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Should Mayor Annise Parker have filed a disclosure/Conflict of Interest?

Inside HCCS asked the City of Houston for all disclosure filed by Annise Parker from 1999 to present.  The City had six disclosures on file. The latest disclosure was filed on December 2002. Here are the disclosures.

On February 18, 2009 while Mayor of Houston, she voted to approve the following Agenda item, here.  The Agenda item designated certain properties as Historical Landmarks.  One of the properties that was listed was the house that she owns with her partner of over 20 years.  Here is the agenda item.  Here is the notice that Annise Parker and Ann K. Hubbard received from the City.

Are there benefits to having a building designated as a Historical Landmark? Here are  two benefits of having a building designated as a Landmark, 1) The City of Houston may grant a tax exemption ... 2) reduced building permit fees.  There are other benefits, here, is a document that lists the benefits of having a building designated as a Landmark.

Inside HCCS checked at the appraised values of the houses that are immediately next to Mayor Annise Parker's house and found that all of them were appraised at a higher value than they were five years ago.  However, Annise Parker's house was appraised at a lower value.  Did Annise Parker benefit from having her house designated as a Landmark?

Did Annise Parker violate the law by failing to file a Conflict of Interest?

The incident above is but one instance and may only be the tip of an iceberg, there are many other instances where Inside HCCS believes that the Mayor of Houston should have filed Conflict of Interests and should have abstained from voting on an agenda item.


The Tax Man Cometh for Ronald Green (City of Houston Controller)

Sept 8, 2003 State Lien, here

March 23, 2005 State Lien, here

April, 11, 2005 Release of March 23, 2005 State Lien, here

June 24, 2009 IRS Lien - $38842.62 - here - tax year 2002

July 7, 2009 IRS Lien - $81200.49 - here - tax years 2003, 2004, and 2006

Nov 20, 2009 IRS Lien - $140585.96 - here - tax years 2007 and 2008

June 12, 2006 $188,000 loan - here

June 30, 2009 $508,000 loan - here

On July 26, 2013 Inside went and pulled copies of the tax liens that were filed by the IRS on residential property belonging to Ronald Green (City of Houston Controller) and his wife Hilary Green (JP Precinct 7, Place 1). Inside did not find where the IRS has filed a release of the liens.  In 2009 according to this article, Ronald Green owed $120,043.11 in taxes at that time.  Inside found that Ronald Green now owes the IRS over $260,000. Ronald Green stated in 2009 "I hope to have this resolved in the next 30-45 days.” Four years later the IRS liens are still not resolved. In 2012 Ronald Green salary with the city was $140,000 as a Justice of the Peace his wife had a salary of $120,000. Ronald and Hilary Green also have a law firm, here.

While Ronald Green has been neglecting his tax obligations, he did manage to get himself in the news because of his travels, here, at the expense of taxpayers monies. Ronald Green response to the interview about his travels can be summarized by this statement " As the City of Houston's chief financial officer, he said it is in the best interests of the taxpayers that he travel and represent his interests.  That includes re-financing city bonds ..." Harris County Judge had this to say about traveling for bonds, " Harris County Judge Ed Emmett said traveling for bonds is not necessary.  Emmett said in this day and age of teleconferencing, there's no need to travel."  Source Fox News

Ronald Green and the Con Man

In 2012 according to the Houston Chronicle Ronald Green testified on behalf of a former neighbor and convicted Con man who stole 23 properties, built homes on them and then  scammed buyers into buying homes built on stolen properties. The Con Man helped Ronald Green  when Green was closed to losing his house to foreclosure. Somehow Ronald Green managed to get a half a million dollar loan to help finish remodeling his house based on a contract where the Con Man agreed to do the renovations for less than half the amount borrowed.

The House

Ronald Green House

The image above, google maps, shows what the house looks like now.  One would have to wonder how someone close to foreclosure could have obtained  a half a million dollar loan. At the end of the renovation Ronald Green would have had more than enough money to pay off his IRS liens ($300,000), why didn't he pay them? Image is from google maps

Ronald Green's house is the largest and this writer would consider the most beautiful looking house in the block but it is only appraised at $183,473.  The house has 4,942 square feet, and somehow has managed to keep the same appraised value of $183,473 for five years straight. In 2008 when Green borrowed the half a million dollars the house was appraised at about the same as it is this tax year.  The closest house in size to where Ronald green lives is appraised at $306,109 and has 4,600 square feet.  A similarly appraised house of $182,231 (same street) has 3,438 square feet, 1,500 square feet less than what Ronald Green's house has. That house is rated as average in Quality where as Ronald Green's house is rated as good. Appraised values are from the Harris County Appraisal District

Houston can do better

Politics is not for the weak hearted but some candidates and or their supporters will cross a line that is just plain distasteful. Below is email that circulated when Ronald Green was running for controller.

Ronald is running a tough race against Pam Holm, a member of the Republican Party of George W. Bush who was responsible forJames Byrd’s dragging, but even worse M.J Khan a knownMuslim.
This really disturbs us because we must never forget 9/11. Just this year in Buffalo, New York, a Muslim executive beheaded his wife after she filed for divorce.

While we are not saying that he will be head his wife: we are highlighting the fact that he believes in such atrocious activities. Here is an excerpt from the book which MJ worships from: “Believers (Muslims), take neither Jews nor Christians to be your friends….- Sura 5:51
We cannot entrust Houston’s finances to MJ Khan. The only safe choice for Controller is Ronald C. Green. Please join our leaders in Going Green for Controller! source


Shame, Shame, Shame on you Ronald Green


City Knee Deep In This

Is the City selling Palm Center? Carroll Robinson, City Officials, and other government officials  met with a large group of people regarding the sale of Palm Center to a developer. According to people that were there the crowd was so upset that they started booing Carroll Robinson.  According to sources Carroll Robinson was with the developer that may interested in purchasing the property. As a result of the meeting the following email has been circulating, the author of the email is Charles White (Charity Productions)

To All Civic Club Presidents, Homeowner Associations and Community Groups
The election in November 2013 as all elections are.   Please read the information carefully many of our elected officials apparently have no use for taxpayers other than a cash cow obviously they would prefer for us to just keep voting them in office, which has been the pattern for the past forty years.   We may change that starting in 2014.  As many of you know we are putting the finishing touches on a vote them in or vote them out campaign for 2014 ---  The past and current conditions resulting from electoral representation has been poor - we hold these truths to be self evident -- look at any data sheet in housing, economics, jobs, health, education and crime we have some-timey leadership with no solutions or I should say they have solutions for everything but what is in their district and constituents.  Our problems are so old and consistent that we are labeled and having unmet needs government receives funding to fix the problem but no fix, no dent in fixing -- just keep the money coming and the party line  -- we are fixing and we are studying the problem.    
Please pass this on for others to review and make up their own minds about how corrupt certain poly - tricksters ARE?  See at the Community Caucus II (a data driven presentation from several studies done on the black community by professors) and the Breakfasts  (we will be broadcasting live).

  • Houston Independent School District - Financial scandal
  • Houston Community College - Financial scandal
  • Metro Politian Transit Authority - Financial scandal
  • City of Houston - Financial scandal


All of the levels of government have had a track record of double talking tax payers particularly in the last twenty five years - makes no difference of ethnicity. 

The talking heads or elected officials met with a surprise at a supposed to be song and dance smoke and mirrors meeting last night --- to discuss the rumor about Palm Center being sold to a developer.   

 A board member from HCC, a representative from the OST triz, Metro's representatives were hiding and disguised, state representation and federal representation all making the usual disclaimers but the game was up on the elected officials. Citizens awakening

 The city is in this knee deep and cloaked.  High drama -- Read the data on how the HCC board members are OUT OF CONTROL WITH TAX PAYER DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Pass it on  and you decide



Whether picking on persons for putting signs on city right of way, Eric Dick, or making a big to do about something minor like setting up a Special Purpose Political Committees (SPPC). The Office of the Mayor is a weapon that Annise Parker  uses to reward friends and punish perceived enemies and opponents.

"If the Stardig and Hall campaigns’ reports on Oct. 15 (the next deadline) show violations, Feldman said, he would consider taking action..." source Houston Chronicle

Ben Hall is not the first person to set up a SPCC, William "Bill" White had one for years here is one of the SPCC campaign reports.


Here is the complaint that was filed with the Office of Inspector General regarding the incident. The Office of Inspector General is under David Feldman. It was much more than a joke. Annise Parker uses her office to punish her enemies and reward her friends. There is much more on how she rewards her friends in the future.


Pay to Play

Hear about the terrorist that hijacked a 747 full of lawyers?  He threatened to release one every hour if his demands weren't met.

He must have released them all in Houston as 237 lawyers/attorney contributed to Annise Parker's campaign. 185 engineers donated to Parker's campaign. Close behind were the real estate/developers with 162 donating to the Parker's campaign. Far back of the pack were the architects only 43 of them donated to Annise Parker's campaign. Below are the $5,000 contributors, here is the same list as a PDF (larger font).

Abate Wolde-Kirkos
Adrian Patterson
Alison Baumann
Allen Becker
Amber Mostyn
Andrew Pidgirsky
Andrew Segal
Aranganathan Seshadri
Arthur Schechter
Barbara Nau
Barbara Winston
Barrett Webster
Barron Wallace $5,250
Barry Goodman
Barry Silverman
Bart Duckworth
Betsy Griffin
Bobby Dixon
Bradley Freels
Bryan Jordan
Carlos Gutierrez
Carrin Mauritz Patman
Carrin Patman
Cathy Celauro
Chinhui Juhn
Cindy Barcley
Cornelia Long
Curry Glassell
Daniel Arnold
Daniel Lynch
Darryl Carter
David Aldridge
David Farris
David Swope
David Weekley
Dawn Miller
Debra Davis
Dee Mosbacher
Demetrius Navarro
Dianne Avlon
Don Langston
Doris Taylor
Drayton McLane
Edmond Wulfe
Edward Allen
Epifanio Salazar
Erin Patterson
Franci Crane
Frank Liu
Fred Eychaner
Fred Griffin
Gay Roane
George Martinez
George Pontikes
Giti Zarinkelk
Greg Compean
Haley Webster
Harry Kirk
Herbert Stewart
Ira Mitzner
Jack Miller
Jacob Sudhoff
James Crane
James Derrick
James Dannenbaum
James Hormel
James Linsley
James Schoelpple Outdoor Advertising

Janet Harrell
Janice McNair
Janiece Longoria
Janis Ahrens
Jasmeeta Singh
Jason Yoo
Jeff Gerber
Jeffrey Scheick
Jeffrey Vogler
Jennifer Jordan
Jesse Jones
Joe Gonzalez
Joe Hudson
John Avlon
John Carter
John Chiang
John Demby
John Guajardo
John Nau
John Eddie Williams
Joseph Chernow Texas Taxi Inc
Joyce Newstat
K. Hassenflu
Kase Lawal
Keith Oden
Kendall Miller
Kenneth Bohan
Kimberly Sterling
Lance Gilliam
Larry Whaley
Lillie Robertson
Linda Chau
Linda Compean
Louis Jones
Lynn Wyatt
Malene Dixon
Mark Lorance
Mark Lupher
Mark Wawro
Marla Gerber
Martin Fein
Maureen Campo
Max Watson
Melanie Gray
Melinda Hildebrand
Meredith Long
Michael Ainbinder
Michael Carter
Michael Holloman
Michael Zilkha
Mike Garver
Mindy Mitzner
Monica Ibarra
Monzer Hourani
Murry Bowden
Nancy Allen
Nancy Kinder
Nijad Fares
Nina Zilkha
Paul Dobrowski
Paul Celauro
Paul Kwan
Phoebe Tudor
Ramesh Gunda
Ray Davis
Reed Morian
Richard Campo
Richard Cortez

Richard Kinder
Richard Seitz
Robert DeWitt
Robert Konopka
Robert McNair
Robert Schultz
Robert Zollars
Roger Plank
Texas Taxi PAC
Texas Taxi PAC
Ronald Ansin
Russell Hardin
Sai Sreerama
Sandy Oden
Sara Morgan
Scott Wizig
Sheridan Williams
Shirley Dannenbaum
Stephen Sheldon
Steve Harter
Steve Mach
Steve Mostyn
Steven Lerner
Steven Mitzner
Suzanne Harter
Terryann Basford
Thomas Arndt
Tianru Song
Tilman Fertitta
Truman Edminster
Val Carter
Vincent Kickerillo
Virginia Mithoff
Wanda Lynch
Wayne Ahrens
Wayne Fox
William Dickey
William Harrison
William Hill
Willie Jordan
Zachary Martin
Zeina Fares
Zhuo Chen
Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, LLP
Allen Boone Humphries Robinson  LLP
Baker Botts Amicus Fund
Chiang Patel & Yerby, Inc. PAC
Cobb Fendley PAC
Comcast Corporation PAC
Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund PAC
G & A Investments
Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund PAC
Greenberg Traurig PAC
HR Green PAC
Human Rights Campaign PAC (Homosexual PAC)
IDS Engineering Group
Landry's Restaurants PAC
Linebarger Goggan Blair, & Sampson, LLP
Locke Lord Bissell & Lidell, LLP
Locke Lord Bissell & Lidell, LLP
Mischer Investments, LP
Municipal Intelligence Group, LLC
Page Southerland Page LLP
Rocket Ball, Ltd.
Plumbers Local Union No. 68 PAC
Teamsters Local Union 988
Vinson & Elkins Texas Political Action Committee



Annise Parker's Negative Campaigning Begins

The following comment came from an article in the Houston Chronicle, the comment had nothing to do with the article in question.

"The expressed concerns of cronyism, corruption in contracting, need for reform candidates above reproach, etc., certainly appear appropriate for Houston's Mayoral race even more than HCC. Renee Byas has NEVER been accused of or connected to such. On the other hand, wasn't one Mayoral candidate supposedly made to resign from position of City Attorney under Mayor Lanier for same or similar antics? Any HC investigation/editorial planned regarding that? The City of Houston, even more than HCC, certainly needs trustworthy leadership, not 'false' leaders (or their 'groups') allegedly known for or connected to compromise, corruption, contracting schemes, cronyism, etc."

The writer, an Annise Parke supporter, is referring to this story in the Houston Press. The writer of this article was there in a position to know what was happening and it ain't so. Bob Lanier was the mastermind of many of those things that Brian Wallstin writes about in that story. Bob Lanier wanted to be the most loved Mayor in Houston and went out to buy support with taxpayers money. Lanier endorsed Annise Parker in 2011, saying that "he ... thinks that having a lesbian mayor is good for the city because it projects an image of tolerance and diversity." The truth about how Lanier ran Houston can best be found in this article by Wallstin. Wallstin gives Parker too much credit as a fighter as Parker has always been one that tends to sit on the side lines and quarterbacks after the game is over.

"Council can, at any time, request additional information or backup," Hartgrove says. "That's Council's responsibility."

That explanation, according to Councilwoman Parker, is "total bullshit."

It is not bullshit, any council member or their staff can ask questions, tag the items if necessary until the questions are answered. The problem with Parker like too many other Council Members is that they treat the position they hold/held like it is a part time job. It is a part time job and it is not uncommon for the council members to continue to hold a full time job while they play as Council Members. The only Council Member that this writer recalls that was actively involved was Helen Huey.

As to Wallstin's statement that Parker is the one that cares about "Freedman's Town" this quote best describes Parker's concern about the 4th Ward. " Mayor Parker screws 4th Ward again" the quote comes from this article.

Parker's Top Contributors (pay to play)

Lockwood, Andrews & Newman PAC - $10,000

ESPA, by way of employees and owners - $25,000

Bracewell & Giuliani, by way of PAC and employees - $22,200

Dannenbaum Engineering - $30,000

Lesbian Victory Fund - $10,000

Linebarger, Goggan - $12,500

Sanchez Oil & Gas Corp. - $12,125, may be two different Antonio Sanchez that gave $3,000 each, if the same person would exceed the $5,000 limit

Shell Oil Company, by way of employees - $9,525

STOA Architects - $3,500 One person C.C. Lee, those of you that have followed INSIDE may recognize the name

The Ainbinder Company - $10,000 two persons named Bart and Michael Ainbinder

Vinson & Elkins - $23,000 employees and PAC

$10,000 Contributors

Andrews & Kurth

Texas PAC

Annie's List PAC

Bracewell & Giuliani, LLP

CDM Smith, Inc. PAC

EMILY's List Federal Fund

Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P. Texas Committee

Greater Houston Builders
Association (HOME-PAC)


Houston Apartment Assocation Better Government

Houston Contractors PAC

Houston Associated General
Contractors PAC

Houston Police Officers Union PAC

Parsons Corporation PAC

TSC Fund

TREPAC/Texas Assoc. of
Realtors PAC

There were

205 - $5,000 contributors;

118 - $2,500 contributors;

308 - $1,000 contributors;

248 - $500 contributors;

410 - $250 contributors:


Annise Parker administration lacks transparency

Excerpt of the Texas Watchdog story follows, for the entire story go here. As an example INSIDE today sent out several requests for information. Houston Community College and HISD responded before the end of the day. The City of Houston has not responded acknowledging that a request was made. The City is taking almost 60 days to provide public information data. What is the Mayor afraid off?

"A Houston Airport System official who withheld public records against the advice of city lawyers and then lied to cover up her misdeed was never sanctioned or disciplined, public records show.

Maria Fink, assistant director of human resources at HAS, prevented the release of certain personnel records for an airport employee as required by state law and violated other city policies in her dealings with a subordinate, a 2010 investigation by the city's Office of Inspector General found. According to correspondence from the city on a public information request earlier this year, "there are no records of disciplinary actions" following that investigation.

It's hard to tell if Fink's case is an isolated one. No one at the city contacted by Texas Watchdog was willing to address if there are any penalties for violating those policies.

Airport Director Mario Diaz and Eric Potts, who was interim director at the time, declined to comment.

Mayor Annise Parker, who once claimed that her administration was “trying to be much more accommodating” to open records requests, also declined to comment."







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If you are aware of government waste, fraud, or abuse contact us at the address above or email us. Provide as much information as possible so that Inside can look into the matter. We will keep the information confidential as allowed by law.

OIG Complaints

Annise Parker and Ann Katherine Hubbard income tax returns (Itemized Deductions) for 2006 - 2008. Source Texas Watchdog

Salaries below are from the Texas Tribune

City of Houston Salaries

Harris County Salaries

HISD Salaries

HCC Salaries

Lone Star Salaries

Pasadena City Salaries