a complete background check can be done. Annise Parker seems to care more about the homosexual community than the possible rape or abuse of a young girl that her ordinance may facilitate.

Wake up Houston it is the intent of Annise Parker to make God and religion irrelevant in Houston. There are two open homosexuals that are presently council members if rumors are to be believed there may be six homosexuals/lesbians presently elected that will be voting on the ordinance.

This is not a Republican issue - this issue is about God and the word of God

The Houston City Council "tagged" (delay the vote for one week) a vote on Mayor Annise Parker's ordinance that elevates sexual preference, same sex marriage, and gender confusion to legally protected status. Over ten amendments were presented and tagged.

 It is time for business leaders, community leaders, elected officials, and individuals to take a stand against the personal agenda Mayor Parker is attempting to force upon businesses, churches and religious organizations. It is important for council members to know that we oppose Mayor Parker's ordinance. It is critical that you continue calling, emailing and faxing city council members. Please forward this email letter to your family, friends, neighbors and business associates and ask them to let their voices be heard.

Please send an e-mail to all Houston City Council Members - contact information:here,
The following have previously told the homosexual group (LGBT) that they would support an ordinance that would criminalize God's law (this writer's interpretion as to what they promised to get their vote).

Jerry Davis: Ellen Cohen:  Dwight Boykins: Ed Gonzalez: Robert Gallegos: Mike Laster: Larry Green: Steve Costello: David Robinson: C.O. Bradford: Jack Christie:

Further Proof that the Homosexual Agenda is kill God and Religion, here

Houston Get Used to scenes like the ones below


A Fool Has His Day

       In  Florida, an atheist created a case against Easter and Passover Holy days.  He hired an attorney to bring a discrimination case against Christians and Jews and observances of their holy days.  The argument was that it was unfair that atheists had no such recognized days.
       The case was brought before a judge.  After listening to the passionate presentation by the lawyer, the judge banged his gavel declaring, "Case dismissed!"
       The lawyer immediately stood and objecting to the ruling saying,
"Your honor, How can you possibly dismiss this case?  The Christians have Christmas, Easter and others.

  The Jews have Passover, Yom Kippur and Hanukkah, yet my client and all other atheists have no such holidays..."

       The judge leaned forward in his chair saying, "But you do. Your client, counselor, is woefully ignorant."

       The lawyer said," Your Honor, we are unaware of any special observance or holiday for atheists."

       The judge said, "The calendar says April 1st is April Fool’s Day. Psalm 14:1 states, 'The fool says in his heart, there is no God.'  Thus, it is the opinion of this court, that, if your client says there is no God, then he is a fool. Therefore,
April 1st is his day.
Court is adjourned..."


Is HCC refusing to Honor an Art Tyler Contract?

Further, Defendant, HOUSTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE, promised to pay Plaintiff, CAP WEST STRATEGIES, LLC, for the same and although often requested to do so, Defendant has failed and still refuses to pay the said account, all to the Plaintiffs damage in the sum of Thirty Six Thousand Five Hundred Dollars and no/100s. ($36,500.00), together with interest and attorney's fees as hereinafter alleged.

Before me, the undersigned notary, on this day personally appeared HECTOR CARRENO, the affiant, a person who e identity .is known to me. After I administered an oath, affiant testified: 1. "My name is HECTOR CARRENO. I am over 18 years of age, of sound mind, and capable of making this affidavit 2. The facts stated in this affidavit are within my personal knowledge and are true and correct. 3. I am one of the owners and authorized agent/representative of the Plaintiff, CAP WEST STRATEGIES, LLC.

Here, here, here, here, and here are some of the documents from the lawsuit. The owner of the lawsuit contributed $1,000 dollars to the Zeph Capo campaign, 9/26/2013. Need to keep and eye on this lawsuit.

Homosexuals have an agenda and they will not be happy until they make bigots and criminals of every one that believes that Homosexuality is morally wrong and a sin in the eyes of God.

Annise Parker is a known liar. Yesterday the City admitted that the only group that will benefit are homosexuals, lesbians, and Transgender individuals. Annise Parker admits that the ordinance will not help any group that is already protected by state of federal law. The ordinance they are going to pass will benefit only homosexuals, lesbians, and Transgender.

Where is the study that shows that homosexuals, lesbians, and Transgender have been discriminated against here in Houston. They have no studies because there is virtually no discrimination that exists,except in the minds of the homosexuals, lesbians, and Transgender.

If the homosexuals are so discriminate against why is that there are at least three "Gay" people that are elected in Houston, if one, two, or three more came out of the closet there may be as many as six that are presently elected. That is more than the African Americans, the Latinos, the Asians who have experienced discrimination.

The law will make criminals of people that because religious believes do not cater to the homosexual lifestyle. That is wrong at least remove the criminal penalty from the ordinance.

Discrimination does exist but the most offended are the Latinos in Houston, Texas

How many Latinos are presently serving at-large? Zero. The last person that was "Latina" was a white woman married to a Latino. The one before that was a white woman married to a well known newscaster. District J was created for a Latino, BS it was created for the present council member who is openly homosexual. The voters of District J would rather vote for a white homosexual than a qualified Latino or Latina.

HCC District 1 is represented by a white homosexual who with the help of Senator John Whitmire, Senator Sylvia Garcia, Sheriff Adrian Garcia, State Representative Jessica Farrar, State Representative Ana Hernandez defeated probably the only elected Latino that stood up for Latinos. Her problems because she advocated for Latinos. If she had been pro homosexual she would have been accepted by the Democratic Party and the Harris County Unions. District I is represented by Latino homosexual. Homosexuals are not discriminated against they are worse at discriminating against people that will not accept their perversion, that includes any religion that makes homosexuality a sin.

We shouldn't laugh but



Two pending cases from former Coleman Faculty

Case #1-alleged facts - Here is the lawsuit

The Chairperson of the Nursing School has less than two years of experience in the position and the Associate Chairperson who on January 13, 2001, assigned Plaintiff an unreasonable, overloaded teaching assignment for the Spring 2011 semester is a former student of Plaintiff who has never taught in a school of nursing herself.

Case #2-alleged facts - Here is the lawsuit

Plaintiff a 71 year-old African-American male, born January 1, 1941. Plaintiff was hired in July 1992 as the Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity. On or about May of 2010, Dr. Patricia Ugwu ("Dr. Ugwu") became  the Dean of the Coleman  Health Science Center. Since then the Plaintiff has been subjected to harassment, and unequal terms and conditions of employment.

  1. Before Dr. Ugwu's hiring the Plaintiff's performance was rated as excellent by previous Deans.
  2. Dr. Ugwu removed the Plaintiff from his regular office in Suite 216, and moved a female employee into his office.


When will people realize that Annise Parker is a Liar? Rain Tax for roads was a lie

According to city records, curbside-to-curbside road paving has dropped markedly over the past five years; around 140 miles of Houston's pothole-marked and craggy roads have been paved this year, compared to nearly 280 miles paved in 2008 - a 53 percent decrease.

The number of concrete panels used to replace sections of fractured and cracked streets dramatically declined. Just over 250,000 panels were used this past year, down from nearly 400,000 panels used in 2009. That's a 38 percent drop.

The number of pothole-fixing asphalt patches is hovering at 16,000, which is down from 19,000 in 2012.

And when it comes to Houston's major capital road in transportation improvements, $265 million was spent in 2010. That dropped to $221 million in 2014.

Mayor Annise Parker has said that less money is being spent on projects in order to pay down debt and build up the city's savings to pay "as you go" for future projects, but records show there will not be a major increase in capital project spending until 2019 four years after Parker has left office. Source


Not Much Difference Between Sheriff Adrian Garcia and Sheriff Joe Arpaio - Separating Families

This writer knows at least one American child that has no father here to help raise him because Adrian Garcia's policies deported the father, his crime driving without a driver license and being stopped by a small city police department. Garcia claims that his parents came as bracero farm workers and they stood in line to get their citizenship. Something is not right about his story.

The Bracero Program grew out of a series of bi-lateral agreements between Mexico and the United States that allowed millions of Mexican men to come to the United States to work on, short-term, primarily agricultural labor contracts.

The Bracero Program, which brought millions of Mexican guest workers to the United States, ended more than four decades ago. Current debates about immigration policy-including discussions about a new guest worker program-have put the program back in the news and made it all the more important to understand this chapter of American history. Yet while top U.S. and Mexican officials re- examine the Bracero Program as a possible model, most Americans know very little about the program, the nation's largest experiment with guest workers. Indeed, until very recently, this important story has been inadequately documented and studied, even by scholars. Source

The Democratic Party is bad for Latinos as long as they have people like Adrian Garcia in office or allow high ranking Democrat employees to make statements like I am going "Wetback" hunting. Here. The person that employs that person is a Democrat that is running in November. Latino Democrats need to send the Democratic Party a message this November by either voting Republican or just staying home to protest.

According to that high ranking Democrat (Roppolo) that is also a good friend of the unions using the term wetback is not offensive.

"Using the 'wb' term is something Roppolo told me by phone was not racial or offensive."

When it comes to Latinos the Democratic Party in Harris County is evil. They would rather push for homosexuals. Why not both? There is a reason that Dreamers came to Harris County to complain about the Democratic Party, here. The Chair of the Harris County Democratic Party who is a homosexual refused to meet with the Dreamers.



Boy Scouts - How Will Annise Parker's Equal Rights Ordinance Effect Them

After reviewing the proposed ordinance, here is the ordinance, INSIDE has reached the conclusion that an exception must be made in the ordinance so that it will not impact the Boy Scouts and other similar organizations. As presently being proposed the Boy Scouts will face daily fines as they prohibit homosexual Scout Leaders.

Other organizations that could find themselves facing fines are Special Olympics, Little League, Pop Warner, 4-H, Future Farmers of America, as well as general youth sports organizations.

They all have rules that "discriminate" against certain segments of society.

The City Council needs to step back and think the ordinance through before voting for something that in itself may discriminate.

There are two reasons given for the implementation of the ordinance, 1) every one else is doing it and 2) laws do not cover homosexuals and they would be included. We are witnessing the decline of morality in America.


If you want to see the film in its' enterity, here is the link (English with Spanish captions).


Metro twice as fast as HCC

INSIDE recently did an open records request regarding studies that Metro has conducted, among one of the reports was a parking survey for the Northline Campus Parking. Metro responded with the records within three days of the request. HCC will wait until the 10th day to release the information.

Why is HCC building a Parking Garage;

According to the study that was conducted there is an excess of parking spaces, on the most congested day in which the study was conducted over 400 vacant spaces existed. See Chart Below

The Parking Garage is one of the projects that the Welfare Partnership aka Greater Houston Partnership has been pushing for. Why the rush to build a garage that is not needed? Who benefits? Research shows that the companies that have been chosen as Construction at Risk are union companies.

INSIDE has noticed that the unions have been very quiet regarding the construction of the building at HCC and HISD. Why did the Houston Federation of Teacher stay on the side lines in regards to the closing of schools? Some thing smells very bad and that smell makes one think that the Welfare Partnership and the Unions are in cahoots to enrich themselves at the public trough. Could that be the reason that Trustee Zeph Capo, Capo is a high ranking union official, is pushing for immediate passage of the contracts? Is Zeph Capo the new "Mr. Transparency" in name only? Why hasn't Zeph Capo stood up for the faculty at Coleman? Is it coincidence that the Northline Campus parking garage is in Capo's district? Does it make a difference to Zeph Capo?

HISD and Dodson Elementary

There was a nice article as to why did HISD choose to close Dodson Elementary;

"According to HISD's own data, Dodson's enrollment has been stable for the past 10 years, hovering around 500 students. In addition to Dodson, more than 30 HISD elementary schools currently have enrollments of fewer than 500 students. Dodson has a waiting list of students for its Montessori program. Dodson is also the school of choice for students living within its attendance zone.

In addition, for the past five years, Dodson has met or exceeded the Texas Education Agency's standards and in 2013 met new state standards on all three accountability indices. Based on the STAAR exam, Dodson earned the "Top 25 percent" student-progress distinction on the student-progress index. Student progress means that the STAAR reading and math scores of Dodson students increased year-to-year, earning them the distinction of being in the "Top 25 percent" of schools with similar campus characteristics."Source

The area is prime location and the property where the school now stands will be the hands of developers in the not to the distant future. The Welfare Partnership in conjuction with the City, and HISD, are manipulating neighborhoods to do what they believe is right. They believe themselves to be gods.

Is the Chronicle finally opening its' eyes as to the evil of Annise Parker

We know that Mayor Annise Parker recognizes the value in our bayous - she is often their chief advocate. So it makes no sense that she would allow a plan to add another 9-to-5 building to the bayou banks, instead of working to tear down the imposing structures that keep one of our city's greatest assets from being used to its full potential. Not to mention the potential tax revenue that would bolster the city's coffers.

But the mayor's office would apparently rather double down on these government-funded fortifications, all while spending millions to encourage development where we don't need it.

The conflicting agendas out of City Hall are exactly what folks should expect from a city that lacks a general plan.

If Parker is serious about downtown, then she needs to put an end to the city's bid for this spot. Source

Brothels are Banning Donald Sterling Claiming - they do to much business with NBA players and Owners

"A lot of NBA players come here to party," Hof told The Huffington Post. "Out of respect to them, we have banned Sterling from coming here."

Hof says his sense of confidentiality prohibits him from confirming or denying if Sterling has ever visited his brothels.

"I can tell you this: Johnny Buss, one of the owners of the Los Angeles Lakers, and I have had a dual birthday party at the Bunny Ranch for the last 18 years, so a lot of NBA people have been here," he said. Source

Funny Banned Commercials




Thank You - Inside had over 100,000 hits in April

Annise Parker and "Equal Rights Measure"

The Ordinance that Annise Parker is attempting to pass is not about equal rights, it is about taking rights away from people of faith, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and other religions that believe that homosexuality is morally wrong.

There is one thing that the ordinance will accomplish and that is to generate money for the City. This is another way that Annise Parker has found to get more money out of the hands of the people that earn it into the pockets of the wasters of money, the City. They promised better streets with the drainage tax, where are the better streets.

Some Council Members are afraid of the homosexuals and their bullying as Council Member Nguyen said, "If I vote against the ordinance I will be labeled a racist and a bigot and a coward. Council Member Nguyen is correct because the homosexual organization made it very clear yesterday;

Maverick Welsh, president of the Houston GLBT (Homosexual, Lesbian, B=likes men and women, Transgender) Political Caucus, said he is not surprised by the arguments raised by opponents and that bathroom assaults never materialized in other cities that have passed similar measures.

"They're masking their bigotry in this restroom issue," he said. "Houston is behind the times among major cities."

Yes Council Member Nguyen if you do the right thing by voting against the ordinance you will be attacked by the bullies (homosexual community). They will try to find persons to run against you they are very vindictive and hateful. They control most of the media with the exception of talk radio. The conservatives have not realized that history will be retained in the internet. Those things that are mentioned on the radio will be forgotten over time. What is written will remain as long as the internet continues to work in more or less the same manner as it does now.

Jewish Thought on Homosexuality

Two verses in Leviticus (18:23 and 20:13) express unequivocal condemnation of male homosexual sex (although it is not clear whether what is referred to is intercourse or all sexual acts between men). According to Leviticus 20:13: "If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them."

As evident by its language, the biblical prohibition does not extend to female homosexual acts, though later commentators disapproved of lesbianism. One rabbinic source associates female homosexuality with the activities of the Egyptians and Canaanites, from which the Jews are supposed to abstain. Other authorities describe lesbianism as lewd or promiscuous, but do not consider it a capital offence. The Leviticus verses also imply that it is the act of homosexual sex, not the homosexual person, that is abhorred. Source

Islam Thought on Homosexuality

Qur'an (7:81) - "Will ye commit abomination such as no creature ever did before you?"  This verse is part of the previous text and it establishes that homosexuality as different from (and much worse than) adultery or other sexual sin.  According to the Arabic grammar, homosexuality is called the worst sin, while references elsewhere describe other forms of non-marital sex as being "among great sins."

Hindu Thought on Homosexuality

... the religion's lack of textual condemnations doesn't necessarily mean that all Hindus are tolerant of homosexuality. Far from it—homosexuality remains a taboo topic throughout much of India. Many Hindus frown upon gay and lesbian liaisons, in part because of the religion's emphasis on the sanctity of marriage and its strong disapproval of premarital sex. Religious conservatives point out one of marriage's chief functions is to produce progeny so as to perpetuate the family line. Source

What may be the effects of the Ordinance?

Although the proposal has been couched in terms of liberty and equality, it would have the effect of inhibiting the liberty of expression and equality of opportunity for Houstonians.”

The ordinance would also incur these damaging consequences:

* Churches could be forced to allow same-sex civil unions to take place in their facilities

* Business owners could face legal action and fines for not provided benefits to unmarried same-sex couples

* Children could be forced to share bathrooms at school with members of the opposite sex

Annise Parker is claiming that the ordinance, which can impose a $5,000 fine, will not do any of the things above. Annise Parker is a known liar. She told the people of Houston that she would not marry her partner in any other state, she lied.

Parker had previously said that she would not get married until the union was legal in Texas, including as recently as June, when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the federal Defense of Marriage Act. Speaking in November, however, it was clear the mayor had reflected on the impact of the verdict. Source

Annise Parker promised that she would not use her office to promote and advocate for homosexual issues, she lied. Annise Parker is a known liar and cannot be believed.

They are now limiting the ordinance to places with more than 50 employees but don't be fooled that is but the first step in her agenda. No company, school, church will be allowed to practice their religious beliefs.

Call the council members tell them that you are against passage of the ordinance, here is where you can find the phone numbers and emails to contact them, here.

Who Said

'I know black contractors who have gone out of business because their black workers were not prompt or had negative attitudes. I know black workers who take pride about going to work any hour they feel like it, taking the day off when they feel like it. . . . Many leaders who are black and many white liberals will object to my discussing these things in public. But the decadence in the black community . . . is already in the headlines; the only question is what we should do about it."

  1. Donald Sterling

  2. Paul Ryan

  3. Martin Luther King

  4. Jesse Jackson

  5. None of the above


Union Forces People To Join without their knowledge

“They couldn’t get me a raise, they couldn’t get me more vacation time and they certainly did nothing to improve my children’s care. I’d hate to say it, but in my opinion, they were stealing.”

- Patricia Haynes, mother of two children with cerebral palsy. Here is the source

Dewhurst Strikes Again


Bump The Baby


Correct Answer is Jesse Jackson

There is something wrong when we do not allow a certain segment of the community to use the same dialog as any other segment of the community. We will never have equality as long discussion is limited to a certain segment of the community without the name calling, for instance the homosexual community will label anyone that disagrees with them as bigots. I do not know Donald Sterling and have no idea if he is a racist or not but words alone does not make one a racist or a bigot.


Please do not talk about personal matters, if someone is having an afffair or you heard rumors of affairs this is not the right forum. If you have proof and it effects the colleges send it to INSIDE and we will investigate.





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