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July 22, 2013

From a reader of Inside the comment below:

"I almost had to call 911 when I read the recent Houston Chronicle editorial commending Spangler and Tyler. After regaining my composure, I strained to understand just how, and why, anyone on the editorial board could possibly think, much less write such unfounded flattery about the Spangler-Tyler HCC reign.

The record and statistics soundly disprove the editorial writer's wild, imaginative thinking. Instead, they should be questioning the board about Spangler's and Tyler's abuses of both HCC employees and tax payer funds."

July 21, 2013

Does the Houston Comical miss the money that HCC use to give them?

It is no secret that Inside has often referred to the Houston Chronicle as the Comical and has often also referred to the Comical as a low price whore. The Chronicle is a sorry excuse of a newspaper. This Sunday July 21, 2013 the Comical ran an editorial criticizing the HCC Board for letting Art Tyler go.  They go on to make statements like:

For the record, Spangler and Tyler left a high bar to clear for the "new," whomever that turns out to be. Under their team leadership, HCC enrollment increased by 50 percent.

I don't know if it is lack of reading comprehension on the part of the editorial board, or maybe just plain laziness that they  tend to regurgitate whatever someone spoons feed them.  Here is the enrollment figures of community colleges across the state. Enrollment at HCC went down by 7.1% from 2011 to 2012.  While enrollment did increase when Mary Spangler and Art Tyler were at the helm (it is not close to 50%)  it pales to the increase that has occurred at Lone Star Community College. Giving credit when credit for something that is more often effected by the economy shows a lack of intelligence on the part of the Comical's Editorial Board. If one looks at this article from the Comical, one would find that the Board was concerned by all the travel of Mary Spangler.  Why doesn't the Comical look into the abuse of the credit cards by the people that have use of them at HCC? There are/were eleven (11) top people that have credit cards with credit limits of as much at $100,000.

Then there are these statements  from the Comical;

But Art Tyler? Why was this capable, experienced administrator sent packing? Tyler's work, particularly in shaping budgets as blueprints for HCC's success, focused on student outcomes rather than rewarding favored trustees and colleagues. His approach was fundamental in elevating the system's credibility and culture... Surely, this is a time when an administrator with Tyler's long experience and reputation for playing by the rules would be most needed. At least you'd think so... One reason for the exit could be that Tyler had a reputation for calling out individual board members when he detected possible ethical and legal violations... Did that tendency make his presence too close for comfort for some on this board? We'd like to know. HCC needs an Art Tyler. When it comes to contracts and bids, the HCC board has proven time and again that it needs adult supervision. Tyler was that adult.

Inside will respond to the above statements by the Houston Comical. Comical read the Veselka Report, you have the report in your possession.  Two boxes full of documents are at your disposal. If you bother to read what you the Comical requested via Open Records Request you will find that Art Tyler does not deserve a glowing endorsement. In particular focus on Chevron Energy Solutions, a company based out of California that both Mary Spangler and Art Tyler were very familiar with. If one is able to comprehend what they read they would see that Art Tyler and Spangler maneuvered the HCC Board into hiring a company that they were promoting. One will see how Art Tyler setup meetings and promised people like Chris Oliver that Ft. Bend Mechanical would be a sub-contractor.  That is important as Trustee Chris Oliver was being paid by Ft. Bend Mechanical at the time.  By the way since you, the Comical, makes statements like Tyler likes to call out Trustees, why didn't Art Tyler call out Trustee Chris Oliver? If the Comical bothered to read the Veselka Report or if they did read it and were able to comprehend then why didn't Art Tyler call out Trustee Chris Oliver for soliciting Super Bowl tickets? If Art Tyler likes to call out Trustees why didn't he call out Trustee Chris Oliver for soliciting  jobs from HCC vendors while they were performing their jobs at HCC? Why did Chevron get the contract as they were not the top rated vendor? The Houston Chronicle is not interested in the truth or ethical behavior.

What Art Tyler did do is call out a Trustee for pointing out that Art Tyler and Spangler formed a company called Iceps. What Art Tyler did do is call out a Trustee for protesting the Qatar contract (Which Mary Spangler signed without getting prior approval by the Board on that specific contract). Why were the contract with Qatar and Iceps so close to each other?

Inside has often referred to the Houston Chronicle as a low price whore, because Inside  believes that the Comical was/is nothing but a whore available to go with the highest bidder. HCC was spending hundred of thousands of dollars advertising with the Houston Chronicle. That stopped soon after Inside started looking into all the advertising that HCC was doing. Interestingly enough HCC does not seem to have any records that show that they were paying for advertising with the Houston Chronicle. Inside is waiting for those full page ads to appear in the Comical again to look into the source of funding.


July 20, 2013

Art Tyler spends tens of thousands of dollars on food and travel

Vice Chancellor Art Tyler spent his last six month traveling and eating at taxpayers expense were the expenses justified? We will never know. Here is Vice Chancellor Art Tyler's credit card statement for the period covering January to June 2013. Often Art Tyler would use the Houston Community College credit card to go to dinner or lunch, sometimes both. The Houston Community College (HCC) Trustee are miserable failures as trustees. Inside has been reporting the possible abuse of the credit cards for three years. Trustee is defined as "a natural or legal person to whom property is legally committed to be administered for the benefit of a beneficiary (as a person or a charitable organization)". They have not been good trustees of the taxpayer's money as the late Gomer Pyle used to say "Shame, Shame, Shame" on both the Trustees and the Taxpayers that keep re-electing them.



English - Spanish Version of Inside will soon be available.


July 19, 2013

Annise Parker Finally realized that there are Hispanic Communities in Houston

Parker has been in office since 1998 and had never paid much attention to the Latino communities, this year she finally opened her eyes and realized that a large Latino community existed. Here is where she makes a big ado about spaying and neutering 70 dogs and cats in the Near Northside Community. Why did she open her eyes? Is it because she may be in a race that she cannot win. The drought this year reminded the writer that the drainage tax that she and her cohorts (engineerings and construction companies) pushed is hitting my pocket book hard. She has never been in the shoes of many of our citizens who are trying to survive on social security of less than $1,000 a month. She has admitted that she would be a Republican but for "social issues drove her away from the Republican party", here. Parker is a Lesbian and the Republican Party stand on Homosexuals certainly is a social issue that she would not agree with.

Ashame of her partner or ashame of being a Lesbian?

If one goes to Benjamin Hall's website one will find a photo of him with his partner and wife proudly displayed.

Here is a link to Annise Parker's website. Where is her partner of over 20 years? Why hide? Why not post your family like all heterosexuals and proudly display your family, Ms. Parker?

Benjamin Hall cannot hide the fact that his skin color is much darker than Parker's skin color. This is important as based on some of the research that Inside has done, Inside believes that Parker's campaign will use the Race card in Conservative Republican areas. More on this later.

Messing with small minds at large

Big Jolly has already shamed the self proclaimed intellects, like Off the Kuff and Gregg's Opinion. The Kubosh brothers are intelligent who like to mess with small minds. They knew that if they did what they did that the self proclaimed intellects would pounce on the bait.

Parker still going after Red Light Violators

"Houston's City Charter appears to clearly prohibit the collection of so-called "red light camera" fines, yet more than a year after the program ended, Houston city leaders were aggressively seeking nearly $26 million in fines, Local 2 Investigates has learned". source click2Houston

The Cameras have been off since August of 2011, If one reads the article one will find that the collection agency is reporting the fine to the credit bureau. In many case like the one here, the persons were not the owners of the vehicles. Does the City have no shame?

July 18, 2013

Complaint against David Feldman, City Attorney for Houston

The OIG complaint "...The meeting was scheduled for 1:30 p.m.  Mr. Feldman entered the meeting after 1:30 p.m. wearing a  pair of brightly colored feathered earrings (the earrings appeared to be primarily pink with some other colors..." filed in 2011 is courtesy of Texas Watchdog. Here are hundreds of complaints filed by employees during 2010 - 2011. If one assumes that the complaint filed against David Feldman has some merit it does not speak well for the people that Annise Parker has appointed to her top positions. One can not forget that one of her first appointments was George Greanias who had to quit for viewing porn on the job. What else will Inside discover about the Mayor and her appointments?

Below is a list of the sites, which were obtained here, that George Greanias visited while at Metro, warning Inside is providing the websites, they are extremely graphic. One has to make up their own mind as to whether they are pornography.The Sites are so disgusting that no one has provided direct links to the sites, that includes Inside. Go to the sites at your own risk.

Would Annise Parker have been as understanding if a regular Joe was viewing hetrosexual pornograpy while at the job with the City? Here is where the suspension occurred. Here is where George Greanias resigned.

"I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description ["hard-core pornography"]; and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it, and the motion picture involved in this case is not that. [Emphasis added.]
—Justice Potter Stewart"


Texas Watchdog Says Goodbye

Texas Watchdog is closing for lack of money. Government waste of taxpayers monies, corruption, however is not saying goodbye. Inside hopes to continue investigating and reporting abuse of employees, corruption, and waste as it has been for the last three years. There is a sale pending of this website and the new owners want to expand Inside HCCS to include the City, County, and HISD.

July 17, 2013

Very Strange!

Cause number 201331721-7 Feldman, Dennie M v Feldman, David M

Cause number 201332002-7 Feldman, Leila C v Feldman, Cristen D

Dennie Feldman and Leila Feldman both filed for divorce on the same day May 29, 2013. David M Feldman is the name of the City of Attorney for the City of Houston. Cristen (Cris) D Feldman is the son of David M Feldman. Leila Feldman is an HCC Trustee. Dennie M. Feldman is an attorney and married David M Feldman in 1992. Cristen D. Feldman is an attorney.

Off the Kuff and Racists comments?

Off the Kuff is a blog from the far left with its' bias certainly apparent to most people that visit it. The problem with too many far left blogs is that they don't see their own racist attitudes. Here is an article where the writer makes what I consider a racist comment but is not taken to task by its' readers. This is what the writer wrote "I have no idea why Keryl Douglas thinks she can be elected Mayor, but then the same can be said for everyone not named Annise Parker and Ben Hall. Speaking of whom, you have to figure Hall is not happy about this. Douglas will be competing with him directly for African-American voters. I’m sure he’d prefer to not have that competition..." Why is that the Black person has to worry about another Black running but a Caucasian (White) does not have to worry about another White person? Is Kuff suggesting that Blacks only vote for Blacks and Whites don't (has the blog writer seen the makeup of the Republican Party? Annise Parker is White, should she worry that at least two of her opponents are White? Would she have to worry if a woman was running? There is a woman running Keryl Douglas is an African-American female? Would Parker have to worry if a homosexual or lesbian was also running?

When Manuel Rodriguez brought up the subject of his opponent being homosexual this is what the Off the Kuff Blog had to say  " I agree with all these reactions. Rodriguez didn’t admit to doing anything wrong – his “apology” amounts to little more than “I’m sorry if someone was offended by what I said” – and didn’t say what if anything he might do to atone for his words. Talk is cheap. Rodriguez has shown us who he is, now he needs to show us – not tell us – that he intends to be better than that." Where is the apology for the racist comment Off The Kuff?

Why are homosexuals and Lesbians targeting Hispanic Districts?

There recently has been a trend of Homosexuals running for districts either represented by Hispanics or created to provide an opportunity for Hispanics to represent the district. District J was created to provide such an opportunity but a White homosexual ran and won the district. There are presently two White homosexuals running for Trustee District One (1). District H was also targeted, here. The worse part is that too many of our so called Latino/Latinas elected officials who run as Latinos/Latinas when convenient are endorsing the White homosexual males. Que pasa, what is happening?

The Mayor and her contributors, her campaign report here

I will again take Off the Kuff to task for misleading comments on the blog. Here is the article and here is the quote "...there’s a big difference between raising $2 million, which is how that Houston Politics post initially characterized Hall’s report, and raising $311K. As for the claim about enthusiasm, I can say that Hall had 73 pages of contributors listed. At four contributor per page, that’s 292 donors, though several were repeated, and a few were from outside Houston, compared to the 1,783 givers that the Parker campaign claimed. Make of that what you will." While the comment on its' face is correct Parker had over 200 donors who contributed $5,000. Who are those donors? One such Donor is ESPA employees and owner (A company formally owned by El Franco Lee). $25,000 from employees and owner of ESPA, here is the data (refers to page on campaign report) . Here are the $5000 contributors, Here is another engineering company ($25,000), and the Lesbian Fund has contributed $10,000 thus far, here.

Selling Blog

I will soon be selling the blog, the persons that are buying have indicated that they will carry on the tradition of searching for the truth and exposing corruption.


July 12, 2013

Last Person Standing

July 11, 2013 the Houston Board of Trustees voted to buy out the contract of Art Tyler. The following major players are now gone Mary Spangler, Richard Schechter, Michael Williams, and last Art Tyler, Yolanda Navarro Flores is still standing proud that she advocates for the small people the faculty, the staff, and the Latino Community.

I have devoted much time to Inside HCC over the last three years and will continue to monitor what is occurring there. I am soon retiring from my full time job and will be able to have time to look at other public institutions. There are a ton of races coming up and am looking forward to 2016 with the hope that Hillary Clinton will run for president. If that happens there will be major changes in Harris County. I will be spending more time on a website that I am starting that will be geared toward Latino politics in Houston.

It has been a lot work but comments like the one below have made it very rewarding as the little person is often the one without a voice to speak for them.

"Thank you for sharing this great news. It will be so great that the Spangler-Tyler-XXXXXXX reign of terror will soon be over. Even so, their demise will not erase the personal, financial and credibility damage that has been done to so many individuals and to the college.

The HCC board is comprised of elected officials, and it should be held accountable for bringing in administrators with storied pasts; letting them run amok to do so many dastardly deeds; and then buying them out with seemingly reward money to get rid of them. In the meanwhile, the damages to the lives of those they maimed, and the college funds they wasted, remain.

I am sincerely appreciative of the strong will that you have demonstrated in your efforts to expose the unethical behaviors of HCC board members and administration. I tried to do the same, and I did not succeed. As a result, it cost me my career, my health and my financial standing. All of this makes me even more thankful for all that you have done to stop the madness that has prevailed at HCC for the past six years. You have helped to restore hope."

FT. Bend Mechanical drops law suit against HISD. Ft. Bend Mechanical got its' start at Houston Community College when it was twice moved from 6th place to 3rd at the motion of Chris Oliver and when Sandie Mullins moved it from 4th to 3rd. Without the motions FT. Bend Mechanical would not have received the contracts. Here is the link to those motions (go to Ft. Bend Mechanical is moved to the top three and Christopher Oliver moves to move Ft. Bend Mechanical from sixth to the top three JOCs, about middle of page). Without those motions FT. Bend Mechanical would not have received those million dollar contracts.


June 27, 2013


From a reader of Inside HCCS, the following from Dave's ESL Cafe:

"New admin people at CCQ. A gang of people has been imported into the CCQ management team, who are supposed to �clean things up� including someone called the Director of Efficiency whose job is to check on teachers and make reports (i.e a spy system). ESL teachers will also have to work longer hours. . People are very unhappy with the management style of this person who apparently has limited people skills. A lot of US based staff have decided to resign or will not come back in September; so this is no longer one of the better places to work. The wool has been pulled off. People on local contracts are also unhappy as teachers with MA degrees earn exactly the same as teachers with BA degrees. Different rules for the folks from back home, but still not enough to keep some of them there; one teacher didn�t like being harassed by the Director of Efficiency so has resigned. Another sore point is late night classes. 

The good point is the accommodation � the lucky ones who got housed in the apartment hotels in West Bay like Al Maha are satisfied with their accommodation. Others have got a worse deal."

From an article in the Texas Tribune about a year ago. Mary Spangler makes this statement, "To date, H.C.C. officials said, they have received $923,414". HCC is spending much more than that so it begs the question, Are Houston Taxpayers subsidizing Qatar students?


June 26, 2013

From a reader of Inside HCCS

This email from a reader of Inside HCC touched my heart. I am no hero just a person who cares about my friends and family. A friend of mine Yolanda Navarro Flores was being attacked by certain people at Houston Community College. The attacks were not warrranted but they needed her out of the picture at HCC. She is still there and most of all those persons responsible for the attacks are now gone.

"I am sad to see you sign off; however, I know that this ongoing project has demanded much time and effort for you. I truly believe that your tenacity in keeping the spotlight on the corruption and unethical behaviors at HCC has made an amazing difference and made public that which has been covered up for so long.

You have made the adage, "The pen is mightier than the sword." come to life. Thank you for all that you have done. I consider you a hero."

There are other dragons to slay and corruption is every where. One has but to follow the saga of Larry Marshall, HISD trustee.


Will be moving on to other government entities soon + good news

Stay tuned for some good news from HCC it should be announced next week. A few cockroaches still left but the leadership is gone so those stranglers may have to go screaming and kicking but they will go as new leadership does not like to keep those type of persons around. Let us hope so that Inside HCCS does not have to go back and start looking at HCC.

God has lighten my heart and work thus giving me time to devote to making this a better world for everyone (of course that is a bias opinion as it is my opinion), well with the exception of what I consider bad people and there are too many of them out there.

Even the tax collector has people that abuse the taxpayers' money, from Fox News, IRS credit card used for pornography and booze.

From Marc Campos, "Well at least Dems can say that the GOP are taking away our voting rights and that ought to help us at the polls." Nonsense it is not the GOP it is "our fault", we are not victims it used to be closer to victims way back in the "good old days" but things are much better. My father and I would walk the streets of our barrios convincing people that buying the poll tax and voting was how to make things better for "our people". Our people were Americans that looked like "Mexicans". I still have not figured out what looking "Mexican" means. I guess it kinda like looking "American". I remember when the "Mexicans" finally got control of the School Board the Whites moved their children out of the school district, but those "Mexican looking Americans" did something good for "our people", they built a school much closer to our barrio so that we did not have ride a bus every day to attend school.

I guess a poll tax, can't be too bad even God ordered one;

As prescribed in Exodus (30: 11-16) Jewish law imposed a poll tax of half-shekel, payable by every man above the age of twenty ("the rich shall not pay more and the poor shall not pay less").
Exodus 30:11-16:
11 And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying,
12 When thou takest the sum of the children of Israel after their number, then shall they give every man a ransom for his soul unto the LORD, when thou numberest them; that there be no plague among them, when thou numberest them.
13 This they shall give, every one that passeth among them that are numbered, half a shekel after the shekel of the sanctuary: (a shekel is twenty gerahs:) an half shekel shall be the offering of the LORD.
14 Every one that passeth among them that are numbered, from twenty years old and above, shall give an offering unto the LORD.
15 The rich shall not give more, and the poor shall not give less than half a shekel, when they give an offering unto the LORD, to make an atonement for your souls.
16 And thou shalt take the atonement money of the children of Israel, and shalt appoint it for the service of the tabernacle of the congregation; that it may be a memorial unto the children of Israel before the LORD, to make an atonement for your souls. (Authorized Version)
The money was designated for the upkeep of the Temple of Jerusalem. Priests, women, slaves and minors were exempted, although they could offer it voluntarily. Payment by Samaritans or Gentiles was rejected. It was collected yearly during the month of Adar, both at the Temple and at special collection bureaus in the provinces.

From Off the Kuff, "I stand with planned parenthood". I guess that means that the child in the belly of the woman was not planned when they were moaning and groaning (Warning very sexually explict talk and sounds). My mother used to tell us "No son perros" (You are not dogs). We are humans and have the ability to control our urges at the minimum plan for what can happen if you can't control those urges. That is what I consider "planned parenthood".

From HCC Staff and Employees

Inside has no way to verify the information thus will leave out the names, I have no idea if any of it is true but the emails were sent to Inside, I will remind everyone that Inside cannot protect you and would have to provide the emails. Quote of the day "it is common knowledge that ccq admin does not hire indians and goes out of their way to not hire african americans" Why is HCC in Qatar? As one reader of HCC wrote there is a reason the Taliban chose Qatar as the place for their office.

From Qatar

Shame, shame, shame on HCC!
The Community Collegeo of Qatar family just discovered that a member of our teaching staff was fired without following what is considered the minimum of HR procedure or protocol. 

XXXX, professor of XXXX, was dismissed from CCQ on May 30th.  This was done without any write ups, warnings, or counseling.  Who will be next? Who is on XXXX's list? Its certainly not his proctected people who consistantly do shocking things but are not even reprimanded, let alone terminated!  Was he terminated to make room for XXXX's 'friend" who does not have any business experiance or even a degree that is reconized by the country of Qatar?  What did XXXX do?  He cancelled a class --after informing his very poorly qualified chair??? Yet, other staff members constantly cancel classes, including ESL "Lead Teachers" without even a blink of an eye!  Leaders Teachers disappear for weeks this isnt a problem? Yet a staff member INFORMS his supervisor of the need to cancel a class and this gets him fired? EVEN IF he did something wrong, where are the write ups? The warnings? The counseling? 

Yet, the "good old boy" system is alive and well here!  There is so much to tell!
But above all, HCC needs to fix this!

Shame, shame, shame on HCC!!

Response to Shame, shame, shame

1. XXXX was not renewed by hcc.  hcc did not terminate him and so doesn't have to go through the usual HR stuff.  He was not non renewed because of cancelling a class.  He was non renewed because he is a bad employee and instructor and because he cancelled classes on SEVERAL occassions without any notifiycation of his chair.
2. XXXX was also not renewed by CCQ because of the complaints from students.   He does not teach.  He runs his XXXX program on a projector and then checks his text messages and stock options.  had hcc renewed him, ccq would not have. he didn't tell you that part, did he?
3. XXXX is not a good guy.  He has written several complaints to XXXX et al claiming that ESOL teachers don't do enough work b/c they only teach 3 classes.  When it is explained to him that those classes are actually 5 hours, he does not understand it.  The ironical thing is that he only teaches 4 classes per semester.  He has hit on every single woman under the age of 35 on faculty/staff.  twice he cornered the wife of the former dean and told her how bad a dean her husband was.  of course he would not say it to the dean himself.  yet, for all of this he was not fired, but given warnings.  he is a sociopath who is good at schmoozing, which you obviously fell for.
4. none of the other ccq instructors who are transferring into his department can teach XXXX.  they have mbas and peter has an accounting degree.  so, the replacement for peter will have to come from outside ccq at significant expense to hcc and wasted time by the dean and the chair.  maybe think a little bit before you believe XXXX peter tells you.

your personal axe grinding is puttint everyone's jobs in danger - even the people you claim who are being mistreated.  maybe you haven't gotten any kind of promotion because you are the type of person who writes vitriolic and completely inaccurate secret email.  what do you think this accomplishes?  it embarrasses all of us and puts all of us in a very bad situation.  if hcc is consistenly shown to be incompetent, it will kicked off the project. what do you think will happen then?  it is common knowledge that ccq admin does not hire indians and goes out of their way to not hire african americans.  because of this, many of us - including you - will not be offered jobs directly with ccq.  do you think that if ccq was making the decisions an african american would ever be promoted, let alone hired?  so, since you are obviously not interested in the well being of others, but only yourself, you should think about these personal implications before you continue with this.


Thank You

I am signing off, have postponed too many other projects and while not perfect it seems that HCC is now heading in the right direction. The companies that were recently hired are all good companies and a check of the minority vendors did not indicate anything that would be illegal. I will keep the website online until it is time to renew at which point I will consider whether to keep online for one more year. Thank you again.

June 20, 2013

Winners and Losers

On Tuesday the HCC Board voted to accept numerous contracts, I will be looking closely at those contracts as rumors from various sources tell me that friends of certain trustees appear on the winner's list.

From Channel 13, the Larry Marshall affair. The FBI will be all over gathering data and and in a short time we will see how many people got caught in the net.

I will soon be signing off, have another project that I have had on hold for two years and it is time I start devoting more time to it.

June 18, 2013

Like Thieves in the Night

Two persons and only two persons are responsible for placing agenda items that are probably the single most important items in the spending of bond money. Those two are Renee Byas and Bruce Austin. Why hold a meeting when they are not video taped? Why the minimum time for posting and in all probability getting material to the Trustees? Why the secrecy? HISD is embroiled in Pay to Play corruption and HCC has been at it for a much longer time. Something smells and when something smells at HCC there almost always something rotten. Here is the agenda for 6/18/2013. Why not do a needs study? HCC has seen decreasing enrollment and will probably continue to see it for the foreseeable future. Why build campuses when they are not needed?

Why is the Greater Houston Partnership working against its' members? The GHP was instrumental in stopping the "Houston First" legislative agenda item. Houston First would have helped the members of the GHP as they would have gotten a very slight advantage over companies outside the Greater Houston area. If HISD had a similar program most of their professional work would not be going to companies from outside the state of Texas. What is wrong with trying to keep our tax dollars here? Houston Black Architects are so concerned with what is happening at HISD that they have taken a stand. What is particularity interesting is that the Black elected HCC trustees now seem to be working against the interest of their own communities.

The Veselka Report will soon be revisited for what was not in the report. If one goes to Chris Oliver, the report that was submitted to the District Attorney failed to mention that Chris Oliver was soliciting contracts from HCC vendors. The Report is missing the fact that Chris Oliver solicited Super Bowl tickets from an HCC vendors and in fact got the tickets? Wonder if he reported the gift to the IRS? The Report failed to mention some of the things that Art Tyler accused Neeta Sane of doing? Why were such crucial information missing. Will visit the Veselka Report in the near future. The Report states that Abel Davila stated that Trustee Flores asked him to help her son, but Abel Davila did not state that in the interview. Where did the statement come from? Chris Oliver has been part of the Larry Marshall corruption investigation.

Fort Bend Mechanical has hired, as employees or contractors, HCC trustee Chris Oliver, HISD trustee Larry Marshall‘s grandson and his longtime campaign treasurer, and Fort Bend County Commissioner Grady Prestage‘s son, according to interviews and public records. The hires came near or during the times the company was doing business with the affiliated public entity. Chronicle 4/17/2012

From a reader of Inside HCCS

Most recently the Program Director of the Associate Degree Nursing Program (ADN) resigned and the Director of Development.

Another question to be asked and answered is? How many employees have resigned, transferred or been terminated since in the last five years?


June 13, 2013

Has Pete (Ft. Bend Mechanical) flipped

The Houston Chronicle today claims that Wayne Dolcefino has a recording where Pete Medford claims that over the last five years he, Pete, had given Larry Marshall envelopes stuffed with money. I had heard from several sources that Pete Medford has already turned over most of the information that he has to law enforcement and may have already struck a deal with them. If true there should be many nervous persons out there. As Pay to Play has been fairly normal at HISD and HCC for several years now. But comparing the two is like comparing a wraith to a devil, with HISD being the wraith. There should be some very nervous elected official out there and some lawyers counting money right now. I certainly have not made it a secret that the FBI is interested at what has been going at HCC.

What is wrong with this picture

For several months now the Houston Chronicle has been running stories about alleged corruption at HISD, but they are concerned about Houston Community College at this time. HCC at the present is divided which is good, contracts are at a stand still which is very good. They cannot decide on a Chancellor this is also good. Time is on the side of those that want to stop the corruption at Houston Community College and the moment time is on their side.

June 12, 2013

Flipping Property

While doing research on Trustee Bruce Austin, I came across this article. It peeked my interest as many of the properties that HCC has purchased over the years are in Bruce Austin's district. HCC has been paying much more than the appraised value of the properties many of which are still vacant. This slide show (starting on page 32) that was found online has photos and what HCC paid for the properties. The O'Quinn property and Westheimer properties among others are still sitting there vacant. Bruce Austin is an employee of El Franco Lee (one of the persons involved was the husband of one of El Franco Lee's employees). Is there a connection of property flipping? If anyone out there has any information please contact the FBI. They can be contacted at this address, email and physical address. Here are the properties listed as owned by Houston Community College.

FBI Houston
1 Justice Park Drive
Houston, TX 77092
Phone: (713) 693-5000
Fax: (713) 936-8900

June 11, 2013

Chris Oliver - Houston Chronicle - Bruce Austin

Texas Ethics Commission is investigating Chris Oliver

Here is the letter from the Ethics commission that confirms that a complaint has been filed. There are two other HCC Trustees that have been careless in the filing of campaign reports. The same person that has filed the ethics complaint has informed Inside HCCS that they will be filing complaints in regards two those two individuals in the near future.

Houston Chronicle must be missing the money that HCC used to lavished on the Chronicle to promote lies

For the second time in as many months the Houston Chronicle has bad mouthed certain trustees claiming that "It can also be seen in various maneuverings by the board to micromanage its own hand-picked acting chancellor in charting the institution's future in details large and small." Houston Comical June 6, 2013

Inside has in the past made it plain that the Chronicle editorial staff intelligence is questionable, buffoons, would be an appropriate name for them. How stupid are they they? Take this statement from them "

"We encourage HCC supporters throughout the business and education communities to field a reform slate of candidates to challenge those board incumbents who have supported the governing body's detour back into its old, discredited ways.

There is ample precedent for such a step. It was successfully accomplished in the Houston Independent School District in the late 1980s and early 1990s under the intentional and well-briefed guidance of the Greater Houston Partnership."

1) The Greater Houston Partnership is a non-profit organization, here - face-book, as such it is prohibited by law from promoting candidates.

2) As a non-profit the GHP is already in violations of several rules required of non-profits, Inside has been informed that certain individuals are already preparing complaints to file with the IRS.

3) The GHP recently lost a very important case where the court affirmed the Attorney General's opinion that stated that the GHP is a government agency an as such is subject to open records request. Here is the case regarding the AG opinion. The GHP has stated its' intent to appeal the decision. The question that one has to ask is why are certain agencies so afraid to be open to the public, what are they hiding? Here is Texas Watchdog take on the case.

In regards to the Heading above, for a few years HCC was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars with the Houston Comical, that has stopped. Inside made an open records request inquiring as to how much the Chronicle was being paid, it seems that that HCC has no records of the payments. Yaffee/Deutser did not have payments to the Comical and the HCC PR department claimed very few payments to the Comical. So who was paying them? It seems that HCC does not know or claims it does not know.

Bruce Austin and Campaign Reports

Inside HCCS needs to help our friend out there who is filing complaints with the Texas Ethics Commission. Today we will focus on Mr. Bruce Austin. Mr. Austin is a Special Project Analyst with Harris County Commissioner El Franco Lee. Senator Sylvia Garcia is part of a lawsuit filed against the county in regards to redistricting, one of the claims is that Precinct 2 was diluted as to Latinos to protect El Franco Lee. Looking at the Harris County map it seems that even with trying to protect El Franco Lee that he may still be vulnerable especially by a White or Hispanic Female. Mr. Austin makes almost $94,000 a year. Bruce Austin has been associated with El Franco Lee since 1984. Austin is an educated man with a law degree from TSU but according to the State Bar is not licensed to practice law in Texas. Bruce Austin occasionally or maybe frequently is an adjunct professor at TSU. One would think that a person of Mr. Austin's intelligence and education would be able to do simple math and read the rules for campaign report filings. If one assumes such a thing in this case one would make a wrong assumption.

1) Campaign violation - One is required to list the occupation or at least make a good faith effort to list the occupation of the person(s) that contribute to one's campaigns. Mr. Austin does not have the occupation listed for a single campaign contributor.

2) Campaign violation, sloppy math- Chronological order: CFR = Campaign Financial Report

Jan 2010 report - Austin has zero contributions and zero maintained, he does list $300 in political expenditures - Wrong Mr. Austin you have almost $3,000 in expenditures, here (section 20.61) are the rules on how to list "political expenditures". Note that the CFR is dated 2010 but was time stamped 2009, it was corrected as to time stamp.

July 2010 report - Bruce A. Austin had zero dollars maintained as of his January 2010 CFR, had zero campaign contributions, but yet managed to have expenditures almost $1,700 in expenditures. Where did the money for expenditures come from? Who knows as CFRs are something that Chris Oliver and Bruce Austin seem to think means just put something up there who cares. Bruce Austin again states that there are zero funds maintained on this report.

Jan 2011 report - Bruce Austin and the Federal Government have one thing in common as it seems they both can print money. Austin had zero contributions and about $500 in political expenditures (Austin however, has zero political contributions) but Austin has magically made money appear as he now claims that he maintains $1,909.38.

July 2011 report - Mr. Austin has zero contributions listed, zero political expenditures listed and $1,557.98 maintained. While Mr. Austin did not list any political expenditures he did list expenditures ($281), which should have been listed on the political expenditure space. Based on what Bruce Austin has as expenditures there should have been a total of $1,628.38 maintained.

Jan 2012 report - Bruce Austin reports $16,300 in contributions (this is correct). Bruce Austin still claims that he has $1,557.98 maintained. Austin reported $714.98 in political expenditures. However the total expenditures, that he has listed, is about $1,000. Bruce Austin does not know basic math or just does not care what he files.

July 2012 - Bruce Austin shows zero campaign contributions, $105 in political expenditures, and no maintains $16,169.74. Austin has approximately $580 in political expenditures.

Jan 2013 - Austin lists $1,500, $1,003 in political expenditures and claims that he maintains $15.971.52. Bruce Austin lists approximately $1,700.

Bruce Austin seems to begin trying to do things properly after Inside started publishing the sloppy math that some of the trustees were using.

Since July 2011 Bruce Austin lists a total of $17,800 and has a approximately about $2,863 (281 + 1000 + 580 + 1003 = 2,863) Which should total about $15,000. Since we had no idea how much was maintained because of the sloppy CFR, at least Bruce Austin is now trying to do it correctly.


June 2-10, 2013

In Memory of the Houston Firefighers who gave their lives to save others

They rush in when others run out

Houston Firefighters

 Scene Fire


May 31, 2013

Here is link to four years of discussion of the community college of Qatar, via Dave's ESL Cafe.

Here is another link to discussions about jobs in Qatar.

One does have to be careful in Qatar, teacher faces seven years in prison.

Here and here are two links about Higher education provided by a reader of Inside HCCS.

Latest Salary figures for Houston Community College, here. If you work at HCC where are you in the pecking order?

Latest Salary for HISD employees, here. Chancellor at HCC makes more than the Supt. at HISD.

City of Houston salaries, here. The legal counsel for HCC makes more than the City Attorney.

Harris County salaries, here.

Interesting article form Texas Watchdog regarding those special taxing districts, here.

One of the top political blogs (Robert Miller), here.

Here are two candidates for District I that worked together to help Javier Perez.

Ft. Bend Mechanical is now suing HISD, story here. Corner Rock Construction is suing Ft. Bend Mechanical for Breech of contract, cause number 2013-07699 Court 333; MEMCO INC is suing Ft. Bend Mechanical, cause number 201312270-7 Court 190; Spencer Reed Group LLC is suing Ft. Bend Mechanical for Debt, cause number 2012284177, court 190; CLS Technology Inc is suing FT. Bend Mechanical for Breech of Contract, cause number 2011736987, court 152.



May 30, 2013

Like Pulling Teeth

Getting information from HCC is like pulling teeth, they are afraid of what one might find. Most people get pay checks and on every paycheck the amount is the same, it may vary by a few pennies. An email alerted Inside HCCS that if Inside were to look at the pay stubs, of several persons that Inside could discover that certain people were getting pay that may not be explainable. Below is the most recent response from HCC. The first response was that I was not clear did I mean paper stubs or the digital images that are provided to most employees who are on direct deposit. Below is the most recent response concerning the request for information. That means at least another 30 days wait in addition to the 30 days that have already passed. They could then forget to inform me about the AG opinion, like they did in 2011.

Dear Requestor, 

The Office of General Counsel has submitted an open records ruling for your request (#1-3) dated April 22, 2013. Please see attached documents regarding your public information requests. 


Sandra Garcia
Assistant General Counsel
Office of General Counsel
Houston Community College System

George Phillips

The email that altered Inside as to pay is below but names have been removed. I would strongly encourage "George Phillips" to contact the Houston office of the FBI. I have had several people inform Inside HCCS that the FBI has approached them and is now starting to look at HCC. HCC cannot hide what it has done that the FBI cannot not uncover. The email is below:

"I have visited your web page for years and  normally would not have the courage to make comments.  but for the most part you are correctly hitting nerves of the HCC board at least. ...

...  Absolute power has been the motto of this administration and the pay has been get all you can before we get caught...

 In less than 6 years their salaries (Art Tyler and Mary Spangler) have increased over $50,000 while Bruce Austin claims that they did not realize that ....  were making that much money.  What will the reaction be when he checks  the salaries of the Presidents ..., plots on a way to keep the bond money their personal companies and pockets and destroy the reputations of qualified employees who have been retaliated against for telling the truth and commenting on  the administrations crimes? At this rate no one is monitoring or checking on these big greedy hands in the salary cookie jar.  ... have both given themselves increases since January 2012.  While others have gone unpaid, there is never a delay in getting their personnel action forms processed" Inside HCCS notes, this in reference to HCC employees that have or had gone months without pay because of a glitch in the software, bet you money if it were the paychecks of the top administrators that would have been remedied very quickly.


Thank you, George Phillips, those employees that care about Houston Community College and have information that will end the corruption at HCC should contact the Houston Office of the FBI. Do not contact the media especially the Houston Chronicle they cannot be trusted in my opinion. Inside is suggesting that people contact the FBI as local and state agencies have not had an interest and one would risk having their names exposed to the administration at HCC. The FBI can be contacted at;

FBI Houston
1 Justice Park Drive
Houston, TX 77092
Phone: (713) 693-5000
Fax: (713) 936-8900

Only at HCC

Where else could an elected official solicit jobs for vendors at the HCC work sites, and say I am sorry and the story ends? Here is the statement from the Veselka files. Where else but at HCC can a trustee blatantly ask for Super Bowl tickets and the matter just be dropped? Here is the statement. According to the statements Chris Oliver did both things, was he admonished, No. But another Trustee who was falsely accused of not filing a disclosure, when no disclosure was required was censored. Her crime was reporting that the administration may have been engaged in activities they should not have been when they formed Iceps, a company formed by Art Tyler and Mary Spangler.

Inside HCCS will again either reach or exceed 50,000 hits for the month of May, thank you for visiting.

May 27, 2013

Compliments from contributors to Inside HCCS

Another location where HCCS is desperately searching for instructors, here. Let me remind some of you that are thinking of applying you may be held hostage. Your passport may have to be turned in, your emails and phone calls may be monitored. This has happened to numerous persons who have gone to Qatar via HCCS. The Community College of Qatar is not a nice place to be, but if you need the money so be it but be warned.

Why is BY Coleman College President traveling to Austria? Did the Board not suggest that international travel be curtailed. I cannot verify that this is true or if true related to HCCS.

Coleman held their Pinning/Commencement Ceremony at the George R. Brown Center May 9th. The event was a joke. Students had to be held hostage for more than 5 hours. An announcement was made by the President admonishing students to remain until the ceremony was over. Of course this was done after more than a quarter of individuals left. Students were required to be at the GRB by 4:30 PM and many left after receiving their pins. Faculty and staff along with the scattered few remained until after 9:30 PM. The proposed combining of the ceremony would save the college (Coleman) $70000. Does any one have that data to support this amount? and How much was spent on the May 9th event? What did it cost before combining the programs?

BY is out of control. BY stands for the initials of the president of Coleman if I am not mistaken. I assume that the person that contributed the information has actual knowledge but Inside HCCS has not verified if it is true.

Thank you for helping make HCCS a better place by exposing corruption and waste of money.


May 24, 2013

Who is George Phillips?

A person who identifies themselves as George Phillips has been sending out emails to various people and news agencies, police agencies claiming the improper use of millions of dollars. Inside had not publish the email as Inside could not verify as to what was in the email. Inside is unable to verify if what is claimed is true, other than 1) the part about Richard Schechter, resigning, 2) Mary Spangler getting sick and her buyout, and 3) Art Tyler's demand for an outrageous amount of money to be bought out. Inside did contact Renee Byas and Charles Cook, Renee Byas did not respond to the email and Dr. Cook, simply stated that he had not recently been to Saudi Arabia. Inside has reason to believe that George Phillips is a female employee at HCC who fears that she or he could be fired. Yes that does happen way too often to people who complain about the administration.

The email that George Phillips sent in essence claims that 1) HCC paid millions of dollars to have a relative of a former trustee released from prison in Saudi Arabia; 2) That top level administrators including Renee Byas, Art Tyler, and Dr. Cook have knowledge of the wire transfer paid to have the person released; 3) The email further claims that the FBI has been to HCC to look into the matter. It is my understanding that HCC is at present conducting an audit as to the veracity of what George Phillips has claimed.

Frankly I don't believe anything that HCC states when it comes to an audit. Where is the savings on the Chevron Energy contract? Where are the millions of dollars from the Qatar contract? Why did HCC spend $6,000,000 for the O'Quinn building to be used a a warehouse? Why did Eva Loredo go to Qatar for their graduation (Inside opinion she loves to travel on the taxpayers' dime), tens of thousands of dollars wasted on that trip. Why is HCC using outside agencies, here, here, here to fill the Qatar jobs? How much are they paying these agencies? Request as to cost associated with Qatar have remained unanswered as HCC has not set up a method to determine its' actual costs in regards to Qatar. One of the things that went wrong at Qatar, besides not accepting Jewish instructors is this.

Where is the Butler Report?

In 2010 HCC commissioned a report in regards to Chief Cunningham. That report has remained a secret to everyone but a very select few. The vast majority of HCC Trustees were not allowed to view the report. Isn't it time that the HCC Board grew some balls and ask that the administration produce and make public the Butler Report? Could this be the reason that some Trustees can manipulate the administration? MAKE THE REPORT PUBLIC. HCC uses attorneys to cover their behind if they don't like what they get they keep it quiet, occasionally because of their incompetence they do get caught like the Veselka report that brought to light the fact that Chris Oliver was soliciting contracts from HCC vendors. That Chris Oliver requested and got Super Bowl tickets from a vendor. Like the fact that the Chevron contract was a sweet heart deal that the administration wanted and went to great length to get the contract for Chevron (they did not come in first). Corruption galore there, where HCC in essence bypassed the state process and in essence made it a sole source contract. Someone has already filed an ethic complaint against Chris Oliver, maybe someone out there can contact the IRS and report the Super Bowl tickets to the IRS as I would be greatly surprised if Mr. Oliver reported the gift.

May 20, 2013

Like Pulling Teeth

Back in 2011, Inside HCCS requested certain information. HCC as it normally does to delay sent it to the attorney general for an opinion, here is the opinion. The opinion said give it to him. Did Inside HCC ever get the information? NO. HCC now claims that my gmail address rejected the attachments but that they did attempt to contact me. I don't particularly like Gmail but it rejecting attachments is not one of the problems that I have encountered. Below is the request that Inside HCCS has again made to HCC to provide the information. The original request is in the body. I found out about the AG opinion while doing research on another matter.

Dear Ms. Garcia:

Please provide me with the information that I requested.  If Ms. Saldivar claims that my email rejected them, then she could not have contacted me via email, therefore I have never received the documents. Another example of  HCC  hiding records that should be provided at its' best. After two years Inside is still looking into possible corruption at HCC, it is not going away anytime soon.  I have reason to believe from a very reliable sources that certain agencies have started looking into HCC. Have a great day.

For the benefit of the people that I have CC the request that was made was:

Dear Sirs:

Attached is an anonymous letter that I received. I have redacted the names as the names are not important at this time. Based on the attachment please provide the following information.

1) Any information regarding a stolen television (mentioned in the attachment)  that may now or has been in the possession of Houston Community College.

2) Any communication (in what ever form is available) between Chief Cunningham and Vice Chancellor Art Tyler regarding the subject of the attachment.

The letter that was was attached had this.

Last week, between Aug. 8 and Aug. 12, the Houston Police Department notified the Houston
Community College that an HCC had knowingly bought stolen property. The item purchased was a new,
over 50 inches, wide flat screen television. HCC investigator, was assigned to check
into this by Chief of Police Greg Cunningham. The HCC officer that had bought the stolen television is
stationed at His name is He works for
turned the television over to who ran the serial number through NCIC and
found that the television was reported stolen out of Brazoria County Texas. The television has been
placed in the property room on the 13th floor at 3100 Main @ Elgin. Officer said that HCC police
officer had given him the name of the person that would sell a new television at a very
cheap price. Chief Cunningham has met with Vice Chancellor Arthur Q. Tyler, Jr. about what Dr. Tyler
wants to do if anything. As of today Aug. 10, no charges have been filed for receiving stolen property on
Officer Cunningham said that it “Does not take a rocket scientist to know that HCC police has a
bad reputation all ready.” According to Chief Cunningham, Dr. Tyler said that HCC will ask for another
bond issue in the next 2 or 3 years and also a vote in Katy, Tx, to annex Katy and HCC does not need any
more bad publicity. Cunningham has told the Lt.’s to not saying anything and just hopes this problem
goes away. Several terminated officers have settled with HCC out of court with several more set for
court and any more bad publicity will not help HCC. Chancellor Spangler said that this would be
UNTENABLE for HCC. Officer is still working at and has not been placed on
Administrative Leave, even thought the possession of stolen property is a crime. Why Not??
Houston Police Department Officer is the one that turn the HCC Officer in, to HPD.


Inside HCCS


May 19, 2013

Ethics Complaint Filed against Chris Oliver

Here is a copy of the original complaint, it is my understanding the affidavit has been corrected and that the complaint has been refiled.

There are people looking at some of the other trustees that have failed to properly prepare their campaign reports. Complaints may soon follow.

May 16, 2013

HCC under Rene Byas is even worse than under Art Tyler

Since HCC has taken the steps to make it difficult to gather information under the open records request, I will spend more time looking at some of the highest paid employees and researching. Two fairly new attorneys Valerie Simpson and Sandra D. Garcia have recently been the ones that have responded to my open records request. Ms. Simpson received her law degree in 2010 ( U of H)and Ms. Garcia in 2011 (TSU). HCC pays them very well. Here is an order from the Attorney General admonishing Ms. Simpson for what she submitted.

Larry Marshall's Campaign Reports, Pay to Play

7/2008 - 1/2009 - 7/2009 - 1/2010 - 7/2010 - 1/2011 - 7/2011 - 1/2012 - 7/2012

The last three reports were not available, will have to pick them up later. Quickly went through them and noticed some problems like a Negative amount maintain, it is not possible, a loan maybe but one is not in the negative. The numbers did not always add up too much like Chris Oliver and Bruce Austin.

From the past this Yaffee/Deutser document (HCC)

They were educating the public in the annexation and other matters.

Ben Hall Supporters

Chris Oliver is among one of Ben Hall for Mayor supporters. According to Marc Campos a post in the Chronicle indicates that there were over 100 people at the kick off for Mayor Parker's Campaign, that is not a large crowd, not good for the mayor.

May 15, 2013

The Dumbest award

There is dumb, dumber, and dumbest and the dumbest award today has to go to the Ben Mendez campaign. They put out this photo. Campos with his daily commentary left much to be desired like the photo that was in question so I went in search of answers and found it at the Houston Press.

What Campos did was leave this what the heck did the Ben Mendez campaign do? Did he out a person a la Manuel Rodriguez? Did he catch her cheating on her husband? All this evil thoughts ran through my mind so I had to go find out. No Graci Garces was eating and she is on the heavy side, so what. My mother was on the heavy side and I would give my life for her. I am on the heavy side. Most of my friends are on the heavy side. In fact if Ben Mendez would open his eyes and visit the community he wants to represent he would notice that many of the mothers and grandmothers not to mention the daughters and sons tend to be on the heavy side. Señor Mendez you claim to be this great successful businessman, well use some of that brain that God gave you and use it to tell us why you are the best candidate don't tell us that you are not fat. Are you suggesting that the people vote for you because of your good looks, tongue in cheek? I did assume that God gave you a "great brain", I could have assumed wrong. Beside Señor Mendez, I could decide to do some research on you and I already know a lot about you. Don't pick on big people!

Since I have expanded this blog to other things than HCC, I will take this opportunity to point out that Marc Campos had a chance to show solidarity with the Spanish surname individuals in Arizona by boycotting the game between the Astros and the Arizona team. I emailed him and asked him to do so as most people that know him know that he is one the Astros strongest supporters. He refused to show his support of what the Arizona state government was doing to people with blood of my and his ancestors, sangre de indios. One game, one day of not watching the Astros in person was too much of a sacrifice for Señor Campos. Too many of us worked long and hard to get some of the rights that many people now take for granted. Boycotting HISD when they decided that integration meant that people with sangre de indio and sangre de Africano would make it okay. I volunteered at one of the boycott schools, I was part of the U of H Mayo, and the barrio Mayo from North Side.

There are at least two other persons running for District I, Robert Gallegos and Leticia Ablaza.

Interesting Person this Lawrence Marshall, HISD Trustee

He lives in an apartment located at 6425 Bankside, well that is where he at least claims he lives. Has some land that is for agriculture use, located at 11787 Almeda Rd. Uses a PO box as mailing address, PO Box 88082. He also has property in Ft Bend County 16422 Quail Gully DR Missouri City.

Marshall has at least one company, M Associates of Houston which is registered at the same apartment complex that he lives in but a different apartment number. The company is registered at;

M Associates of Houston
6425 Bankside Drive Apartment 1062
Houston, TX 77096-5672

Here is a list of properties that have Lawrence Marshall as the grantee, he is the owner. ETAl means "and others", usually a spouse. Here is where is the grantor, sold property. For someone that lives in an apartment he has been active. It may turnout that he is not the same Lawrence Marshall as only actual footwork will determine that. This is only for Harris County as time permits will check records in Ft. Bend County.

Larry Marshall is a life time native of Houston, don't know if he is married but there was a wedding license issued to a Lawrence Marshall who wed a Barbara Thompson, about three years after he started work as a teacher.

As time permits I will follow up on this HISD Trustee as he peeked my interest, always wonder about people that live in apartments that run for office.

May 12, 2013

Inside is considering expanding into HISD affairs, meanwhile the Lone Star bonds failed. At least there are people with common sense as the bonds go to feed the politicians and their supporters. Only one HCC Trustee stood against the HCC bonds and that was Yolanda Navarro Flores. Why in the heck are we building buildings when we have declining enrollment? Why did Carroll Robinson push so hard for the bonds? Why did Carroll Robinson lie about the enrollment?


Erica Mellon is learning and our new Trustees

Here is a recent article on HISD that she wrote, there is a disclaimer at the bottom that indicates that an "investigation does not mean any one is guilty or will be indicted". Some thing that she failed to do when she was writing about HCC. No one got indicted, if one reads the article about HISD one will notice that the FBI always denies there is an investigation because of policy. There is corruption at HCC much worse than what is occurring at HISD but for some reason the powers that be in Houston have decided to see no corruption, hear no corruption, and speak no corruption. The two recenlty appointed Trustees will also be investigated. Below what a few minute search will find, there is much more that will be printed in regards to the new trustees as time allows. Here are a few articles about Herlinda Garcia by the Houston Press.

From HoustonISD watch:

Herlinda Garcia, the perfect marionette to Grier's puppet master
Isn't HISD just wonderful? Isn't it terrific how ALL the teachers are buying into to Grier's reforms?
And that
Herlinda Garcia,hasn't she always followed HISD policy? Been a real tropper?
Don't you just want to give cotton candy to the
Broad bots who are walking around soaking in
vaudeville show HISD is putting on for them?
I remember back in the day when Herlinda Garcia was a major power player in East End Latino
politics. She sat on the HCC Board of Trustees and practically split her time between her little
kingdom at J.P. Henderson and important affairs of state at HCC, fueling power struggles
between two warring factions. Those of us who have been around HISD a long time and
stories to tell, incidents to remember, that don't always put the current "saints" in a good

I remember Herlinda herding around her staff as they worked on her HCC campaign. It was
such a clear violation of HISD rules, even though it occurred almost 30 years ago, I have
never forgotten  it.

Herlinda Garcia is a smart cookie. She is willing to play marionette to Grier's puppet master
just to keep him the h*ll out of her business.

Yesterday, Herlinda danced, jerked, waved, and supplicated herself to King Grier.  
(Editor: Ericka Mellon mentioned yesterday in this article how good the grounds looked
at J.P. Henderson.  I mention this because this past weekend I included comments about
the landscaping, tree planting, and mulching being done at Fondren. The previous weekend
the Fondren campus was inundated with yellow HISD maintenance trucks. All of this
effort, of course, was to make Grier look wonderful, and if you toured all the campuses
in HISD, you would see firsthand what a sham it was as many schools need real
maintenance work, not the time-consuming feel good cosmetic kind Grier ordered
for Broad. Please know when you blog at, Mellon reads your
comments. She may only write a sarcastic aside in her articles, as she is raked over
the coals by Jason Spencer when he doesn't like her coverage, but you are being heard. 
You are being heard.)

May 11, 2013

Should people in purchasing have to file disclosures?

One can only hope that Houston Community College under Renee Byas is concerned about transparency. Below are some DBAs that have been filed by one of the top persons in purchasing. As time permits will look at all the top administrators. Some of the companies are still in existence, here. Mojgani is the spouse of Reynaldo Pradia.

Reynaldo Pradia

May 10, 2013

Is a Community College Trustee blaming ESPA and Bobby Singh for the failure of the hiring of the out of state contractors? More on this as information comes in. Is Rene Byas hiring people without job posting? Is Sandie Mullins using HCC bond money to help her in her run for a City of Houston council position? Is Carroll Robinson making deals to help with his fund raising for when he runs for City Controller? Inside will be watching just as it did when Michael Williams started his run for City Council violating City ordinances, Inside was instrumental in stopping his run. Who are Herlinda Garcia supporters and mentors? Rumors are that all Trustees up for election in November will have opponents. This Weekend who is Bruce Austin and is it time for him to go.

Is HCC hiding behind stupidity?

Inside has been publishing for close to three years now, it is not going away. It may take a break but it is not going away it is will continue to ask for information and publish as Houston Community College is the most corrupt institution in the area. The Veselka report clearly showed that Chris Oliver was engaged in at minimum unethical behavior and at worse criminal behavior. He is just one of many, Bruce Austin had no qualms about making campaign money disappear. Bruce Austin had no qualms about voting and advocating for organizations in which he was a director. Art Tyler and Mary Spangler had no qualms about making sure that the energy contract went to a particular company. While the Comical may publish stories about HISD and not HCC, HCC is where the corruption as an institution is.

Inside HCC was informed that the best way by someone who used to work there that the pay stubs would be the best way to check how much vacation time, sick time certain people have used and would be entitled to. Inside made a simple open records request that most semi intelligent people would understand what was being requested, so what does HCC do?

Below is the response from HCC.

Dear Requestor,

Per the Public Information Act, the Office of General Counsel is requesting clarification as to your open records request (see email request below):

1) Please provide copies of all of Art Tyler's  paychecks commencing with his first paycheck and ending with the last paycheck issued to him.

2) Please provide copies of Renee Byas' paychecks commencing with her first paycheck and ending with the last paycheck issued to her.

3) Please provide copies of Mary Spangler's  paychecks commencing with her first paycheck and ending with the last paycheck issued to her

For clarification purposes, are you requesting paper checks or direct deposit advices for the individuals listed?

Upon your prompt response, the Office of General Counsel will move forward with this portion of your request.


Assistant General Counsel
Office of General Counsel
Houston Community College System

This morning the clarification was sent, let us count the days before they respond with other questions seeking more clarification.

Here is the clarification:

Please provide the "direct deposit advices" if different from the paper please digital copies of the paper checks.

I did not realize that Houston Community College still issued paper checks to full time employees. I am assuming that HCC has entered into the digital world and like other institutions has direct deposit.  A digital image is usually available to the employee and some dinosaur institutions still may issue paper checks. But even they maintain digital copies. Please provide such copies, I guess HCC calls them direct deposit advices, but even the simplest folks would know what Inside HCC was requesting.

May 9, 2013

Taking a break, not much is going on at HCC at the moment but that could change at anytime. Art Tyler is at this point not getting his way, but there are some HCC employee in the purchasing department that may bear watching as their hands may be out for handouts. Have people looking into it and will get back if they are able to provide concrete proof that it is happening.

April 30, 2013

Why have a Media Department if HCC pays Yaffee/Deutser to do production?

HCC teaches production, HCC produces its' own videos but it chooses to pay over a quarter of million dollars to produce what HCC can do or should be able to do? Are HCC video and photography professors so incompetent that we cannot trust them? Is the HCC media department so incompetent that it has to outsource production? Or is HCC taking care of friends of the Board? Here are the invoices.

April 28, 2013

The fools from the Comical (Houston Chronicle) are at it again

Who are the Comical's editorial board?

Who are these persons that use a Newspaper to spread lies. They make statements as if they were facts. Who are these person who want to control an entity (HCC) by spreading lies to the community. I challenge them and the the persons they listen to, to prove what they write.

On Sunday's editorial page they have this as the headline, "A CLOSE EYE ON HCC - Community college board is trying to back away from a necessary commitment."

Let us look at some of the so called facts:

"Richard Schechter , a strong voice for reform has resigned". Schechter got involved in reform when Carroll Robinson started pushing for reform. Give credit where credit is due to Trustee Carroll Robinson. In fact Inside HCCS has pointed out that at least three friends (and also Jewish) of Richard Schechter (Jewish) received three very lucrative contracts. Inside has pointed and proved with documentations that Trustee Flores was censored for things that never occurred, i.e., her son receiving contracts. It never happened but the Comical printed it as it was fact. The Comical's (Houston Chronicle) editorial board primarily consists of journalism majors not necessarily the stuff from where logic and analysis are found, writers (Journalism Majors) entertain. The Comical also destroyed the reputation of a very good and qualified person, Gloria Walker, by spreading rumors as truth. Here is a youtube video showing how strongly Richard Schechter believed in reform. Those three friends of Richard Schechter did not have to bid on the contracts, about 2 million dollars in one year between the three friends. Schechter is wrong about it being illegal, there is no legal obligation that a board has to accept a bid, they can vote it up or down. It is not that unusual that a bid is voted down.

"We have seen enough evidence of an appetite for mischief to have real misgivings about the current board's judgment to entrust it with a chancellor search and selection." These are the same fools who criticized the selection of the acting chancellor,the Comical preferred Art Tyler, now they want to keep Rene Bayas there for a year as they don't trust the Board. Which Board Member have they not endorsed in the past? I can think of one and she is the newest Trustee. The fools want to interject their prejudices and hate for minorities, Spanish surnamed individuals in particular. Well they are not really fools they are low price whores as long as HCC was buying thousands of dollars in advertisement from them they were happy whores willing to do the bidding of the HCC administration. At present they are unhappy low price whores as HCC has quit spending money buying ads from them. Inside subscribes to the Comical to keep track of the lies that they push. Inside is waiting for an ad from HCC so Inside can find out where the money to buy the advertisements is coming from. The comical has proven time and time again that it hates Spanish surnamed individuals, the Comical is full of bigots and racists, who but racists and bigots would print this type of headline about Spanish surnamed persons "Race may crown Houston's 1st political patrona." The comical has never done that to any other ethnic group not even the Italians (Mafia). The use of the word boss has bad concoctions.

"...Board members seeking to require contracts to give preference to Houston-based bidders on construction of new facilities and other major tasks have made an end run around the resolution by pushing for changes in state law to allow for those preferences to be created." The Comical Editorial Board is so full of it, here is the City's Houston First which the Chronicle endorsed and gave its blessing to, directly and indirectly by endorsing the Mayor Annise Parker. In the article, the Greater Houston Partnership gave the City's program its blessing. So why is the Partnership against HCC doing the same? Again it seems to be about racism and being bigots. When a White person is at the top its is okay, if a minority is at the top, well we can't trust them. Why else the double standard? Read this part of the Comical's editorial "The last time we wrote about the HCC board and its troubles, we said we'd be watching urged community leadership groups such as the Greater Houston Partnership to do likewise. We have watched, and so has the Partnership. We're not happy with what we're seeing."

"Time's wasting, and thousands of students who will become part of tomorrow's skilled work force are waiting patiently for completion of the new medical and engineering facilities to come." Where are the thousands of students that are waiting? If the Comical is so concerned with space for students why were they not upset that the President of Coleman took space from students to have a private bathroom built for herself? Is the Comical trying to whitemail HCC into buying advertisements to keep the Comical's lies out of the public sphere?

Why doesn't the Comical allude to the fact that they helped spread the lies that HCC was busting at the seams? The Editorial Board of the Comical would be hilarious if not for the fact that the lies that they publish can harm individuals. The public deserves better than the fools at the Chronicle.

"This just smells" How does it smell? Where is the wrong doing in pushing for Houston first? Where is the meddling by the Board?

Why is the Comical and its fools against trying to keep money here in Houston? Is the Comical looking for a payout to stay out of HCC's business? Houston will be a much better place when the Houston Chronicle (Comical) ceases to exist.

Who benefits at HCC by Sunday's, 4.28.2013, editorial from the comical? I can think of two persons, Renee Byas and Bruce Austin. Tyler wants out but at his price and the Board also wants him out from what Inside is hearing. So who benefits from the editorial? Renee Byas for sure as she gets a year there and Bruce Austin who is the one that promoted Renee Byas, what is their agenda? Why would Renee Byas and Bruce Austin be against promoting Houston First? One has been there too long and the other is not qualified for the position she now holds.

April 26, 2013

Who is Traveling and how much are the taxpayers paying?

Here are some invoices for travel primarily outside the country. Someone out there help me why are these people traveling there? Why is a president of a college traveling to Germany for in service? Same president was in the selection committee that selected the Program Manager (so I was informed). What does she know about Program Managers? What is her expertise. I know the person and know why she is where she is. I know who helped her and how she treated them when they were down.

From an email sent to Inside

Houston Community College IT department needs your help.  Why do tax payers pay over $500,000 for maintenance of the People Soft system every six months?


Is it because XXXXXX (doubt this person would be terminated as they are tight with Art) is afraid that he will be terminated for speaking up and informing Renee Byas and Art Tyler that XXXXXX (Doubt that they would be terminated as they are tight with Art) of  the Human Resources department is the reason for the costly delays that will not allow the upgrades to be completed in a timely manner.  The budget was approved so that the college would not have to keep paying for the live support of the system and much needed upgrades, over $1,000,000. 

The statements in () are Inside's comments. Inside is aware of both persons and they are secure in their jobs as long as Art and Renee are there.

April 23, 2013

The whore of a paper, or no ethics by Chronicle reporters

Read this article, look at what stands out, read and ask yourself where is the source where is the evidence to merit such a headline. There is no evidence, however by that simple lie, it is a lie unless they can prove it is true, and they cannot prove it because it was never true. Erica Mellon, a reporter that seems to lack ethics, destroyed a person's reputation. Mellon did it without a conscious. Is it because at the time the little whore (the Chronicle, was receiving $100,000s in advertisements from HCC?) and she was told to write such stories? The only part that lends some credence to the article is the part where TSU will not release records because of a criminal investigation. Let me tell you how that works. Someone out to destroy Ms. Walker will file a complaint and the University is obligated to conduct an investigation. I could do the same thing by claiming that Renee Byas did something illegal. Once an investigation commences I could write a headline "Renee Byas is under Criminal Investigation". Is it true, yes, is it ethical no. Requests for information as to how much the Chronicle was paid has let nowhere, HCC does not have records to show how much they have paid or they are hiding the amount somewhere. Mellon, the unethical reporters, also destroyed other reputations, Yolanda Navarro Flores, Abel Davila are two others. She attempted to do the same with the writer of Inside HCCS. HCC has conducted criminal investigations in regards to some of their administrators but we all know who runs that department, HCC pretend to be cops.

The only decent reporter that the Chronicle has published his last article last week. Steffy I often wondered how long he would last at the place I call a little whore. He stepped on big toes and big toes have big heads they don't like it when people do that.

April 22, 2013

I want to again thank the persons who care about our college, thank you.

HCC may be replacing one tyrant with another, HCC Board beware.

Renee Byas has received one very large pay increase while employees are yet to be paid since January of this year (Coleman Campus). Renee Byas is not the right person for the job, she was not qualified in my opinion to have held the job she had before and certainly not qualified for this job. One of the presidents such as Zachary R. Hodges would be much better qualified to handle the job while they do a search for a Chancellor.

The following request and notifications was sent this morning.

1) Please provide copies of all of Art Tyler's  paychecks commencing with his first paycheck and ending with the last paycheck issued to him.

2) Please provide copies of Renee Byas' paychecks commencing with her first paycheck and ending with the last paycheck issued to her.

3) Please provide copies of Mary Spangler's  paychecks commencing with her first paycheck and ending with the last paycheck issued to her

Peoplesoft should have the digital images of all the checks available,  most paychecks do not have anything that should be redacted. The above three requests should be readily available.

4) Please provide all credits that have been issued to all persons, from all banks (between February 1, 2012 through  February 1st, 2013) , it has come to the attention of Inside HCCS  that there may be as many of 30 credits cards out. For instance, Inside was told that Charles Cook has a credit card as do many other top level administrators. It was also mentioned that Art Tyler may have use of more than one credit card.

5) Please provide all records concerning Chris Oliver workers compensation claim. It has come to Inside HCCS that not all people with knowledge and records of his claim were notified of Inside HCCS previous request and that because some people were not notified that not all records were provided. Inside believes that Chris Oliver may have been paid an additional $20,000 that were not provided to Inside. 

5a) Please provide the list of people that were notified via email on the request for information concerning Chris Oliver's worker's compensation claim (request by Inside HCCS).

5b) Please provide the the emails of the people that were notified of the request. see 5a above.

6) Please provide a copy of the job posting for XXXXXXX position. 


News media, the following request should also be done by your staff, Inside will not publish the stories and will wait for the main stream media to do so. Inside has reason to believe that there are irregularities concerning payments to the above three individuals. Inside believe that Renee Byas may have authorized the payment of an additional $20,000 to Chris Oliver on the workers' compensation claim. Inside has reason to believe that Renee Byas may be circumventing HCC policy, and Federal laws in the hiring of individuals. Inside has reason to believe that payment for reimbursement without proper receipts have been made.


Inside HCCS 


April 19, 2013


Out of frustration with the administration of Renee Byas and the delays in providing information requests the following email was sent to numerous news media and state officials.

HCC has been delaying the requests on purpose in has been in excess of 10 days since the original time was made.  Similar to the request for job posting which was never fulfilled. It is common knowledge that your position was never advertised (no job posting), it is common knowledge that Renee Byas appointed you. There are other similar positions that were filled the same way, I am well aware that HCC believes that it can operate outside the law and quite often does. Many of the payments for the credit cards payment to vendors do not have sufficient receipts (invoices) that would justify payment but payment is made. I believe that state law prohibits public employees from flying first class (business class) but that is a too common practice at HCC. Employees have used HCC funds to take their families on international flights. Employees have used their cards for personal use, phone use among others. 

A friend of mine was asked to provide information on HCC that Inside HCCS has not run.  Inside has not run such stories and will allow the news media time to gather information before Inside publishes it online.

It is common practice at most business and government to maintain digital records and the receipts submitted by employees in all probability are already in a digital format (paper reduction). Instead HCC intends to burden people who request information with delays and costs to prevent the public from becoming aware of the shenanigans that is occurring at Houston Community College.


Inside HCCS

Below are the requests for invoices (what did taxpayers pay for). Numerous people have gone to Germany and Russia and staying at some of very expensive hotels. Before Inside can get into the why it needs to know who went and where was the money spent. What possible interests can HCC have in Germany and Russia? I am also curious what interests HCC has in Orlando Florida.


Cardholder Detail
Card Type:
Card Account:
Billing from 12/16/2011 to 02/15/2013

UNITED AIR 0162927260356

UNITED AIR 0167052091232

UNITED AIR 0167052091233

UNITED AIR 0167052091234

UNITED AIR 0167052091235

LUFTHANSA 2207059665054

LUFTHANSA 2207059665057

LUFTHANSA 2207059665059

LUFTHANSA 2207059665064

LUFTHANSA 2207059665065

LUFTHANSA 2207059665066

LUFTHANSA 2207059665067

LUFTHANSA 2207059665068

LUFTHANSA 2207059665069

LUFTHANSA 2207059665070

LUFTHANSA 2207059665104




April 16, 2013

How many lawsuits have been filed against HCC?

Martin See v HCC - disability discrimination - 2013

Anil Ninan v HCC - discrimination - 2012

Coleen Adams v HCC - Sexual harassment, retaliation, hostile work environment - 2012

Lorenzo Walker v HCC - discrimination - 2012

Tammy M Anderson v HCC - discrimination - 2012

Yolanda N Flores v HCCS - discrimination - 2011

Heather Perry v HCC - discrimination - 2011

David Wilson v HCC - Other - 2011

Technical Education v HCC - contract - 2010

Fred Satchel v HCC - Defamation - 2010

Arthur Ellis - Employment - 2010

What was the purpose of the list of lawsuits that have been filed? There are rumors that Art Tyler may be considering leaving and has asked for close to a million dollar buyout. What is one more lawsuit! Rather to fire and pay a million dollars defending a firing then to pay for what Inside consider an outrageous demand by a person that Inside believes has hurt HCC. Inside is assuming that there may be some truth to the rumors. Inside maintains that there are serious financial problems at HCC and that an audit should be done of the institution. Many of the payments made for purchases by credit card have no receipts to prove that the spending is authorized by law.

April 15, 2013

Is HCC going private?

Recently received an email that suggests that Art Tyler and company may be considering turning Distance Education into a for profit ecollege,

"The HCC eCollege program is an outgrowth of the current DE program, but to be organized as a separate, for-profit entity.  Its purpose is to offer complete, associate degrees and certificates for which all courses ... The HCC eCollege project requires several new positions, all of which were discussed and approved at yesterday’s meeting.  Dr. Tyler indicated that he will provide for them out of his contingency funds."

What positions is the for profit ecollege looking for? 1)   "The first of these positions is a new full-time/temporary Instructional Designer. 2) Since we need the same position (and skills) for the eCollege project, we simply need for you to assist us in adding one additional Instructional Designer position to the hiring process.  Please advise on what we need to do to get started on that. 3) The working title of the second position is a “project manager.”  This was also discussed as a FT/temporary position, but may be PT for now until the program grows."

When will the HCC Board look into what Art Tyler is doing? When will their little testicles grow? Trustees are called Trustees because they are to watch over the taxpayers' money. The HCC "Trustees" are failing in their roles. I want to point out to the Trustees that this is not being done by Art Tyler alone, he has people helping him. He rewards his friends well and punishes his enemies severely.

Here is more on Art Tyler's spending of taxpayers monies, he traveled to Phoenix (first class if the price is right), came back to Houston, traveled to Germany and then Qatar (first class) , came back to Houston and had a nice expensive dinner courtesy of Houston taxpayers. The statements states that there are $15,000 in charges but the invoice does not list them all. Previous experience suggests that HCC is paying for charges that may not be allowed by law. That is what happens when employees live in fear of losing their jobs, and they would lose their jobs if the accounting people reported what they saw. talis vita est

Why is Rene Byas protecting Art Tyler? If someone can provide information as to why Rene Byas is protecting Art Tyler it would be greatly appreciated by thousands of Inside readers.

Does Art Tyler have a doctor's degree? This article published in February of 2013 does not list it. We are still waiting to see that Medal that Art Tyler claimed he earned while in the service.

April 14, 2012


I have noticed a pattern as I look at the use of Taxpayers' credit cards by top HCC officials, they are consistently late in payment of the credit cards statement. Something is happening at HCC that does not pass the smell test. Here is one example of a fairly recent card statement by Art Tyler (the card is in his name), the statement is 60 days delinquent and as a result Houston Taxpayers had to pay a penalty of over $1600. When will the HCC Board open their eyes to what is happening? When will they finally say enough. We have two new Board Trustees who should start researching the financial status of the college. I don't have much confidence in many of the others that have been there for over three years, those would be Neeta Sane, Chris Oliver, Sandie Mullins, Bruce Austin, and Eva Loredo.

Is there a fourth card out there that someone is using? The reason for the question is that this trip to Qatar via Germany by Art Tyler is for the flight only. I could not find who paid for the hotels and meals. Why is HCC constantly sending people to Germany? Inside have an open request at the moment trying to find out who has been going there as there have been numerous flight there, in time Inside will start looking at to the Why are we going there. Does the Board care how taxpayers money are spent? Rest assured that if the present board fails to start inquiring that Inside will make sure that all precinct judges know where they stood. Inside hears rumors of people running for Houston City Council, Inside hears rumors of Trustees running for Houston Controller.

Why is the Board afraid to question Art Tyler? Why won't they ask him why he went to Germany? If it was not HCC related get the money back it belongs to Houston taxpayers. Does Art Tyler have "things" on enough Board Trustees? Why are they afraid to question? Over $11,000 on flight only to Qatar via Germany by Art Tyler, viva la vida rica "live the rich live".

Art Tyler the rich traveler courtesy of Houston taxpayers and a lackadaisical HCC Board, $12,000 first class to Japan, $11,000 first class to Germany. Those are just some of the out of the country trips.

April 12, 2013

The HCC Board grows some juevos (balls), but they are still too small

The Project Manager and other bond related agenda items were tabled to a later date.

Over $12,000 on a trip to Japan by Art Tyler, why? Why two credit cards one has Gigi Do's name and the other Art Tyler's name. This is a common practice that has been noticed in the past. Why the attempt at deception (opinion), each card has $100,000 limit. Did Art Tyler sign Gigi Do's card or was it paid in advance from Houston? Why the attempt to cover up the cost of the trip?

Why would Houston Community College Taxpayers be paying first class for Art Tyler to go to Japan? What colleges do we have over there? Here is the invoice for one trip to Japan courtesy of Houston Taxpayers. Here and here are two other invoices from Japan that are on Gigi Do's HCC credit card. Art Tyler has traveled all over the world first class at taxpayer's expense while HCC has been neglected. Art is in charge and was in charge as enrollment declined. Art Tyler is and was in charge when HISD petitioned the state to partner with Lone Star Community College. The HCC board has to grow bigger balls and smarter brains so they can realize that HCC has problems and the problem begins at the top of the administration. I am assuming that it was Art Tyler that traveled, as that is what one of the invoices seems to indicate.

Art Tyler used to answer to Mary Spangler, he now answers to Rene Byas, the buck stops there. I would strongly suggest that Ms. Byas look at Art Tyler's contingency funds and what they are being used for as I am hearing rumors that projects that would require Board approval have been done or in the process of being done. There is no guard at the taxpayers' account.

Someone who lives in Neeta Sane district please sign up and run, that district is in serious need of representation.

April 10, 2013


This is the original criteria that was part of the proposal that went out with the RFP. This is the criteria used to select the winner. Who was the winner? Here is the winner and subs it seems that it is an out of state company and only one of the minority vendors is from Houston. Houston tax dollars spent on out of state companies. I was informed (not sure if true that the same winners were chosen at HISD? If that is the case then look to the state for possible influence. The winner does have an office in Austin, but not in Houston (non that I could find). Remember we don't choose the lowest bidder, we choose the best value. How can sending money out of state be best value for Houston Texas Tax payers?

I want to make it clear that the winner is a large company and certainly very qualified to do the job, so were many of the non winners, but the selection criteria change is bothersome. Why the change and were the companies that did not win notified, the way they submitted their proposal could have been changed.

I hate the Chronicle, they are a low price whore who print lies and destroy people simply because they can. Here is an article published on Trustee Yolanda Navarro Flores by the lying whoring Chronicle. I challenge the whores from the Chronicle to produce a single piece of evidence that Trustee Flores' son did work for HCC. They can't produce it because there is no such evidence, the Veselka report proved that. The lies were based on information provided by the present acting chancellor Rene Byas. Disclaimer, trustee Flores is a friend that I have known for over 20 years. The Chronicle's editorial staff is just as responsible for the lies as the reporter and reporters that spread filth. They are protected by the US constitution but they should be responsible advocates for truth.

April 9, 2013

Is the selection process tainted? Did someone manipulate the winners and losers?

Here and here are the criteria used for selection. Why two criteria? Is someone or someones doing something, illegal? Unethical? There could be a good explanation two people could probably answer the question. Why would they do such things? There are two persons responsible for the agenda, Renee Byas and Bruce Austin. Call them, email them, contact them and ask them why two criteria were used to select the winner and losers.

I have been in committees to select vendors and the process can be tainted by the selection of the "judges" or the criteria used to select the vendor, I have been pressured to change scores during the scoring and after. I have been wined and stuffed before the process even begins. This is not a low bid this a best value but they do prefer that "their guy" get the best score.

Bond oversite committees, they are a joke. I have been a member of such committees as has Carroll Robinson, we served in one such committee together.

April 8, 2013

Why the Rush?

HCC has called a special meeting and they have a ton of material there, what is the rush? Some thing does not smell right, for instance, The Program Manager and Project Manager have been a source of irritation for HCC, where is Concerned Taxpayer? Did he or she get a large part of the action? Collections is there, that is a lucrative contract and the minority vendors normally do well by it, who are the minority vendors? At least two of the real estate deals or on Bruce Austin's district, there are two vacant properties now, the campuses that are located in Mr. Austin's district are the most under utilized. At the verge of sounding racist why are we not building more campuses or purchasing property where the White folks live? Why is Bruce Austin pushing for the purchase of land? Bruce Austin's district is 90% minority, here (go to the bottom on right hand side and choose proposed districts, those are the new districts. HCC has not update their website). Both the Fannin and Westheimer properties the amount paid were questionable? This agenda does not pass the smell test!

HCC needs to quit being a college that primarily caters to the African American Community and start being more inclusive, especially when it comes to the White community. The Southeast Campus is not near capacity, and had one of the largest enrollment declines of all the campuses why is HCC purchasing property there? Were there deals made with the newly appointed trustee?

April 7, 2013

HCC spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote enrollment and fails & who is Byas-Smith?

Attached are two invoices, here and here, on expenditures by HCC community college during the summer and spring enrollment, via their $1 million dollar a year advertising firm. What did all this spending get? A decline of of 7.1% enrollment, Houston we have a problem. Compare that to Lone Star which has almost Zero dollar advertising budget, which had a 14.3% increase in enrollment. Even our acting Chancellor (she is only acting like she is a chancellor, an opinion based on her job history online) should be able to figure out that there is something seriously wrong with HCC. HCC should immediately form a committee to consider bringing someone in that knows what they are doing. The present acting Chancellor has been a lawyer since 1983 and may not have any administrative experience to fall back on (I don't know). Houston Community College has some serious problems and they are going to start the new College year with people that are inexperience (the chancellor) and a person (Art Tyler) that in my opinion cannot be trusted to do what is right for the Houston taxpayers, Houston students, and the faculty (with some exceptions, I hear that one person will be paid full salary while they are out getting their Doctor's degree).

The internet is scary here, here, here, here, here and here is some information that I found in a 10 minute search for information on the acting chancellor. Here is where Ms. Byas "resigns from Lone Star" page 78. This is supposedly the reason that Ms. Byas "resigned" from Lone Star Community College, bad legal advise is what the rumor is, page 6 is where Ms. Byas-Smith request AG ruling on information. It seems that Ms. Byas-Smith does not like to inform the public even when it concerns elections, or at least that is the impression that this writer gets based on all the requests from the AG.

How to start a search, first we have to get their full name, for instance everyone knows Carroll Robinson as Carroll Robinson but his complete name is? The reason that one needs the full name is that some times people will use their middle name to throw people off. Don't know if Mr. Robinson has as Inside has not done an extensive search on him.

I have heard rumors that some high positions have been filled without advertising or posting the job openings. I have made an open records request for that information and thus far HCC has failed to provide most of the information requested. If and when I get the information it will be posted.

April 5, 2013

Extremely busy at the moment, should be back posting on an almost daily basis in about two weeks. Chris Oliver's worker's compensation payment has been the most view attachment with nearly 10,000 hits since posting, see March 26 posting. Channel 13 has a replacement of the Wayne Dolcefino a milder version of what they used to have, here. If you are one of the employees that has not been paid give him a call maybe he can help. Maybe not because they are looking for exclusives, that means Inside did not publish first.

The Board is finally getting some balls and saying no to the Tyler administration. It is amazing that the Tyler administration is still running the show. Ms. Byas has turned out to be a weak replacement with what seems to be very little ability to run the college, she needs to get going if she wants to stay where she is as a new Chancellor will not like having her around, that is what normally happens. Get rid of the old kings and queens and their blood lines. I suggest that Ms. Byas read Game of Thrones to get an idea of what is required of kings and queens. I hear that she is a very nice person but nice persons do not last long. Ms. Byas keep your friends close and your enemies closer (but not in charge) and that is what is happening. If Tyler ever gets back on top you will probably be one of the first persons fired, keep that in mind, especially when one is the main provider in the house.

If you look at all those HCC bill boards you will notice that the message has recently changed, with what HCC is paying for those bill boards they could give back the money HCC took from the counselors and even hire some more. Board trustees do you need a million dollar PR firm when your enrollment is declining? Why are you posting at the Airport? Your solution to a declining enrollment is to hire a firm that will give you a beautiful interactive website, do you think that will increase your enrollment? Idiots.

April 1, 2013

While the King (Art Tyler) plays games and listens to music

I keep hearing rumors that some faculty members have gone without pay for two months, they have not been paid from the beginning of the semester. If true HCC should be ashame of itself and remedy the situation immediately. The King has his HCC credit card that seems to treat him well (He makes over $250,000 a year). I spent the weekend trying to figure out how games and music were for the benefit of Houston Community College, I could not think of anything that was not personal to the King. If I am wrong let him correct me and I will publish it.

How did the King become King? A weak Chancellor and a board consumed with greed and corruption allowed it to happen. What the King did was consolidate his power by having all vice-chancellors report to him. He has made himself in-disposable. HCC needs to immediately hire someone familiar with HCC to see what he has done to our college.

Thank you again, Inside had over 60,000 hits last month and is starting the new month well with over 2,000 hits thus far.

March 29, 2013

HCC Tax Dollars For Music and Games

A reader of Inside sent me the following, I have not had a chance to study it, so do not stand behind it but I would not doubt that it is true. How Art Tyler spends HCC tax dollars music and games. Please feel free to go over his credit card and let me know at Inside HCCS, email-

"Seems Tyler likes games and music. These are some of the sites and games he plays at taxpayer expense. He makes over $250,000.00 a year. The games cost 99cents up. Must be too expensive for him so he puts the charges on the HCC credit card, 99 cents to 15 dollars for his entertainment. This is not to mention the thousands he spend traveling around the county and the middle east." from a reader of Inside HCCS


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March 28, 2013

HCC Foundation

Here is the Lease agreement with the Foundation, they were suppose to pay rent (pg 2 items labeled 4), do they? Here is a link to their IRS returns where it shows it as in-kind contribution from HCC? If one were to look at their income tax returns the answer is no, they have as in kind contribution by the College. The College could rent the space out and quit paying the salaries of the staff at the foundation and probably help more students, at least we would know that the foundation is giving out scholarships in a diverse manner. As it is now they won't tell and they don't print that information nor will they make it available for the public. HCC would have to.

Here is contract that is fairly recent, when Richard Schechter signed where the foundation is given the authority to purchase real estate (pg 3-4). A deal that certain people working with to what could have circumvented state law fell through as it required that HCC be the co-signer. One can only wonder what the administration at that time was up. The present Chancellor needs to rein in the foundation and the amount of money that it sucks from the taxpayers. That money would be better spent by giving back the salary they took from the counselors and hiring more person to guide the students through the system. It is a nightmare as the parent of a child that attended there I can vouch for that.

Thanks to Chris Oliver and his worker's compensation claim Inside will get 60,000 hits this month. Thank you for visiting, pass out the word that there are serious problems at HCC that need addressing. Don't let the PR from HCC about how great they are deceive you.


March 26, 2013

Chris Oliver gets Workers Comp

Attached is a very long document regarding workers' compensation and accidents that Chris Oliver has sustained. Chris Oliver has received workers compensation related to his position as trustee. Boggles my mind how a trustee is considered an employee. On page 53 is the notice that Chris Oliver will start receiving workers compensation. The entire document is worth reading. Chris Oliver has twice made workers compensation claims one was denied, one was paid.

March 23, 2013

Mary Spangler is now history, the HCC Board voted to buy her contract out.

The cost was slightly more than what her contract called for but when you add all the meals, limos, and extras the cost is less than what it would have cost to keep her.

Who was there for the vote and who was not? From a reliable source the following three trustees were not there, Carroll Robinson,(original flip flop man according to the article) Chris Oliver, and Neeta Sane (pg 7 of interview). Why am I not surprised that two of the trustees were not there, as they have been featured in Inside HCCS in the recent past. I have been informed that someone is taking a package to the new DA on one of the Trustees and or administrator, whether they will accept charges is any body's guess. Deadlines seem to not matter to some of the Trustees, I am sure that the Texas Ethics Commission would like to know why they are filing late, there is a hefty penalty for each day late.

Who Is Carroll Robinson, Who are his supporters?

Who is Carroll Robinson? Here is an article on Carrol Robinson written by the Houston Press. Is he a man of his word, the artice seems to suggest that he is not. Read the article and make your own decision.

Here is his last campaign report filed by Carrol Robinson read the names to get an idea of who he works with. The other reports are listed above on the menu bar.

Carroll Robinson does have a company here and there, one such company was formed immediately after he became a Trustee (obtained a dba), here is the link to the company.

Rumors are that Carrol Robinson has quietly been making sure that his friends and supporters are being taken care off, nothing illegal, or against HCC policies, but sure would hate for the Houston whore (chronicle) to get a wind of that as they make a big deal about it when it happens to be "mexicans" and "blacks" helping qualified friends out.

HCC Meeting today - retreat

On the agenda is this item,

Consider Employment Contract of Houston Community College Chancellor Dr. Mary Spangler and Any Other Related Authorization Necessary for Further Action

Rumors have been spreading like crazy in all likelihood by the favorites of the administration, too many rumors to even print them as they have no basis for even being a rumor. As long as Mary Spangler and Art Tyler are there Inside HCCS will keep posting and investigating. There are several trustees who do not seem to take their positions seriously as they will be no shows today. I will post tomorrow who they are so you can remember them and vote and work against them in any future elections.

Here is the request for FMLA filed by Mary Spangler. Seems she made the request in early December to be effective on January 2, 2013, wanted to use vacation time first?

Tyler seems to have a quite few requests for personal reimbursement, here, need to check on what those are.

Spangler and Tyler seem to enjoy flying first class, but have no qualms about raising tuitions and fees or screwing the counselors when it comes to pay. If one looks at their credit card buys it seems that they enjoy their lunch and dinners at the expense of the taxpayers. They are paid very well and still that is not sufficient, they are truly the "entitled" class.

March 22, 2013

Who has been using Spangler's HCC credit card? Is it her while on FMLA?

Here is are some invoices that were submitted for payment with Mary Spangler's credit Card, so is she using it or did someone else use it? I apologize for the PDF but I could not get it to open properly, rotate clockwise (right click) on your computer.

Here are all her credit card uses for a year (big file).

Here are Art Tyler's credit card uses for a year (big file).

Will present more specific uses of how they use the cards in the near future.

I want to keep repeating that the Houston Chronicle is a racist newspaper that singles out minorities to ruin their reputations, they have barely out of college writers that are racist and bias toward minorities. They have unfairly targeted Hispanics and Blacks, I dare the Chronicle to produce a single piece of evidence that shows that Gloria Walker, Abel Davila, or Yolanda Navarro Flores did anything that was illegal or unethical or that they violated any policies. Over the past three years I have pointed out and supported with facts improprieties by non minorities and have given the Chronicle the facts before I published them and they have yet to print a single article. The Chronicle is a cheap price whore that will do the City a favor when it fails and goes out of our lives.

I dare the racist Chronicle writers to check who is using Spangler's credit card, if it is her write an article on how someone on FMLA may be abusing the taxpayers? They won't because Spangler is not a minority.

March 7, 2013

While not posting Inside have been busy requesting information from HCC, the following was requested on February 9, 2013.

On Feb 9, 2013 a request for information was made, today is March 6, 2013 almost 30 days later and the information has not been provided. I am again asking the Houston Community College to provide the information as is required by law to. Houston Community College has a history of lacking transparency and one can only wonder what it is that they are hiding. The following was requested on the 9th of February;

Please provide the date, day, month, and year, in which Mary Spangler (Chancellor) requested FMLA;

Please provide all transactions or invoices, in regards to any credit card issued to or used by Mary Spangler, from January 1, 2012 to February 1, 2013. 

Please provide all transactions or invoices, in regards to any credit card issued to or used by Art Tyler (Vice Chancellor), from January 1, 2012 to February 1, 2013.

Please provide all transactions or invoices, in regards to any credit card issued to or used by Gigi Do, from January 1, 2012 to February 1, 2013. 

Please provide all transactions or invoices, in regards to any credit card issued to or used by Bruce Austin, from January 1, 2012 to February 1, 2013. 

Please provide all transactions or invoices, in regards to any credit card issued to or used by Renee Byas, from January 1, 2012 to February 1, 2013. 

Please provide the rankings of the bidders for the following request;

Date: December 5, 2011
Project Title: Security Guard Services
Project No.: 12-16

Please provide the name, address, and person to contact of the company that was awarded the bid. Please the names of all subcontractors that are being used by the company.

Over the years several things have been consistent, screw the faculty, screw the students, screw the taxpayers, and avoid providing the citizens of HCC information as to how their money is being spent.

March 1, 2013

Will take time to post today as March 1, 2013 is the first day that HCC counselors will begin their pay cuts. HCC could have avoided the pay cuts by cutting down on their advertisement. In 2012 they paid over $4 million to one company to promote Houston Community College. If you cannot increase enrollment, if you cannot do something to increase retention and graduation, do what you can do baffle the taxpayers with how great you are. Counselors should be up in arms.

Here is document that shows how much they spent in 2012.

Here and here are two documents that were sent to Inside (via open records request) by HCC. HCC may have purposely left out many of the invoices to deceive the public as to how much they are spending in advertisement.

Dismantle HCC and Merge it with Lone Star Community College

Will be on a one month vacation, Inside is a one dog, not even a pony, show. After 2.5 years will take a month vacation (Spring Break). Sorry for all the counselors that will be losing as much as $20,000 in salary starting in March, may the next year bring better news.

From the Chronicle, Saturday edition, the following HISD wants to team up with Lone Star College. It seems that HCC cannot meet the standards that HISD requires. HCC can send some of its' top talent to Qatar but it cannot find time to take care of our children here. HCC is a disgrace to our community our elected officials should consider dismantling HCC and letting Lone Star Community College take over.

Interesting Connections

From an email this interesting connections of Michael P Williams (former trustee). Will spend some time researching what some of the companies are and if they are connected in anyway with HCC. Want to thank the person that send the link. One of the persons connected, Al Kashani, is a major contributor to numerous HCC Trustees. HvH Regency Park LLC was formed six years ago.

From a blog in the Houston Chronicle. Fort Bend County Commissioner Grady Prestage has also been a strong supporter of Neeta Sane.


Off the Kuff take on the editorial regarding Trustee Garcia, here. Kuff normally parrots what other people writes, but Inside does visit Kuff occasionally. In the comments Inside will give Kuff credit that he poses the question why didn't the media investigate or elaborate. The problems with blogs like Off the Kuff and even Texas Watchdog is that they themselves do not investigative work but rely on the so called main stream news media. Anyone interested in chairs go to channel 11 (Mary Spangler and Art Tyler spents hundreds of thousands of dollars eating and drinking on taxpayers credit cards) at least the City has something in return for the money spent. Houston does not have investigative reporting.

Anyone want to find out where there is "Slime in the ice machine", go here.

Want to find out if there are IRS liens or other debts, go here. Type in Michael P. Williams (former HCC Trustee) and one gets, this.

The Internet is a treasure trove of valuable information if one learns where to go and invests some time doing searches.

Carroll Robinson will not be able to accomplish what two prior HCC Trustees did

Here is what Gene Moore did. Gene Moore was also mentor for Chris Oliver, here.

Here is what Michael Williams did.

Both Williams and Moore lost a church, Carroll is no pastor so he will not be able to accomplish that;-)

Text of newly appointed Trustee Feldman on KUHF radio

Thank you again for visiting my site, yesterday we had over 4,000 hits.

Who Said

Who said, "One of trustees said they talked to Dr. Tyler about who did work for college (after Ike), then this contractor (Fort Bend Mechanical) who came up very low on the score list (No.6), was brought up into the "body of the other contracts." Trustee Austin found out later it was the same trustee (Oliver) who actually worked for that company and should have recused himself from voting on the issue."

Who "said Dr. Tyler is an avid golfer who plays with Trustee Oliver, which may lead Dr. Tyler to favor a company who has a relationship with that particular trustee.

Who provided Chris Oliver Super Bowl tickets and when asked about the matter consulted with their attorney and terminated the meeting? This is the same person according to Bill Carter who was also soliciting money for a trustee.

Who stated that they provided clean up work for Chris Oliver including cleaning the house of the owner of the company?

Who said "there is some relationship between Trustee Chris Oliver and Fort Bend Mechanical."

Who said "Trustee Oliver asked to do clean-up work for G&G while G&G was working on HCC West Loop Project.

Chris Oliver makes money disappear he did it recently and he did it before, here.

How does Chris Oliver make a living? Why has Chris Oliver been allowed to get away with the things he does? Why has the Mary Spangler administration protected Chris Oliver? It does not take a genius to figure out that something is not right at HCC. When will the few trustees that have clean hands take a stand and remove the cancer that has infected Houston Community College? They have a Board Chair that may be tainted and an acting Chancellor that may be tainted as she knew or should have known what was happening, what duty does a lawyer have when they see that some thing illegal may be occurring?

Information that will help expose what is happening at HCC and will be greatly appreciated. There are a number of ex HCC employees that have sued and have depositions that may help us get rid of the cancer.


HCC continues it practice of going after employees that report wrong doing.

Anin Ninan recently filed suit against HCC claiming retaliation for reporting activities that could be harmful to students and employees. Here is the lawsuit that was filed last month, the FACTS begin on page 3 of the petition. Last year three other lawsuits were filed.

Adams, Colleen v Houston Community College - cause number 201267611-7

Walker, Lorenzo v Houston Community College - cause number 201245866-7

Anderson, Tammy v Houston Community College - cause number 201240596-7

Did the US Treasury take back Grant Money?

Inside received the following email:

"Please investigate the US Treasury taking 108K from different grants impacting other departments due to the failure of HCC District Office of Veterans Affairs failing to refund the Department of Veterans Affairs.  I thought that was the reason for hiring a Compliance Officer a year and half ago."  

The easiest way to investigate is to ask the readers for more information as to the request. Inside has numerous request for information pending. If the requests are not accurate two to three weeks will be lost as HCC is not known for being a transparent Government agency. HCC will do whatever is necessary to prevent information from being available to the public. While there is an interim Chancellor, things have not changed, She was there and was probably aware of much of what was and continues to happen at HCC. Many of the Trustees are either lost or involved or part of the problem.

Why was HCC Trustee Neeta Sane never investigated by Veselka in light of the following?

From the Art Tyler interview (pg 7)with Veselka;

"Bobby Singh's company, GTI or Global Times, Inc., was a sub to another HCC vendor. Dr. Tyler hired Bill Carter to join HCC as Vice Chancellor of Information Technology, who wanted to start making some changes. When Dr. Tyler got to HCC, he met with Bobby Singh to find out about his business. Mr. Singh told Bill Carter many times that he had connections with Trustees and that he could get the votes. Dr. Tyler went to Dr. Spangler about getting Mr. Singh out. He met with Dr. Spangler and Mr. Singh in this office. This effort started backlash with trustees. Neeta Sane became very concerned and "threatened" Dr. Spangler and Vice Chancellor that if some things didn't happen, they might be fired. There were some very difficult Board meetings but Mr. Singh got the contract anyway. Dr. Tyler raised serious concerns about it (the contract was added to the budget for $1.5M) and the issue almost got Dr. Spangler fired."

From the Bill Carter interview with Veselka:

"In 2006, Campus Works was hired as an outside IT consultant to assess IT staff, reorganize IT department and make new assignments, and re-do all infrastructures in network planning, etc. Global Times, owned by Bobby Singh, was a subcontractor to Campus Works. Mr. Singh, however, wanted Global Times to be the primary contractor. He was friendly with the board and Mr. Carter felt that Singh insinuated that he had contacts on the Board of Trustees that would help him. Campus Works filed a cease and desist order against Global Times, alleging that Singh had asked for donations from Campus Works on behalf of a board member, insinuating that it would be necessary if Campus Works wanted to continue as the primary contractor.

With respect to construction projects, Singh has two companies: Isani and Asani. Isani is a subcontractor under PGAL, contracted to do classroom technical and network equipment. Singh also has contracts with HCCS for intranet work. Mr. Carter has heard rumors about Singh providing kickbacks, but nothing specific."

If Bobby Singh was soliciting money for a trustee which Trustee was It?

Neeta Sane is now one of Art Tyler strongest supporter on the Board, what changed? Why the turn around from threatening to get them (Art Tyler and Mary Spangler) fired to being a strong supporter of the administration?


Chevron Revisited

Chevron Energy Solutions (Chevron) was a contract in regards to energy savings. Chancellor Mary Spangler had a long history with Chevron going back to her years in California. Spangler awarded Chevron (at that time it had another name) a sole source contract that was later investigated for failure to request proposals. The finding indicated that she had error in awarding the contract as a sole source. Spangler wasted no time in getting Chevron into HCC, complaints were filed but the contract continued. In 2009 with the help of Vice Chancellor Art Tyler they managed to get another contract for Chevron. This time thanks to the incompetence of the attorneys and a vendetta conducted against two trustees, Abel Davila (former trustee) and Yolanda Navarro Flores the report (Veselka Report) was made public. The Report shows that the Spangler administration engaged in manipulating the process whereby Chevron was guaranteed that they would receive the contract. What will follow is a time line showing the corruption that exists and continues to exist at Houston Community College.

Who said they felt pressure from Dr. Tyler? Here

Which trustee solicited work from an HCC vendor while the vendor was working at HCC? Here

The Chevron contract is the contract that no one would touch. The DA claimed that the statute of limitations had run, nonsense the shortest statute of limitations is two years and it was submitted within two years. In my opinion some assistant DAs may be compromised, strictly an opinion. Certainly two of the investigators are under investigations for alleged wrong doing, one for stealing comic books.

Wayne Dolcefino was about to run the Chevron story, he was in the process of interviewing Inside when he left Channel 13. Sources tell Inside that threats of lawsuits if the story aired would be filed, unconfirmed.

to be continued

On May 1, 2009 Houston Community College posted the request for proposal (RFP) for the energy savings.

Prior to the posting not only had HCC selected the vendor it had also selected the sub contractors for Chevron. This email from Chris Oliver to Vice Chancellor Art Tyler names the subs for Chevron. The date of the email is April 7, 2009 almost two months before the posting for RFP. Not only was HCC circumventing the bidding they were allowing Chris Oliver, who had a contract with FT. Bend Mechanical (Ft. Bend Mechanical is listed as a sub contractor on the email) to engage in the circumventing of the law.

Even with inside information and help from the administration, Chevron was unable to come out on top. Chevron came in second, fourteen (14) points behind Siemens. When the administration and certain trustees wanted to push for someone they sure do. Look at the video that follows. In the case below the winning company was one point ahead of the second company.



2.12.2013 - 2.13.2013

Trustee and Board Chair Bruce Austin can also make money disappear and some times reappear

January 2010 CFR: Will go over the campaign reports one by one starting with the January 2010 campaign report, here. On the second page of the report Trustee Bruce Austin lists $300 in expenditures. The report is not even close to the amount of expenditures that are listed. There are 48 expenditures listed for a total of $2,604.96. One reports discrepancies like this to the Texas Ethics Commission. Ethics is in bold as elected officials should be transparent as to how they are spending and raising money. Ethics and transparency is something that is lacking at HCC. For thirty years they have operated under the radar doing as they wanted to without any attention being paid to them. Those days are over as Inside is here to stay.

One has to ask themselves how can people with so much disdain for reporting at best or complete incompetence at worse be in charge of one of the most important educational institution in Houston. The present Board is destroying HCC, while many of the trustees concentrate on contracts that may be enriching some of them they have lost sight of the mission of HCC? Students are dropping out because they can no longer afford HCC. The one group of people that may have helped them obtain grants, scholarships, or loans has been reduced, the counselors. Navigating through HCC and obtaining a degree can be extremely difficult. Students have to shop campuses trying to find the right course that they need for graduation. With the reductions in classes the task has been made more difficult for students. People like Bruce Austin have been there too long, he failed when he was in charge of housing at the county and he has failed as trustee at HCC. Please consider retiring Mr. Austin.

I want you to notice that Trustee Bruce Austin swears that there are zero dollars maintained, page two of the campaign report. It is important because in the next campaign report Trustee Austin pulls money out of thin air as he again has expenditures but no contributions be continued

Part II continued:

July 2010 CFR: Trustee Bruce Austin again manages to make money appear out of nowhere. We all need some one of those magic money hats. Trustee Bruce Austin list $100 total for expenditures. However when one looks at the total of the expenditures listed he lists 27 expenditures for a total of $1,429.99. Among the list of expenditures is "Software to Track College Revenue and Expenses". If Bruce Austin can not manage something fairly simple as a campaign finance report how the world will he be able to track HCC revenue and expenses? Houston we have a problem.

If one recalls Bruce Austin had zero dollars in his campaign account based on the January 2010 campaign report, so where did the money for expenditures come from? This is a question that probably the Texas Ethics Commission will have to answer. Thus far we have seen Bruce Austin spend money that is not listed in his campaign report. We again find that there is zero (0) money maintained listed.

January 2011 CFR: Trustee Bruce Austin gets really creative in this campaign report. He has zero (0) dollars listed as contributions, he has zero (0) dollars listed as expenditures (Bruce Austin does have 27 expenditures listed for a total of $656.29). Now the real magic Bruce Austin now has $1,9038.09 maintained as political contributions. Where did the money come from? How can a person that is unable or unwilling to deal with simple accounting be entrusted with hundred of millions of dollars?to be continued

In case Bruce Austin or Chris Oliver happen to run across this article here is a link on how to file campaign reports.

Some of the remaining reports have the same problem, a complaint to the State Ethics Committee is being prepared.

From the past - Chris Oliver throws a temper tantrum


Chris Oliver gets up, kinda throws his chair around and walks out of the meeting, stating in a very loud voice "Call me when you want to have a meeting. What precipitated his actions? Chris Oliver had just been denied his little toy, a three (3) million dollar facility addition to at a campus in his district. It is common knowledge that Chris can often be found playing golf. HCC is going to build him a driving range and a putting range for his own personal use. Don't be surprised to find that Art Tyler out there with him as they are golfing buddies, Bruce Austin interview. In fact Chris Oliver did get his toy not that vote but later. HCC raises tuition and fees to students and Trustee Chris Oliver gets to play golf for free.


Jan 2010 CFR - July 2010 CFR - Jan 2011 CFR - July 2011 CFR

Jan 2012 CFR - July 2012 CFR - Jan 2013 CFR

2.11 .2013

Apologize for no news today as I spent the weekend preparing a document to take to the DA. Tomorrow do any of the HCC Board Trustees know how to add or file a proper return?


Is the HCC Foundation in danger of losing its' 501 (c) (3)

Compliance with federal and state law is a responsibility of 501 (c)(3) status. An organization’s size, in terms of income, assets, and expenses, determines its level of complication for compliance. Aside from its finances, an organization must adhere to the rationales for exemption, as stated in its bylaws and articles of incorporation. For example, if an organization’s purpose is to provide job training, but it instead provides after school service, the organization is not in compliance with the law. Additionally, an organization is only allowed to engage in activities that promote its tax exemption, such as applying for grants to operate its programs. Failure to adhere to these rules places an organization at risk of losing its 501(c)(3) status .Source

The mission statement of the foundation is "to provide scholarships to needy students" see page 5 of the IRS return. Recently the Foundation agreed to accept a donation of $150,000,000 to build a campus (according to reliable sources), the campus is to be built by a specific contractor. The acceptance of such funds to what is probably a method to circumvent the bidding process falls outside the mission statement for the Foundation. Why would the Foundation risk losing its non profit status on such a venture?

State renews demand that North Forest shut down.

Is Fox the most trusted news? Slate

Monster storm following Sandy's path, CNN

College credit for free, MSN

Senate District 6, who will win?

Was looking at the election results this morning and I would have to state that the advantage goes Sylvia Garcia, there are about five precincts that were highly supportive of Carol Alvardo, they are all on her present State Representative District. If Ms. Garcia campaign concentrates on going negative on those five precincts while working to bring out her voters, Ms. Garcia should win with a comfortable margin. I would suggest that she use the tactic of Karl Rove, create a PAC that would do the negatives as negatives also hurt the candidate doing the negative campaigns. I have no dog in the fight and know them both and think they will both do a great job as State Senators. Ms. Alvardo needs some help in the northern part of the district.


BBB warns about email scams, from ABC 13

Answering calls responding to email deserve overtime, from AP

Men are from Mars and Women are ... Mars, from Slate

Black workers employment gap, from CNN Money

Five colleges misrepresented data to U.S. News, from the Washington Post

While Inside waits for information that it have requested, Inside will post articles that may be of interest.


Is not a private 501 c(3), here

Rules on private and public supported foundations, here

2011IRS Return filed by the Foundation

2010 IRS Return filed by the Foundation

2009 IRS Return filed by the Foundation

After numerous years of not providing information to the BBB, the Foundation has finally done so.


Another take on HCC by the Big Jolly, here.


Rumors are that a recent former HCC Trustee has been calling trustees and staff and bad mouthing certain trustees for looking at the recent Security Contract. It seems that at least one recent trustee has his hand in there and is receiving a substantial amount of money for people without guns to secure the buildings. HCC needs to reconsider that contract, it is up for review.


When one does not know how much one spends, one cannot know if a profit was made. Houston Community College does not know how much it spends when it comes to Qatar and to this day they have failed to provide information that would allow one to ascertain if they are making a profit. They did graduate eight students from the Community College there. Qatar is now looking else where for expertise, here and here.


Rumors are that the Project Manager and Program Manager RFQ has been compromised as several top level administrators have met with at least one of the Companies and that they have pre-selected the Project Manager. That is the word out on the street according to vendors that were interested in submitting their RFQs. The rumor is that at least two board trustees have also been in communication with a certain vendor.

Inside hopes that you like the new look and the addition of a search engine. Wish that Inside could have afforded to pay for one that would highlight the words, but Inside is on very tight budget.

Thank you for visiting below are the stats for one year, thank you again.

Inside Stats 1 year


Neeta Sane Campaign Reports

7.16.2012 CFR - 7.16.2012 Amended - 1.17.2013 CFR


Enrollment continues to decline at HCC

Here is the data for Spring Enrollment at HCC - Here is the data for all programs


New Trustee appointment is a former HCC employee

Liela Feldman, here

HCC Trustee Chris Oliver has not lost his magic, he still knows how to make money disappear

7.15.2011 Campaign Report (CFR) 10.102011 CFR 10.31.2011 CFR

11.10.2011 Amended CFR 1.17.2012 CFR 7.16.2012 CFR 1.16.2013 CFR

here is where you would file ethics complains

I have done a little math, in July 2011, Chris Oliver had $10,500 on hand, based on the numbers he provided for the October 10 and 31 CFRs he should have had a total of 38,575 (rounded). Chris Oliver spent $39,447 during the same period. He indicates that he had $3,040 on hand (based on amended CFR in November).

I am baffled maybe someone can help me out as Chris Oliver just seems to be pulling numbers out a hat and placing them on the CFR. If you look at the 1.17.201 campaign report he shows a loan outstanding in the July 2012 CFR the loan disappears as does money maintained and no explanation as to how it disappeared.

If one looks at the 1.17.2012 CFR he has 3 pages of contributions but indicates that he raised $54,500 it does not even come close, The amount reported in the CFR by Chris Oliver was $7,500. Chris Oliver has two pages of expenditures for a total of $9,784 he lists $51, 352 in expenditures.

HCC Trustee Chris Oliver has not lost his ability to make money disappear, this is a case for the FBI to investigate. Have one person that will be taking the information to them.

Theories as to what is happening with the Chris Oliver's campaign reports are welcome.

Have called some people and they may be filing complaints as to the reports, anyone want to guess how much the penalties will be. They have to be paid out of pocket as campaign contributions cannot be used.

To Chris Oliver, you should be pissed as hell at HCC some of the information HCC provided should have been redacted. I did not bother to redact as I am not paid to do that besides the reports are online and no redaction. hint some of you (trustees) have your personal phone numbers available to the public

Open letter to HCC, the other reports have the same problem. I suggest you send them to Inside redacted as I will not do the work for you nor will I correct mistakes of your making on my dime.

Here is an excel file (pdf) of the numbers that I came up with for Trustee Chris Oliver.


new owner