Republicans who have joined the Traitor/Trump

There are many Congressman that have joined Trump in attacking the FBI. Those persons primarily Republicans are guilty of Obstruction the same as Trump and before the investigation is over they will be charged with engaging in a conspiracy against the United States.

Only criminals would work against the police, the FBI is the police in the Trump investigation. Why would they be scared of an investigation. The same people would tell people to open the door if they don't have anything to hide. So what could they be hiding? Only a full scale investigation without Congressmen such as Louis Gohmert from Texas attacking the FBI will give us a fair and honest result.

Who is Louis Gohmert? He is a member of the Tea Party that until recently was one of those that wanted to something about the federal debt. We now know that was a lie as he voted for a bill that will increase the national debt by at least 1.5 Trillion Dollars.

He was a judge and one can only hope that he did not hate police as much as he does now.



Dark Money Spreads Lies

In today's Houston Chronicle the following full page ad can be found. Who exactly is saying thank you Brady? Well, it is dark money and it is coming from none other that an extreme right wing Republican organization.



While the country drowns in debt the Republicans are giddy about the biggest debt increase voted for in the history of the United States. Here is would a Harris County "Conservative" website has to state about it.



Day Has Become Night

Never Thought I see the day when Democrats would be in tears about a tax cut.

The losers, future generations!



Why are people attracted to Fox News?

"A former Oregon Christian school teacher was arrested after being accused of having an affair with a 15-year-old student that lasted for more than a year, authorities said Monday.

... Baber was booked Friday at a Douglas County Jail on several charges, including sodomy, rape and contributing to the delinquency of a minor ...

“Andrea has always felt called to work with youth and is very excited that God opened the door for her to be part of the Logos team,” her biography said ..."

I guess her God also told her to open something else, but give credit where credit is due, sex and naughtiness attracts people to watch and or read. Source


Porn Watchers will be effected by Net Neutrality, they will have to pay to watch according to Fox. Here





Finally, what I have been stating for years

For years I have been stating that the Democratic Party here in Texas was its own worse enemy. Harris County Democratic Party is even worse, the same corrupt individuals have been in charge. They pick and choose whom they want and anyone they don't like because they are not "Liberal" enough they try very hard to malign, or prevent from running.

Those people are fricking crazy, most has been divorced, changed partners, and still do not realize that you won't have too many people agree with everything you agree with, so you compromise and move forward one step at a time.

This coming year there is a chance to make history to turn Harris County Blue if they don't Screw it up. But any how to finally from Texas Monthly;

:The Texas Democratic Party may be the most inept political organization in the country. You’re probably familiar with Texas Dems’ litany of woe, but it bears repeating, if only to admire the sheer breadth of it. They haven’t won a statewide election since 1994. The most recent defeat, in 2014, when all the Democrats in statewide races lost by at least nineteen points, may have been the worst yet. It’s been more than three years since that blowout, and the party looks just as moribund now. .... "



Paperless People

Went to visit family in Corpus Christi, while talking among family someone said that their husband loved Trump, because he was chasing away all the illegals so he finally had some decent work in construction. Keep that in mind why many Chicanos do not care what happens to the paperless people. If my ability to support my family was in construction I would probably feel the same way. But they are not in competition with what I used to do to earn a wage.

But this left wing blogger can't see that if the Dreamers and the other paperless people want to stay in this country they have to get actively politically. I know several families that are paperless and who have children who were born here. Those kids are over 18 and don't vote.

Paperless folks will have to work for the help they want, that means working to get people out to vote for Democrats. Not that Democrats love paperless folks but they notice that many of the brown folks that look like the paperless people vote for Democrats. The paperless people can't be like the Catholic Church asking for limosna. Or if you prefer like the drunks that stand in the street corners asking for money.

But if you think that by targeting Democrats that did not vote to close down the government (Indirectly) they will get what they want then below is the list of them. Click on the image to take you to the blogger's site.

If you want a fuller version with less hysteria then the blogger who printed list and more facts, here it is from Slate.



Democrats can try to convert the idiots from the right, but they should quit trying. The key to winning is getting people out to vote. La verda según Manuel

But let us not forget the Greenies, they seem to have gotten completely out of shape because their beloved leader may have worked with the Russians. They rather act like spoiled little Trumps than to do something about it, here.



Night Has Become Day

Never Thought I see the day when Republicans would be cheering a deficit of 1.5 Trillion dollars. Just so you will know how many zeros that has $1,500,000,000,000

The losers, future generations!



What Fox News has become - a cesspool of wickedness that would put Sodom to shame. This is the reality that the former Republican Party of family values has become, a part of the Fox network and the wickedness that it represents. This is what "conservatives" watch and listen to. I am sure that there are decent persons there, but are too afraid to speak out. From CNN this;


The Republican Congress may also be responsible for the Amtrak train derailment. Here


La Verda Según Meme


The Truth According to Meme

Need proof that Trump and the Republicans are the children of Satan? Look no further that yesterday's stock market drop. God is sending a message. 666

Harris County Republicans condone, infidelity, sexual assault, molestation of children, here. Would you believe that they claim to hold the moral high ground?

Republican Party is going full communist, here is how it begins. I keep stating that Trump and the Republicans will be the death of Democracy in America. Here is how Trump and the Republicans will begin the take over of companies.

Harris County Republicans want to make America white again. Here

Harris County Republicans advocate for warrantless searches of our homes. Here

Harris County Republicans hate Brown people so much they are always looking for something to place blame on all of them. Here


The New voting laws, the poll tax brought back



I know that the people that think that Trump's shits gold will not even bother to consider that Trump is beholding to the Russians. The Russians are attacking Western Civilization and the Trump supporters are standing by or willing allowing the destruction of this country.

From an article;

"Multiple-hackers-have-pleaded-guilty-and-confessed-to-attacking-America-under-orders-from-Russia … And they attacked both France their recent Presidential elections …. And also Germany. …” Source

It is a long article but if one reads it, one may come to the conclusion that either the right wing zealots are either working with or using the Russians to bring about the destruction of this country. One could imagine that they will seek to raise a Fascist nation of white male dominance.


Want to Puke

Sometimes I read something that just makes me want to vomit in disgust. Today it was this article from a blogger from the Right.

I am not a Defender of the Houston Chronicle Editorial Board, but when someone goes out of their way to try to mislead people of what has just happened with the Tax Cut that was passed a response is necessary, well at least I think so.

Take out the wallet comment, don't bother taking out your wallet because about half of Americans won't get any money back. Those that have insurance through the ACA will have to pay a lot more, that is not money in your pocket, that is money for big business and very rich people like Trump they get a 15% tax reduction while the average American gets a 1% reduction. Remember that what the Trump Party gives today they will take away tomorrow, but for the very rich they get to keep it forever, the word they used, "Permanent".

One more comment they claim that Tax cuts are pro growth and they point at Reagan, well former President George Bush was right when he called it Voodoo Economics. But here is a comparison of growth with the Clinton tax increase and the Reagan tax cuts.

First it is a tax cut and about half of Americans will get some money back, but most people won't even notice that they are getting more money. But that tax cut for the vast majority of people will come with much more in costs, as the Trump Party is already stating that they will have to cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security because of the huge deficit that they have voted on. Many of those budget saving costs will passed down to local and state governments to make up the difference. That is one thing that Republican/Trump Party is good at, misdirection of shifting the need to raise taxes to local governments.

It is a tax cut for the VERY RICH, make no mistake about that. Even the Trump loving Fox has stated as much, here. Is it any wonder that the blogger quotes the WSJ? Besides now that the Russian loving Australian owns the WSJ it has become as unfair an bias as Fox. It is losing print customers that is why it is now offering one dollar a month to try the WSJ and working hard to get digital subscribers.


Meme is the nickname that I would prefer, but it has been hijacked, so I have resorted to using Manny, a nickname given to me by Robb Todd (Former City of Houston Council Member) back in the early 90s. Real name is Manuel but when one runs for office in a country where one is considered a stranger, if one does not possess a name that does not sound American he or she limits the number of votes one gets. My looks betray me as being Mexican, but all that means is that I look like many Native Americans. Could be because I am about 40% Native American according to my DNA. The rest of me is White, primarily from Iberia and the Mediterranean, the Roman-Greek side of the Mediterranean.

For years I had a blog called Inside HCCS when I quit blogging I was getting close to a million hits a year. I plan to start again, within the new Inside-HCC. The old name had been bought by a porn site. Just came to mind that it would lend itself to a porn site, "Inside".

This site will be about politics, my own bias personal opinion of politics here in Harris County, Texas. But I do not limit myself to one county, there is a big world out there.

Who are the Political Bloggers in Houston

There are probably many more but the ones that seem to have the most to post or re-post are:

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