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Read the case see the exhibits, the two companies at the center of the controversy got started at Houston Community College. HCC where companies go to learn the art of bribery. A captivating case, only sex is missing but that was suggested at HCC by Art Tyler [Eva Jackson (RHJ)] read the story here

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Following is the advertisement that Ben Hall recently placed on several television stations in the Houston Area.

This is what the homosexuals have to say about the ad:

"Ah ... we see what he did there ... Ben Hall's latest ad is a thinly-veiled "traditional family values" ad .... Marriage equality is coming to Texas, and it's only a matter of time, so get those homophobic votes while you still can." source

I am not sure why the homosexuals chose the word gay to describe themselves as they are any thing but happy individuals. They seem to have so much hate toward non-homosexuals, especially when they do not cater to the same believe that homosexuals have that their lifestyle is not normal or natural.

Below is a rant by another homosexual (or homosexual supporter) that was sent to INSIDE.

"For your laugh of the day. What’s he running for? ... but ???? Is it Mayor or Controller in 2015? This is the same man who has endorsed XXXX who is backed by homophobe XXX who has gone after XXX, XXX and even poor XXX........XXX still thinks his sh_t doesn’t stink...remember XXX? Not sure exactly what he has done to support any activities of the Democratic Party, but he sure is trying to ingratiate himself. Not sure if XXX would know what Democratic values are if they hit him in the facebook yeah, at election time he is a great demagogue. and I guess its that time of year for his performance....closed to XXX.

When he starts acting as though he is a supportive Democrat and abides by the principals of the Party, makes amends with Lane and makes those financial contirubtions to the party previously promised thru XXX along with denouncing the attacks based on homophobia by XXX and XXX, maybe someone will forgive....might be a good start.....but as for me, no one, and I mean no one, f..ks with my friends or supports those who do and then stands by when they know the truth and lets me be thrown under the bus...I don’t care if its your momma. ANd if you don’t catch the drift, I have not nor will I forgive or forget XXX and those who supported her vocally and most especially financially....and you know there weren’t that many and I have a steel trap memory."

Persons who believe that homosexuality is a perversion have every right to believe and promote their believes without being attacked by bullies like the homosexual caucus or the person who wrote the email.





On the Weird Side

Ronald's green campaign report is a little weird. On 9/23/2013 he lists an expense of $1,069.12 for car rental. His in-kind contributions are interesting as the Hyatt hotel let him stay there, NYC Taxi also gave him free rides as did Uber. One can only assume that the in-kind contribution total the difference between the expenditures listed at the front the amount listed under expenditures. Here is Ronald Green's CFR.


Petition - HFFV.ORG

Protecting a Woman's Right to Privacy

Tens of thousands of Houstonians will soon (this week) be receiving a petiton to protect a Woman's right to privacy. If one cares about protecting a woman's right to privacy one can download the petition here and mail it to the address at the bottom of the petition.


Say No To Debt

"To meet its growing debt service obligations, Harris County has had to ratchet up its property tax burden significantly over the years. According to the Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit research group Tax Foundation, Texas' relatively high per capita property tax burden is $1,562, ranking Texas as the state with the 14th-most punitive property tax system in the nation. But Harris County's per capita property tax burden is higher still, totaling an estimated $1,779 per person."

"Compared to the top 10 most populous states in the nation, Texas' local debt per capita ranks as the second-highest, behind only New York. In other words, our local governments are more heavily indebted than their counterparts in big-spending states like California, Illinois and Florida." Source


The Race Card

More than a month ago INSIDE predicted that the Parker campaign would use the race card. It has finally made it official as this is on the online Chronicle.

INSIDE suggested back then that the Hall Campaign use the homosexual card against Parker. Contrary to what the homosexuals say there is a bias toward their abnormal behavior. The same was recently recommended to Ben Hall personally and his reply was a very gentlemanly "no". Hall is too classy a person for Houston. Persons don't vote for nice persons, former President Jimmy Carter is a perfect example. Having stated that INSIDE believes that Houston will have two more years of a do nothing Mayor.

Wonder why the men in Blue union supports Annise Parker. It is easy they have negotiated a great deal with Parker. Money, money, money, more for the men in blue.

 While many departments of similar size and responsibility are happy simply to maintain their current salary structures given today's economy, HPD officers will see salary increases of 3 percent in 2013 and 2014 and a 4 percent increase in 2015, the final year of the five-year measure.

Here is the entire article. Sources tell INSIDE that Annise Parker has committed to doing them a big favor in 2015 when the agreement ends. They are rolling the dice that she is a woman that keeps her words. News for you guys she is not a nice person and her word means nothing.


Ben Hall pulling TV ADs

Here is the article. Limited money you pull TV ads as that is one of the most expensive ways to get to a small audience. Ben Hall "may" have finally gotten some sense and realized that the money is better spent else where. First Ben Hall has to do as Lee Brown did when he came back to beat Orlando Sanchez. Ben Hall has to motivate the African American community. In 2011 there were about 120,000 votes cast, in 2009 there about 190,000 votes during the general election and about 150,000 votes cast in the run-off between Parker and Locke.

Second is that the Ben Hall needs to learn is that you don't ignore a group that represent 15-20% of the voters, the Latino community.

Third, rumors are flying that Ben Hall has a surprise coming.

Chronicle caters to haters

The comments below were from a story concerning Latina girls ages about 11 and 12 that were being used as sex slaves. The Chronicle is as sick as the comments that they allow people to post.

And there are people/politicians who want to grant amnesty to this filth?

This is the kind of garbage the feds have allowed to come into our country illegally and done nothing about it

"Little Mexico" in the great state of Texas! Big business gets cheap labor. American citizens have to deal with the graft. Sick.


Chronicle will do anything to get hits

The number of hits on articles is way down at the Chronicle online. So the Chronicle intentionally allows hateful speech to be printed online and to remain online, such as the comments below which advocates killing of illegals.

Put a bounty on illegals and problem solved.

Did I miss open season on illegals again?

I got immigration reform for you, shoot all the illegals and ship the kids back to the parents home country. If you`re not born to a legal citizen of this country or a legal immigrant, you shouldn`t get automatic citizenship


Dueling Ads

Annise Parker's ad is true in the fact that he did not pay the property taxes timely, but he did pay the tax with interest.

Ben Hall's ad is true, it lacks details but the ad itself is true.

Annise Parker does not keep her promises

Annise Parker promises a lot of things but when she can't deliver on something that is within her power, that tells us that she does not keep her word. Her promise to animal lovers, unfulfilled, here. The City is killing more animals than ever before.

Her promise of transparency, “I promise to give to citizens an administration of honesty, integrity and transparency,” she said. “The only special interest will be the public. We are in this together. We rise or fall together,”here. Unfulfilled, as she has made it impossible to find out if complaints have been lodged against her or other elected officials by claiming that all OIG complaints are confidential. Inside presently has a request pending before the attorney general as the City refused to release even a single OIG complaint.

She assured Houstonians that she would not expand "Gay" rights. One of the first thing she did as mayor is expand "Gay" rights by way of an executive order that allows men to go into the women bathroom. There are male employees in several City departments that now go into the women bathroom. What the executive order states that if a man thinks he is a woman it is okay to go into the women bathroom. How in the world would one know what one thinks? If it quacks like a duck, if it walks like a duck, if it looks like a duck, it must be a duck "Man". Think on that because when you go into a bathroom that belongs to the City you will never know what might walk in.

By the way, Annise Parker has removed all her videos or made them private on youtube so that one cannot go check on her campaign promises. Annise Parker where is the transparency?





Mayor's Race

Channel 13, is now stating that it looks like a run off, here. Excellent analysis of what is happening in the Mayor's race and what will probably happen in December. Like Inside HCC they come to the same conclusion that the Ben Hall Campaign is not doing a good job of getting the message out. They seem to be making the same mistakes that Gene Locke made and that is ashame as Ben Hall is much more pleasant person to talk with than Locke. Then there are people that believe that Locke threw the election and has been rewarded very handsomely for doing so.

If you want to spend an hour with three of the candidates, visit ABC 13, here. Eric Dick did make a statement that is very true "She is not a nice person."

Inside will stick with its prediction that Dick could get as much as 12% of the vote. The Houston Press in 2009 made fun of the line up, here, below is Inside take on the ballot for mayor;

[] The Rich Black Guy

[] The Rich Lesbian

[] The poor White Guy

[] The five dwarfs


Ben Hall finally gets down in the mud with Annise Parker, he opened up a negative campaign site. Below are the negative campaign sites for each campaign. Wonder when Dick will get into the action?

Ben hall - Annise Parker


Is There Discrimination Against Homosexuals or Lesbians?

What does Annise Parker have to say on that issue?

In 1980, at age 24, Parker went to work for Mosbacher Energy, owned by Robert Mosbacher Sr., who later became George H. W. Bush’s Secretary of Commerce. She stayed with the firm for the next 18 years. “My being openly gay was never a problem,”source

I was head of the Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus while I worked there, and it never presented any sort of issue in the workplace." source

"What is most disappointing about Annise Parker, is that she tells the GLBT community that "she's been a lesbian activist all her life", but then tells the heterosexual community that she moved away from gay activism because " I was bored with the gay stuff", and "being gay isn't tough-it's who I am. source

Who is winning the race for Mayor?

Polls show that Annise Parker is winning but there will probably be a run-off.

One does not beat an incumbent the way Hall has been running his campaign. One has to run against the incumbent record and that is one thing among several things that the Hall campaign has not done. They have not gone negative on her. One other major problem that the Hall campaign has is that it has not reached out to other communities, other than the Black Community and even there he has a problem when only 25% identify with him. The Hall campaign is so out of touch that it has not bothered contacting people that offered to help the Hall campaign. I know precinct judges that have offered to help and have never had a response from the Hall campaign to their phone calls or email offers. Hall may be a great lawyer but he is terrible in choosing his team for campaigns. He needs to ask all those people that he is paying why am I only showing 13%? He is about out of time to start campaigning.

One has but to drive down some of the City's major street to see that Annise Parker has not taken care of business. She would rather build hike and bike trails then fix the roads we drive. It is not like we have a Metro that we can hop on that would get us to work quickly. Metro would rather build rail lines that people do not use then create bus routes that would help us get places without it taking three or four times as long to get there.

As to the Metro rail ridership, it has a dirty little secret. The secret is that once that rail gets passed the medical center the ridership goes way down. This writer uses buses and rail to get places.

Mr. Hall let me help your campaign, read the comment on the poll and get an idea as to what the problems are with the City and with you and your campaign, here.


Redistricting in Pasadena

In today's Houston Chronicle there is an article titled "Senator joins bid to defeat remap plan". Print edition

State Sen. Sylvia Garcia, four Pasadena council members, and a community organizing group are campaigning new redistricting plan they say is designed to dilute the Hispanic vote.

It is time that the so called leaders of the "Hispanic" community quit this nonsense and instead concentrate on uniting the "Latino" community. When you have people like Sylvia Garcia supporting with endorsement and money a White homosexual running against a Latina woman (They are both Democrats) she does more harm to the Latino community as a whole then any redistricting plan that Pasadena could come up with. Sylvia Garcia has a bad habit of doing things like that. Garcia has endorsed and supported White homosexuals vying for seats that were designed to elect Latinos/Latinas. In fact Garcia tends to support homosexuals or lesbians whenever they are vying for a seat.

You have Adrian Garcia (Sheriff) who has supported White persons over Latinos and Latinas.

You have the Tejano Democrats support White persons over Latinos and Latinas.

You have Jessica Farrar (State Representative), not sure if she is Latina, supporting a White homosexuals over Latinos or Latinas.

You have Ana Hernandez (State Representative) supporting White homosexuals over Latinos and Latinas.

What is the purpose of "fighting" for Latino/Latina districts if you have people and groups like the ones above making sure that non Latinos/Latinas do not get their support in districts that were designed for them to win.

The City of Houston created a "Latino" district, District J. A White homosexual now represents that area. Where were the so called leaders when it came to support the Latina candidate that ran for the district.

Hypocrites is what they are and do not deserve to be so called leaders of the Latino community.


Mayor's race

Based on what is not happening with the campaign for mayor, it seems that both sides are getting ready for the December election. They have done the surveys and find that there is going to be a run-off and are conserving funds for that race. The only candidate that this writer is aware of that is doing robo calls at the moment is Eric Dick. Would not be surprised if he did not match his percentage from last time he ran 7.4% or higher in the mayor's race, should do well in the middle class Republican areas. Signs, Eric Dick signs every where, some from Hall and Parker, some from the down under races for city council, HISD, and HCC.


Is It About Equality or Bias?

This article appeared in the Houston Chronicle "Parker says city should pass anti-discrimination ordinance". The ordinance would give homosexuals and lesbians the same rights as married people. May have to be a Houston subscriber to read the article.

The title on the article (front page print addition) has changed to "Parker favors law to forbid gay bias". I guess the former title was not good enough to frame the issue. The Chronicle wants to create the impression that there is bias toward homosexuals in the City work place. To the contrary under Parker homosexuals and lesbians have a better change of getting those nice appointments and jobs. George Greanias, Barbara Hartle, Steve Kirkland, Phyllis Frye. Inside dares anyone to prove that there was any wide spread discrimination against homosexuals or lesbians in recent times (last 40 years) at the City of Houston work place. The homosexuals and lesbians want the public to believe that they are victims of discrimination, they are not. They have better jobs and make more money than the average man or woman.

C.O. Bradford makes this statement ""Equality is something we all should support. Nobody should be discriminated against". Is it really about equality or is it how supporters of the homosexual lifestyle want to frame the issue?

Why should someone who claims that a same sex person is their partner have better benefits (for their 'partner') than a person who may have spent 40 years working for the City and has retired? That ex city employee who retired must pay the full amount of the insurance for himself and his family if he or she wants to stay in the plan. Where is the equality? If that retired person is 65 and gets Medicare he or she no longer can get the City insurance. Where is the equality?

If the homosexual employee has children, either by adoption or by birth the children qualify for City insurance. However, if a City employee who is a grandparent is raising a grandchild but does not have court appointment over the child, the child does not qualify for City insurance (unless grandfathered). Insurance covers children up to age 26. A homosexual/lesbian who is 50 years old can claim that a person who is under 26 is their partner and get insurance for the same sex partner. Where is the equality.

This is not an issue about equality it is an issue about creating rights that other people do not have. In Texas we don't recognize same sex marriages and until we do we should not be creating greater rights for homosexuals and lesbians.

Let us pose this question, If Ann Hubbard the partner of Annise Parker were to find out that Parker is having a relationship outside the partnership and walked away, would Ms. Hubbard have any rights to Annise Parker's pension? The answer is no, all the goodies for Parker but none of the baddies. Where is the equality.

Even how the Chronicle refers to a person has a meaning for instance the person who pushed for the charter amendment was Dave Wilson. The Comical refers to him as the "Anti-gay activist". I talked to Dave Wilson and he is not against the word gay or even the people who have stolen the word to refer to themselves as gay. He is against the homosexual agenda which is to promote homosexuality to our children. He is against homosexuality because it is against what God meant for mankind. God's first words "God blessed them: God said to them, "Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea, the birds in the air and every living creature that crawls on the earth." It is difficult for homosexuals and lesbians to multiply when they have sex with people of the same sex. What they do in their bedroom is entirely up to them but when they expect taxpayers to support their life style that is entirely another issue. '

Homosexuals are not victims they are the bullies.

Mayor's race

Big Jolly's take on the Chronicle and Annise Parker and the "Uppity Black", here is the article.

Miller on the Mayor's race, his tone has changed from Parker is going to win it, to maybe a run-off. Here is an article from December and here is a recent article. Mr. Miller may be a fine analyst but he is stretching it to suggest that maybe Parker could pull it off without a run-off. His own numbers suggest otherwise. In all those races where he shows that minor candidates received less than one percent of the vote there were run-offs.

In a run-off Ben Hall has the advantage as he begins with a larger base. The question is will he run a run-off like Gene Locke or Lee Brown? Thus far the Ben Hall has not made much efforts in reaching out to Latinos and Conservatives and his campaign entourage certainly has not been diverse at least up until a couple of weeks ago. His entire entourage is just like him "Black". He is playing straight into the hands of what the Annise Parker campaign has been pushing that Ben Hall will not be good for "All Houstonians". The Parker campaign has not been shy about pointing out that he may have been all for helping Blacks only when he was City Attorney, here. The link to the story can be found at Annise Parker's campaign website, here, toward the bottom. The Parker campaign has also been pushing rumors about how Ben Hall has been the person behind Quanell X. Ben Hall's chauffeur and his bow tie certainly play into that rumor.

According to one blogger's Ben Hall met with the Chronicle. Inside certainly does not know what was said, but Inside did notice that the Annise Parker a day push in the Chronicle is no longer occurring.

In today's Chronicle's print addition, the front page of the City & State reads, "Hall, saying city No. 1 in burglaries, offers own solutions". Annise Parker campaign response is it won't work, but offers no solutions, other than to criticize Hall's suggestions. The only vision that Annise Parker has for Houston is how it can benefit her and her friends.

The Lee Brown v Orlanda Sanchez Campaign

In 2001 polls were showing that Orlanda Sanchez was going to win the Mayor's race, here. Lee Brown did something that Gene Locke was not able to do, bring out the Black vote. Lee Brown brown brought out over 100,000 Black votes, here. Gene Locke did not do half as good, less than 50,000 African American came out to support him in the run-off, here. Instead of going with GOP campaign managers Ben Hall may have been better off using the same person, Craig Varoga, that won for Bob Lanier and Lee Brown.

Lee Brown and the drainage fee

Lee Brown proposed that the City do something about flooding by implementing a fee of $3.50 per house and $75 per acre for businesses. One of the persons against the idea was Annise Parker, "Councilwoman Annise Parker called the numbers in the administration proposal meaningless",so now we are paying $8 to $15 per house. Annise Parker the woman with no vision but for her and her friends.

One of Lee Brown's strongest supporter (behind the scenes) in the run-off was Annise Parker, with the help of the African American voters and a very liberal coalition, Brown managed to defeat Orlanda Sanchez.

We started with Big Jolly so we will end with Big Jolly, "Ben Hall should just say No", here.


Annise Parker continues her with her lies

They had a press conference, two people one the so called head of the Tejano Democrats went as far as to that Ben Hall withdraw. Then there was this email that was sent to a precinct judge, claiming that Ben Hall was engaging in negative television ads.

Annise Parker is a liar, she uses her femininity to act the part of victim. In the past she has used her being a Lesbian to raise money form other homosexuals, here. Below are three videos two that have run on TV by Ben Hall and one by Annise Parker. Who is engaging in negative advertisement? Annise Parker is a liar. The first two are the ads that Ben Hall ran the last one is the one that Annise Parker ran.

Ben Hall Commercial


Ben Hall Commercial


Annise Parker Commercial


Annise Parker is lying about who is running negative campaigns. Annise Parker is refusing to debate Ben Hall on the Issues. Annise Parker has lied enough times that she may have started believing her own lies. Call the Annise Parker Campaign tell them that she should stop the lies and agree to debates, (713) 861-6464.



Annise Parker needs to list the Chronicle for In Kind Contribution

On August 30, the Houston Chronicle wrote and editorial jumping all over Ben Hall for bringing attention to the fact that Annise Parker rewards her friends while she has no qualms about furloughs and firing other City Employees. The editorial is so bias that Annise Parker needs to list the Chronicle as In Kind contribution. INSIDE has often pointed out how the Chronicle is bias and uses the cover of Neutrality and Journalism to promote its' agenda. Below is what the Chronicle stated in the editorial.

"Talking about government employee pay that matches the rest of the state is a distraction from real issues."

"If salaries at City Hall were out of line with other Texas institutions, then perhaps there would be cause for concern. The list of Texas government employee salaries, assembled by the Texas Tribune, reveals that pay in Houston falls quite in line with the Lone Star standard. Houston city attorney David Feldman's $244,192 matches up with Dallas city attorney Tom Perkins, who made $230,517 in 2011. Chief of staff Waynette Chan's $186,030 is within range of Karen Sperry, chief of staff to the superintendent of Austin ISD, who made $175,000 in 2011. The list goes on, and you can check for yourself."

Well INSIDE did go and check for itself and found that Chronicle is either bias, ignorant, or outright liars they need to apologize to the public and Ben Hall. The Houston Chronicle should stop writing bias articles and editorials during the up coming Mayor's race. They should submit an invoice as to the worth of the In Kind contribution to the Annise Parker campaign.

Below is what INSIDE found when it looked into other Cities in Texas. The Chronicle had to go to Austin ISD to find a comparable salary for Chief of Staff. Here is a table comparing City to City. The bottom salaries are from 2011 and only $40,000 or higher are listed for the Mayor's office.

Most Cities do not have any Mayor's employees with salaries in excess of $100,00. Most of the employees under the Mayor average $50,000 or less in most Texas Cities. Only San Antonio had a Mayor's chief of staff and the salary was $153,000 in 2011, which is comparable to what Parker paid her Chief of staff in 2011.

One Person that Ben Hall left out that was appointed by the Mayor and is a Lesbian like Annise Parker, is Barbara Hartle the Presiding Judge of the Municipal Courts. In 2011 Barbara Hartle was making $134,930 in 2012 she was making $151,142. Assuming that Barbara Hartle received the average salary increase in 2013 like other City Employees, she is now making $155,676. If you are a friend of Annise Parker she rewards you with taxpayer's monies, see Kirkland. It is not what you know but who you know. With Annise Parker if your sexual preference begins with L, G, B, or T it may play a part in your salary and selection as a city employee.

Ben Hall is doing the public a service by pointing out that the Annise Parker has been using her office as a public through to reward her friends.

The Houston Chronicle should be ashame of itself for calling itself a newspaper and writing editorials based on outright lies or ignorance.



Who Is Running For Office - City

This a link to a City of Houston website that lists all of the candidates, it also provides an email address for them.

With eight people running for Mayor, one would think that there will be a run-off. Probably also means that Annise Parker will have to lay off the negatives and try to work on her positives.

Get involved in government, support a candidate.


Annise Parker and her lies about Education

Annise Parker, does not really believe in to much Democracy as the voters are not educated enough to understand certain things, here. Annise Parker also thinks that people are stupid and that they will not remember that she was the first mayor to cut funding for the HISD crossing guards, Cold Heart. Annise Parker is up to her old tricks (her education priority), lying. You close the libraries and now you are bragging that you are reopening them. You are now funding $7 million in after school programs, the City was doing more before you came in. Bob Lanier was actually doing safe sidewalks to school, Annise Parker talks about the program. The other points she brings up have nothing to do with education. Annise Parker mentions that she appointed a Latino as the Education Officer. What she does not state is that she removed a Latina as Presiding Judge to replace her with a Lesbian. I am sure that in Annise Parker's eyes it much better to have a Lesbian as a role model than a Latina role model. The Municipal Courts have only one male Latino as a full time judge, why is that? But it is much more important to have a transgender Judge than Latino judges as role models, only in the eyes of a Lesbian mayor.


Annise Parker Does Not believe in Democracy


To: The Editor of the Wall Street Journal:

Matthew Kaminski’s “Weekend Interview, The Modern America Boomtown” is only the most recent example of the mesmerized media unwittingly falling in behind the Pied Piper of Houston, mayor Annise Parker, and thus aiding her in taking the City ever closer to the dark forest of a Chapter 9 bankruptcy.

The music of her flute is the conscious confusion between the strong ECONOMY of the Houston REGION and the disastrous FISCAL CONDITION of the HOUSTON CITY GOVERNMENT.

But unlike the poor children of Hamelin,

Annise Parker Pied Piper

with a new focus on reality, transparency and honesty, and a new mayor to tell the truth to our voters, Houston can be saved.

I have initiated rescue efforts by sending an intervention disclosure plea to the SEC, with copies to the Texas attorney general and the three municipal bond rating agencies.

The media touts Houston as the current star performer in the country’s economy.  So am I daft?  No.

It is true that the Greater Houston Area is leading the country in economic growth. 

However, the Houston city government itself has reached and passed its financial tipping point. 

Here is proof of the unfortunate reality, primarily from (a) the City’s audited financial statements and other data in its Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), (b) its monthly financial and operating statements, and (c) its preliminary budget for fiscal year ending June 30, 2014:

The City has not balanced its budget on an accrual basis of accounting since 2002, and since had operating losses totaling $2.4 billion for fiscal years 2003-2012.

$1.5 billion of such losses occurred before the Great Recession hit Houston in 2008.

The losses occurred even though the City had record tax revenues in fiscal years 2003-2009.

The losses were primarily due to totally unsustainable increases in pension plan benefits.

But even when excluding pension costs, the City’s operating expenses continue growing today at a rate exceeding the growth rate in revenues. Thus the City still has a structural problem in expenses rather than in revenues.

Houston’s $2.4 billion in operating losses for fiscal years 2003-2012 exceeded those of:

The other 9 of Texas’ 10 largest cities-combined.

Each of the other Sun Belt cities.

City of Detroit. The City’s current population is significantly less than in 2010, according to the US Census Bureau, although it has gained slightly in the past year. The employment level within the city limits has also fallen in recent years.

The City government’s own workforce (civilian, police and fire-each) is bloated and top heavy; and approximately 1,200 employees are in in pay grades with over $100,000 annual base pay allowable.

In February 2012, a city council authorized task force advised that, under every considered scenario, the City’s general fund would run out of cash in fiscal year 2014 and would have run out of cash several years prior had the City not issued over $600 million in back loaded pension plan bonds.

The City temporarily delayed the inevitable evaporation of the general fund balance through fire sales on City assets and some dubious transfers from other funds, including the water and sewer fund (suddenly flush from new rapacious water and sewer rates) and a recently created and supposedly sacred drainage fund (“rain tax”).

But even with the benefit of these dubious transfers continuing, the fiscal 2014 preliminary budget shows that by the end of fiscal 2014 the unrestricted general fund balance will dissipate to the equivalent of only about 24 average calendar days of expenses and debt service.  So time, as well as cash, is indeed running out quickly. 

The consequences of this fiscal collapse are beginning to show and affect everyday life. Most visible and troublesome is deterioration of our streets and our drainage infrastructure.

After investing several billion dollars in infrastructure in the last 10 years, the City’s water supply system has not gained any capacity and many streets are in abysmal condition.  According to the “2012 Report Card For Houston Area Infrastructure” issued by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the Houston area received the following overall grades: bridges C-; drinking water D; flood control and drainage C-; rail C+; roads and highways D+; solid waste C; transit C-; and wastewater A.  Overall, this is greatly unacceptable, in my view.

Mayor Parker was in unique watchdog positions during the deterioration of the City’s finances and infrastructure: (a) city council member (including chair of city council budget and fiscal affairs committee), calendar years 1998-2003; (b) city controller, 2004-2009; and (c) mayor, 2010-2013.  Yet she offered no significant warnings of the building financial and infrastructure disasters.

Mayor Parker touts the great diversity of Houston’s population, but she has shown little grasp of the changes in the economic demographics  brought about by this growing diversity and certainly not how Houston’s economy can be jump started to pay for the new economic demographics.

When Ms. Parker touts Houston’s diversity and her passion for individual rights I cannot help but recall my 2002 visit with her and then-mayor Lee Brown’s chief of staff.  We were discussing the concept of changing the city charter to require voter approval before the City could increase spending for any given year at a rate exceeding the combined growth in population and inflation. 

Her exact words to me were, “I don’t know how much democracy I believe in.”  She went on to explain that the average citizen doesn’t understand enough about the City’s finances to vote on even how much the City’s total spending should be.  My response was then, “How can a voter be savvy enough to determine which candidate would know the answer?”  She had no response.

Regarding growing the Houston economy to cover the demands of growing diversity and reversing the decrease in population and jobs, I cannot recall when the City of Houston (as opposed to its MSA) last won the relocation of a major employer.  But I do know Houston is stinging from the recent losses of such giants as Continental (United) Airlines and Exxon Mobil (to The Woodlands, outside the city limits).

I am convinced that the City’s economy, finances and infrastructure cannot be turned around by the Pollyannaish leadership of our current Pied Piper of Houston mayor.  Unfortunately, her only significant current challenger is a wealthy former city attorney for the City who can’t seem to find time to pay his own property taxes.

Houston needs a strong “can do” visionary mayor like those who built this great city in the first place.  The first step is to recognize reality and tell the truth.


Annise Parker "it is what it is" Cold, Cold Heart

Mayor Candidate Ben Hall wants to make education one of the priorities as Mayor. One of the first thing that Annise Parker did when elected as Mayor was to quit fully funding the School Crossing Guards, here. According to the article, here, the City was going to start paying for the crossing guards again. Well it seems that it didn't, here. Maybe she forgot that the reason, that Bob Lanier began the policy was because a child had been killed while going to school, I believe my memory serves me correctly.

Annise Parker Cold Cold HeartAnnise Parker Heart of Ice

Bob Lanier initiated the $5 fee from each parking citation, it would go to fund school crossing guards. There is a big difference between between Bob Lanier and Annise Parker. Bob Lanier cared about people, all people, the same cannot be said for Annise Parker, "It is what it is" that was her response to not paying the full amount due to HISD for school crossing guards. But she did find money to give her staff big pay increases. Parking Management generates about $20,000,000 a year in revenue. There is more coming about Parking Management and how Annise Parker has turned it into a cash cow for the city, primarily on the backs of the elderly, the poor, and the minorities.

In fact Annise Parker was the first Mayor not to keep the City's agreement with HISD. Bob Lanier, Lee Brown, and Bill White all kept the City's word as to the School Crossing Guards. Only a person with a very cold heart would do what Annise Parker did while secretly paying her friends and staff more.



The People you hire tell a lot about you

Below is an email that was sent to a City employee where the Presiding Judge asks the City employee to reproduce a copyright photograph. Here is the pdf of the email. Whether the appointment of George Greanias who was caught watching homosexual pornography (here) while using Metro's WI-Fi, or the First openly "Gay" Presiding Judge (here), or the First Transgender Municipal Court Judge, here, maybe Annise Parker is choosing people because of their sexual orientation rather than their ability. If you know anyone that has worked for Annise Parker while as a controller or now as Mayor, ask them how many homosexuals and lesbians she brought in. Discrimination is discrimination, the big difference is one can see if someone is hiring all White males, all African Americans, or Latinos, but one cannot tell by looking at a person what their sexual preference is.

Annise Parker was behind the appointed of the first openly "Gay" Municipal Court Judge, John Paul Barnish (He was a wonderful and very intelligent person whom this writer knew very well.) She was also behind the appointment of Steve Kirkland as a Municipal Court Judge, Steve Kirkland is openly "Gay", here. Ms. Hartle always gave Steve Kirkland the credit for her appointment to Presiding Judge. It is not what you know but who you know. When it comes to hiring for Annise Parker it seems to be primarily about sexual orientation. Steve Kirkland is also a business partner with Annise Parker and together with their Lesbian and Homosexual partners have almost $2,000,000 invested in property.

The Office of Inspector General was made aware of the email. Unfortunately under the Annise Parker administration those complaints are now hidden from the public. Instead of releasing her income tax returns she should release the OIG complaints. For the record since Ann K. Hubbard and Annise Parker are partners in the homosexual sense, Annise Parker should release her partner's income tax return like she did in 2009. Annise Parker what are you hiding.

Annise Parker seems to be making a big deal about Ben Hall moving in to run for Mayor. What she is not saying is that the last three properties that she bought as a parnter with others were not even in Harris County. The properties are in Galveston County. So much for investing in Houston.

Inside wants to thank its' readers we are presently averaging slightly more than 2400 hits a day. That is almost 900,000 hits a year. Thank you again.



Annise Parker Takes Another Look

Annise spokesperson stated;

"She (Annise Parker) took another look at the data, and there were discussions all last week with the Municipal Union after they raised the concerns regarding the premiums." source Houston Chronicle 8/19/2013

Late this evening Mayor Parker responded saying,

"Everyone deserves affordable healthcare. This is the first I have heard of these specific issues, and we will definitely look into them"8/12/2013

Parker spokeswoman Janice Evans said,

the mayor thinks any fundamental changes to the plan should wait until next May, after the city has finished a soon-to-start competitive bid process for its health plan. 8/9/2013

Yes, Annise Parker looked at the data, not the costs to the City but the data that could maybe get her re-elected as Mayor. The fact that the interview with the Municipal Employees union was the following day. Inside is sure that Annise Parker's decision had nothing to do with it. Does someone want to buy a bridge in San Francisco?

Even the homosexual community in Houston is concerned that only she has benefited from being "Gay" with their support. San Antonio has same sex partner health benefits, here. Austin Texas has same sex benefits, here. Dallas has same sex benefits, here. She, however, is promising to do much more in her final term, according to rumors on the street, that is of course assuming she gets re-elected. Annise Parker may or may not be telling the truth, it all depends on the political winds and where she wants to go next, after all Annise Parker is a liar.

For the liberal/non homosexual supporters you have Wal-Mart and Annise Parker, "I won't support it" but I won't work to stop it.




Annise Parker will use any means to stop people from speaking about homosexuality, here. Allen’s three arrests occurred while he was preaching the Gospel message against the sins of abortion, homosexuality, and adultery on public sidewalks in Houston, Texas.

Is Annise Parker Using the Race Card?
Should Ben Hall use the Lesbian Card?

When Inside early on asked a precinct judge (Inside knew that this particular precinct judge knew that Annise Parker is a Lesbian and that the precinct judge did not care for the lifestyle) if she was going to support Annise Parker, she immediately responded "No". Then she asked who is the opponent? Inside informed her that it was Ben Hall and that he was Black. She immediately changed her mind about who she was supporting. Inside asked a lawyer who is active politically if they were going to support Ben Hall. His response "Hell No, Lee Brown screwed us over big time we can't trust the Blacks." Both the persons above were Latinos.

Inside has been following politics for over 20 years and understands the underlying tensions that exist between communities. The tension between the Latino community and the African American communities is very big and the mistrust of the Latinos of the African Americans is very large. Most of this has not been because of the politicians but because of the treatment that often occurs to Latinos by primarily African American government employees.  The Republican leaning community also has developed a large distrust of the African American community.

Inside has stated, in prior articles, that Annise Parker was using the Race Card against Ben Hall based on some of the comments that were being left on articles online by her supporters.

Ben Hall and Wife

Ben Hall and Wife

The  commercial that Annise Parker is presently running  has two messages, one is that Ben Hall moved to Houston to run for Mayor and the other is that Ben Hall is Black.  One has but to look at a photo of Ben Hall and know that he is Black.

Parker and Spouse

Parker and Partner

If one were to look at a photo of Annise Parker would one know that she is a Lesbian? The answer is NO. Annise Parker after every win loves to point out how she is openly "Gay".  She doesn't even use the word Lesbian. The GLBT stands for Gay (male), Lesbian (female), Bisexual (They don't care who they have sex with, male or female), Transgender (a male who thinks he is a female, or a female who thinks she is a male). The truth is that Annise Parker has never run as an openly "Gay" person.  If one looks at her campaign material or her campaign website, one does not see her and her Lesbian spouse together as a family. Why is that? Ben Hall has his family on his campaign website. There are many people that are bias toward Blacks and Homosexuals, those persons know who is Black but come election time most of them will not know that Annise Parker is a Lesbian.  Should Ben Hall use the "Gay" card?

Many persons are afraid to use the "Gay" card because the homosexuals will immediately attack them, for instance here is how the Houston Press described  Manuel Rodriguez's mailer that mentioned that his opponent was a homosexual, "He must really, really hate gays". The Houston Chronicle after taking back their endorsement of Manuel Rodriguez wrote " A last-minute campaign flier for Rodriguez displays appalling homophobia", here. Then there was the Gene Locke v Annise Parker campaign, where Gene Locke didn't even use the "Gay" Card but was attacked because one of his supporters was a "homophobic", here, here, here, and here. The homosexual community loves to play the part of the victim. However, it is the African American community that  has to work much harder to get the Latino and Conservative votes here in Houston as an example, Barack Obama, received less than 50% of the vote in Harris County votes this past election. Benjamin Hall should not be afraid to use the "Gay" card, just like the Lesbian Mayor is not afraid to use the "Race" card. There are many persons that are bias toward homosexuals just like there is bias toward African Americans, the field should be leveled.

Annise Parker Flip Flops Again

Inside called it right when it predicted that Annise Parker would flip flop on the issue rolling back the insurance costs that City Employees were paying, here. Houston Municipal Employees were getting calls Saturday afternoon that an announcement would soon be made. Annise Parker is a millionaire. She did it the hard way, by working hard as a politician. She will retire with a pension of at least $80,000 a year from the City. She has taken advantage of the Pension program that she loves to criticize, hypocrite. She voted for that pension plan when she was a council member. update, here is the story from Fox News.

Both the Union and the Mayor wake up with the same fleas in the morning, they care only about themselves.


Annise Parker (Hypocrite)

Annise Parker defends the raises to her friends and inner circle, "I am proud of the work my staff do and da I think they are fairly compensated for the work that they do". That small circle of friends may do good work but so do the vast majority of all the other City employees. Firemen and Policemen risk their lifes daily but did not get those hefty pay raises. Some of her inner circle have been with the City for over 20 years and will retire with an excellent pension thanks in part to those hefty pay raises. Annise Parker what else are you hiding? Here is the story from Fox News.


What is the Mayor hiding?

A couple of weeks ago Inside did an open records request from the City of Houston. Inside asked for the OIG complaints that have been filed commencing in June of 2012 to June of 2013. The City in early 2011 had to release the complaints to Texas Watchdog, here. Since then the City now requires (Executive Order 1 -39) that anyone that files a complaint must do so in an envelope marked confidential (5.7.1). The City goes further and states that unless the Inspector General authorizes it that no person may disclose such information to anyone else (5.7.5). If an employee were to violate the rule of disclosure they could be terminated (5.7.8). There are obviously exception for people like the Mayor (Annise Parker), here.

Here is the four page letter that the City Attorney wrote to the Attorney General, of course Inside did not receive copies of the exhibits. One can assume that they picked the ones that would be the most helpful to their argument.

If the City prevails one can only wonder if the following accusations would have come to light Sue Lovell, Jolanda Jones, City Attorney David Feldman, accusation of employees stealing, Vendors overcharging, or employees just not doing their jobs.

Is it any wonder that such accusations have not cropped up, like they used to. Maybe Benjamin Hall is right, Mayor what are you hiding?

Ben Hall may be right, Annise Parker what are you hiding


Will the Mayor Flip/Flop

Annise Parker has been running for office for half of her life time, she is a master politician that will do what she believes will get her elected (no principles, transparecy has disappered since she came to office). With Red Lights, flip; On the Pensions, flop; and it seems she is about to flip again.

flip -Parker spokeswoman Janice Evans said the mayor thinks any fundamental changes to the plan should wait until next May, after the city has finished a soon-to-start competitive bid process for its health plan. 8/9/2013

flop -Late this evening Mayor Parker responded saying, "Everyone deserves affordable healthcare. This is the first I have heard of these specific issues, and we will definitely look into them".8/12/2013

Annise Parker has no concept of what it is to live from pay check to pay check like many of Houston's employees. Here is her last Financial Disclosure filing. Parker made close to $30,000 just to go speak at functions, pg 14, that is more than many of the City employees that are in the union make. For those employees remember that the union has been in bed with Parker, they are the reason she initially got elected as Mayor. Here is what they the union had to say in 2009.

Election years seem to bring understanding to politicians such as Annise Parker. By this time last election Annise Parker had her polls out there how she had a virtual lock on the election against five people with almost no money. No polls this year, one wonders why?

Mayor how about firing those so called experts you brought in that can't get it right on the Insurance?

Annise Parker - Flip/Flop on Red Lights



Personal Financial Statements

Compare the financial statements to see the difference of what is declared in 2010 compared to 2013. There is a lot more to come as Inside will provide evidence that at least one person failed to list all the properties in the Financial Statement. Redaction should be done by the City, however, if Inside catches it they do redact the information. For instance the name of the mayor's dependent was redacted as well as the place where she works part time. Home addresses will also be redacted but the address of almost everyone who owns property in online, here. There are a few public officials that have current owner instead of their names, those are a little bit harder but can be found.

Annise Parker 2012 - 2013 - here

Annise Parker 2009 - 2010 - here

David M. Feldman 2012- 2013 - here

David M. Feldman 2009- 2010 - here


Annise Parker screws City Employees but helps friends

The representatives for the City employees are "livid" according to an article in the Chronicle. Annise Parker has a bad habit of taking care of her friends while she screws the little people. Take one example of taking care of friends. Annise Parker and Steve Kirkland are friends and business partners. They own over 10 properties together as business partners. They have been business partners for about 20 years. They and their lesbian and homosexual partners formed a partnership in 1993 (Silver Street Properties). Silver Street Properties has over 10 properties just in the 6th Ward neighborhood.

Steve Kirkland was defeated last year (2012) as a District Judge (two DWI convictions were brought up during the campaign). Steve Kirkland found himself without a job but he did not have to wait long before his friend Annise Parker appointed him to the Municipal Courts as a 30 hour part time Judge. Annise Parker did not file a disclosure indicating that "her" appointee was a business partner with her, according to City records she voted for his appointment. The 30 hours are important as that allows a city employee to get health care coverage with the City picking up the bulk of the cost in the case of Kirkland. As a single person (homosexuals cannot get married in Texas) Kirkland would only pay about $50 a month for health care coverage. There are hundreds of City part time employees that are kept below 30 hours to save money (keep the employees from having insurance).

Sources have informed Inside that Steve Kirkland was not happy with the salary he was receiving as a part time Municipal Court Judge so his friend Annise Parker moved him to the legal department where is now making close to $120,000 a year.

Annise Parker the Mayor that keeps giving to her friends while her administration keeps screwing the little people (low level, primarily minority employees). Here is an interactive presentation, by Texas Watchdog, that lists some of Parker's connections.

The article below (8.9.2013) shows that Annise Parker was rewarding her friends while she was firing low level city employees.

Annise Parker claims that they were promotions when they transferred from the controller's office.

David Feldman, City Attorney, in 2010 was making $211,000 he is now making $240,000, no transfer there.

Thomas Kelly Dowe - created this must vote now, one of let us kick the can down the road type of people, named director in 2011 According to this article he was finance director in 2009.

Latest story from Fox News on the pay raises here.


Annise Parker Hypocrite (liar would be a better word)

From Fox news, while Annise Parker was handing out pink slips she was giving her staff large pay increases. Fox News

Why was Annise Parker afraid to face the camera and explain why she laying off hundreds of City employees while giving her friends pay raises?

Fool us once shame on you, fool us twice shame on us, time to vote her out.

From the video; Mayor Parker held a press conference on March, 24, 2010 where she was asked specifically about layoffs and furloughs for city workers. She confirmed that layoffs and furloughs are not happening in the City of Houston (Lie) currently and would be a last resort to use in the future. Your fellow city workers are working alongside the Mayor to help find wasteful spending, so that cuts dont become a reality in the city. 



Chronicle gets it partially correct as to Mayor's debates

The Chronicle had this to say on an editorial;

"Houston's future is too important to limit the mayor's race to one debate, and we're far too diverse to restrict debates to an incumbent and a self-funded millionaire challenger. Putting multiple candidates on stage will provide a panoply of perspectives and a constructive conversation about our city's needs. Municipal issues don't always make for the most exciting discussions, but the horse-race atmosphere of elections provides a more compelling backdrop for topics like the city budget." full editorial

They are correct but the Chronicle never ever fails to show its bias. What was the purpose of a "self-funded millionaire"?

The Chronicle goes on further and adds;

"While we hope Ben Hall will use the debates to explain why he is spending his personal fortune on an uphill battle to unseat the mayor, ..."

What purpose does it serve to ask or answer that question? Bob Lanier was not asked to answer that question when he ran against an incumbent. Bill White another self funded millionaire did not run against an incumbent but the question as to why he was spending his own money was not an issue. Mosbacher was another millionaire that did not have to explain why he was self funding.

What major goals has Annise Parker accomplished? Are our streets better? Are the pot holes being fixed faster or better? Water main breaks remain broken for weeks. Annise Parker takes credit for job creation, and people buy into that. Transparency has almost disappeared as Annise Parker had made it harder for people to get data about the City or even fails to punish people who hide records from the public.

Annise Parker and lack of transparency

This article from Texas Watchdog is one example of how Annise Parker's administration will go to almost any length to hide the truth from the public.

Here is another story, Annise Parker was a council member when she signed off on the agenda item and as controller failed to look into the matter, it took a small non profit organization to uncover the web of deception that the City was creating.

And then there is this story, the Annise Parker administration rewarded the City employee for;

The human resources chief at the Houston Airport System received a $250 bonus the year she was found guilty of deceiving an investigator for the city of Houston during an inquiry into her withholding public records.

Annise Parker and the Homosexual bullies

Homosexuals and Lesbians often play the parts of victims but the fact is that they are bullies that have managed to get control of much of the media and use it to their advantage.

As Inside was researching it found this post, regarding Ben Hall's Facebook page, on one of the ultra left blogs;

The result was a sorry collection of Rednecks, Klansmen, Neo-Nazis and McVeigh sympathizers who found their ways to the Ben Hall campaign’s Facebook page. This ended up causing, again, an unmitigated disaster.

Inside does not agree with the ultra left blog as the comments that were posted were more in line with what homosexuals and lesbians tend to do. Stop and think why would those rednecks, Klansmen, Neo-Nazis post on Ben Hall's Facebook page but not on the Lesbian's Mayor page?

Inside went and look at hundreds of posting of both campaigns facebook pages. Here are the facebook pages for Ben Hall and Annise Parker. Below are comments found on Ben Hall's Facebook page;

Dave Glover - brown really screwed Houston last time we had a black mayor, think i'll stay with Annise!

Mickey Hearn - Do not like. Get off my Facebook

Alexei Dukov - This campaign advertised on my wall... so I read the agenda... TOTALLY vague. Please clarify your ideas before asking people to vote.

Brian Scott Arthofer - Get off my wall

Roger Vasquez  - Great ... just what the city of Houston needs, another black democrat race baiter / divider. Hey I guess it worked for Obama. City if Houston don't come back later crying to the rest of texas when you end up like Detroit.

Patty Pinkley - You know, I could understand if she wasn't so popular, but to run against a popular incumbent, well, I just think that's wrong!

James Martin - I am too scared to vote for a black politician. This country can't risk having another race baiter in office. I can't say Ben Hall is a race baiter. I'm just not willing to take the chance. I am tired of the racial division and strife that many black politicians drum up. The worst of this is that he is probably a man of the high caliber of integrity.

Jordan Chauvette  - Oh don't worry James he is a race baiter! Just check out his post on TM and GZ..

Jon DeShane - Hall for all (except white people).

Gary Cowherd Good luck sir. Annise Parker will win in landslide. Save your money and pay your taxes Deadbeat

Steve Dressler Sr.  - Karen, I think you're right, he can't be a racist, he's not white

Trey Philmon  - After reading Ben Hall's response to the Trayvon tragedy, I don't see how he can be a decent mayor when he makes such irresponsible remarks. It appears that Ben Hall is just another typical race baiting crap stirrer. Maybe Houston actually needs a mayor that can relate to and try to bring all of the different races in Houston together as being Americans and not stir up racial hatred. We are Americans and on a smaller note we are Houstonians. We don't need to be divided, we need unity.

Mark Flaming - BEN HALL STATEMENT ON ZIMMERMAN VERDICT ... "I am disappointed with the Trayvon Martin verdict. There can be no satisfaction or celebration in that case." You are a racist.

Tom Hensley -  Ben, you are an IDIOT!

John Wells -  Ben Hall is just another race baiter.

Inside maintains that the comments above are from Annise Parker's supporters and homosexual bullies.

Inside suggests that the writer of the article, "An Unmitigated Disaster", use his ability to rationalize. Rather than looking at the likes only which is like comparing apples and oranges since Parker has had that facebook page up for over four years compared to months for Ben Hall. Of course there would be more likes on Parker's Facebook page, 1) because of the length of time it has been posted, and 2) since most of that time she has been Mayor of Houston. Look at how many new likes Annise Parker is getting daily (about 20) compared to Ben Hall who is getting about 560 likes per day. Inside believes those Annise Parker likes is the base from which she can't move from unless she and her followers play the Race card like they did against Gene Locke.

Homosexual Agenda - Fox News





While investigating properties that are owned by Annise Parker and her partner of 22 years, Ann K. Hubbard, Inside ran across a story that set bells ringing. This is the story, the part that peeked the writer's interest was this comment "Land acquisition is nothing new to this TIRZ: it began fiscal year 2010 holding $19.5 million in land for resale.."

There are 22 TIRZ Districts, here is a list of them, in the City of Houston, here is a map that show where the TIRZs are located. What is a TIRZ and what is the purpose of creating one? Here is what the City of Houston has to say on the matter.

How many pieces of property does the Midtown Redevelopment District hold? The Midtown TIRZ holds about 390 properties. Those are 390 properties that are not generating revenue. The Midtown Redevelopment District is not flipping them as the news article seems to suggest. Here (source Harris County Appraisal District) is a list of all the properties that the Midtown Redevelopment District is holding. The Mayors house happens to be close to be the Midtown TIRZ, below is an image of the Mayor's house which is appraised at $621,800, about $9,000 less than it was five years ago.

Mayor's House

The Midtown TIRZ is not the only one holding property other TIRZ districts are also holding a few properties. Following is list of the TIRZ Districts (Inside was not able to find the proper name for all the TIRZ Districts so the list provided may not include all the properties that the TIRZ Districts may own).

4th Ward TIRZ - Southwest TIRZ - ST. George TIRZ - Upper Kirby TIRZ - Uptown TIRZ

Based on this comment “Typically, what they’ll do is they’ll sell it to a developer with strings attached. That’s in the interest of the TIRZ,” Smith continued. “They’re not going to want the developer to come in and just put in anything on this property.” source this article.

The way I read the above statement is that the TIRZ is using its' power to tell buyers what they can do with the property a round about way to implement zoning. That is a lot of power in the hands of what are primarily five hand picked individuals by the Mayor of Houston (the number may be more or less but the Mayor of Houston picks the majority of Board Members). Houston voters have voted down zoning numerous times and the Mayor and the TIRZ Board should abide the will of the voters.

Based on this article the City Council is about as useful as the HCC Board of trustees, only one Council Member voted no on the sale even though no bids were submitted. The members of the Council had no idea if the City was getting a good deal or not, they have no idea of what the land was worth. At least the HCC Trustees have excuses, 1) HCC Trustees don't get paid, City Council Members do with insurance and travel about $70,000 a year; 2) HCC Trustees have no staff, City of Houston Council Members have staff on hand to do the research. If the Council Members are not going to do the basic things then maybe they deserve to be the like the HCC and HISD Trustees, no pay and no staff. The City of Houston Council Members are a sorry lot of individuals with maybe one exception at the time of the vote. They act the way they do because the Mayor can dole out favors to those that go along with her agenda.

Chronicle is Wrong Again

"Houston is supposed to be fertile ground for entrepreneurs and a prime example of a free market. City Council should live up to that promise and update Chapter 46 of the City of Houston Code of Ordinances to let businesses like Uber operate in Houston." Chronicle 8.4.2013

The Chronicle has its' head stuck where the sun never shines, the Mayor makes the Agenda, the Mayor brings the item to the Council, The Mayor of Houston sets the Agenda. So making the Council Members the fall guys is plain stupid on the Chronicle's part. Maybe just maybe the Mayor may not want to bring it to a vote as she has received at least $15,000 from "Yellow Cab".


Tongue in Cheek

One can tell if a person is Black, Brown, Yellow, White, or Red, or any other shade, but how would one be able to figure out how to tell when a person is a homosexual/lesbian. I guess the question is how would one know if one is discriminating against a homosexual? Just thoughts that came to mind as this author read this story from Waco, Texas.

For that matter if a person who is the boss is a homosexual/lesbian and is discriminating based on sexual preference, how would one know that they are being discriminated against because they are heterosexual? Assuming the homosexual/lesbian is not open about their sexual preference.

One must love how the "Gay" community loves too make statement like Annise Parker the first openly "Gay" Mayor of Houston or Mike Lastor, the first openly "Gay" councilmember. Is the statement suggesting that Houston has had Mayors and Council Members before that were homosexuals/lesbians? Just wondering?

"Gay" used to mean that one was happy or carefree, now it means that someone is a homosexual or lesbian. If "Gay" people are so happy and carefree why are so many still hiding in "closets"? Just wondering?

When Obama became president I don't recall hearing that he was the first openly "Black" president. Just thoughts as one read the Waco story.


Did Mayor Annise Parker violate the law?

Inside HCCS asked the City of Houston for all disclosure filed by Annise Parker from 1999 to present.  The City had six disclosures on file. The latest disclosure was filed on December 2002. Here are the disclosures.

On February 18, 2009 while Mayor of Houston, she voted to approve the following Agenda item, here.  The Agenda item designated certain properties as Historical Landmarks.  One of the properties that was listed was the house that she owns with her partner of over 20 years.  Here is the agenda item.  Here is the notice that Annise Parker and Ann K. Hubbard received from the City.

Are there benefits to having a building designated as a Historical Landmark? Here are  two benefits of having a building designated as a Landmark, 1) The City of Houston may grant a tax exemption ... 2) reduced building permit fees.  There are other benefits, here, is a document that lists the benefits of having a building designated as a Landmark.

Inside HCCS checked at the appraised values of the houses that are immediately next to Mayor Annise Parker's house and found that all of them were appraised at a higher value than they were five years ago.  However, Annise Parker's house was appraised at a lower value.  Did Annise Parker benefit from having her house designated as a Landmark?

Did Annise Parker violate the law by failing to file a Conflict of Interest?

The incident above is but one instance and may only be the tip of an iceberg, there are many other instances where Inside HCCS believes that the Mayor of Houston should have filed Conflict of Interests and should have abstained from voting on an agenda item.


Houston Community College & HISD


We will soon move to INSIDECOH.NET



Why are Christphobes so mean?

Why do people, like the writer of the OFF THE KUFF, hate the word of God so much that they resort to name calling when Christians and people who think like they do assert the same rights that the homosexuals and the homosexual supporters do? Below is a recent article found in the blog OFF THE KUFF:

A few days ago, I noted that notorious gay-hater Dave Wilson was up to his usual tricks in the HCC 1 race, even though he himself was running in HCC 2. Wilson sent out an attack mailer against Zeph Capo and Kevin Hoffman, and then incumbent Yolanda Navarro Flores sent out some of her own mail that emphasized her “traditional” marriage, and a second mailer listing her prominent supporters. I wanted to know if those supporters knew what else was going on in that campaign and if they had anything to say about it. Last night, I got this letter from HCC Trustee Carroll Robinson, addressing the questions I asked in my post. I appreciate the response, and I hope the others on that list follow suit. (more on Robinson later)

kUFFNER did not take Dave Wilson to task for pointing out that one of the candidates has a criminal record. KUFFNER did not take Dave Wilson to task for pointing out that one of the candidates took an all expense trip with a Larry Marshall to Costa Rica (here is the trial). KUFFNER did not take Dave Wilson to task for pointing out the Union of which Capo is a top official engages in cronyism, here. No KUFFNER took Dave Wilson to task for pointing out to certain communities that Capo and Hoffman were homosexuals.

It seems that if one disagrees with the homosexual lifestyle one is "Gay Hater" a homophobe. Inside challenges KUFFNER and any other Christphobes to find evidence that Dave Wilson discriminates, that would include discrimination against Black, Brown, Women, and People that are homosexual or lesbian. The simple fact that Dave Wilson is a Christian and speaks out about his Christian beliefs does not make him a homosexual hater. The Bullies of the World like KUFFNER immediately resort to name calling and bullying anyone that dares to bring out that candidates are homosexuals or lesbians. Here what they did to Manuel Rodriguez.

Below is a letter that Dave Wilson wrote to Kuffner to meet and discuss the issues. Kuffner never responded as that is what bullies and Christphobes tend to do, hide and run from the truth.

Open letter to Mr. Charles Kuffner:

I was disappointed to see your comments referring to me as a “homophobic hatemeister”, I don’t think we have ever met or talked to each other. I have read some of your comments on your blog. Some I agree with and some I don’t.

I guess I don’t understand your definition of a “true Democrat”, but I would like to tell you a little about what I believe.

I believe it is wrong when the Republicans make back room deals to appoint people into public office (ex. Ed Emmett for Robert Eckels; Leo Vasquez for Paul Bettencourt; Mike Stafford for Mike Fleming; Teresa Chang for Jacqueline Lucci-Smith; etc.).

In 2010 I wanted to stop Jerry Eversole from being re-elected, and the Republicans appointed his replacement.

No one had the courage to take on a corrupt powerful incumbent. Obviously I would not defeat him in the Republican primary, therefore I filed as a Democrat. Regretfully, the Democrats got in bed with the Republicans and jointly filed a lawsuit to keep me off the ballot. They were successful in keeping me off the ballot in 2010, but they lost the lawsuit in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. So, I filed again in 2012 to run against Jerry Eversole’s anointed replacement R. Jack Cagle.

I believe the “pay to play” Republican endorsement cards are wrong. I fought against these endorsement cards and won a case in court against one of the printers. In Commissioners Court, I spoke out against Steve Radack accepting a $10,000/month consulting fee from a land developer. He gave up the fee. I successfully filed a Writ of Mandamus lawsuit against Billie Burge to remove him from the Metro board because he exceeded the 8 year term limit.

I have been politically active in Houston for over 25 years and been involved in many issues. If you have time for lunch please give me a call and we can discuss more, I’ll buy.

Whatever party a candidate decides to run in, the candidate should run with integrity, honesty, class, ethics, dignity, truth and common decency. Name calling and hate should have no place in our society.

Dave Wilson

Double Standards of the homosexuals and their supporters

Out Smart a magazine for homosexuals and lesbians had two featured articles on Zeph Capo and Kevin Hoffman, the October 2013 issue. I want the Christphobes to answer this question why is it that Zeph Capo and Kevin Hoffman out themselves for the homosexual community but if someone points out the same to the rest of the community one becomes a homophobe or worse? The purpose of being out is to get votes from the homosexual community and their supporters, bigotry in reverse. The homosexuals and people like Kuffner are the haters and bullies and they need to be exposed for what they are.


Thank you for visiting us

INSIDE apologizes for not posting recently but this writer was busy helping several campaigns. If you have not voted please do so.

We recently receive a large amount of data from HCC and have just started going over the data will soon post on how those credit cards were used. INSIDE was recently informed that there are quite a few individuals that have use of HCC credit cards and that is not unusual for the cards to be used for personal matters. INSIDE will soon look into it.


Art Tyler and San Francisco

Here is the latest story on Art Tyler from San Francisco. The comments are especially enlightening. One of the comments must have come from an HCC faculty member as they used a term that was used by many of the faculty here.

"If corruption is the issue there, Tyler is not qualified to rectify any of those issues. He and his gang from California created the same environment in Houston before he was bought out of his contract."

Off The Kuff

Not sure if the author of "Off The Kuff" just has problems with minorities or he just fails to do research before publishing things that are not true. He assumes that if he reads it in the Chronicle it is true, typical for lazy type of reporting. Unfortunately that is the best that the extreme left can offer in Houston.

So let us be fair and compare the two candidates. Below is what he wrote and Inside follows with a more balanced approach.

"Early voting starts today, and so this is my last week of presenting interviews. The last frontier is the HCC Board of Trustees, and I have two interviews, both in District 1 where scandal-marred incumbent Yolanda Navarro Flores faces two opponents. First up is Zeph Capo. Capo is a former classroom teacher who is now vice-president and legislative director for the Houston Federation of Teachers and a national trainer for the American Federation of Teachers. He has also served on the HISD Career and Technology Advisory Committee, HISD Alternative Certification Program Advisory Committee, and Greater Houston Partnership Higher Education Committee, among others. He is also active in the HCDP, serving as SDEC Executive Committee member for Senate District 15."

First I challenged the author of the article to prove that Trustee Flores has engaged in scandals. He has a blog that is even posted in the low price whore of a newspaper the Chronicle. Where is the scandal? The Veselka report proved that Trustee Flores's son had no contracts or had had contracts with HCC. The author of that article should go read the report for himself. The Zimmerman report, how can one do an investigation and not even question the person they are investigating? That is what Zimmerman did. By the way both of those attorneys are close friends of former HCC Trustee Richard Schechter. How did they get those good contracts from HCC?

Now let us look at the candidate that Kuffner has such glowing remarks about, Capo.

Capo has an arrest record, according to Capo seems to think that obstructing traffic in the middle of rush hour is okay? Here is the article where he was part of the group that was arrested.

Capo has no problems taking trips to Costa Rica (all expenses paid) with the same vendor that HISD Trustee Larry Marshall took a trip with, here.

The Union that Off the Kuff is so glowing about, cronyism to the max, here.

Over the years Off the Kuff has been consistent in attacking minorities in particular Latinos. But that is the best that the far left in Houston has to offer.

Off the Kuff you have a challenge prove what you wrote or apologize for the errors of your way.


Serious Problems at Houston Community College Continue

If some board members and administrators don't like the way the game is going they change the rules in the middle of the game. Last night they voted for Dianne Johnson, former HISD Trustee, here. Ms. Johnson had not applied as required by the process. Robert Glazer was not timely the only person that did what he was suppose to do was Phil Kunetka. They changed the rules on him. Only two trustee voted correctly by walking out, Trustee Yolanda Navarro Flores and Trustee Herlinda Garcia.

Today INSIDE was informed that Ms. Feldman may not have been timely with her application either. HCC would be better off if they were taken over by Lone Star Community College.

Last month two trustee promised audits of credit card abuse, well those promises are not worth anything because they either lied or forgot. Chris Oliver and Bruce Austin which one is it, did you lie or forget?

Art Tyler has a new job

INSIDE has been informed that City College of San Franciso has selected Art Tyler as Chancellor, here. According to the article he resigned, well I guess that is a nice way of saying he was told to leave.


Press Release and News from Qatar

Carroll Robinson has a news release that will probably not play in any of the news media but it may be the most important news release he has done since being elected to the HCC Board.

Here is the news release. INSIDE has good reason to believe that this is in response to allegations that a HCC Trustee was pressuring a vendor into hiring friends of the Trustee. Sources have told INSIDE that the either the person making the allegations or someone in the Rene Byas Administration has taken the complaint to the District Attorney.

The passing of such a policy may be a good thing but this writer is not sure. Will the policy stop Trustees from pressuring vendors or will it stop vendors from bring complaints to the administration. The policy needs to be studied.

However, the program management selection as was finally chosen is mired in mud. There were three attempts to select a vendor and the results were different every time. It seems that if the administration did not like the results it would change the selection team. INSIDE knows two of the selection teams but is still awaiting a response as to the selection team that chose the current program management.


Time for an update on the current situation at CCQ. In the last week, I have received a number of emails and PMs from current teachers in Qatar. It seems that there has been both a literal and figurative meltdown and things are very bad there at the moment.

Some serious management issues have come up... they are seriously short of teachers causing most everyone to be working long hours. Political problems at the top are starting to affect the whole system. (I will admit that I don't understand much of it from a distance)

AND what most consider the biggest problem is that the air conditioning has died in teacher housing and it seems that the landlord has no intention of repairing it (Temperature this time of year is mid 90's F). So after working long hours, they get to come home to an oven. Sleep is impossible when temps are in the 40s C outside. They are doing a temporary half fix of putting small cooling systems in bedrooms, but this is NOT a realistic option in this climate.

So... anyone who is thinking of heading there in the near future needs to check with current teachers to see if the conditions have improved enough to want to try it. Source



Campaign Reports are all there now, here

Had a change to go through some of the reports.

Kevin Hoffman may be in the oil and gas business but let us hope that he is not in the accounting department. However, the good news is that if he should win he would be with the right group there at HCC as they have no concept of numbers, either, some exceptions but not many. Loans, he has $13,664 in outstanding loans, but only shows $5,650 in loans. He is doing a Chris Oliver and Bruce Austin trick? Creating Money, well in this case creating debt to be paid later? The number cannot be right as he previous report showed Zero in loans. He shows two $35 bank fees. Those are high fees normally means a check bounced, did it Mr. Hoffman?

Annie Williams, another one that falls into the will fit right in as she also has trouble understanding numbers. She raised $120 but has $320 in the bank, I don't think so. She does have a loan out to herself of $200 for political expenditures for web design. I have not seen her website, but I am sure that it is out there somewhere. The interesting part is that it seems that she is paying herself for the design.

Adriana Tamez - did fairly well, the bulk of her contributions were from three sources, the Mary Ann Perez Campaign $2,000; Tommy Brock $1,000 (Interesting story there, county records show that a Tommy Alan Brock and Adriana Tamez applied for a marriage license but the license was never returned, here); and a $1,050 in kind contribution for graphics and social work (a la Ben Mendez to a smaller scale). As far as INSIDE can tell she is the only person that may not live in the District that is running for HCC Trustee. She does own the house on Jefferson St, bought it in 2010. However the tax bill goes to 14 E GREENWAY PLZ HOUSTON TX 77046 (here), that normally indicates the address that the owner lives at.

Zeph Capo - did not look closely at the numbers but it looks about right. Bulk of his money has come from UNIONS, the Whitmire Campaign $1,000 and Hector Carreno $1,000. He has used his money wisely thus far with the bulk being spent for signs.

More later as time permits.


HCC Campaign Reports on line, here

Not all the reports are online, will try to encourage HCC to get them all up.

The administration of Rene Byas and Bruce Austin

Disturbing rumors from HCC has it that the administration at HCC is encouraging employees and vendors to lodge complaints against Trustees that have issues with the administration.

If the rumors are true and INSIDE believes that there is some if not a lot of truth to the rumors it continues a dangerous trend that was started by the administration of Spangler and Tyler. They are sending a message to the other Trustees get in line.

Either the other trustees are working with the administration or they have something else that may be worse that is effecting their decision to allow such things to happen.


The Chronicle "changes" endorsement article

Those fools at the Chronicle can't seem to make up their mind. They changed their reasoning to become a little more vicious and to be honest, show how stupid they are. Inside has spoken to several of the persons that interviewed and what happened at the interviews and the endorsements have no connection to each other.

Let us look at this statement from the Chronicle;

"Contracts to friends, family and supporters; bullying staff in public sessions; and keeping districts as personal bailiwicks are hard habits to break."

Who is the Chronicle referring to? Former Trustee Richard Schechter who may have directed contracts to his friends? One friend that has a PR firm had a three year extension on Schechter's motion. Chris Oliver who solicited contracts for himself? Chris Oliver who was on payroll with Ft. Bend Mechanical and pushing and voting for them? Chris Oliver who solicited Super Bowl tickets from an HCC vendor? Neeta Sane who Art Tyler stated threatened to fire him and the Chancellor if her friends did not get certain contracts? Bruce Austin who pushed and voted for contracts for organizations in which he is a board member? Sandie Mullins who is close to Bert Keller and he does have or had contracts with HCC? Mary Ann Perez who helped her buddy from ESPA, and is now pushing for Adriana Tamez? Art Tyler who directed contracts to companies? Who is the Chronicle referring to?

It can't be Yolanda Navarro Flores because the Chronicle cannot prove that her family members received any contracts. They cannot prove because it did not happen. Inside challenges the Chronicle to prove what they alleged. The person that did have a family member working for an HCC vendor was Richard Schechter.

It is ironic that Richard Schechter is one of this groups members, Houston Business-Education Coalition. According to people that interviewed he has the inside as to who is a bad person on the board. One candidate was chastised for hanging around with the "bad" persons. Richard Schechter when he was a trustee had a serious memory problem or a problem with misspeaking (That is the politically correct way of saying he lies). Let give this example that I took from the Veselka interview of Richard Schechter;

"Trustee Schechter first became aware of J's Quality at the April 8, 2010 Board meeting during executive session when they were handed materials revealing Former Trustee Davila as a Corporate Officer of J's Quality."

Former Trustee Davila was never a corporate officer of J's Quality. Inside did an open record request for all documentation that was provided to Richard Schechter. There was no such document. Did Richard Schechter lie or did he have a memory lapse? Remember this interview was never to have been seen by the public. This group of people that have Richard Schechter with them will be giving money to "good" candidates. One has to wonder what "good" means to them.

It can't be Herlinda Garcia directing contracts to her friends and family, Inside has not heard any such allegations.

As to districts as personal bailiwicks the Chronicle endorsed the person that treated Central College like it was his own gym, Chris Oliver.

The Houston Chronicle has become a sorry excuse for a newspaper, it is nothing more than a tabloid publishing lies.


The Chronicle Endorses

A week or two ago I predicted that the Chronicle would go with the exact people that they endorsed. The editorial board all two of them that interviewed the candidates go through the motion but they know before hand who they intend to support. It is call the fix.

This is what the Chronicle has to say about one of their endorsee, "We believe that her presence would be a particular help in changing the board tone and direction." Translation we (the Chronicle) need to keep getting money from HCC to survive. We need a board that will not look at the waste of money in advertising in the Chronicle as money wasted. For those of you that do not get the print edition it is getting smaller and smaller. Much of their news now comes from San Antonio.

If the Chronicle really wanted to change the board tone it would be in favor of getting rid of all the incumbents.

District 1, out with Austin.

District 7, Sane is part of the problem not part of any solution.

At one time the Chronicle may had influence in the selection of candidates but those days are gone, now it is only a whore looking to sell itself to survive.

If you care to see what they said, here.


District VII

has a different take on what happened when Bruce Austin met with the Houston Chronicle, here. Ms. Larsen also has some serious question for Trustee Neeta Sane, same article.

Here is what the former Vice Chancellor had to say about Trustee Sane.

"Bobby Singh's company, GTI or Global Times, Inc., was a sub to another HCC vendor. Dr. Tyler hired Bill Carter to join HCC as Vice Chancellor of Information Technology, who wanted to start making some changes. When Dr. Tyler got to HCC, he met with
Bobby Singh to find out about his business. Mr. Singh told Bill Carter many times that he had connections with Trustees and that he could get the votes. Dr. Tyler went to Dr. Spangler about getting Mr. Singh out. He met with Dr. Spangler and Mr. Singh in this office. This effort started backlash with trustees. Neeta Sane became very concerned and"threatened" Dr. Spangler and Vice Chancellor that if some things didn't happen, they might be fired. There were some very difficult Board meetings but Mr. Singh got the contract anyway. Dr. Tyler raised serious concerns about it (the contract was added to the budget for $1.5M) and the issue almost got Dr. Spangler fired. But Dr. Tyler didn't care because "right is right" and "wrong is wrong." source


Bruce Austin admits that money may be missing

On September 24th during the candidates' interview with the Houston Chronicle, Bruce Austin, Chair and Trustee at Houston Community College, admitted that HCC is looking into two accounts. One of the accounts is the one that is associated with Qatar. It seems that some point in time all traces of the account disappeared from Houston Community College server.

The other account is related to the 2008 Bond Money. It seems that money may have been inappropriately used.

INSIDE understands that the administration of Rene Byas and the Chair had known about the irregularities for at least several months but had chosen to keep it from the rest of the HCC Board, at least some of the Board members. The only reason this has come to light is because there are still many HCC employees who care about the system.

HCC intended to keep the investigation (audit) hidden from the public. What was the purpose of keeping it from the public?

INSIDE has reason to believe that there were Board Trustees that were aware even before the passing of the latest bonds. Those bonds (November 2012) were sold to the public based on a lie of increasing enrollment. Enrollment is not increasing, the latest numbers suggest that for three years in a row enrollment has been decreasing enrollment.

Decreasing Enrollment

The decrease in enrollment has effected what students pay in regards to tuition. Since HCC did not think it could get the public to support passage of bonds, HCC chose to raise funds over the years using "Revenue Bonds". The source that HCC chose to use to pay the bonds with was student tuition. Revenue Bonds do not require voter approval.

HCC is pricing itself out of the market, it is already the most expensive community college to attend in the area. With the declining enrollment HCC may have no choice but to again raise the tuition on the students.

Some of the Trustees have forgotten that there are there to serve the taxpayers and community and not the vendors and their campaign contributors.


2013 Tuition compared - 12 semester hours


HCC - $814; Lone Star - $800; San Jacinto - $656

Out of district

HCC - &1,678; Lone Star - $1,640; San Jacinto - $1,148

Non Resident

HCC - &1,876; Lone Star - $1,820; San Jacinto - $1,748

AT TSU and U of H

Twelve hours at TSU about $3,000; at U of H about$3,500 for indistrict students.


The Chronicle's Invite

The Comical can't wait to get Board Trustees on board that will go back to spending millions of dollars buying advertisement with the Chronicle. Inside did notice that a couple of days after the Bruce Austin (free publicity) editorial that HCC bought an 1/8 of a page on the front part of the Sunday sports section, the most expensive place and day to buy an ad.

The interviews at the Comical are a farce, the Chronicle has already decided who they intend to endorse. Qualifications do not have much to do with whom they endorse. They want to do it early so that certain candidates can use it on the mailers. Of Course the Chronicle will claim that their candidate is "superior", "best qualified" ... they never say what criteria they used other than they interviewed them.

Used to say that the Chronicle was a cheap whore, when Inside found out they had received over a million dollars in advertisement from HCC had to start calling them an expensive whore.

For Mayor - no secret there they have been promoting Parker with free advertisement for weeks now. A Parker a day from around the web or Parker will fight dumping (five cameras for a City this size) front of local news print addition.


(HCC) Blackout ends

Went to a committee of the whole meeting a couple of weeks ago and the trustees were discussing how the black out period (the trustees are unable to get contributions from vendors) was too long that many vendors were unable to contribute. The Chair, Bruce Austin did not seem much concerned. Yesterday, quite not to surprising to this author the Trustees received news that the blackout had ended. What made the difference? In the opinion of this author the Chair, Bruce Austin, got an opponent that is capable of self funding a campaign. In fact that horse went out the gate first.


Rumors are circulating that Larry Marshall is "spilling the beans". Should be a lot of worried folks out there. We, also, have the guy from Ft. Bend that is rumored to be also spilling the beans on a lot of people. If you are one of those person, think about contacting the FBI and offering a bigger fish before you find yourself in a place that has very small square footage and no windows.



Bruce Austin has an awesome website, One could go to HCC's website and probably get the same type of bells and whistles. What really makes it very remarkable is that all this information was acquired and placed on that website within days of it being purchased. The site was purchased on August 30th, 2013.

Mr. Austin is an honorable man and he states right there on the website "Not Developed at Government Expense". We can all sleep comfortably knowing that no HCC employee helped with the information as one knows that Mr. Austin is an honorable man.

Cut and paste, the easiest way to develop a website that makes one look super smart. Here is a link to Cord, front part of Bruce Austin's website, there is a lot of cutting and pasting going on. Same thing with most of the information on Issues, here.

Well there was the time that he made campaign contributions disappear without showing how it disappeared. One of those magic tricks that he and Chris Oliver do from time to time. See the money, now you don't.

Mr. Austin is an honorable man.

Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2013-07-30 08:17:44
Creation Date: 2013-07-30 08:17:44
Registrar Expiration Date: 2014-07-30 08:17:44
Registrar:, LLC
Registrant Name: Bruce Austin
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: 2617C W. Holcombe Blvd. #132
Registrant City: Houston
Registrant State/Province: Texas
Registrant Postal Code: 77025-1601
Registrant Country: United States


What is HISD hiding?

What is HISD hiding? Simple request to HISD what percentage of the bidding for project manager was reserved for minorities and who were the minority vendors. HISD does not want the public to know. What is HISD hiding? They sent the request to the Attorney General after waiting the full 10 business days to do so. INSIDE is patient we are not going anywhere, we will be here to expose corruption or if it does not pass the smell test. The HISD process of selection does not pass, see below.

Web Sites for HCC Canidates

District 1 - Capo - Hoffman - Flores

District 2 - Wilson - Austin

District 3 - Garcia - Tamez - Cook (Facebook)

District 5 - Glaser - Cormier - Kunetka

District 7 - Sane - Williams

Most of you who followed Inside know about Austin and Sane, as they can be found on Inside HCCS.


Radio Ad by Dave Wilson for HCC District 2

Dave Wilson who is running against Bruce Austin did not waste anytime starting his campaign. Since the Chronicle seems to be promoting Bruce Austin it only seems fair that INSIDE HCCS help his opponent. Below is the radio ad that is presently running in certain radio stations.



Inside is waiting for information from HCC, HISD, and City of Houston.


Who was the Project Manager? See the garage collapse.

Read the story and see the garage collapse in two waves, here. The Project Manager was selected by both HISD and HCC. INSIDE believes that they will soon win other contracts in the surrounding area. Jacobs Engineering was one of the companies overseeing that project. If one recalls that Jacobs was originally not the best candidate for the project, the first RFQ, according to the selection committee. The committee was changed for the second RFQ that went out. More on that later as INSIDE is waiting for additional information.

It is good enough for our country but not good enough for HCC

Houston Community College has an RFP out that would assess the risks and threats associated with the campuses. HCC did not choose the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as the model to use. The DHS is the leading organization for such assessment, here. Instead HCC chose the Sandia National Laboratory Model, here, pg 16. In fact the Sandia Model does not seem to have been geared toward schools.

Some vendors have complained that the RFP has changed as it has become mandatory that they have a Sandia certified person on staff, at minimum. According to some vendors there is only such company in Texas and they are supposedly bidding on the contract. Their concern is that the RFP has been rigged. Especially since the RFP does not require such certification. Question and Answer where the certification became known to the vendors.

Q10. Why has HCC selected to utilize the Sandia National Laboratories approach rather than the Department of Homeland Security's approach/methodology?

A10. Sandia was selected to ensure we used a proven method with several service providers who have experience with the model.

Is HCC up to its' old tricks of rigging the selection process?



It is all on how you word it

HCC announces that it has reached an agreement with the Medical Center for lease of the land for a new college. A Dollar a year for the lease! However, HCC forgot to mention that they are leasing the medical center garage for two million dollars a year ($2,000,000). That lease is also for 100 years, that comes out to two hundred million dollars ($200,000,000) plus $100 for the land to build the campus.

Enrollment is down

Well it is not the 96,000 HCC claimed when it was pushing the bonds last year, it is closer to half of that. If it were not for the Dual Credit, where High School students get both high school and college credit, enrollment would be much lower that it is. Here are the latest numbers.


Some Bloggers Just can't get it right

From Off the Kuff, August 28, 2013;

"Leila Feldman, appointed to replace Richard Schechter after he resigned, is opposed by Phil Kunetka."

Feldman is not running again, she moved out of the District, that has been known for quite a while now.

Big Jolly - Border Check Points

Big Jolly a blogger has this posted in regards to Border Patrol Check Points.

It seems that those type of videos are going viral on youtube, here. This last link is much more informative as to what the consequences could be for failing to cooperate.


HISD and Corruption Never

They are all honorable persons in HISD they would never do anything to tilt the scale in favor of certain companies would they? Of Course they would, read. Inside was curious as to how HISD went about choosing Project Managers so it did an Open Records Request. There were nineteen (19) firms that submitted RFQs;

List of Submitting Firms;

1. AECOM Technical Services, Inc
2. AG-CM, Inc
3. Aster, L.P.
4. Broaddus and Associates, Inc.
5. Diggs Construction, LLC
6. ESPA Corp, Inc.
7. Heery International, Inc
8. International Leading Technologies, Inc
9. International Museum Corporation dba International Management Corporation
10. Jacobs Project Management Co
11. Johnston, LLC in Association with Hill International, Inc
12. Kwame Building Group, Inc
13. McConnell, Jones, Lanier & Murphey, LLP
14. Munoz-Autoarch, Joint Venture
15. Omega Engineers, Inc
16. Parsons Environment & Infrastructure Group Inc
17. PSA Constructors, Inc
18. Rice and Gardner Consultant's, Inc
19. URS Corporation

Five firms were chosen from the 19 firms;

Heery International, Inc. - Atlanta, Georgia
Jacobs Project Management Co. -Arlington, Virginia
Kwame Building Group, Inc. - Louis, Missouri
Rice Gardner Consultants, Inc. - Houston, Texas
URS Corporation - San Francisco, California

HISD employees were the evaluation committee

All of the persons voting based on the information that was received by INSIDE seem to be HISD employees;

Voting: Robert Sands, Officer of Bond & CFS; Sue Robertson, General Manager of Planning; Dan Bankhead, General Manager of Design; Dillon Brady, General Manager of Construction; Alexis Licata, General Manager of Business Assistance; Mark Miranda, Director of Business Operations

Non-voting/Oversight: Leo Bobadilla, Chief Operating Officer, Elvis Eaglin, Procurement Senior Manager;  Wm. Earl Finley, Sr. Sourcing Specialist; Sandy Hellums, Attorney, Thompson & Horton

The Interesting Part

INSIDE asked for the scoring and HISD replied;

The District does not possess scoring documents.  Please see the attached RFQ concerning the Selection Process and Selection Criteria on pages 19-20, here is the RFQ. Below is the process that HISD used.

A selection committee comprised of District personnel will evaluate each submittal based on the criteria listed below. This committee may recommend the most highly qualified firm for each Project based on the evaluations or use the evaluations to identify a short list of qualified firms and conduct interviews.

Were they the best? We may never know, but we can have confidence in HISD as they would never be involved in any type of corruption, read Gil Ramirez v HISD, here, and decide. Too often it is not the company at the top that matters but the sub contractors that they use. HISD motto "Trust Us".

From San Antonio, Project Manager faces charges, here.


Art Tyler's Travel (flight/2013 only)

2013 From To Passenger Cost
2.13 Washington, DC Houston Tyler 835.90
2.19 Houston Tampa Tyler 872.49
3.3 Houston Washington, DC Tyler 742.30
2.24 Houston Baltimore, Wash Tyler 1046.30
3.1. Houston Austin Tyler 318.30
2.24 Baltimore by rail Tyler 182.75
4.1 Houston Washington, DC Tyler 378.30
4.24 Houston Tyler Tyler 364.50
5.1 Houston Washington, DC Tyler 190.4
6.9 Houston Phoxeix Tyler 860.1
6.25 Houston Boston Tyler 1714.3
7.10 Houston Chicago Tyler 818.6
Total $8324.24


It is possible that Mr. Tyler may had other trips as other credit cards would show that Art Tyler was the passenger. Inside did not check the other cards for this article.

Correction on use of Ms. Do's HCC credit card

Inside received an email that pointed out an error in the year of the May expenses. Inside checked the statements and has corrected the dates listed below to reflect the year 2012.


Bruce Austin and Chris Oliver commit
to looking into Credit Cards

Inside will help them by looking at some of the credit cards. Following are credit card buys (food only) with the credit card issued to Gigi Do. The eating places are all in Houston. Most of the gaps in time occur because the credit card use indicates that Ms. Gigi Do was traveling. Inside assumes it was Ms. Do as it her credit that is being used. More on that later.

Panda Express 1527
Goode Co Barbecue
Neo Market & Bakery
Texas Cali Sandwich
Hot Bagel Shop
Texas Cali Sandwich
Cuchara Restaurant
Texas Cali Sandwich
Kim Son Restaurant
Pappadeaux Seafood
Texas Cali Sandwich
Cuchara Restaurant
Cheese Cake Factory
Kim Son Restaurant
Texas Cali Sandwich
Kim Son Restaurant
Ruby's Diner # 644
Texas Cali Sandwich
Harry's Restaurant
Jeannine's Bistro
Harry's Restaurant
JDDA Concession
Texas Cali Sandwich
Texas Cali Sandwich
TOTAL  $1,096.44



Request for Audit by HCC

The following was sent to Board Services at HCC to be distributed to all the HCC Trustees. One is able to find credit card uses by various individuals by going to the menu bar above at Houston Community College.

Dear Board Service:

Please tender this request to all the HCC Trustees.

As some of you are aware Inside HCCS has been requesting information as to HCC credit card use.  Inside was appalled as to how often the credit cards are used for meals while in Houston.  Inside is requesting a complete audit of the purchase of meals of the following employees, present and past, Art Tyler, Mary Spangler, Gigi Do, Zachary Hodges, Irene M. Porcarello, and William W. Harmon. As to Mr. Hodges Inside is requesting an audit of the purchase of "Rogers & Hammerstein".

Inside is further requesting an audit of the a family trip that was taken by Gigi Do and her family to Qatar.  Inside is aware that there was an internal audit at the request of the State Auditor and the HCC auditor found that there was no problem as HCC was going to be reimbursed, here. Inside acknowledges that several months after HCC paid for the trip for Ms. Do's family that HCC was reimbursed by SEC (Still shocked that HCC would allow such use of HCC credit cards). However, the following email from the SEC clearly indicates that the Hotel and Meals were not part of the agreement see attachment 1. Inside requested via an open records request proof of reimbursement for the hotel and meals of Ms. Do's family. Houston Community College sent this as proof of reimbursement, see attachment 2. The documents that were sent to Inside indicate that Houston Community College used the Enterprise Fund to pay for Hotels and Food for non HCC employees.  Maybe Houston Community College was not diligent in producing documents that would indicate that the Hotel and Food were not paid with HCC funds. But as of today that is the information that Inside has received. Attachment 3 is an invoice for Hotel and Food that is clearly much higher than the reimbursement shows.


Inside Inc
5600 W 34th St, Houston, TX 77092

State Auditor

warning warning do not report to the State Auditor, John Keel

Inside wants to go on record to warn people that they risk their jobs if they report Fraud, Waste, or Abuse of Taxpayers dollars to the Texas State Auditor (John Keel). This audit report was in the possesion of Gigi Do, the person that was reported to the State Auditor. If the person who reported the possible abuse of taxpayers' monies had been an employee at HCC in all probability they would have been immediately terminated by the Spangler administration. Again Inside wants to warn people do not report Fraud, Abuse, or Waste of taxpayers' monies to the State Auditor, do so at the risk of losing your job.


HCC need to look at the advertising costs

Houston Community College spends millions of dollars on advertising (print, web, bill boards, television, and radio). HCC has one advertising firm Yaffee/Deutser that costs them over a million dollars a year (not including the buys that they make) according to a statement that the acting chancellor made at the Committee of the Whole. Here are two statements that Yaffee/Deutser submitted for payment, from 1/2/2012 to 8/7/201 and 8/12/2013 to 1/28/2013.

HCC has a Chief Communications Officer, Dan Arguijo. Mr. Arguijo makes at least $129,766 a year. His office is also the primary buyer of "Print Ads". Between 2010 and early 2013 Houston Community College spent over $2,300,000 million dollars, nearly $1.1 million dollars were spent buying advertisement from the Houston Chronicle.

Inside has on occassions claimed that the Houston Chronicle was a cheap whore that ran the articles that Houston Community College wanted because of the amount of ads that HCC was buying. Inside has to appologize to the Houston Chronicle, it is not a cheap whore. The Chronicle is a very expensive whore that taxpayer money has been supporting for the last three years.

There are other advertising buys, for instance, the Gigi Do credit card below has a few Houston Chronicle buys listed. In the last three years Houston Community College has probably spent in excess of $5,000,000 advertising. HCC spent money in advertising while they were raising tuition, raising fees, cutting counselors, and reducing the number of classes.

While Inside does not expect much from the Byas administration as it seems to be taking the same road that the Spangler administration did, Inside is suggesting that Houston Community College get rid or either Yaffee/Deutser or the Communications Department as there is no need for duplication. Houston Community College could probably save at least a $1,000,000 by cutting one or the other out. In fact Inside is suggesting that they cut out the Communications Department as it seems to need help to the tune of almost half a million dollars, from an outfit that does media (8.15.2013 agenda).


Gigi Do's Credit Card use 12.10.2010 to 4.102012, here


How does HCC measure up

Here is how Houston Community College measures up according to

In today's Chronicle there was an article on performance based funding for community colleges. For those of you who are interested here are the formulas and rationale.

Texas Faculty Association is not to keen on the idea, from 2010 when it was being discussed. Reminded me of HISD and the cheating that has occurred for those dollars and possible retention of jobs.


Board Votes to Kill Plants

Bless the board, as someone said last night they seem to be growing some. The Committee of the Whole voted not to recommend a contract that would save about $35,000 a year that had a company maintain the plants in all the campuses. While Inside applauds the gesture that was the only item that was not approved last night. The Insurance Contract worth millions passed even though there are too many questions that remain unanswered.

The first question one should be asking is why is procurement bringing items at such a late time when the Board is forced to accept them as the contract will soon be expiring. That is what happened regarding the Insurance contract that the administration recommended last night, Miles Insurance and Harco Insurance. The Committee of the Whole voted to accept the recommendation with Trustee Flores and Garcia voting No. Absent from the meeting was Trustee Chris Oliver.

The Insurance contract expires on September 1st. HCC administration knows when the contracts expire but choose to wait till the last minute to present new contracts to the Board. An example of such was brought up by Trustee Carroll Robinson. There is a consultant contract that expires on October of this year. The administration of Rene Byas has not placed the item out for RFP or RFQ.

The Board did let the Acting Chancellor know that two positions that she wanted added were not necessary. The Board is concerned that they were adding staff when they may have to vote to either increase property taxes when they promised the community that they would not increase taxes or in the alternative vote to cut faculty and staff.

If the Board of Trustees is finally starting to pay attention let me suggest that they look at the spending in travel and food.

Rene Byas credit card use this year through May - over $38,000 in planes, cars, and hotels.

Gigi Do credit card use this year through May - over $100,000, much of the travel were to countries, like Brazil, Vietnam, Germany, etc. We should save the American plants and not support foreign students and businesses.

Those costs above are for travel only, HCC easily spends over $100,000 buying food to either feed themselves or others.

The students at least some of them will find themselves paying higher fees that are anticipated to raise about $300,000.

They are sucking it to the Coleman students (with student fee increases), the only campus that is bursting at the seams.

Some of the Board Trustees finally acknowledged that HCC expects enrollment to keep declining. HCC needs to ask the question why did Lone Star Community College have an increase in enrollment and San Jacinto had less than one percent decline, HCC had over 7% decline in 2012. HCC spent over $3,000,000, last year, in advertising to do what? HCC has a contract with Yaffee/Deutser of over a $1,000,000 a year that is producing what? That is $1,000,000 that would allow HCC not to increase fees or tuition.


Alert - Alert - Alert

Houston Community College Board of Trustees after promising transparency and fairness is up to it again. HCC is again going to award the Insurance Contract to the Boris Miles Insurance agency. The Better Business Bureau has an alert, see here. One would think that people would learn from others mistakes, here, here, here, are just a few article concerning Boris Miles (the person or the Insurance agency). One has but to look at some of the questions asked during the RFQ process but to see that some of the vendors thought they were wasting their time with HCC, see number 16 in particular. While the other vendors were not accredited neither they did not have an alert. These are the companies that went to the pre proposal conference. One of the questions is very direct in suggesting that the companies are wasting their time as HCC has been giving the contracts to the same companies for ten or more years, here.

Then there was this lawsuit that stated that Borris Miles et al deposited a check without the signature of the lien holder as required, the facts of the case begin on page 3, number 9. Here is the lawsuit. Because the name was not spelled the same (Boris v Borris), Inside found this that seems to verify that it is the same Borris Miles Insurance Agency.

The video below is from June 2011 when the Insurance contract was also awarded to Boris Miles.




Which HCC president used his/her credit card for Go Rodeo Days? Which president likes good sound equipment? Which HCC president has spent the most money this year? Which president likes to order pizza?

Ford - Hodges - Garza - Harmon - Porcarello - Byas 1 - Byas 2 - Gigi Do 1 - Gigi Do 2

There are more credit card reports coming. HCC employees travel all over the world and some just like to go out of town almost every week. Look at Rene Byas and one will see flights out of town almost every week. If they cut out some of the travel they could hire all the counselors back and return many of them to full time.



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