I want to apologize to my readers for creating security problems at HCC

It seems that my innocent comment made on March 8, was misconstrued by the Mary Spangler and that she  has requested security for herself. The comment was " Who is the dishonest person, Mary Spangler or Carroll Robinson? I pick Queen Mary as the culprit, off with her head." First I want to apologize to Mary Queen of Scott who was  a noble person and in fact died a noble death, Mary Spangler is no Queen of Scotland. I certainly don't want Mary Spangler  to think that I was comparing her to  Marie Antoinette, who was falsely accused and executed, Mary Spangler is no Marie Antoinette.  I did not have those queens in mind but rather the Queen in Alice Adventures  in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll.  Notice the similarity of the name "Carroll"?   One of my favorite parts of the story follows. So Mary Spangler relax as I equate you more with the Queen in Carroll's story..

'How should I know?' said Alice, surprised at her own courage. 'It's no business of mine.'
The Queen turned crimson with fury, and, after glaring at her for a moment like a wild beast, screamed 'Off with her head! Off — '
'Nonsense!' said Alice, very loudly and decidedly, and the Queen was silent.


Had my son come and visit, he attends HCC and pays his own way since he moved out to live with his girlfriend. He was telling me how much more he is paying for books and tuition and seems to feel that the instructors are less willing to work with the students who are unable to purchase the books immediately at the HCC bookstore. That even when you go to the bookstore that there are limited number of books available. Meanwhile Queen Mary loves to eat well at taxpayer and student expense. One would think that someone that makes close to half a million dollars a year would use her own funds to dine and wine. Yes she does like her wine, I have witnessed that first hand. I wonder if some of those books are going to Qatar? I would like to hear from students how the tuition increase and other recent cost increases have affected them. I will not use names and your emails will be destroyed.

Finally HCC faculty is fighting back, they are starting to get some huevos (cojones)

I have heard from different sources that the counselors after being kicked, screwed, demoted, and some fired have started to organize to create a union. Rest of the faculty better pay attention because you will be next. The Bonds are probably not going to pass and the corrupt people that are in charge of the institution will look elsewhere to find money to keep them eating cake.

The same birds told me that the other queen, Mary Perez, agreed to put the union item on the agenda. I guess she did not promise to support, but then Perez is running for State Rep in an area that is very heavy union. Union members beware she is not your friend (my opinion). Insist that Perez put the item on the agenda in April not May, let us see how she votes.

Mary, Queen of HCC, and her eating places - Coming soon King Art expenses

Pappas Grill & Steakhouse - $104.55

The Lexington Grille - $488.42

Vic & Anthony - $167.70

AAbassador Limousine - $364.00

My buddy at Campos Communication is dreaming

"Folks like Commentary and H-Town CM James Rodriguez have been worried about local Latino voter turnout this November.  We know the far right wingers and Tea Baggers are coming out to vote in droves.  Putting this madness on the ballot just might light a fire, err fuego, in the local Latino community and then Latino voters will come out in record numbers and help Dem candidates win county wide.  This may just backfire on the GOP as they (the Jeb and George P. Bushies) try to dust off their welcome mat for Latino voters. This effort has all the ingredients necessary to create a magnet at the polls that will attract Latinos."

Why would someone that is qualified to vote, legally here, be worried about e-verify? I would think that they would be in favor of e-verify as they quite often are most effected by people willing to take jobs that they do for lower wages. I think Marc needs to get out on the street and talk to the people that work with their hands and not with their mouths or fingers. I do agree that the Latino community will not come out and vote but I blame the elected officials who are too busy lining their pockets rather than taking care of their constituents. Why is it that Ben Reyes could get the Hispanic community to vote? Answer, he had the majority of the Latinos who loved him that would vote for him and he had the ones that hated him that came out to vote against him.

Thank you nearly 25,000 hits this month


The Westheimer Property revisited

When David B Wilson filed suit to prevent the purchase of the Westheimer Property, HCC hired attorneys to figure out how to circumvent the court action. They immediately changed the method of payment and purchased the property rendering the lawsuit moot. So what did $9,000,000 dollars buy us? A lot of shit and not even a cow in sight.

Westheimer Property

Spend Spend Spend the HCC Way

While the common folks struggle the reign of Queen Mary continues its lavish ways. This past weekend the Board finding a need to spend some of our hard earned tax money decided to spend some time at the Houstonian, here.

Mary Spangler and her HCC credit card.

Alonti Cafe & Catering - $122.41

Star Pizza - $95.77

Reston Limousine - $262.50

Damian's Cucina Italia - $85.61

Damian's Cucina Italia - $80.79

Da Marco - $193.46

Stop the waste and corruption vote no on the HCC Bonds.


Who is Mary Ann Perez, present Chair of HCC? It is about Money, Money, Money

I am going to do something that I normally don't, long quotes, but it works for Off The Kuff.

HOUSTON (October 27, 2009) – On Tuesday, October 20, 2009, one of Houston’s largest and most influential non-profit organizations, Tejano Center for Community Concerns (TCCC), held the last installment of its Catalyst Lecture Series. The event, free and open to the public, was organized as a candidates’ forum to discuss the role of workforce development in higher education while informing those in attendance of the importance of solid educational leadership to bolster the economic future of the East End. To that end, TCCC opened its campus to the two candidates running for the position of Houston Community College Trustee for District III: Diane Olmos Guzmán (incumbent) and Mary Ann Perez. In late September, both candidates were invited and agreed to participate in the event. Tejano Center began preparations by assembling a group of panelists and a moderator to facilitate the forum, as well as inviting families and students from its charter school along with members of the community.

As students, parents, panelists and Tejano Center staff assembled on the day of the event, a call was received that Mary Ann Perez would not attend due to dental issues. This call was placed by her husband around 4:45 p.m., less than two hours before the event was scheduled to start. Many were confused by this, since she had been seen earlier in the day, busily working at the HCC Southeast campus early voting location. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that nowhere on her campaign website or her Facebook group page did she even mention the event, whereas other events she had attended or held in the past were listed. Even more surprising, Perez’s campaign manager, Ruben Landa, stated that Perez and her husband were planning block walking Precinct 218 that evening.

Other than a couple of supporters, no one was present from Perez’s camp. Despite her absence, the forum was still well-attended, with standing-room only. Trustee Diane Olmos Guzmán stated her position on important issues such as the role of trustee in the community, educational opportunities for immigrants, and the importance of the community college, and was well-received by students, parents and community stakeholders.

In response to Perez’s apparent indifference and disinterest, a group of East End residents has formed the Concerned East End Leadership for Quality in Higher Education. This Ad Hoc group consists of community stakeholders, leaders and businessmen, led by Ms. Jesse Goins, Precinct 27 election judge. She said, “How will our community move forward when the challenging candidate for such an important position no-shows at a major forum that was held for the community? How can residents of District III make an informed decision about which candidate is best for the job when one of them doesn’t even bother to introduce herself to the people? Attendees at that event expected Mary Ann Perez to be there and she let them down.”

As if her absence at the event wasn’t enough of a disappointment to those who attended, Mary Ann Perez’s campaign Facebook group page is now populated by numerous photos of her at a campaign fundraiser at Doneraki Restaurant held the following day. Shot after shot captures a healthy, smiling Perez. Goins remarked, “Clearly, partying with her supporters is more important than answering the concerns of the community, the same community she is hoping to represent.”

Yeah, that doesn’t seem like a good way to impress voters. Here’s a scan of a pro-Olmos mailer – side one, side 2 – if you want to know more about her.

Now having said that, it must be noted that Perez has some strong support as well. Here’s an excerpt from an email sent out by State Sen. Mario Gallegos:

Education has always been a priority of mine both personally, and as your state senator. The Houston Community College System has several trustee positions on the ballot this election season. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little more about two candidates I am supporting for HCC Trustee positions.

Sherriff Adrian Garcia recently endorsed Mary Ann Perez for HCC District III, stating “Mary Ann Perez will work hard to move HCC in a positive direction, creating vocational and technical programs that address our high dropout rate and increasing early college programs, giving more students a head start on their college education.”

Mary Ann Perez is a candidate for the Houston Community College System Board of Trustees, District III. Mary Ann was born in East L.A. and moved to Houston at the age of 3. She learned early on that the secret to success was through education, hard work and perseverance. With that in mind, she earned an associates degreee from the Houston Community College, and went on to graduate from the University of Houston with a degree in Business Administration, cum laude. Mary Ann owns a successful Farmers Insurance and Financial Services agency located in the East End of Houston. She is currently the President of Meadow Creek Village Civic Club and Chair for Precinct 221. Mary Ann is a member of the National Hispanic Professionals Organization (NHPO), and is a member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and Farmers Employees and Agents Political Action Committee.

Mary Ann has a clear vision for the advancement of the Houston Community College, and she understands what today’s students need to be successful. As a board member, she will work to keep tuition and taxes affordable for everyone, and work with area employers to ensure that students recieve training for the jobs of today and tomorrow. I hope you will join me in electing Mary Ann as one of the newest board members for the Houston Community College System!

Like I say, I don’t know much about this race. For those of you in District 3, I hope this helps you decide whom to support. Thanks to Sergio for forwarding the press release.

The Latino Community lacks leadership, we were better off when Ben Reyes was the Boss, my 2 cents. At least Ben cared about the little people.


Coming soon the Westheimer property revisited. HCC used taxpayer monies to hire best attorneys that money can buy to proceed with a purchase that made no sense. Who may have profited from the deal? Rumors have circulated that some well connected persons and elected officials were the beneficiaries of HCC's purchase of the property.



The Chronicle ran another story on Sunday about Qatar. The story was semi-well researched, however like always they tend to put too much confidence on the spinners (Mary Spangler this time). Following is how the so called profit is to be realized by HCC. HCC stands to make its money primarily in two ways, 1) an administrative fee of 10.5% per faculty and staff, and 2) access costs. The contract calls for additional staff each year, year one starts with staff of 43.5 and year five calls for a staff of 99.5. Salaries are to be paid by HCC at a monthly basis and Qatar pays quarterly. So HCC (Houston Taxpayers, Students, State of Texas and maybe the Federal Government) is always fronting at least three month of salaries and other costs before HCC is reimbursed by Qatar (page 28, item 21 of the contract states "Salary will be: paid by HCCS to the faculty members on a monthly basis, according to the schedule outlined in Appendix 3. Here is the data as to the cost and reimbursement per the Qatar contract.

If one has been following Inside HCCS for a while, one would realize that Mary and her court like to live and spend lavishly using taxpayer monies, so their little venture to the Middle East was no different. Here is an invoice submitted to Qatar, notice the first class flights at $10,000, three of those air fares were for family members of an HCC employee [This kind of use of taxpayers money is prohibited by State Law and HCC policy, imagine that an employee needs a new car so she/he uses their HCC credit card to purchase it with the intent to reimburse the money, this but one example HCC there have been other instances where HCC credit cards were used for personal items or use, including paying phone bills] . One of the problems is where did the money come from for the first class flights and top notch hotels? HCC taxpayers paid for it when Mary and her court used Taxpayer issued credit cards for their own pleasure. Did HCC ever get reimbursed by Qatar for the costs? I have no idea and HCC ain' t talking. If the reimbursement for the lavish air fare and hotel were in the contract I missed it in my reading of the contract. If you look at Art Tyler's air fare it is less than the other first class air fare. If memory serves me correctly Art and Mary took the scenic trip to Qatar via Paris. Mary Spangler was there also but her air fare does not appear on this billing. I do believe that Mary and Cersei Lannister are very much alike. Cersei is one of the main characters in Game of Thrones.

From Dave's Cafe, here

"have been told that there are gag orders on ccq employees. also, new employees do not have contact info for current or former employees of ccq or other places. where would they get this info? this job discussion board is one of the best sources of info, but not many postings have been made by ccq employees. have also been told that ccq employees have been told that if any info leaks that is traceable to them, this will result in their being fired, very possibly on the spot. have also been told that this is not a transparent place of work where people share info freely and openly. also, emails and other communications are read, so people are afraid to share info. it's not a simple matter of contacting colleagues whose contact info is easy to get to explore what it's like to work there and to have open dialogues." Here is the link.

Inside HCCS has received several emails over the last two years stating that they (employees) are prohibited from communicating with the world and that the communication is monitored (at least at the time that the emails were sent). The employees explained the process that they used to circumvent the prohibition at the risk of getting fired, some of them did get fired at great financial cost to themselves and their families according to some of the emails.

Profits where are they?

I want to keep repeating that I seriously doubt that HCC is making the kind of profits from the Qatar venture as they claim. Open record requests for costs have come back as not being able to be addressed as they could not provide the costs for Qatar items, for example how much were they paying in advertising? At one time they had news paper advertisements, they had online posting with online firms. What is the cost of fronting the money? Let HCC post copies of the payments received from Qatar, let them post the cost of insurance, personnel, travel, etc and let us determine what profits exist if any. Like the Chevron Energy Contract, the HCC administration, pulls numbers from their bag of deceit and state believe us.

The History of CCQ, according to Judith Hansen, here.

Coming Soon

Coming soon the complete Chevron story, the one that was sent to numerous agencies to review. Chevron and Mary Spangler go back a long ways to Mary's days at Los Angeles California. Chevron at the time was Viron, here is an article from Los Angeles.


Little birds have whispered in my ear that the Chronicle will run a Qatar article either today or tomorrow.


One of for the bad guys

The administration was truthful when it stated that there had been no recent investigation by the department of education and no monies had been paid back.

This letter is in response to your e-mail dated February 14, 2012, requesting information pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 U.S.C. § 552.  Your requests were received in this office on February 14, 2012.  Your request was forwarded to the appropriate office to search for documents that may be responsive to your request.  You requested the following:

    • Supporting documents that Houston Community College had to pay back monies to the Department of Education of the Federal Government
    • Documents related to the Department of Education conducting an investigation of Houston Community College within the last four years.

Mary and the use of HCC credit Card

Accessories by Sherwood - $1,465.30

Amazon.com - $87.50

Carrabba's - $48.00

Vic & Anthony - $236.99

Damian's Cucina Italia - $88.00

Brennans Houston $112.00

Stop the abuse of taxpayers monies, stop the bonds


I will have to eat some craw, as it seems that Qatar was considered by the board, here are the agenda minutes. The minutes seem to give the Chancellor the authority to enter the contract. I said some craw because I can not find where they came back to authorize the contract after signing.

Here is a very large pdf file of HCC invoices (over 5 megs so be patient) submitted for payment to the Qatar government. I have yet to receive verification as to what was actually paid. A request for costs associated with finding employees came back unfilled as HCC was not keeping track of the expenses. I want to point out the initial costs were (are) being paid by HCC taxpayers and maybe some federal monies. Some HCC employees took their families on trips to Qatar first class (over $10,000 per person) those trips were paid with a HCC credit card. I have no idea if HCC was ever reimbursed for those costs by Qatar or the persons using the HCC credit cards for family members, travel, hotel, food, etc. (HCC has yet to produce the records for reimbursement). Regardless of whether HCC was reimbursed HCC credit cards are not for personal business. The use of HCC credit card for use for family members came from the top. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent sending HCC administrators to other countries to look for colleges public and private to enter into contracts with, this trips are with taxpayers monies. Tens of thousands of dollars are used to attract international students to HCC. HCC should be concentrating in its own backyard before venturing to other countries. Administrators have been allowed the use of HCC resources, name, and personal for the administrators own personal and company businesses all with the administration approval. iCEPS was formed by Art Tyler and Mary Spangler for a reason and I seriously doubt it was the public reason that their attorney stated. The problem was that Trustee Flores spilled the beans before they got a chance to do their thing with iCEPS. Ethics reform if actually followed will help if in fact HCC follows a policy. Trustee Chris Oliver actively solicited work from HCC vendors, per the Veselka report, was he punished, NO! Yet Trustee Flores who exposed iCEPs was censored by the Board, there is corruption, corruption, corruption at HCC. HCC has used taxpayers monies to buy off the Houston Comical (low priced prostitute), and other media outlets and agency with our monies. The District Attorney's office is one of those agencies where I believe that corruption between at least some of the DA personnel and HCC exists.

Here is one of those trips, in this case it is Dr. Cook who goes to India for sight-seeing and to explore partnerships with other colleges. Administrators at HCC have been traveling all over the world at our expense, STOP THE HCC BONDS. Go to page 11 for the reason stated, read the beginning to see how they play the game at HCC.


Who is the dishonest person, Mary Spangler or Carroll Robinson? I pick Queen Mary as the culprit, off with her head.

Below on 3.2.2012 is an email from Carroll Robinson that states that King Art and Queen Mary did not consult with attorneys prior (I maintain that the Board did not vote for the contract prior to signing) before King Art and Queen Mary entered into the contract. But, Chancellor Mary Spangler had this to say to Inside Higher Ed;

“The answer is simple and straightforward, frankly,” Spangler wrote. “According to our attorneys, Congress did not intend for Title IX to apply to activities outside of the United States. Thus it would appear that CCQ’s conducting classes separated by sex would not subject HCC to any Title IX liability because Title IX does not apply to operations in Qatar.”

Here is the link to the article, where the quote was found. "Straight forward , frankly" that made me laugh, I don't think Mary Spangler would recognize the truth if it hit her on the face. One can see Yaffee/Deutser work on the response from the Community College, spin, spin, spin, if one tells a lie often enough even the spinner begins to believe it and the audience will normally do so, at least the dumber ones, and the ones complicit in the crime or ethical violations.

Chevron Energy Audit

Here is a link for an RFP, recently King Art dug deep into his bag of deceit to come with some ridiculous figure of cost savings in regards to the Chevron Energy Savings contract, well I guess the Ship that Art and Mary built is developing a lot of holes as the audit is going out for bids, maybe it is just time for renewal anyhow, enjoy the weekend.

Complicity, Complicity, Complicity and some predications and rumors

Again I like to remind the readers that three Trustees who voted to oust Queen Mary and King Arthur, Yolanda Navarro Flores, Abel Davila, and Diane Olmos were attacked viciously by the administration and other board trustees. The administration and the rest of the Board has sided with the administration, the Houston Comical (Chronicle) has been there spreading rumors and lies for the HCC Board and administration. I have been in politics inside and out for over two decades, one always finds money as the root of the problem. I maintain that the trustees, that have been such strong supporters of Queen Mary and King Art, have benefited financially from the support. Heading the list is Mr. Transparency former Chair Richard Schechter who made it personal when he attacked my friend Yolanda Navarro Flores. We actually have two queens at HCC, Perez and Spangler. Well Perez the house of cards that was built will tumble during your administration of what fools call leadership at the Board. I can see the head lines Chair Perez who is presently running for State Legislature cannot explain her history of support for Mary Spangler and Art Tyler.

Bonds, Bonds, Bonds,

I predict that HCC will not get the support for bonds from the Partnership this time around as too many other entities want to go out for bonds, HISD, Metro, and the City of Houston. Of course the black eyes that HCC is getting does not help. Stop the HCC bonds to stop corruption at HCC.


Below is an email from Carroll Robinson.

The HCC Foundation in my opinion is one of the other schemes that Art Tyler and Mary Spangler have manipulated to their advantage. The question that has to be asked what if anything were the trustees getting in return for the protection of Art Tyler and Mary Spangler? The Board members went after the three persons that tried to vote Art Tyler and Mary Spangler out. Yolanda Navarro Flores, Abel Davila, and Diane Olmos. It now turns out that Art and Mary never even bothered to have the Qatar contract reviewed by an attorney. When will the madness stop at HCC? They then went after Gloria Walker to try to place blame for their wrong doing on other people. Anyone that cares about HCC needs to work to STOP THE BONDS, as when the money is not there to be shifted the hens will come home to roost and the foxes will be caught. I am really interested why Mr. Transparency, Richard Schechter, was and has been so protective of the King and Queen? RICHARD SCHECHTER I know that three of your friends, Deutser, Veselka, and Zimmerman have done well by HCC, my question is what has Richard Schechter received for loyalty and obedience? I want transparency answer the question Mr. Transparency. Anyone familiar with HCC knows that Art runs the show the others are puppets, that includes the vast majority of the Board.

Recently the HCC Foundation stole the Money that the Hispanics had raised for scholarships, I use the word stole because in my opinion that money will now be used to pay salaries that should be paid from monies that the Foundation raised.

Segregation of women and men is not the only problem with the Qatar contract. People of the Jewish faith cannot teach in Qatar, at least not to citizens of Qatar as that is prohibited by Qatar law. Here is a short video of King Art Tyler and Qatar.

Why I don't believe the Chronicle will look into the issues raised by Trustee Robinson

It is common knowledge among many people Yaffee/Deutser is one of the best PR companies that money can buy ($ 3 million dollar contract and I believe that they will also be in charge of the $800,000 educational advertisment that the Board recently voted for). I would not be surprised if the carrot, tens of thousands of dollars in advertisement, has been dangled in front of the Chronicle's nose. The Chronicle has ceased to be a newspaper. The Chronicle is now nothing but a whore that sells itself for money. Not that most of the other media are not whores they are just higher paid whores.

Carroll Robinson HCC Concerns


Qatar Revisited

Here is the contract with Qatar. I have highlighted some sections that are of interest. If memory serves me correctly, the contract was signed by Chancellor Mary Spangler without the Board having approved the contract. I believe that the Board never voted to approve the contract but may have ratified the contract by its actions after the fact. I have not found any minutes where the Board authorized the Chancellor, Mary Spangler, to enter into a contract with Qatar. I have visited with friends that used to be on the Board and they did not recall having authorized Chancellor Mary Spangler, to enter into such a contract. During the years that I have investigated HCC and its contracts (MOU, memorandum of understandings), I have found that Spangler entered into numerous contracts including sending an employee to France to meet with someone concerning an MOU, here. Another employee was sent to India in search of contracts, here. A company formed by Chancellor Mary Spangler and Art Tyler (iCEPS) was too close in time to the Qatar contract that it should have raised more concerns with the Board (I do not hide the fact that I believe that most of the Board Members are benefiting personally so I do not expect them to question misuse of taxpayers monies). If one goes here, go to Who told the lie, Richard Schechter or Larry Veselka? Read about Trustee Chris Oliver and determine for yourself whether there are things going on at HCC?

We have to stop the HCC Bonds as that is the best way to clean house at HCC, every HCC employee and student who cares about Houston Community College should be out there working against the bonds. HCC apart from the contract that they have with Yaffe/Deutser ($3,000,000) has just voted to spend $800,000 more for advertising, educational purposes, what that means is that they will start pushing the Bonds using taxpayers monies. It is illegal but very difficult to prove, but I intend to request that HCC provide the source of the data and the data (who gets the PR pieces). One can make a case using circumstantial evidence. I fully expect that the HCC Foundation (the one that will not let the BBB look at its work) to get involved also, as I have reason to believe that they were involved in the Spring Branch Election.

From the Rumor Department

One of the top California recruit that Spangler brought in may have seen the writing on the wall and tendered his resignation.

More on Chancellor Mary Spangler and her taxpayer credit Card

Jimmy Wilson's Seafood - $62.61

Cafe Le Jadeite - $87.78

Demeris Barbeque - $125.45

I would like to point out that there is no break down as to how many people or whether alcoholic beverages were part of the meal.



I received some reports that Mr. Transparency, Trustee Richard Schechter, stated that HCC had classes in the O' Quinn property. That was news to me as last time I went by there it looked abandoned. So can anyone tell me what classes are being conducted there and when did they begin? To be honest with you, Mr. Transparency, Trustee Richard Schechter, has been caught not being honest or not knowing what he does not know. Not sure which is worse a liar or a fool? During the Veselka Report Mr. Transparency Richard Schechter stated that he saw documents that did not exist or had ever existed.

Queen Mary, Chancellor Mary Spangler, and her ability to waste taxpayers monies on food and transportation and other royal treatments.

Reston Limousine - $945.00

Star Pizza - $195

Quizno's Sub - $217

Reston Limousine -$2,100


Link to an article from Qatar, there is no doubt as to what was expected from HCC. The media here in the States thus far has relied on the word of a person that may have problems with the truth. Art Tyler, Vice Chancellor, at least to some people claimed that he had won a medal for heroism. We asked for him to produce as there is no record that we have been able to find that indicates that Art Tyler ever won such a medal. In fact, Art Tyler, used to have a California State Trooper as a body guard as he was afraid, of who knows what. That occurred while he was in charge of a community college that was broke. The money for the body guard was out of the community college funds. A female Trustee, if I remember correctly, made fun of him for his bravery. I guess Art Tyler and Richard Schechter may have at least one thing in common, the inability to speak the truth all of the time.


Request Made and more on Mary Spangler and her merry ways

A request from the Department of Education regarding the use of Student Loans has been made under the Freedom of Information, but it may take over a month to get a response.

Stop the HCC Bonds as people like Mary Spangler are abusing the taxpayers.

Reston Limousine - $655.00

Michelangelo's - $209.00

CVS Pharmacy - $7.57 I could swear the use of the card reads like a personal debit card

From the rumor department

Rumors are that least one person has been placed on administrative leave while some agency investigates missing equipment. The equipment is supposedly related to the Chevron Energy Contract. I need to find a file that I compiled where I have all the illegalities that were a part of that contract. Here is a link to Mary Spangler and her connection to Chevron (go to 7.5.2011 on the page). I have copies of all the documentation but I need to recover it from the hard drive, the information was submitted to various agencies.

The Bond election may become harder to pass

It seems that a group from outside Houston will try to get same sex benefits for the City of Houston employees. This is sure to increase the number of conservatives that will be voting in November, does not bode well for the Bonds, that is good. But, it does not bode well for the Democratic Party Candidates in Harris County, that is bad.


The Saga of the Crazy College of Qatar Continues

All those years of English as a Second Language Courses that the students were required to take, down the drain. What are they going to do with the ESOL professors? Seems the University of Qatar will require that every course be in Arabic. What can one say when the Board of HCC is so busy greasing their hands or enjoying trips with Taxpayers monies that they let the Administration run amok. Here is the article where Arabic will be required. I want to thank the person who sent me the article. Here is Dave's Cafe take on it. In case one does not recall from previous posting, CCQ professors were required to give their passports to the HCC Gestapo. The toppling of corrupt tyrants takes time, but the time seems to be close at hand. The wining and dining of Carroll has commenced may he be able to ignore the call of the temptress.

I have obtained the address of the DOE and will be doing a Freedom of Information request to verify or disprove the allegations posted on yesterday. So if it is true the administration might as well admit it as the truth and high tail it out of Houston before they and the College get tarred and feathered. If true, one can put the blame on two people, Michael Williams and Richard Schechter. They may or may not have benefited personally but for sure their friends did very well.

From the Rumor Department

Rumor is that Lone Star has already struck a deal with Katy ISD and that Lone Star now has its eyes now focused on Spring Branch. Someone go slap the HCC Board wake them up to what is happening. Soon HCC will be the North Forest of the community colleges gobbled up by Lone Star.

Serious Allegations Being Raised by Faculty and Staff

The following is not verified it could be gossip but it did come from a person that has provided accurate information in the past.

1)  HCC paid $1.5 million dollars back to Dept of Ed (DOE) because Art Tyler told _________ and __ ______to have DOE "download pell money for people that never agreed to attend HCC"  since _____ has been ___ director.  If this is true, then where is this money coming from for Mary Spangler to repay DOE? If true where did the money go that was sent? My question.

2)  SACS found out that ______ and ______ & Art Tyler failed to notify DOE of the recent campuses that were added to HCC 2011.  This, I am hearing, cost HCC $1.9 million dollars that had to go to DOE.  ______ plans to move  to UH central before this gets out is the rumor. Students at the three campuses (Cinco-Felix Fraga-North Forest) will not get FA for Spring 2012 because of this error.   If true, who will correct the mistake and  make sure competent personnel are in jobs that do not mess over students?  Where is  Mary Spangler getting this money from to cover this fiasco?

3)  So is anyone investigating the problems at Coleman Health center where HCC  maybe loosing accreditation for its nursing program?  All the  faculty feel pressure because all health programs are in jeopardy.  Where is the $90,000  RV being  parked and not being renovated?  Being told that Mary Spangler & ______ & Art Tyler are  trying to find way to  get Board to approve her to fund renovation without bids.   Can Board do this or maybe they won't know until it is too late  like changes in employee  benefits:  changes  in sick leave  policy;   vacation accrual;  weeks of leave earned at 15 yrs-now twenty years  to earn four weeks;  paying for long term disability.  Faculty Senate resolution never  addressed to   "reverse  all of these negative changes"  as BTF members state they did not  agree to or approve these changes.  Mary Spangler presented as BTF recommendations.  So will Board ask the difficult questions and maybe have BTF team present recommendations on behalf of employees?

4)  Is there a labor law  violation when employees (staff)  are told they will work three 12 hour days (36 hrs) and then they must take vacation for the remaining four hours each week in the summer (July 2012) @ Coleman?

Of course HCC's take on it is always put a spin to it, What one does not not know can not hurt, here is HCC on Qatar. The media and blogs are having a field day with the "Crazy College of Qatar". Here is the articulation agreement that the CCQ (Crazy College of Qatar) signed with Qatar University. Take the news from over there for what it is, completely controlled by the government. At least here our media is controlled by the dollar and HCC spends more money on advertising than they do in providing programs that excel.

My take on this is that Art and Mary are at their best when they are explaining their failures which are often but normally hidden. If one had followed their comments through this episode one would not have come away with what HCC is now stating. I maintain that HCC has lost money in Art and Mary's little venture to the Middle East.

Other serious allegations have been brought by other employees who found themselves quickly transferred when they pointed out improper movement of money within various accounts. People at Main know that if they want to keep their jobs they have to keep their tongues from wagging. There are exceptions if one knows too much and one has it documented they may get mad at you but they will transfer you to a better paying position to keep one from talking and going to the police.

More on Mary Spangler and her credit card, bills paid with taxpayers monies

Hilton the Cafe Houston - $ 213.70

Ibiza Island concepts Houston - 435.10

Michelagnelos - $209.00

Stop the HCC Bonds


Mary Mary quite the spender with our money

Accessories By Sherwood - $641.26 wonder whose office or house we decorated

Demeris Barbeque - $276.40 Some of us eat well

Vic and Anthony - $ 2,689.91 that is a lot of food, I wonder if they had coke with it, or wine, I would bet that it was wine

Aramark Minute Maid Park - $ 1,460.00 wonder if they were the seats at the top

The reason for constantly writing how our monies is being spend and using titles like HCC Chancellor Mary Sprangle is so that Google will pick it up and be part of the top finds when people type certain words in. Our goal is to stop the bonds so that the treasury will be exposed as being bare.

Finally the truth about Qatar is coming out in the media

Here is a link to a story in the Chronicle about HCC and Qatar. Here is an update to that story and true to form Vice Chancellor Tylor was caught telling stories "Deputy Chancellor Art Tyler said in a recent interview that things now are running smoothly,". Over a year ago I wrote that HCC was not doing as well they kept telling those idiots on the HCC Board. Here is where Chancellor Mary Sprangler states that the college in Qatar will have accreditation "The Community College of Qatar will use HCC curriculum and be covered by HCC's accreditation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools."

Some like HCC Trustee Schechter probably knew but chose to keep it quiet. HCC has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in Taylor's and Sprangler's little venture to Qatar. The article is not quite true as to where the blame lies. HCC sent some incompetent people to head the little venture and lied to the people that were chosen to teach there. Vice Chancellor Art Taylor and Chancellor Mary Sprangler tried to keep the problems that were festering from the Board and as recently as a couple of months ago made a trip to Qatar to see if the problem could be resolved (I was told that Vice Chancellor Tyler took his friend the Chief of police, HCC. Why would the chief need to go? He didn't just abuse of taxpayers' monies.). There is still a contract that was signed by the Chancellor and approved by HCC Board that may come back to bite HCC taxpayers. Here is the Contract. On page 5 of the contract with Qatar HCC seems to be promising accreditation from SACS. While HCC may have collected some money we have no idea as to whether HCC made any money as they can not account for all their costs. HCC paid nearly $150,000 in travel and room and board for themselves, friends, and family over to Qatar to celebrate the contract. One family alone accounted for nearly $50,000. Here is the data.

The Sunday Paper has a much better article and details of what occurred at Qatar, not all quite factual but much better than they have done in the past. Here are some concerns that were raised here nearly two years ago. For the record at that time I was sharing my information with the Chronicle in hope that they would do some thing to help the employees over there. It still bothers me that the Jewish Community allowed the creation of a college where Jews are prohibited from teaching.

What this means that in all probability the end of the tyrant Queen Mary is at hand, but like all tyrants she will leave with gold in her coffers. I would prefer the fate that awaited Marie Antoinette.

That is not the only venture that HCC has lost money in, there is a long list of others. MOUs (memorandum of understanding) they like to call them.

I am glad that the Chronicle is finally doing it job of reporting news but for those of you that have kept up with Inside HCCS that is old news.

The real reason that HCC needs to pass Bonds, my opinion based on what I have found at HCCS, is that they have raided the treasury and need to do something before they find themselves facing a tribunal. That is my opinion. The HCCS Foundation also needs a through investigation, rumors are that they used money when they were trying to annex Spring Branch and I would not be surprised if they do the same for the Bonds. The stories I am told is that the people that run the Foundation are too close to the Chancellor.

My friend and HCC Trustee Yolanda Navarro Flores was raked through the coals and humilated by the other trustees (they are no where near her peers as they lack ethics and morals) because she dared raised the issue about Qatar. Yolanda you are finally being vindicated, may those others rut in hell for eternity.

More on Chancellor Mary and her merry ways.

Spec's Liquor Store #0 - $47.24 Taxpayers buying booze oh my

Reston Limousine - $3,880 must impress our Middle Eastern Friends

Vic & Anthony $167 rumors are that one can find Mary Sprangler there often after a hard day at the office.

Why we need to stop the HCC Bonds.

Below are expenditures from the Queen's, HCC Chancellor Mary Sprangler, credit card (the taxpayers pay for it).

Flowers from 1-800-Flowers.com, inc. NY - $134.20 - wonder who got the flowers?

Jason's Deli #177 - $311.58 - who got fed and why?

Counselor's are they getting shafted while the expert takes home the pork?

below is part of an email that appeared in my mailbox

There is still no plan for the demotion process called phase II of the “transformation process” scheduled for Sept 2012.  Many of the Counselors, especially minorities (25 blacks and 14 Hispanics counselors) which are long term Counselors (employees) will lose as much as $15,000.00 in phase II of the Pino “Transformation of Counseling/Advising” process.

So what should Counselors get in writing to put in a package to the Board so they can revisit if there are savings or not to the college.  Also if you have copy of Faculty Senate meeting where Art Tyler stated there were “no savings realized” from the “transformation process” and moving librarians to 10.5 months when the college has classes for 48 weeks of the year and the library must be opened, then did this administration lie to the Board?  Faculty should make presentation to Board and question this practice of cutting salaries of long term employees.  Administration must and should show justification, in this tough economy that this is what the institution stands for.

Has the college (Pino) shown the liability to the Board of requiring Counselors to be LPC when the institution is not set up to deal with mental health issues of the many students that currently are attending HCC with appointments and medicines?

Where is the data to show how many ADA students HCC currently serve?

When students currently need mental health counseling, aren’t they referred out since there are no facilities and staff to set appointments to determine and issue medicine as treatment?

What about the number of veteran’s that will be attending with the numerous healths (mental and physical issues from the war)?

Presentations needs to be made to show the plan and how HCC will deal with liability of offering mental health services to the many that are at the colleges and and will come.  Where is the data and will it be presented to the Board before Pino and administration move on the phase II of the “Transformation process”.

It is always the little people that get the shaft while the big guys take home the pork. HCC has two Chancellors making over half a million dollars a years combined and still use taxpayers credit cards to stuff their faces at taxpayers expense, while the guys and gals that work with the students are made to do with less, such is life. The middle class in America is being destroyed.

Bye, bye Miss American Pie, Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry ...

Bond elections are won in the minority communities as the west side almost always vote against them, what will be interesting is the political players that will endorse the bond package because they (politicians) almost always make a deal to benefit from the passing of such elections. It is no coincidence that this year (presidential election) was picked as they know that there will be a higher turnout in the minority communities.  The devil is not dumb. The big players always take care of themselves when the economy is hurting they use the public trough to feed themselves.

If one thinks that the politicians are not shafting the American citizens read the following. When big businesses convince the politicians to allow free trade it means that manufacturing jobs will soon go elsewhere and it is not because of the pay. Apple saves about a dime on each phone made in China.