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Is Carroll Robinson thinking of running for another position?

A look at the latest campaign report of Carroll Robinson, here, indicates that there is significant amount of money being paid to consultants. Carroll Robinson is not scheduled to run again for five (5) more years so why the consultants? It has been no secret that Robinson has indicated that he is interested in the City Controller's position, the question is would he be willing to tackle the incumbent? The other rumor that has been circulating is that Sheila Jackson Lee may not run for re-election. Inside has heard that Carroll's ultimate goal is congress. The consultant spending certainly raises the question what is Carroll Robinson thinking of running for. The full name is Carroll George Robinson, here. Check of property records do indicate that Carroll G. Robinson lives in District IV.

Who is Dane Deverl Cook

Who is Dane D. Cook? Here is a link to his facebook page. Dane Cook is running for HCC position 3, presently held by Trustee Garcia. Based on his twitter account Mr. Cook may be a student and former Marine, here is his twitter account. A quick check of his mailing address indicates that the mailing address is owned by someone else. Here is the campaign report that Mr. Cook filed.


It was left to this writer to redact the information.


The Chronicle and HCC

Inside has often referred to the Houston Chronicle as the Comical and less often as a cheap whore (Inside believes that much of what the Chronicle has written about some trustees and glowing remarks about some administrators is not based on fact but the Chronicle's pocket book). Inside finally came upon a document that show that the Houston Chronicle received a quarter of a million dollars from Houston Community College over a one year period. Inside had requested the invoices for Yaffee/Deutser but had been unable to find the buyer of the print ads. A request from HCC was met with a stone wall but this document shows how much was spent on print media, nearly half a million dollars. When one adds the amount that was spent on Yaffee/Deutser one will find that HCC spent about three million dollars ($3,000,000) on advertisment in one year.

July 24, 2013

Ft. Bend Mechanical's lawsuit v HISD

Here is the lawsuit that Ft. Bend Mechanical had filed against HISD. FT. Bend has dropped the lawsuit but they have enough problems as the following companies are suing Ft. Bend Mechanical. Ft. Bend is one of the companies that allegedly paid Larry Marshall to steer contracts his way.

Corner Rock Construction - Register Agent Rosalie Brockman
Glennlock Construction Group - Registered Agent George N Wyche
MEMCO, Inc - Registered Agent J. F. Gilbert
Action Gypsum Supply LP - Registered Agent Lenin Juarez
Hancock Pool Services - Registered Agent James P. Hancock

July 23, 2013

Credit Card Abuse

One has to wonder what would happen if Houston Community College would be willing to look into the spending habits of HCC employees with Taxpayer's money (HCC credit cards). Below is an excerpt from an article sent by an Inside reader (Thank you). Here is the entire story.

In 2007, as a private practice attorney, Coggins was called on to conduct an investigation into credit card abuses at DISD. That report resulted in the prosecution of at least two district employees.

Trustees say they are willing to spend an initial $250,000 on the external investigation, and they are prepared to spend more.

Houston Community College spent more than half a million dollars and got no convictions. The reason for that is that they were focusing on the wrong persons. The targets of the investigations did not do anything wrong, but others might have based on the Veselka Report.

From another reader regarding the Chronicle's editorial

HCC – 7/22/13

            Houston Community College (HCC) Board did not offer Chancellor Mary Spangler or Deputy Chancellor Art Tyler $600,000.00 each as enticement for them to leave HCC. The two people asked the HCC Board to buy-out their contracts. They wanted to leave HCC. The Board complied with their requests to terminate their contracts at a price. 

Contrary to the suggestion made by the Houston Chronicle article, (7/21/2013), the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor pulled off a $1.2 million sting on HCC and the Board, when they jumped a sinking ship as they laughed all the way to the bank.

Under the leadership of Spangler and Tyler, HCC enrollment declined 15.3%, in the last two years, with another enrollment decrease of 5% to 10% anticipated for this fall.  Meanwhile down the road, Lone Star College and San Jacinto College are increasing their enrollment. The leadership of Spangler and Tyler also lead the HCC debt to increase from $174 million in 2007 to over $1 billion in 2013.

The leadership of Spangler and Tyler created a environment of fear, fear that if one spoke out, one would be fired. Richard Schechter, the board chairman, jumped ship one month after being re-elected for another six year term. He, along with Art Tyler, controlled the HCC board with an iron fist. They fed the Board what they wanted with total disregard for the facts. They manipulated the Board into sanctioning a fellow board member because she questioned the “Land Deals”, the “Chevron” contract, the manner in which contracts were awarded, the college in “Qatar”, a $45 million dollar educational fiasco in a Middle Eastern country and the hiring of Schechter’s friends (Larry Veselka, Brad Duester, Boris Miles, and Zimmerman). Speaking out for what is right had consequences under Spangler, Tyler, and Schechter’s regime.

The Board has finally opened their eyes. They saw that Art Tyler was the “fox watching the hen house” rather than a “watchdog” as the Houston Chronicle portrays him. The Spangler-Tyler administration created an atmosphere of self-dealing that infected the whole organization with no regard for students and the community.

I do, however, agree with one thing the Chronicle said “we need a planned national search process for a new Chancellor”. HCC needs a new Chancellor who not only knows the difference between right and wrong who adheres to the principles and practice of what is just and right, who will clean house, focus on students, create a better environment for staff and restore liberty and freedom of expression at HCC.

July 22, 2013

From a reader of Inside the comment below:

"I almost had to call 911 when I read the recent Houston Chronicle editorial commending Spangler and Tyler. After regaining my composure, I strained to understand just how, and why, anyone on the editorial board could possibly think, much less write such unfounded flattery about the Spangler-Tyler HCC reign.

The record and statistics soundly disprove the editorial writer's wild, imaginative thinking. Instead, they should be questioning the board about Spangler's and Tyler's abuses of both HCC employees and tax payer funds."

July 21, 2013

Does the Houston Comical miss the money that HCC use to give them?

It is no secret that Inside has often referred to the Houston Chronicle as the Comical aThe Chronicle is a sorry excuse of a newspaper. This Sunday July 21, 2013 the Comical ran an editorial criticizing the HCC Board for letting Art Tyler go.  They go on to make statements like:

For the record, Spangler and Tyler left a high bar to clear for the "new," whomever that turns out to be. Under their team leadership, HCC enrollment increased by 50 percent.

I don't know if it is lack of reading comprehension on the part of the editorial board, or maybe just plain laziness that they  tend to regurgitate whatever someone spoons feed them.  Here is the enrollment figures of community colleges across the state. Enrollment at HCC went down by 7.1% from 2011 to 2012.  While enrollment did increase when Mary Spangler and Art Tyler were at the helm (it is not close to 50%)  it pales to the increase that has occurred at Lone Star Community College. Giving credit when credit for something that is more often effected by the economy shows a lack of intelligence on the part of the Comical's Editorial Board. If one looks at this article from the Comical, one would find that the Board was concerned by all the travel of Mary Spangler.  Why doesn't the Comical look into the abuse of the credit cards by the people that have use of them at HCC? There are/were eleven (11) top people that have credit cards with credit limits of as much at $100,000.

Then there are these statements  from the Comical;

But Art Tyler? Why was this capable, experienced administrator sent packing? Tyler's work, particularly in shaping budgets as blueprints for HCC's success, focused on student outcomes rather than rewarding favored trustees and colleagues. His approach was fundamental in elevating the system's credibility and culture... Surely, this is a time when an administrator with Tyler's long experience and reputation for playing by the rules would be most needed. At least you'd think so... One reason for the exit could be that Tyler had a reputation for calling out individual board members when he detected possible ethical and legal violations... Did that tendency make his presence too close for comfort for some on this board? We'd like to know. HCC needs an Art Tyler. When it comes to contracts and bids, the HCC board has proven time and again that it needs adult supervision. Tyler was that adult.

Inside will respond to the above statements by the Houston Comical. Comical read the Veselka Report, you have the report in your possession.  Two boxes full of documents are at your disposal. If you bother to read what you the Comical requested via Open Records Request you will find that Art Tyler does not deserve a glowing endorsement. In particular focus on Chevron Energy Solutions, a company based out of California that both Mary Spangler and Art Tyler were very familiar with. If one is able to comprehend what they read they would see that Art Tyler and Spangler maneuvered the HCC Board into hiring a company that they were promoting. One will see how Art Tyler setup meetings and promised people like Chris Oliver that Ft. Bend Mechanical would be a sub-contractor.  That is important as Trustee Chris Oliver was being paid by Ft. Bend Mechanical at the time.  By the way since you, the Comical, makes statements like Tyler likes to call out Trustees, why didn't Art Tyler call out Trustee Chris Oliver? If the Comical bothered to read the Veselka Report or if they did read it and were able to comprehend then why didn't Art Tyler call out Trustee Chris Oliver for soliciting Super Bowl tickets? If Art Tyler likes to call out Trustees why didn't he call out Trustee Chris Oliver for soliciting  jobs from HCC vendors while they were performing their jobs at HCC? Why did Chevron get the contract as they were not the top rated vendor? The Houston Chronicle is not interested in the truth or ethical behavior.

What Art Tyler did do is call out a Trustee for pointing out that Art Tyler and Spangler formed a company called Iceps. What Art Tyler did do is call out a Trustee for protesting the Qatar contract (Which Mary Spangler signed without getting prior approval by the Board on that specific contract). Why were the contract with Qatar and Iceps so close to each other?

Inside has often referred to the Houston Chronicle as a low price whore, because Inside  believes that the Comical was/is nothing but a whore available to go with the highest bidder. HCC was spending hundred of thousands of dollars advertising with the Houston Chronicle. That stopped soon after Inside started looking into all the advertising that HCC was doing. Interestingly enough HCC does not seem to have any records that show that they were paying for advertising with the Houston Chronicle. Inside is waiting for those full page ads to appear in the Comical again to look into the source of funding.

July 20, 2013

Art Tyler spends tens of thousands of dollars on food and travel

Vice Chancellor Art Tyler spent his last six month traveling and eating at taxpayers expense were the expenses justified? We will never know. Here is Vice Chancellor Art Tyler's credit card statement for the period covering January to June 2013. Often Art Tyler would use the Houston Community College credit card to go to dinner or lunch, sometimes both. The Houston Community College (HCC) Trustee are miserable failures as trustees. Inside has been reporting the possible abuse of the credit cards for three years. Trustee is defined as "a natural or legal person to whom property is legally committed to be administered for the benefit of a beneficiary (as a person or a charitable organization)". They have not been good trustees of the taxpayer's money as the late Gomer Pyle used to say "Shame, Shame, Shame" on both the Trustees and the Taxpayers that keep re-electing them.



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