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(notice that Lone Star places great emphasis on the professors, HCC on administrators and executive secretaries (one sec. makes in excess of $144,000)

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Qatar Billing

Loredo Invoice

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To Paris to meet with ???

Below is an invoice that shows an HCC employee traveling to Paris to meet with some one that has a contract with HCC, that in itself is not a problem. The problem occurs because one of the auditors questioned what was being asked for reimbursement.

You will see a hand written note indicating that Art Tyler authorized the payment for the hotel bill, the hotel bill included the HCC employee and probably her family. Edward Hegstrom is her husband.

I am curious if Art Tyler the medal of heroism winner who feels fear at the words of an elderly slightly pudgy Latina Board Trustee will man up to what is written there. I think it will become a pissing contest with the HCC employee saying yes he said it and Tyler saying no you misunderstood what I said. Anyhow enjoy what you see below and wonder what it must be like to travel all over the world at taxpayers expense. With the occasional take your family with you paid for by the taxpayers.

Will be out of town for a while.

Leave you with some thing to think about, the quote below can easily be applied to what is occurring at HCC at the present, with going out to borrow on a yearly basis. Like Stanford and Madoff with their ponzi scheme it will eventually all come down.

I will begin to go over the line items on 2009-2010 budget by HCC. Here is the line item budget.

"On the surface, it's reminiscent of the problem Greece had with its unmanageable federal debt early this year, which shook world markets, ended a global rally in stocks and ultimately led to a $146 billion bailout by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund. Greece spent more money than it took in for years, papered over the gap, and essentially became insolvent when it could no longer borrow the money needed to finance its debt. "



Mary and Art Go to Qatar

Qatar Abuses by HCC

Chris Oliver & Missing Money

Letters From Qatar

Does not pass smell test

Going To DA

Noose Tightens

Ft Bend gives $25,000

Ft Bend Ranking goes from 6 to top

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