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Tony Garcia (on Chris Oliver)


The interviews are all courtesy of the Veselka Report

If one takes the time to read the interviews, one will see the pervasiveness of the amount of corruption that exists at HCC. Let us take what Art Tyler was claiming to have occurred as true. The question immediately arises as to why did it take a year after it occurred for them to become concerned with it? What Art Tyler was claiming had some truth to it, but what he left out is that he (and Mary Spangler) were the ones advocating for the energy contract with Chevron. Read the Renee Byas interview, or the Neeta Sane interview.

Read Tony Garcia's interview, the Lindon Rose Interview, and the Renee Byas interview and ask yourself why was Chris Oliver not the focus of the investigation? Ask yourself why was Chris Oliver only given a slap on the hand and Trustee Flores was censored. I read all of the report and interviews and there is nothing there that suggests that she did anything wrong. I have heard rumors and they are rumors that Chris knows too much on too many people so they have to protect him (I cannot prove it, but why do they protect him?)

Mary Spangler (read her interview)reminds me of Ken Lay and Allen Stanford. The people at the top never seem to know what is happening at the bottom so they claim.

I will close by taking a poke at the Houston Chronicle, the lap dog of HCC. Why has the Chronicle taken what HCC gives them and run it as if it is true? Why does the Chronicle do character assassinations without doing a thorough investigation? I maintain that the Chronicle has become a low price whore for ads, buy their ads and get the stories you want.