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vote NO to men in women's bathrooms - November election 2015

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From the Chronicle

"But HCC's track record of shady contracts and kickbacks should have people thinking twice about giving the college any benefit of a doubt.

In fact, former acting Chancellor Renee Byas recently made claims about the board's bad behavior that now sound oddly prescient. No, we're not talking about the supposed fistfight that broke out during a closed HCC meeting when one trustee accused another of accepting bribes. Rather, it is her claim that three trustees were involved in a scheme where they would convince the board to buy property and receive 10 percent of the purchase price as a kickback."

The photo on the right was taken at about the time the land was purchased. Dave Wilson sued HCC to try to stop the purchase. While he did not succeed as they changed the method of payment. Everything that Dave Wilson claimed about the property was true, so now HCC has about $9,000,000 sitting there no longer even being fertilized by the cows that used to kept there. Another property that was bought and is now being used for storage after just sitting there for year is the O'Quinn property that is located in the area of the Medical Center. At the time the Board Chair lied that it was being used for class rooms. Are there kickbacks who knows but as the Chronicle alludes to it sure smells fishy.




Beyond belief, when you think they can't get dumber, they do!

The HCC Board excluded Trustee Dave Wilson from a closed session where they were allegedly discussing Dave Wilson's activities, "Wilson said the board's attorney told him regents were meeting about "possible adversarial litigation." Source Ben Wermund

Possible adversarial litigation, what does that mean in legal mambo jumbo? Well it probably means that the HCC Trustees were discussing filing suit against Wilson, maybe discussing censoring him. The latter being the most probable, censor him, he has been a bad boy for exposing possible criminal activities.

Let me see if I get this right, the same "regents", ooohh fancy term, just settled with the former acting chancellor for close to a $1,000,000 (Million Dollars) to end litigation. That same acting chancellor had alleged that three trustees were getting 10% kickbacks on real estate deals, let me shout that, THAT SAME ACTING CHANCELLOR HAD ALLEGED THAT THREE TRUSTEES WERE GETTING 10% KICKBACKS ON REAL ESTATE DEALS! Does that sound fishy to anyone that they want to maybe discuss censoring a trustee who is concerned about excessive payments for real estate?

The former acting chancellor had alleged that two trustees had gotten into a battle of fisticuffs because one trustee accused another trustee of the kickbacks (the real estate kickbacks alleged by the former acting chancellor). Does that not make the actions of the Board Chair seem a little fishy?

It makes INSIDE wonder why the Chair took it so personally, quotes from the Board Chair, that would be Zeph Capo. 1) Capo later said, Wilson "has made himself an adverse party to institutions and leaders," source. 2) "We're not buying for immediacy, we're buying for the future. We're buying to figure out what's going on over the next 20 years at this campus," Capo said. "Maybe it is worth it for us to say we have thought this piece through ... that we'll be able to hold it for future expansion."

Let us address those quotes from the Board Chair, Zeph Capo. Number 2) Mr. Capo where are the studies to support your investment theory, growth potential, population trends. You know things that intelligent people would want to look at to make 20 year projections. Even assuming that you were correct why would HCC be in the real estate investment business paying more money than what real estate may be worth? Let us look at HCC past history by studying what happened with the McGregor property. You know the one that HCC bought, sold, and bought, They paid millions more the second time they bought that property. Great investment for the other side. But then again when it is not your money to waste, why care? Right Mr. Capo? That property in Fort Bend county that y'all traded was for a lose also, wasn't it? Is that your idea Mr. Capo make other people rich with taxpayer's monies? HCC, Mr. Board Chair, would not be my choice for selecting properties for investments based on their past history of buying, selling, and trading properties.

Number 1, Wilson has made himself and adverse party? How is that Mr. Capo? I am at a lose to explain why a Board Chair would even make such a statement. There are no logical explanations that I can come up with. I have some thoughts as to why, but those are better left inside my head.


Trustee files criminal complaint over HCC land deal-Chronicle

Houston Community College officials broke the law by paying millions more for a former Conn's store than the building was worth, trustee Dave Wilson alleges in a criminal complaint he filed  Wednesday.

The building is one of several properties HCC has spent millions on in recent years and has no plans to use. The school has purchased more than 240 acres of land since 2010, and dozens of those properties remain undeveloped.

HCC spent $8.5 million on the Conn's store in February -- a price based on the second of two appraisals the college commissioned. That price was $3.2 million higher than the original value assigned by the same appraiser in November.

The higher appraisal assumed the college would lease the building to Tesla Motors for five years, although a letter of intent for the lease referenced in the appraisal was never signed. Tesla never agreed to the deal, and the college has yet to find a tenant.

According to Wilson's complaint, Chuck Smith, HCC's chief facilities officer, told trustees that HCC was getting a second appraisal because the first was not high enough to satisfy the owner. Rest of the story

I image there be a few people that may have trouble sleeping this next and maybe the next.


Trustee files criminal complaint with DA over $8.5 million HCC land deal - ABC 13




Will remind people that bastion of Transparency the HCC Board Chair, Zeph Capo is quoted as stating "It is a good investment. Since when has HCC made investing in property their Mission Goal? Educating Students, increasing enrollment, investing in property?



INSIDE can stand aside and let the big boys report on some HCC's wrong doing. I am glad that this site has served as research material for some of the reports that have recently aired or been written. I am particularly proud of the Houston Chronicle as they seem to finally realized that their primary job is report the news and hopefully do research to expose wrong doing.

Looks like three HCC Trustees will get a bye, as it looks like no one is filing against them.



INSIDE is not the only one that thinks that HCC wanted to keep BYAS quiet

Among the topics Byas claims she discussed with federal investigators, according to court filings:


– That one HCC trustee (whom she doesn't name) took free trips to places like the Caribbean with an HCC vendor on said HCC vendor's private jet.


– That three trustees “entered into an agreement with an individual that the three Trustees would convince the HCC Board of Trustees to buy property from the individual and, in exchange, the three Trustees would receive 10% of the money that HCC paid to the seller.”


– That (and here's the kicker) “during a closed session meeting an HCC Trustee had accused another Trustee of accepting bribes and kickbacks and how the accused Trustee started punching the accuser.”

One is left with a bad taste in their mouth wondering if the persons who supported the settlement were afraid that the corruption that they engage in was going to come out if the trial proceeded. Only one trustee voted against the settlement and that was Dave Wilson.

Was Zeph Capo the one taking those trips? We know that he likes to travel using other persons monies, here is a story on one trip before he became a trustee.

Was Eva Loredo so concerned about what she had done? She is one of those persons that was mentioned by Renee Byas.

Or Neeta Sane who made sure the investigation of Carroll Robinson was stopped on its tracks? What could she be hiding if anything?

Adriana Tamez?.

Chris Oliver, one only has to read about him on INSIDE.

What does Robert Glaser get out of the settlement if anything?

Shabazz, why did she support it?

Sandie Mullins? She is presently running for City Council.

The Renee Byas settlement leaves a very bad taste.

From ABC 13




Adrian Garcia "Son of legal Immigrants"

Why did Adrian Garcia think it was important to claim that he was the son of "legal immigrants"? He has stated in the past that his parents came here legally, his father was a "Bracero". Something about the story just does not make sense, it could be true but it does not make sense. The Bracero program expired in 1964, so why did Adrian's Garcia father have to wait in line to come back legally? Adrian Garcia was born in 1960, supposedly in this country.

I can say this much while his father was coming here to work, my father, his brother, and my mother's brother were fighting for this country. My father and his brother fought in the Pacific and my mother's brother was fighting in Europe. I am glad that his parents and family got here, however they did. But Adrian Garcia needs to remember that we should not climb up the ladder on the backs of the down trodden nor of fellow Latinos.

Adrian Garcia states in his story that they came in a station wagon, I know for a fact that in the 1950s there were not too many Mexicans that could afford cars. Maybe Adrian Garcia could tell us what bridge his family crossed so that at least this writer can do a search as to the validity of his family crossing via station wagon.

Why did Adrian Garcia fight so hard for Safe Communities? Why was his office deporting more people monthly then any other department in the United States?

Why has Adrian Garcia supported Iran-Americans over Mexican Americans?

Why has Adrian Garcia supported homosexual Euro-Americans over Mexican Americans?

Something about Adrian Garcia does not smell right, and this is coming from a former radical that fought for Latino rights in the 1960s and 70s and believes that we should not be crabs and be pulling each other down.

I am the son of a father would walk the streets to get people to buy a poll tax so they could vote. The son of a father who supported the Texas Farm Workers on their march to Austin and the Capitol in Washington.

The son of a father who was very active in the G.I. Forum. The son who stayed up all night with his father to watch the election results when John F. Kennedy was elected president.

Something about Adrian Garcia does not smell right!

Nor would I support someone who would allow men to go into women's bathrooms, showers, and other facilities where a man would be undressed in front of my wife, daughter, or granddaughter. Adrian Garcia supports men in women bathrooms.

"Adrian Garcia enacted nationally celebrated policies, going beyond what is required by the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex inmates.


Adrian Garcia made it possible for transgender inmates to dictate which facility, male or female, they would enter; introduced disciplinary measures for any Sheriff’s Office staff who used derogatory terms against LGBT residents and inmates; required jail staffers to honor transgender prisoners’ chosen names and gender pronouns, and prohibited pat-downs and other searches performed for the purpose of determining a person’s birth gender." Source


Adrian Garcia was promoting homosexual rights while deporting "Latinos" one person that I know was a woman who had just given birth. She was arrested because of an argument with a neighbor. Her neighbor did not want to press charges but that did not stop the cops from arresting her and Adrian Garcia deporting her. Her months old child was left without a mother. That is the type of man Adrian Garcia is.

Adrian Garcia could allow a prisoner to remain in the following conditions;

"Shards of Goodwin's orange uniform were hanging from the ceiling light when he was found, photos show and according to whistleblowers, who also described that the cell was filled with piles of Goodwin's feces.

His sink, toilet and shower drain were clogged, not just with feces, but with toilet paper in an apparent attempt by Goodwin to cover his own waste and with orange rinds, perhaps in futile effort to mask the smell.

Also revealed at the Friday press conference was that members of the jail's medical staff were aware of Goodwin's condition in the cell during the weeks he was locked inside." Source


Adrian Garcia would allow such as the above to occur, while promoting his homosexual agenda in the county jail. That is the type of man that Adrian Garcia is that he allows an African-American prisoner to be treated as such while he panders to the homosexual community. Politics over rights, that is Adrian Garcia.

Yo soy Manuel Barrera and I approve the above message.



From the Rumor Mill

Rumor one has it that Art Tyler is coming back to HCC as Chief of Staff or in the alternative Rumor two has it that Cesar Maldonado asked Tyler to come over because Maldonado wanted advice on buyouts. Wonder if it is the same Art Tyler that is a faculty member at Walden University?


Did Renee Byas have solid evidence of Trustees on the Take as she alleged?
Makes one wonder if HCC is seeking settlement to protect Trustees?



Homosexuals will say anything to win. If you listen to the short video pay attention to what Lane Lewis says. Lane Lewis is a candidate for City Council, Democratic Party Chair in Harris County and a homosexual. One may wonder why I would refer to him as a homosexual? How one is perceived is important. Look at the guy to right, that would be Isiah, what can we tell about him? Well he is Black, once we see a person or hear a name most of us have built in biases, it could be short people, white people, brown people or black people, it is a rare person that is not bias against something.

By the way only one of those person would have no recourse if they discriminated against him. That would be Dave Wilson. Lane Lewis could claim that he was discriminated against because of his sexual preference. If both Mr. Wilson had competing companies Mr. Lewis would have an advantage because he could get jobs as a minority vendor.

Nor have I forgiven Mr. Lewis for shutting the doors on DREAMERS who went to talk to the Harris County Party Chair, that would be Mr. Lewis.

Now that we have basic understanding about Mr. Lewis pay attention to what he says. It is important as he throws out all kinds of figures that are just not true. Why does a person have to resort to fibs? As to the number of complaints, Lewis states that only four percent had to do with LGBT issues. According to the Chronicle Lewis is not telling the truth;

"Since the ordinance went into effect, 11 complaints have been filed with the city, five of them alleging racial discrimination, five alleging LGBT discrimination and one claiming gender discrimination, according to Houston's Office of Inspector General. A settlement was reached in one of the five LGBT cases, and the gender case was closed due to insufficient evidence." Source

As to the no instances of someone pretending to be Transgender to gain access to women, let us debunk that lie also.

  1. A biological man claiming to be ‘Transgender’ so as to gain access to and prey on women at two Toronto shelters was jailed “indefinitely” last week after being declared by a judge a “dangerous offender.”Source
  2. Transgender fetish is the largest sexual disorder reported in convicted sex offenders.(4) Almost 100% of convicted sex offenders have a documented history of transvestism, crossdressing, free-dressing, Autogynephilia, transsexualism – in other words: TRANSGENDER.

    60% of convicted sex offenders have Transgender fetish as their primary paraphillia (a parapillia is a psychological sex disorder). Of the remaining fetishists, such as pedophiles, rapists, etc., 60% of those sex offenders have Transgender fetish as their secondary parapillia, in addition to their primary disorder. Finally, 40% of convicted sex offenders have Transgender fetish as their tertiary (3rd) fetish among multiple disorders. Transgender sex disorders are the leading indicator of criminal sexual behavior. Source

3. Just north in Dallas we have a Transgender that murdered a six year old girl, Source.

4. Then from a state up north a man dressed as a woman sexually assaults a boy, Source


FOX 26 News | MyFoxHouston 


The Lunatic Fringe

Annise Parker, who happens to be a Lesbian, calls over 22,000 people the lunatic fringe. Last time I checked homosexuality is more likely to be considered abnormal behavior. Go to seven minutes 30 seconds or listen to it all, it is entertaining this week. Her eyes looks like they need rest, either lack of sleep or crying because her signature ordinance may be voted out. If we are lucky we can get 3 to 5 of those council members who supported the ordinance to also leave with Parker, she is term limited but we can vote out, Robert Gallegos, Mike Laster, David Robinson, Richard Nguyen are probably the most vulnerable.




Dave Wilson wins in court

At approximately 5 pm this afternoon, Dave Wilson served Anna Russell (City Secretary) with a Writ of Mandamus. The Writ order Anna Russell to start counting the signatures on the Charter Amendment Petition submitted by Dave Wilson on July 9, 2015. The petition is to define "Sexual Orientation". By passing Petition men who look like men will not be able to legally walk into a woman's bathroom or shower.

Annise Parker has to be the least transparent and tyrannical Houston Mayor in recent history. People reacted to her tyrannical ways when she broke her promise that she would not use her office to promote homosexuality. This is the first battle of many to come throughout our country to reset our moral compass.



Breaking News - The referendum on the ERO Ordinance will be on the ballot

The State Supreme Court ruled today that the people of Houston will get to vote on the ERO ordinance passed by Annise Parker and the seven dwarfs. Here is the opinion of the Supreme Court.

I can only say that is the best news that I have heard today, possibility the worse mayor in the history of Houston will see her signature ordinance placed on the ballot. We will see how all those council persons who support men in women's bathroom and showers react. Let us hope that there will be persons who believe in traditional values who will step and challenge those council persons who do not believe that the residents of Houston deserved a vote.


As Enrollment Declines, Maldonado and Trustee Sane are concerned about Indians,
People from India
- Could their involvement with this organization have something to do with that?

No wonder enrollment is down, the leadership at HCC has other concerns. Thanks to a source this organization the US India Skills & Education Council (USISEC) was recently brought to the attention of INSIDE. Two of the members are none other than the Chancellor of HCC and Trustee Neeta Sane. INSIDE has no idea if Houston Community College makes any money out of the deals, MOUs. An MOU is like a contract so there should be monies involved as most things in this world are not free. The other question is do Maldonado and Sane benefit monetarily from the endeavor? The Houston Community College Trustees need to make sure that everything is above board. Did the Chancellor tell the Board that he was the president elect of an organization that was promoting teaching skills that may be imported and cause greater loss of American jobs? Did Neeta Sane vote on the Indian endeavor? If she did was she required to file a disclosure? Seems that leadership change at HCC has not worked out for the best of the Houston Community.



Houston Mayoral Candidate Ben Hall and his wife Saundra will hold a news conference Thursday afternoon at 1:30 pm to throw their full support behind the voices of 22,000 Houstonians who are systematically being denied the right to vote.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker has chosen to ignore petitions calling for an election on the city charter to define gender.

“Let me be clear. My family proudly signed the petition, and no one has the right to trample upon this constitutional right” says Hall.  “How dare this Mayor turn her back on democracy, again.” “This is America and people have died for this right.”

Hall rejects the absolute hypocrisy of Houston's career politicians.  

“They love getting on TV to call for voting rights, but all of a sudden they sit silent because they don’t have the courage to see the results of democracy. They are more interested in currying political favor than doing what government is obliged to do. I am taking a stand.” The real question is why haven’t the other mayoral candidates taken a stand?

“It is unwise and unsafe to have ambiguous laws about the definition of gender. This isn’t a gay rights issue. This is about public safety. We cannot have a law that could be exploited by sexual predators who dress up as women to gain access to places where all wives and daughters are supposed to feel safe.”
“Whatever the results, Houstonians deserve to vote period.

Saundra Hall will share her very personal and emotional experience as a crime victim at the age of 8 years which will help explain why the Hall family is so adamant about this issue.

News Conference scheduled for 1:30pm at 530 Lovett Blvd. Houston, Texas 77006.

The Hearing will be held on Friday, July 24th at 9 a.m. Civil Court 270th, 201 Caroline. Dave Wilson has asked the supporter of the right to vote to please support him by appearing on Friday showing their support. Wonder if Ben Hall will be there?




No wonder HCC can't recruit students here in Houston

They are using our best and brightest professors to train students from India, Qatar, Mexico, Brazil. Here is an article of the Chancellor in India signing an agreement with a private company. I am surprised that Lone Star is there, the influence of the Partnership must be extending. Beware Montgomery County soon you will be run by the money people from Houston.

Question for Zeph Capo, Board Chair HCC, Union President

Those skills that the Indians will be learning are those union skills? Are those jobs now being performed by unions? They already outsource and bring in people with certain skills from India, Vietnam, South America where do you think those skilled foreign workers may wind up working? Mr. Capo some people have claimed that you are smart, are you? How many foreign born teachers does HISD bring in? Are those foreign born teachers likely to be union members? If you are smart Mr. Capo, learn to think not just in the past and present, but the future. An article out of the past, Mr. Capo to refresh your memory.

Question for HFT union members

Why do you have a president who is out to destroy unions?

The Voters meet Mr. Hamilton's expectations (The masses are asses)

We have voters who approve bonds while enrollment is declining. Minorities are not too bright either (This writer is a minority, but claim an exception, one could disagree). Will make an exception as to the Asians. They vote but more importantly they give money. to the minority candidates so they have puppets in the Brown and Black communities. Look at the Adrian Garcia campaign report and see how much money the Asians gave him. People give money for a reason, same reason you pay for something you want, no difference. Here is a link to the City of Houston Campaign Reports.


HCC Campaign Reports

Here are the Campaign Reports for Eva Loredo and Art Aguilar. They both have about the same amount of money on hand, however, it seems that Art Aguilar has been promoting himself.

Person running for Sandie Mullins spot is John Hansen. He has lent his campaign $5,000 dollars, here is his report.. Rumors have it that the Chancellor Cesar Maldonado recruited him to run.

Sandie Mullins is running for City Council interestingly she seems to have need of photography, consulting, and promotion right at the end of 2014. If one were a skeptical person, one would think that Sandie Mullins was trying to circumvent the City of Houston rules on how much they could transfer to the City Campaign. Here is her report.

Here is Adriana Tamez campaign report, I don't believe anyone is running against her.

Here is Carolyn Evan Shabazz campaign report. She did not seek to raise any monies. Maybe no one is running against her? Shabazz replaced Carroll Robinson.


HCC 2015 Fall Enrollment

The information that INSIDE has been getting is not good for HCC, enrollment is anticipated to be down somewhere between 10-20% from last year. Typical waste of taxpayer monies, building buildings for students that do not exist and have never existed. When Carroll Robinson and Richard Schechter were out there claiming that HCC was busting at the seams it was a lie. HCC has never had that many students.

So what is the problem? One of the problems that HCC has is that they don't think, maybe they can't think, who knows? Maldonado may be way above his league but may not have met the maximum level of the Dilbert principle.

"The Dilbert Principle around the concept that in many cases the least competent, least smart people are promoted, simply because they’re the ones you don't want doing actual work. You want them ordering the doughnuts and yelling at people for not doing their assignments—you know, the easy work. Your heart surgeons and your computer programmers—your smart people—aren’t in management. That principle was literally happening everywhere."


I have a granddaughter that recently graduated from HISD. Her parents live in apartments and have used my mailing address for years. My granddaughter did not receive a single letter from HCC, other colleges and universities constantly were sending her information, but not HCC. It does not take a genius to figure out that it would be much easier to enroll local students. But HCC is so smart, they are going to India to recruit students or who knows why they are going. Are those Indian students going to count toward enrollment, if they are in India? They will be like the Qatar students. Spending HCC taxpayers monies chasing who knows what. When is HCC going to learn that they need a good product now.

HISD is now seeking to change state law that would allow HISD students to take more than three hours at any community college other than HCC. Here is the article from the Chronicle. Let me spell it out for the stupid minorities on the Board, at the rate of the enrollment decline and the constant bad publicity, well deserved in some cases, HCC will soon become irrelevant and will go the way of North Forest Independent School District.


Mayor's Debate

Communities United for a Greater Houston-Part 1



Part 2




Pope Francis - Capitasim the "Devil's Dung"



ABC 13 - Gave out its' Shame Award for Transparency, guess who was number 1?

 If you guess HCC you would have been correct.

Number 2 was the City of Houston.

INSIDE has often pointed out that those two organization are the worse transparent government agencies in Houston. It has gotten worse under Cesar Maldonado, and the City has suffered under Annise Parker.


Did former Sheriff Adrian Garcia Lie?

When former Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia said he was kept in the dark by his top deputies about a mentally ill inmate found in a trash-filled, feces-littered cell, he was not telling the truth, according to an exclusive ABC-13 interview with Garcia's former chief deputy.

The interview with former Chief Deputy Fred Brown, who oversaw jail operations under Garcia, casts doubts on Garcia's claims that he never knew about the deplorable conditions inmate Terry Goodwin was kept in until Ted Oberg Investigates began asking questions about Goodwin in September 2014.Source

Well, one could easily come to the conclusion that former Sheriff Adrian Garcia has trouble telling the truth at worse and at best is what one blogger called a flip flopper or worse.

Then you have those persons who seem to worship the ground in which Adrian Garcia walks on. The guy that wrote the above referenced article considers himself a champion of Latino causes. Wonder why he doesn't point out that Representatives Valle, Hernandez, have endorsed Turner. Wonder why he never pointed out that Adrain Garcia was deporting thousands of Latinos?

Some People Just don't like Dave Wilson

Note carefully Wilson’s inability or unwillingness to follow simple instructions, something that is a common occurrence with him. Again, though, actually getting to be part of the parade wasn’t his goal here. His goal, as always, is to get attention for himself and to paint himself as a poor persecuted victim of official oppression. It’s what he does and what he has done for a long time, with the same obsessive zeal as any stereotyped RPGer or fantasy sports fanatic. One might be tempted to feel some pity for him if he weren’t such a loathsome slug. Source.

Wonder what he was thinking when the Saint Patrick Parade did not allow homosexuals in the Parade, were the homosexuals wanting to walk in the parade loathsome slugs?

If it is wrong to exclude homosexuals from the St. Patrick Parade it is also wrong to exclude people like Dave Wilson from the homosexual parade.

Let us Hope that Donald Trump does run for President





Man Got Balls

Dave Wilson has entered a float in the Gay Pride Parade promoting family values.

Mr. Wilson has been described as;

Houston Bigot, here.

Homophobe, here.

A white anti-gay activist, here.

Houstonians for Family Values is going to have a float in the parade.  We are going to be promoting traditional marriage between one man and one woman.  I will be participating in HFFV’s float.  If you know anyone who would like to participate with us we would glad to have them.

Thank You

Dave Wilson


On White pretending to be Black

If a person who has all the tools that a man has can claim to be a woman why can't a person who looks white claim to be black?

Rachel Dolezal isn't the first white person to self-identify as black in the public eye. Mark Stebbins, born to two white parents, according to ABC affiliate KXTV in Sacramento, California, told people he was black as a City Council candidate in Stockton in 1983.



Good News for former HCC Officer JohnJay Portillo

Officer Portillo received a favorable decision on his F5 Hearing.

Congratulations are also in order for attorneys Armando Lopez and Yolanda Navarro Flores who put in many hours preparing for the two day hearing. HCC spent hundreds of thousands of dollars defending the F5.

I was informed that Officer Portillo was so happy that he could not hold back his tears. Here is a posting by Officer JohnJay Portillo regarding the F5 decision.



City loses at the State Supreme Court

It does not look good for the City as to the "Rain Tax". I for one am glad that we may soon quit paying that darn tax. I did not support it, but could have lived with it if the City was not misusing the funds. The City is now paying over 500 employees with the funds raised by the rain tax. They have built hike and bike trails with it and neglected the infrastructure that was to have been fixed. Simple things like pot holes were allowed to remain and only when the media started pointing out the terrible condition that our street were in the City start doing something about it. Here is the conclusion of the State Supreme Court decision;

The City did not adequately describe the chief features—the character and purpose—of the charter amendment on the ballot. By omitting the drainage charges, it failed to substantially submit the measure with such definiteness and certainty that voters would not be misled. Accordingly, summary judgment should not have been granted in the City’s favor. We reverse the judgment of the court of appeals, and, because only the City moved for summary judgment, remand to the trial court for further proceedings consistent with this opinion.

Here is the opinion in full.

If it comes down between Jeb v Hillary, Jeb has my vote





INSIDE often states that the Great Houston Partnership is the one in control of HCC. No less than the Houston Chronicle stated such in an OP Piece.

"To its credit, the Greater Houston Partnership is bird-dogging this board effectively."


Something else that was interesting in that article is;

"What muddies things further for us is the proposal by first-term HCC board member Carroll Robinson that a planned national search process to replace Spangler as chancellor be dropped in favor of naming the acting chancellor, Renee Byas, as the new chancellor.

The reason given by Robinson, a former at-large Houston city council member, is that the search process is too expensive - and anyway, the most qualified candidate is already on board in the person of Byas.


Robinson's sudden concern over expenses does not square with the costly decision to buy out Tyler, which he supported. That money could have been saved by keeping Tyler as a watchdog on contracts at this crucial moment."

So what happened between Carroll Robinson and Renee Byas that muddied the waters and set one against the other?

Could the Greater Houston Partnership have been behind that? The Houston Chronicle certainly was not in favor of keeping Renee Byas, this is what they wrote.

"Renee Byas has served HCC ably as an attorney for the system; she may turn out to be the best candidate. But to win the race, she should first have to run it. The expense of making a wrong choice to fill the chancellor's position far outweighs the costs of doing a proper search. As we watch all of this unfold, we can't help but express the concern that the board is building a Trojan horse in an effort to return to the bad old days when board members operated individual fiefdoms."

Others have found out what INSIDE has known - HCC is anything but transparent

Here is article from ABC 13 Houston. Excerpts from the article, below;


"The HCC brass wants Wilson to sign a letter that explains the lawyer's opinion is attorney-client privilege and saying that if Wilson spills the beans he's subject to a felony.

Wilson shot back his own letter telling the college he won't sign the letter and demanded the college's lawyers stop making him jump through hoops for information he should be able to see.

Wilson is elected to make sure your money and resources are spent wisely. You may not like him and the college system's administrators may not like him, but it's his elected position."

Make no mistake, Zeph Capo is the Greater Houston Partnership's boy. They got him elected for a reason and that reason usually has to to with money. Money for members of the Partnership that is. They are like hungry pigs never satisfied, they are already looking to push for another HISD bond election.

HCC Disgruntled Employee

The statement below has been modified some to try to protect the employee, make no mistake the Maldonado administration may be worse than the Tyler administration. Employees protect yourselves, the only trustee you can trust at the moment is Dave Wilson.

"I thought I worked for an outstanding educational institution. I thought we had an outstanding board of trustees that made wise and educated decisions when it came to the welfare and prosperity of the college and its employee.

I am extremely disappointed. What was your thinking with you hired that Dr. ??? Is destroying people’s hopes and dream and LIVELYHOOD the only thing she’s good at?!

Send her back to where ever you found her… OR … let her Latterly MOVE YOU around wherever she wants to and keep you from advancing your career and force you to retire before you’re ready!

I’ve been with the college over 20 years and in xx years in my current position, which I LIKE.

I am really happy where I am. The department I work for has a good team, we support each other and we work well together. In fact we have one the most outstanding department in the whole college. My director is pleased with me and my job performance and doesn’t welcome all this disorder.

I am labeled a Secretary II because no one in HR would advance my position to an office manager, per my boss’ request. He was told he didn’t qualify for one. Now that they are doing all this stupid Internal Lateral Transfer crap, ONLY to appease BEATTY, they are qualifying him for an office manager and I can’t apply for the upgrade because I’m labeled a Secretary II. HOW STUPID IS THAT?!

Does she not have to answer to anyone? Can she just wreak havoc throughout the college at will, with NO one watching? NO one caring? Disgruntled employee,"

INSIDE believes that she may be under order from the head honcho Maldonado, he is bringing in people that will do his bidding, he wants complete and total control of the institution.

Is the Greater Houston Partnership out to destroy HCC? Is there goal to replace with a super community college like Lone Star? HCC is the only institution where minorities have control. The Partnership does not like uppity minorities that ask too many questions or do not do their bidding.

Affirmative Programs - great article from the past

The war of words got under way with a series of articles by Forward Times news editor Ed Wendt naming supposed African-American insiders who have profited from affirmative action under Mayor Bob Lanier. Among those fingered by Wendt were Defender publisher Sonceria "Sonny" Messiah-Jiles and her husband, Jodie Jiles, an investment banker whose employer, Bear, Stearns & Co., performs work for the city. A county appointee to the Sports Authority, Jodie Jiles is at least on the margins of Lanier's inner circle and for a time even had his own desk and phone in the mayor's office.


The Forward Times characterized Messiah-Jiles's newspaper as a mouthpiece for privileged blacks who had used their political clout and connections to the Lanier administration to benefit from the city's Minority, Women and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program, while deserving minority businesses were cut out of the action. Here is the article.

HCC has an affirmative action for white males, two of the top positions were never advertised, but two white males are now there. There may be others that INSIDE is not aware of.



A step in the right direction for Art Tyler

JUNE 5, 2015 — City College Chancellor Art Tyler was suddenly and summarily demoted today, in a move that didn’t surprise insiders who say he had been on the rocks for a while.

Most of the community seems pleased with the move, although it was made by the state chancellor and the special trustee without the consent (or even the consultation) of the elected Board of Trustees .... Meanwhile, it’s not as if things will improve instantly – Lamb inherits Tyler’s senior staff, including President Virginia Parras, who was hired out of Houston, where Tyler used to work with her, for a job that some say was never necessary in the first place.

So why did Harris and Lease fire Tyler (and make no mistake, the guy was effectively fired, moved to a much lower profile job that he will probably leave soon)?

Here is the article.

Now when will the HCC Trustees do the right thing and show Maldonado the door? Please make sure that all of Tyler's, Maldonado's and the Greater Houston Partnership's people go at the same time as it is time that HCC starts becoming relevant again.



Michael Berry calls young blacks "Jungle Animals".

Remember when Michael Berry was pandering to the African American Community when running for City Council? Well now he considers young black persons as "jungle animals". This is the same Michael Berry that was caught at a homosexual club. See his response below. It is amazing what those so called conservatives will believe. I still have trouble understanding how someone can believe that the world was created 10,000 years ago. We either believe in science or we don't. Michael Berry does a disservice to the community when he promotes racism. Here is a nice little article about Michael Berry.




Beware of Zeph Capo Bearing Messages

Two faces or is it forked tongue - from a post on Brave Site- do not trust him with real names or numbers.

Zeph Capo
Apr 23, 2015 - 11:49PM

Feel free to send over any data you have to support inappropriate spending. We often see the final numbers from a higher level. I have a private fax number if your concerned about an email trace. 713.979.9202.
I can tell you we want to see efficient and appropriate use of our tax dollars. I don't






Progress in Texas





Congressman Al Green what is he good for?

  1. He shows up all the parades
  2. He shows up at news events to show his face
  3. He shows up at veterans events, when the media is there

However Congressman Al Green is useless when it comes to helping people in need. I contacted his office with a simple request, give us information as to when FEMA will meeting with familes whose homes were flooded. In the alternative can you have a FEMA representative come to our neighborhood and meet with the families whose homes were flooded. There were about 150 homes that had severe water damage. Congressman Al Green did not even have the decency to respond to the email.

Former Congressman Ken Bentson is missed, he was the best congressman we have had represent us, unfortunately we now have a lazy person as our congressman, that would be Congressman Al Green.

A few images from the flood




HCC owns nearly 200 properties, are they in the real estate business? here (HCC master list)

There Master Transformation Map - read the whole thing typical BS stuff, here it is.

HCC building a 56,000 Sq Ft, building at 1990 Airport Blvd.- guess they follow the philosophy that if you build they will come. Time will tell but it is easy to spend other people's money.

Made me laugh - To stay relevant as a higher education institution, Houston Community College seeks to develop a framework of technology, content and processes to continually collect, communicate and act on data and insight gathered from Employers and Alumni. I Guess HCC is assuming that it is relevant? Kinda interesting as they have been in business for over 40 years and now getting around to finding out if what they are doing is right. I think that is the mentality of the new chancellor who thinks that minority students belong in work force not universities, after all he did come from such an environment. The comment about relevant came from an RFQ.



Protective Orders-Protective Orders-Protective Order

Once again HCC is asking for a protective order on a request for production. Why so much secrecy? Byas is only asking for information from 2013 to present. Maybe they should have asked from an earlier date, January 1, 2012 to present. The reason being is that there were persistent rumors that HCC was using taxpayers monies to promote the bond package. A logical vessel for use of taxpayers monies would be the friendly PR people that get over a million dollars a year to promote HCC. Did HCC engage in such a practice, who knows but they certainly have a lot to hide.

In fact one has to ask why a community college has to spend millions of dollars a year of taxpayers monies on lawyers. By the time they finish with the Renee Byas case they may spend in excess of two million dollars on attorney's fees. HCC is between a rock and hard place for instance if they settle does that mean that Eva Loredo, Neeta Sane, Chris Oliver, Carroll Robinson, and Dave Wilson engaged in manipulating Renee Byas to get their buddies contracts?

Here is the request for production for which HCC is seeking protection.

It won't change overnight!

The quote that follows is from the HCC Board Chair;

We are working on it. It won't change overnight and we are still suffering through the consequences of the past. There is light at the end of the tunnel and things are improving. Leadership is moving in the right direction. I try to focus on both system issues and our neighborhood issues. Even small changes like our work at Davis HS to increase student access adds up. Transformation is in process and I hope tangible change becomes increasingly more visible. Please feel free to share areas of concern that we should also focus upon. Zephcapoforhcc.com.
Zeph Capo

The Greater Houston Partnership People, Zeph Capo, Neeta Sane, Robert Glazer, and Adriana Tamez have been in power for two years. I say they are the Partnership, people, maybe puppets would be a better term, because it is because of the Partnership that at least three of them are in office. It was the Partnership money that got them elected. The Partnership money failed in only one race and that was the Dave Wilson v Bruce Austin race. Guess who is now exposing some of the shenanigans that is occurring at HCC? Dave Wilson is shedding light where darkness seems to rule. We can thank Dave Wilson for the following two stories and wasteful spending at best and corruption at worse, here and here. If you believe that HCC needs to change, send Dave Wilson a thank you letter at his residence, at 5600 W 34th St. Houston, Texas 77092. Anyone who knows Dave Wilson knows that he resides where he says, only the stupid county attorney thinks otherwise.

Capo is still campaigning with lies and deceit, he has no intention of shedding light as to what HCC is engaged in. The Board Chair has tremendous power, for instance, Bruce Austin signed Renee Bayas contract without notifying the Board, the Board did approve it, they just did not know it kinda like the three monkeys, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Neeta Sane gave Vidal Martinez a contract without notifying the Board that she had done it, this is based on what has been posted online regarding the Byas v HCC lawsuit (my reading of the material). Michael Williams refused to allow the rest of the Board see the Butler Report. If Capo and the other puppets wanted change they could have change, maybe Renee Byas is right that the trustees are more interested in other things that would be beneficial to them. If Capo wants to prove that he cares let him release the Butler Report. There is a reason that HCC police officers started their own site, here. Read the comments it seems to be a common thread, incompetence which begins at the top. By top I mean the chancellor present and past.



Leader of the Pack - Zeph Capo

The Board Chair is Zeph Capo and what are we finding, that HCC is wasting tax payers monies paying much more than property is worth. It is amazing that he is the head of the AFL-CIO teachers union but he has not worked toward increasing the pay of the employees that do the work. He is great on commenting and promising but has yet to fulfill a single promise made. From one of Capo's news letters,

"Both Dr. Maldonado and the Board of Trustees are committed to complete transparency as we move through the coming year." source

Capo does claim that HCC has given employees pay increases, however, INSIDE could find no evidence of that occurring.

INSIDE stated during his campaign he was bought and paid for by the Greater Houston Partnership. INSIDE has no reason to believe that it was wrong in its analysis. Do have to state that it seems that the homosexual community is getting some things from HCC like sensitive training (Capo is openingly homosexual). Vince Ryan stated that Dave Wilson should not be trustee because the district he represents is primarily African American using the same line of logic Zeph Capo should not represent his district as his district is primarily Hispanic.

Transparency was one of Capo's promises, one only has to look at two lawsuits to see that is not what HCC is seeking, here and here. It is under Capo's leadership that HCC is suing the Attorney General of Texas to prevent revealing records that the AG has ruled were to released to the public, here.

What are Capo and HCC hiding? What are they afraid off?

HCC will never be a first class institution as long as yahoos like Capo and Maldonado are running the institution. Well maybe if they became caring individuals that could change, but old dogs normally don't learn new tricks.

New Trustee - Dr. Carolyn Evans-Shabazz

Here is an article that shows the community activist at work, let us hope that her heart stays in the same place for students. Unfortunately power corrupts and it corrupts very quickly. The "honorable" must have magic in it as normally decent persons quite too often become big headed like that Astros bobbing head ball players.

She is my representative and come November I understand that several people will be seeking that post.

Renee Byas - Lawsuit - Neeta Sane/Chris Oliver

One of the claims, among many that Ms. Byas made was;

Trustees, in particular chairwoman Neeta Sane, kept meeting with Ms. Byas and asking her to alter the procurement rules. Each time, Ms. Byas responded, “No.” Still the Board pushed back. For example, in January 2014, Ms. Sane and fellow Trustee Chris Oliver met with Ms. Byas for four hours trying to convince her to abandon the strict procurement rules because people in their districts “wanted contracts.” At one point during the meeting, Ms. Sane showed Ms. Byas a list of firms who were supposed to “get” contracts.

If what Ms. Byas has some truth to it, then the public should be very concerned for a recent trade in properties that occurred in Ft. Bend County. It seems that HCC may have traded property worth millions more than what it received in return. Behind that trade it is believed was Trustee Neeta Sane. Of course HCC Board Chair Zeph Capo was there approving the trade. If I am not mistaken there are certain emails that may gotten to one the County Commissioners because of the trade. HCC released them by mistake and of course have asked for them to be protected. HCC just does not want the public to know what it is doing,



Bill King for Mayor Ad - short and simple meets the KISS principle




Here is a link to the history of the lawsuit by Texas and 25 other states to stop the implementation of DAPA and the 3 year extension of DACA.

What does INSIDE think about Adrian Garcia running for Mayor


Hillary calls for full and equal path for citizenship, here.

Hillary is throwing down the gauntlet to the Republican wannabeees. The path to the White House is via the Latino community, they are a small but critical part of winning in 2016.


In Case You Missed ABC 13 stories on HCC - Is Renee Byas right about some trustees taking percentages in the purchasing of properties?


And the Following story by ABC 13


There are many other properties, such as the property purchased from the John O'Quinn estate. The Board Chair at that time stated that there were classes being held there, nonsense they have never had classes there, it is presently being used as a warehouse, a very expensive warehouse as it is.

Ted Oberg did not mention that the property on McGregor (property is on 5/25/2014) was flipped a couple of times before HCC repurchased the property, some people made a ton of money. Maybe Renee Byas accounting of some trustees splitting profits from the sale of properties is true. Where is the FBI when you need them.

And Recently HCC sued the Attorney General rather than provide records that the Attorney General has ruled must be turned over. What is HCC hiding? Why are they into secrecy.

In this writer's opinion, HCC signed a contract with Renee Byas if the Trustees were too lazy or too stupid to ask questions when they approved contracts without inquiring then shame on them for being stupid and lazy.

The College takes issue with the ruling and has filed suit: In the District of Travis County, Texas, 55thJudicial District, Houston Community College v. Ken Paxton, Attorney General of Texas; Cause No. D-I-GN-15-001420.



Latest from the Chronicle below;

Houston Community College offers a diverse range of classes, but apparently you have to sit on the Board of Trustees if you want to take courses in hand-to-hand combat. That elected board was the site of a fist fight after one trustee accused another of accepting bribes and kickbacks, according to allegations by HCC's former acting chancellor Renee Byas. (Have asked several Board Trustee going back to the creation of HCC not a one of them recalled a fist fight during a board meeting.)

Beyond the disregard for civic duty, these sorts of scandals risk undermining Chancellor Dr. Cesar Maldonado's plan to restructure the splintered community college system. The board needs to come clear on Byas' allegations, and it shouldn't have to take a lawsuit for taxpayers to learn the truth.

Byas originally divulged her first list of HCC wrongdoings in October 2014, when she countersued the community college after they cut her contract. At the time, she claimed that HCC trustees had tried to skirt procurement rules and divert public bond dollars to their own personal buddies and political supporters. When she refused to play along, Byas said, they pushed her out. (She was fired by Cesar Maldonado, does that mean Maldonado was doing the bidding of the trustees who wanted her out? If yes, does that mean Maldonado is now manipulating the procurement rules? According to Renee Byas?)

Her new allegations, part of the ongoing lawsuit, provide a disturbing list of collusion and kickbacks between trustees and contractors, such as:

Trustees texting with contractors before votes (How would she know who they are texting? Was she in communication with the contractors also?)

An HCC vendor treating a board member to a free Caribbean vacation on a private plane.(Not many vendors have their own private plane, so it must have been one of the big boys.)

Attempts to orchestrate a land-purchase kickback scheme.

And, yes, there's that fist fight.

The one-sided nature of these allegations, and the lack of specific identities associated with the acts, should garner some healthy skepticism. Intervening elections also mean that some of the involved board members may no longer hold office. However, Byas' stories fit with a long and sordid history of an HCC board that's been more enthusiastic about doling out contracts than educating students. (If HCC has such a sordid history why was the Chronicle supporting the HCC Bonds?)

In 2013, Trustee Carroll Robinson was accused of trying to direct a contract to an unqualified friend.(Not to long ago the Chronicle was singing praises of Carroll Robinson why the change of heart? Carroll Robinson as a trustee does not have the power to direct contracts, only the administration does. Robinson is only one vote it takes five to tango.) And back in 2010, an internal investigation known as the Veselka Report found that trustees violated their fiduciary duty by inappropriately directing contracts to family members, demanding kickbacks from vendors and failing to disclose relationships with subcontractors.

HCC bears a heavy duty of educating the next generation of Houstonians, but it will never succeed if its leaders have other goals in mind. (Not to long ago the Chronicle was singing praises of Carroll Robinson why the change of heart? Carroll Robinson. Source


Will the Chair of HCC Board do more than talk?

Here is a link to BraveSite regarding HCC police department. Mr. Capo seems to be listening to what the officers are stating. Will he do anything, I seriously doubt it. Below are excerpts of some what is on the site. But have to give Capo credit that he is probably the only trustee that is listening, seriously doubt the other eight trustees are doing that. Mr. Capo at least seems to show concern for the employees not just the top level administrators.

  • Zeph Capo, HCC Board Chair: I wouldn't say we don't care. I might agree we (or me) don't understand the pros/cons of the current system of centralization vs decentralization. I don't think it's as simple an argument as some socialist crack, that's nonsense. Frankly, we haven't been asked about these changes or had them on our agenda and I'm learning about them from the complaints here. (Some comments certainly more useful than others because they provide context rather than pretext)

    The last discussion we had was whether we needed to adjust salaries to attract officer candidates to fill positions. Honestly, I truly do not understand why any school district has a separate police force in the first place. I always thought it should be handled by the local law enforcement agency in the local city or county jurisdiction. We should supplement for officer services like any other business. I always assumed it was a method for school districts to manage their crime stats- which certainly causes me to question.

    Don't worry about changing my name. I don't hide behind anonymity, not even when I was a probationary teacher working for a school district. I abhor retaliation and hope one day employees will be less afraid to speak. It's the only way we can really improve.

    Zeph Capo
  • Officer who needs to protect identity:
  • Dear Mr. Capo,

    I am a Houston Community College Police Officer and because of fear of retaliation by the police command staff I can not reveal myself on here. If after reading this note you want to talk in person I am more than willing to.

    If you look at the history of the Houston Community College Police we have always been assigned to campuses. The purpose of this is for us to be available to respond to calls for service immediately. Most if not all of the campuses also have patrol cars so that in case there was an emergency on another campus we could respond to that campus as well. The idea of patrol units was not even thought of until Chief Cunningham was hired. It was the responsibility of the lieutenants and the sergeants to check on their campuses in their assigned colleges to fill that role.

    If you were to look at the area school districts to my knowledge the school districts focus their police officers to campuses and if there are enough officers have them patrol to back up their campus officers. There is no argument that we are not a school district, but we as a police department need to follow that outline for police officers.

    The University of Houston-Downtown Police Department may have a patrol division but they are limited to 3 buildings within a two block area and the patrol of their parking lots. They are smaller in the size of a patrol area than the HCCS Central Campus. While main campus of the University of Houston, Texas Southern University, and Rice University are bigger campuses than any one of HCC campus all of their police officers patrol a relatively small area compared to all of the Houston Community College area. For this simple fact they can have a patrol division and not have police officers assigned to certain buildings.

    We are like a school district in that sense that we have several campuses over a large portion of the Houston Area with campuses in two different counties. That is the clear need for officers to be assigned to a campus.

    I am sure Chief Cunningham's major argument is that he does not have enough police officers to cover the campuses. This is a valid argument but once again lets look at the facts. The moral of the Houston Community College Police Department is almost non-existent. If you look at the average years of service of our police officers I would expect it to be close to if not below 5 years of service. That is a awful fact. As a Board Member you may be wondering what could be done to attrach officers to stay or even come to work for HCC. I will say the problem is not the benefit package nor the pay package for HCC Police Officers. We are some of the best paid officers in the area. Our health benefits are great and the cost is extremely reasonable. Our time that we are allowed off is great. There is no benefit that you or your fellow Board Members could offer to make the total benefit package better. Now comes the question is why do we have such of a moral problem and low retention of our officers. The answer is simple. It is the command staff. Starting with Chief Cunningham, Chief Cunningham has told several officers that he can do what ever he wants and nothing will be done to him. Look at the Cleat organization on line issue for September or August. Only after C.L.E.A.T.pointed out that he was violating federal law and recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings did he allow a pregnant female officer to be assigned to light duty. His original decision was to give her a shoulder holster and allow her to wear her uniform shirt out but she still must stay on foot patrol at her campus.

    Chief Cunningham has often swept violations of department policy under the rug for officers that he liked. He has also done the same for supervisors. I was applied to be a corporal he made it very clear that if I was promoted that it was a "us" versus "them" mentality. The "us" was the supervisors and the "them" were the officers. Chief Cunningham has also promoted individuals who are not qualified or if they are qualified have shown are not good supervisors in their previous positions. In fact it is common knowledge who will be promoted even before the closing of a position. Chief Cunningham is a very vindictive individual. He also expects his supervisions to follow his him. This is the reason why we cannot keep police officers. They come see what how the department operates and leave at the first chance. Some of the new hires do not even wait until the end of field training to leave.

    This is the reason why we have a police officer shortage.

    What needs to change. I would first block the central patrol idea. I would then remove Chief Cunningham and replace him with an interim Police Chief. I would then begin to look nation wide for a new Police Chief. I would want that individual to have a Bachelor Degree prefer a Master Degree in Criminal Justice. I would want that individual to have been a police officer.

  • Another officer scared to use his name;
  • Mr. Capo,

    Trust me when I say that there are many, many within the ranks of the HCC Police department that wish they had a voice to speak for them but live in fear of retaliation, harassment and the negative F5 that the chief will file with TCOLE when he trumps up enough on you to fire you.

    Since Cunningham was handed the helm of this ship, (keeping in mind that he was not qualified for the job nor did he meet the minimum requirements to apply) EVERY action he has taken has been for the betterment of a select few and himself. Promotions are made to reward his followers and special assignments and jobs are created out of thin air to justify the his actions.

    Please put a stop to this regime, suspend his signing authority and launch an independent investigation into the police office. Come out and interview officers in the field and guarantee anonymity and I promise you, you will be shocked by the lack of support and confidence that the officers have in their so called leader.
  • Michael Watson former HCC employee:

Dear Mr. Capo

I myself am a former security officer started with Houston Community College 2007 and I left 2012 due to the very same thing that these other officers speaking of however the police officers with the most respect and integrity that have gave their sweat and paid there dues and deserve promotions by their work ethic, the accommodations letters they receive from students and or faculty and staff from the campuses get put in their folders. however they end up get written up for the most egregious asinine think you could every think of causing these guys not to be qualified for a promotion leaving the selections in some cases to some one who has no experience as a police officer at HCC, however to their credit they had more experience than the Chief Cunningham ever did and every will. However these guys are afraid to speak up due to retaliation , Chief Cunningham and his cronies of a command staff are a bunch of bullies. So these officer due what they have to do just to get by wandering the campuses halls wandering the campus parking lots if today will be the day I get falsely accused of something I did not do just Like former Officer John Jay Portillo did. You know how I know because even though I was a security officer. I worked for the same command staff as the police officers. So I encourage you to do a investigation sir. Talk to the officers if you agree that their statements will go on record and protect them from Chief Cunningham and all the bullies, I can attest to everything this guys are saying is the truth. if you need any further assistance my email is miwats5@aol.com Chief Cunningham and his bullies needs to go!!!




Rumor unfounded

Zeph Capo is not resigning according to Zeph Capo. Thank you Mr. Capo for hopefully putting that rumor to rest, as you have probably found out by now the walls at HCC have ears and the gossip among employees is horrendous.

Morning thoughts on Renee Byas and the Chronicle Stories

Why did HCC choose to post those interrogatories as an exhibit? They knew they would be public records.

What other interrogatories does HCC have that may implicate other trustees or administrators, according to Renee Byas?

Is HCC using the old trick of pointing fingers elsewhere rather than at what one should be focusing on?

It makes no sense for HCC to submit those interrogatories as HCC wants to get a protective order for secrecy and under the present administration of Cesar Maldonado they have placed a wall between the public and themselves. So, again, why use those interrogatories as an exhibit?

Renee Byas and the FBI

Back some time ago, INSIDE published a rumor that was being circulated. One of them was that the FBI visited Richard Schechter, Mary Spangler, Art Tyler, and some trustees. Soon after the rumor Richard Schechter resigned as trustee, Mary Spangler resigned as chancellor, Art Tyler did not become chancellor, but Renee Byas did.

In the response to an interrogatory Renee Byas states that she received a call from the FBI but did not return the call. That is an interesting statement because normally when one is reporting alleged wrong doings one returns such calls. Maybe just maybe the FBI was not interested in other persons but rather on Ms. Byas. Just a morning thought.

INSIDE has been posting for years what Byas swore to and the Chronicle is just writing about
However the players are different

Here are articles going back to early 2012 when most of the alleged corruption was occurring. There is an interesting letter that was being circulated at the time, it can be found on date 12/6/2012.

Veselka Report - Chevron - Energy Contract - Westheimer Property - previous articles

The Veselka Report is the source of much of what Renee Byas claims, here are most of the interviews of the persons by Veselka.

Chris Oliver Ethics Violations

It seems that Chris Oliver had to pay a small fine for his record keeping, when time permits I need to go back to compare what is posted now with what was posted before. I have all of the trustees campaign reports, well most of them filed for safe keeping. Here is the ethics order.

have a great weekend



The Houston Chronicle is consistent - consistently bad, bad bad - HCC Story on Corruption

Probably the worse reporter at the Chronicle (Erica Mellon) wrote an article on HCC, here. There were eight trustees named, one of them has not been on the Board for six years, another was not there when Rene got fired. The reporter chose to list only one trustee by name. Why did the reporter go out of her way to attack one person only? Why did the reporter fail to state what the documents posted online referred to? Only the reporter knows the answer, but it is this writer's opinion that the reporter as well as the Houston Chronicle are sorely lacking in ethical behavior.

If you want to read the document (Exhibit A), from which the so called news report came, it can be found here. I have redacted Renee Byas email addresses.

One should look at the trustees not named

Interestedly much of what Byas alleged occurred in 2011-2012. It would seem if that the threats were real and she either cooperate with the trustees as they "Could help or hinder her career if I did or did not help" then it seems that she must have cooperated with some trustees. Since until recently Renee Byas was still at HCC and was Chancellor for about a year, so It would seem that she may have helped some trustees. One would think that maybe one should look at the trustees she did not name as the one that helped her in her career advancement to find where the corruption was occurring.


If Renee Byas knew all the things she claims to know why didn't she tell Veselka? Remember the Veselka report. In fact her statement to Veselka was, here. Where are were all the allegations she is referring to now? She may have been helping trustees but not the ones she was turning in. So who helped Renee Byas? What vendor has an airplane? Who went on that Caribbean trip? What three trustees were making money of the buying of property? I really want to know what trustee punched out the other trustee.

Allegations, allegations, allegations

Renee Byas made some serious allegations and HCC wants her to prove the allegations, provide names, places, material, etc. where is the meat!

The Chronicle's Erica Mellon does better the second time around.

Here is the most recent story by Erica Mellon.

Trustees punching each other in Executive Session

Oh my God, Byas just violated the worse rule according to HCC, she said what occurred in executive session. Everyone knows that only the gods at HCC are privy to what goes on in executive session.




Cesar Maldonado is not as bad as Art or Mary but

Here is how HCC Chancellor Cesar Maldonado has used his credit card, at present it seems he does not go out to eat as often as Art and Mary but certainly the Chancellor of Houston Community College does enjoy the finer restaurants in Houston. No Whataburgers for him either.

Latest on the Renee Byas Lawsuit

Excerpts from the latest filing, full document here.

Page 7 of document

For example, during her tenure as acting chancellor, Ms. Byas’s journal entries state:

 After she commenced the Gardere investigation into allegations that Mr. Robinson improperly influenced selection of a subcontractor, Mr. Robinson sought for Trustees to hold a no confidence vote against Ms. Byas. After learning of the investigation, Mr. Robinson called Ms. Byas and instructed her to fire the outside bond counsel who had informed others about the possible improprieties.

 Board of Trustees Chair Neeta Sane met with Ms. Byas in February 2014, and informed Ms. Byas that she did not like how HCC staff had evaluatedthe bond contract bids. Because Ms. Sane disagreed with HCC staff evaluations, Ms. Sane refused to place action items on the Board agenda that related to the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) contracts for the various bond projects.

 Ms. Byas forwarded a legal opinion from HCC’s bond disclosure counsel to Ms. Sane. After reading the opinion, Ms. Sane was angry and “asked [Ms. Byas] not to ever send something to her like this in writing again.” Ms. Sane wanted Ms. Byas to ask outside legal counsel to rescind the opinion. Ms. Byas refused. Ms. Sane then told Ms. Byas that she would not permit the bond procurement process to move forward.

 Ms. Sane and Mr. Oliver informed Ms. Byas that they “would not support” the bid evaluations performed by HCC staff because the evaluations did not award contracts to people in the Trustees’ districts.

 Ms. Byas repeatedly discussed the bond procurement process with outside legal counsel and sought his opinion. When Ms. Byas shared outside legal counsel’s opinion with Ms. Sane, the Board chair grew incensed. Ms. Sane hid the information from other Trustees.

 Ms. Byas attended a conference in Santa Fe with three trustees, who cornered her in the conference’s hotel lobby, “badger[ing]” her about changing the CMAR process. The discussion lasted until 12:20 AM. After the conversation, one trustee informed Ms. Byas that she needed to “take [her] lawyer hat off” and as acting chancellor cooperate with Trustees.


Have no reason to believe but there is a rumor that Chairperson Zeph Capo may be resigning, according to the people who have mentioned it the reason is that being in charge of the Teachers' union demands he spend more time with union matters. This writer has no reason to believe the rumor but it is certainly out there.


Why is the Cesar Maldonado administration so into secrecy???

The present administration does not like to release information. If there is nothing wrong with what is occurring why do they have to hide anything from the public? Why the secrecy? Are they hiding something? Do they think the public is too stupid to understand what they are doing so they have to hide it? Why do the trustees allow such secrecy? Is Renee Byas right about what occurred?


4.11.2015 Carroll Robinson Resigns Claims Mission Accomplished

Reminds me of George W. Bush. I am so glad to hear that Houston Community College is doing so great and that all the problems have been solved. Off course the people that I spoke with all said he must have made a deal with Jew Don Boney. Time will tell if that is true.

Carroll was one of the big pushers for the bonds, he told us that HCC was busting at the seams. HCC had more than enough capacity for the 50,000 students, not the 95,000 students that Carroll and HCC were claiming. Not a single brick has been laid and one hears that they already spent nearly one third of the bond money.

The Chancellor is making HCC better because now it will have "Centers of Excellence", good luck on that BS. Enrollment continues to decline at HCC, so they will do the old Wizard of OZ trick with smoke and mirrors and distract people. As is if students didn't have to drive all over Houston to attend classes they need for their degree, now he will probably make it worse. Maldonado is not familiar with Houston as he a small town boy so he doesn't have an idea of what is occurring at "his" colleges. In fact, I don't think there are too many people at HCC that have the slightest idea of what is happening. The Board of Trustees are either Dumb, Deaf, or Blind to what is occurring. One only has to look North and see Lone Star College increase enrollment while HCC grows smaller. Here are the latest numbers on enrollment.

Below is the Carroll Robinson letter:

Dear Chairman Capo:

I have been honored to represent the residents of District IV of the Houston Community College System (HCC) – as well as all the residents of the System’s service area – since 2012.

I want to thank the people of District IV for giving me the opportunity to serve them and to help make a positive difference in our community.

During my time on the Board of Trustees, I am proud to have championed passage of:

(1) the System’s 6th Grade Pre-Admission Program to help improve and increase college and workforce readiness across our community while reducing high school dropout rates;

(2) increased funding for student scholarships;

3) Texas Academic College Scholarship Day by the Texas Legislature in 2013 to acknowledge and celebrate academic achievement like we celebrate high school athletic achievement;

(4) strengthened ethic standards; and

(5) an enhanced commitment to utilizing small businesses and hiring HCC students as interns and apprentices on the HCC Bond Program. I am also proud of the focus I brought to improving the System’s graduation rate and enhancing the academic success and job placement of our students. I supported and pushed all these efforts to help ensure An Opportunity To Do Better for all the families, young people, employees, entrepreneurs and businesses in our

Now that these goals have been achieved, I will be stepping down from the Board of Trustees, effective April 30, 2015, to expand my efforts to Empower Houston’s Future through my campaign for City Controller.
Education is a cornerstone to a better life and a better city but so too are Safety, Opportunity and Prosperity. All four of these cornerstones need to be modernized and expanded in our city and that cannot be done from 3100 Main Street. It can only be done from City Hall.

I have enjoyed my service as an HCC Trustee and appreciate all those I have served and worked with. Thank you all for your commitment to our community and to all who have come (and will continue to come) to HCC for an education or workforce training.


Carroll G. Robinson



Inside has made several open records request, including how is the chancellor using his credit card. HCC knows that information is subject OT open records request. They, however, sent it to the Attorney General (AG). The AG told them to release the information. HCC is not releasing the information.

The question has to be asked, what are they hiding. What is HCC afraid off, that they do not want the public to know how the chancellor is using the tax issued credit card.


Rumor is that Adrian Garcia will announce for Mayor tomorrow. Garcia seems to be singing a different song recently, so inside will lay off him. He has no different attitude then some of the other people that are running for Mayor or who presently sit on council.




Radio Spot Opposing Annise Parker's Ordinance



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