Board of Trustees

Michael P Williams, Christopher Oliver, Richard Schechter, Neeta Sane, Maryann Perez, Eva Loredo, Sandie Mullins, Yolanda N Flores, Bruce Austin

Chancellor Mary S. Spangler, Ed. D., Vice Chancellor Arthur Q Tyler

Not everyone has a story above, some have been portrayed negatively much more than others so they will be left to the last, but others like Michael P. Williams who is the Chair has a story to be told so we will begin with that story. We want to hear from you, we want to know if your supplies are there, if they are cutting classes, if they are not renewing contracts, not maintaining buildings, we want to know the bad we are not interested in the good as the administration already spends over a million dollars in advertising most of it going to the Houston Chronicle. Ever wonder why the Chronicle only writes good stuff about the administration? Now you know. You can email us we may or not publish what we get as we will try to verify it before posting. We suggest that you create an email that does not link to you when you contact us as we do not trust the present administration, they seem to be very vindictive.

Not a penny is being given by anyone or any group, this is all out of pocket as we don't want to be beholding to anyone or any group. When I write we that is in reference to the people that have sent information to me, one person and only one person is responsible for this web site, all of you that contribute information that is we. As I read what I write I will occasionally go back and change some things, so what you see one day may be slightly different the next. I normally do that to try to make it easier for the reader and some times to add to the article. One more thing if I discover that there may be things that were not properly done, I will probably send the information to the proper authorities, i.e., Campaign reports would go to DA or to the Ethics Committee in Austin.

When I add to an article, I will change colors of the text.

If anyone feels that some thing that I have posted is wrong please feel free to contact me, I will remove it if convinced that I have wrong information.

The Country is in a recession. Almost every one knows someone that has lost their jobs, some government entities, however, continue to provide exorbitant salaries to certain employees, compare your salary to what HCC pays its' employees. By the way some of those highest paid just received a one time bonus, I have the formula somewhere but I can not find it at the moment.

Houston Community College salaries here. Now compare the salaries of Lone Star Community College, here. Notice that many of the highest paid are professors at Lone Star.


As I review a ton of information that I have recently received I will also start working in changing the format of this site to make it easier to follow the actors. The more I investigate the more intriguing that the story gets. When I finish I may have the making of a good book.


Wonder why I think something is not right?

here is my request for production from Houston Community College

Cleared of conflicts

1) Please provide copies of the requests made by Mary Spangler and Arthur Tyler to the Office of Systemwide Compliance as in regards to iCEPS and possible conflict.

HCC is playing games, this what I got in return, here. cute, now if some one is not hiding something why do they play cute?

Read the message it says, "Jessica,

Please remember to provide a letter of certification regarding Dr. Tyler and me about finding no conflicts of interest for us in 2010. It is important and I will need that on Monday.."

The letter seems to be a direct order, "provide the letter finding no conflicts of interest"What the letter seems to suggest is that a written finding did not exist otherwise the letter would have said please provide us with the letter of certification that was issued on ..... I guess it may be possible that no letter existed prior to August of 2010. I will soon find out as a very specific request has been made. Notice that the letter was addressed to Jessica not the person referred to in the story by that thing that calls itself a newspaper. Below is from the article

"Martinez said Spangler and Tyler immediately asked the HCC Office of Systemwide Compliance to determine if they faced a possible conflict.

The following day, office director Remmele Young informed them in identical memos that they had been cleared.

"Based upon the research and subsequent findings, as of August 20, 2010, the OSC identified no known facts to suggest that any conflicts of interest exist between you and any vendor or subcontractor doing business with HCC," she wrote."

The first memo was probably not written until August 20, 2010, but iCEPS was formed at the beginning of the year. In fact the response by Systemwide seems to suggest that no such finding had been made prior to the August request.

IGIT and Houston Community College

The HCC Bullshit contract

We know what Houston Community College is but who or what is IGIT? IGIT stands for International Group for training they seem to be based in Saudi Arabia see here. So what kind of contract did HCC and IGIT sign? Here is the contract. I have seen a lot of contracts in my life and this is one of those that I can honestly call a bullshit contract. What does either one bring to the table? Some how I get the feeling that there was more to this contract. One thing that google research indicates is that IGIT is in the business of providing teachers especially ESL certified instructors. So what was HCC to provide? If they were to provide ESL instructors what was HCC getting out of it?

How was HCC involved with IGIT? Here is one answer;

Southeast Asia Management Services, Inc. (SEAMS) (hereafter called Contractor), in cooperation with Houston Community College (HCC), agrees to provide the following products and services to the International Group for Training (IGIT) (hereafter called Client):

A. Contractor will provide the following services to Client.

  • Send out IGIT ESL Job announcement to prospective ESL teachers.
  • Interview and recommend prospective ESL teachers to IGIT.
  • Provide IGIT employment contracts to recommended ESL teachers.

B. Client agrees to: Pay Contractor a fee not to exceed 5% of the base salary of the number of ESL teachers

I know that at least SEAMS did do job advertisements that were HCC related, here. You will not find those postings anymore, but I copied what was posted at the time from the internet.

There is a lot more to this story but that will be later, for instance the attorney that was involved in formulating the "disclosure" that represented SEAMS is or was a director of SEAMS, the disclosure (if one would call it that) was filed on October 2, 2009, but HCC authorized the job postings on September 2, 2009. HCC claims that the Board Chair at the time Abel Davila knew about the contract. My sources tell me that Abel Davila stated that he was not aware nor fully appraised of what was going on.

This does not seem to pass the smell test, SEAMS was to get 5% of the salary what was HCC getting? Remember the contract between HCC and IGIT, here (hereinafter called the bullshit contract). Remember the iCEPS controversy? It was right after all this was happening that the chancellor and vice-chancellor in conjunction with others created iCEPS (after their request to create a non profit was turn down by the Board). I am waiting for certain information to continue to unravel the mystery of what did or is occurring. The time lines are weird, for instance they authorize SEAMS to post on September 2, but do not sign a contract with IGIT until September 14th. They authorize SEAMS to post on September 2, but no disclosure until October 2. If I were a lawyer I do not think I would let my clients do that, they could get in trouble as well as the lawyer. Here is the SEAMS disclosure (approved as to form by attorney for HCC means that the form is fine, not that the substance is). Notice that they state September 14th on the disclosure but other information that I have in writing indicates that HCC authorized the posting on September 2.

Here is a link to what some people had to say about IGIT. After reading some of the comments I was left wondering did anyone at HCC look into IGIT before signing contracts?



Oct 20 n a half

Michael P Williams campaign reports revisited

I have attached a copy of what the numbers look like here. I have posted Williams original 7/17/06 report here. I have posted his oops I made a mistake report here. I find it amazing that one does not recall getting $2,100 in campaign contributions under $50 minimum of 42 people gave that much money. People do not normally come up to candidates and say here is $50 I am so impressed with you. Those contributions normally occur at fund raisers. Even more amazing is nearly $20,000 of expenditures that a year later goes by and suddenly "yes I did spend some more money". One of the interesting things that Michael added to his expenditures was nearly $4,000 for sport tickets " purchase tickets for political use". Off topic, the statute of limitation for perjury on a government document is 10 years if memory serves me right.



October 20, 2010

Some more help here, I remember voting for a bond issue a few years back and I do not recall that police cars was on the list of what the money was to be used for, I have tried researching and have not been able to ascertain with certainty if they were on the list. However, they are listed as one of the items that HCC has spent, here. If they were not on the bond issue what state agency would I report that to, does any one know?

Qatar Invoices

Based on what I saw HCC is paying the salaries of the employees and then seeking reimbursement from the Community College of Qatar. The way I see it we are spending tax payer money up front and then invoicing for reimbursement. If they decide not to pay the taxpayers of Houston Community College are stuck, I recall reading in the Qatar contract that HCC could not expand money in such way. I am really confused with this whole international initiatives mess. The chancellor recently stated that we have nearly 9,000 international students, "HCC has 8,571 international students, more than any community college in the United States, and a 25 percent increase from last year, Spangler said." Here, is the link to that story. On the trip to India the air fare amounted to about $1500 the hotel about 19,000 rupees, $450 dollars for a three night stay. And why did Mr. Cook go to India. To sight see and to explore possibilities of partnerships. How much are we spending recruiting students? Those students need immigration work done, I wonder who HCC is sending them to (that is assumption on my part but an international student would need to file proper immigration papers, I recall some time ago seeing some pamphlets with the name of a prominent attorney who is now running for office being recommended), that is a lot of money for some lawyers.

Is it legal to use state funds to recruit students and seek partnerships. So much work to do.


October 18, 2010

Campaign Reports (very large files will take a while to download)

You will need to use the navigation on the portfolio, I chose this method as it is easier to follow from one year to the next. The navigation bar should be the last of the tool bars, just go to home (little house) to go back to pdf. It does take a while to upload. One more thing if anyone at HCC is reading this the address of the contributor can be removed it is allowed by law, you have enough lawyers working there have them look it up. It is too much work for me to do it.

Christopher Oliver Neeta Sane Michael P. Williams

Christopher Oliver now you see now you don't on July 16, 2007 Christopher Oliver reported that he had $18,006.44, go look at it, it is there in black and white. It is the last time you see that money, where did it go? There are other problems earlier on also, the math does not add up. This is the way it is suppose to work, you have $10,000 on hand, you raise another $10,000 and you spend $12,000 there should be $8,000 left. Some people must be real bad at math that they can't get it to add up.

Neeta Sane, the only problem that I found is from July 2009 to July 2010, Sane has $27,180 she raises $51,500 spends $3,694 and now maintains $107,907. A little unusual but if she does have that much money on hand where did the extra money come from?

It is getting late and I think Michael P Williams will take a while as the first report I open July 2005 has some serious problems, raises $47,000 spends $5,800 and has zero balance? Well some of that money shows up at the next report but the math does not add up. He has $47 thousand and spends $23 thousand and has $ $41 thousand left. Funny math I did not learn that kind of math at school. Also, noticed that spent $ 3,000 for sports tickets for "political use". I just love politicians they are so creative they must have been artists in their prior lives. Michael P Williams deserves special attention so I am going to create a spread sheet to make it easier to follow, I should finish by late tonight.

F- for whoever did the math on Michael P Williams campaigns reports. Three times they went in to correct data at least 2 years in some cases and they still can not get it right. Hope they are not teaching this kinda math at HCC. Here is the data on Williams campaign reports.

Qatar Invoices

Based on what I saw HCC is paying the salaries of the employees and then seeking reimbursement from the Community College of Qatar. The way I see it we are spending tax payer money up front and then invoicing for reimbursement.

Predictable at HCC

A few days back I found that HCC had the vendors disclosures online, that is where I found that Ft. Bend Mechanical disclosure. I, also, noticed that many of the disclosure were blank the only thing at the top of the blank documents were the names of the vendors. Me and others being suspicious of HCC activities took to downloading those blank documents to save them. Today I went back and noticed that some of those blank documents were gone, poof. Here is the link to HCC's vendor site, help me keep track of how many more documents go poof in the night.

Remember the getting stuff from HCC is like pulling teeth

1) I was informed that a disk with information was ready for pickup, a courier was sent to pick up the disk, well I was informed that the courier was told that they did not have anything ready and that they were very rude to him.

2) I recently asked for certain information and true to form HCC went to Attorney General (AG) with the request, HCC often uses this to tactic delay. The problem was that what they stated to the AG is was not what I had requested. Here is what they sent to the AG. Here is what I sent to the AG to clarify that what was requested from HCC was not what they were alleging to be my request for information was not true. I had been told that they needed clarification and I resubmitted my request for information.

Does someone out there know what state agency I could report such abuse? If you do contact me at


Some More Help Please

Is there like a really smart attorney out there that can help me understand what is happening at Houston Community College in regards to disclosure of conflicts. State law seems to require that certain questionnaire be on file, see this example by the Eula Independent School District. If you will notice there are two types of questionnaire required form CIQ and form CIS. The question is what is the penalty or is there a penalty for failure to file properly? Or where would one go to report that a disclosure is not in such form nor signed by by the party that has or may have a conflict. Need some guidance if some one can contact me, it would be greatly appreciated.

A scenario that could take place

Texas Local Government Code seems to require that certain conditions be met, here. Let us say that an attorney who had an interest in a company with a client prepared a disclosure that did not meet the state requirements and as a result of said disclosure the client were to get in trouble, would the attorney also get in trouble? The more I read the more questions I have, is there a really smart attorney out there that could guide me to where to research?



Some One Help Me Please!

I will paste two images of two disclosures one of Chris Oliver and the other by a company called Ft. Bend Mechanical. Notice the dates, if Mr. Oliver was on in 2007 why is his disclosure dated differently, I could make the argument that the Company made a mistake as to the year, but I still had one problem the month would still be wrong. Some one help me understand please. Ft Bend Mechanical First and then Chris Oliver.





The budget that HCC admits to for travel is 1.235 million dollars, $1,235,551.

Prior to this present administration the budget for travel was .805 hundred thousand dollars, $805,393.

That is a 65% increase in travel since 2006 -2007

Marketing (Advertisement)

2006-2007 Zero dollars were spent on promoting the College

2010-2011 $1,661,095, from zero to almost 2 million dollars

Texas Higher Education Enrollments
Certified Certified Percent
  Fall 2008 Fall 2009 Change Change
Houston Community College System 38,529 42,104 3,575 9.28
Lone Star College System District 48,520 55,491 6,971 14.37

Houston Community College spends close to two million dollars advertising, Lone Star Community College spends zero dollars and the enrollment is increasing at a higher rate, some thing wrong here folks.

Houston Community College Foundation

What does the Better Business Bureau have to say? The link to the BBB is here.

"Despite written Houston BBB requests in the past year, this organization either has not responded to Houston BBB requests for information or has declined to be evaluated in relation to the Houston BBB’s Standards for Charity Accountability. While participation in the Houston BBB’s charity review efforts is voluntary, the Houston BBB believes that failure to participate may demonstrate a lack of commitment to transparency. Without the requested information, the Houston BBB cannot determine if this charity adheres to the Standards for Charity Accountability. A charity's willing disclosure of information beyond that typically included in its financial statements and government filings is, in the Alliance's view, an expression of openness that strengthens public trust in the charitable sector.
The Houston BBB reports on national charities and determines if they meet 20 voluntary standards on matters such as charity finances, appeals, and governance. The Houston BBB does not evaluate the worthiness of the charitable program."






(October 10, 2010)

missed one actually they missed quite a few, will get to those later

Remember the agenda item where they indicated how many hours have been used for international initiatives, here? Well they do not have Charles Cook going to India but I recently received several items regarding travel and among one of them was this. What really makes this interesting is that remember iCEPS, here. Interestingly enough one of the places where iCEPS and jobs appear are India. If I were the type of person that was of the suspicious nature I would be wondering what the heck is going on here. But I recall that the attorney for the owners of iCEPS, Art Tyler and Mary Spangler, stating that iCEPS was formed for consulting purposes. By the way I have a bridge in San Francisco that I want to offer the Chronicle reporter.

Oh yeah, don't forget to least look at the reason(s) that we the taxpayers are paying for trips, page 11. I have highlighted the reason. It was not a cheap trip and remember that was not even one of the trips listed in the agenda items. I have a few others not listed, but I wonder how many really exist.

Rumors Rumors and more Rumors

The source for the information is not always reliable so I have to label it as heard it through the grapevine.

( Rumor) This coming Tuesday, Oct. 12, there is supposedly going to be a meeting at 3100 Main with the presidents and the campus coordinators about the budget.  This would be the budget for this year the one HCC went into Sept. 1, 2010.  Almost two month into the budget year and the colleges are in the dark. That is what I was told.

I do kinda feel that there is something wrong at HCC. How can HCC be so different from all other government agencies? About 30% of their budget comes from the state, about 40% from property tax, and about 30% from student fees and tuition. The State of Texas has already made it known that there will be about five (5) percent cut in the budget over the next two years that will amount to about four (4) million dollars per year. Normally a district's fund balance could cover the shortfall for a year maybe two, the problem is that HCC fund balance is almost at the minimum of 8%, compared to about a 17% fund balance that Lone Star Community College has. Additionally ad volorem taxes are projected to be down for at least the next two year this year it will be about four (4) percent, I would not be surprised that next year will be the same or more. The additional tax base of Alief will probably help some for this past year but I can understand why HCC spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to "educate" the voters of Spring Branch. I guess they are smarter than the Trustees.

I will be looking at the budget over the past 5 years very closely over the next few days

I have doubts as to the above numbers, either I am wrong or the data I have received is different from HCC has posted.



Michael P. Williams

Rumors have been flying that Michael P Williams is creating a buzz as he prepares to run for Houston City Council, allegedly for Council Members Lovell's Position, see here or here. Charles Kuffner writes "I still think it’s a little crazy to be campaigning for a 2011 election when the 2010 races are still not on most people’s radar..." Well no, Michael P. Williams is not crazy maybe devious and maybe he is just is preparing for his Trustee position and raising money while he is Chair of HCC Board of Trustees. I think there may be more to this, however;

Applicable City Ordnances for City Council Candidates, here.

During the Sue Lovell v Jay Aiyer contest for the at large position allegations were made that Aiyer may have violated city ordinance, here. This bears watching to see if that all that money that has been paid to a political consultant in advance is to be used for Williams' run is for his trustee position are is Michael attempting to circumvent City Ordinance? Only time will tell, but we will be watching his decision very carefully. Thus far Williams has paid a political consultant in excess of $35,000 for a race that will not occur until next year. I have provided a link to Williams' expenditures for his last campaign filings here. The political consultant being used by Michael P. Williams is the same one used by Pat Holms when she ran for City Controller.

What do we know about Michael P. Williams?

  • Michael Williams has problems paying income taxes
  • here
  • here

As a result of this failure to pay income taxes we believe that Joy Tabernacle is now or was for sale, here;

A rich history seems to follow Michael P Williams in 1986 he is removed from Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, interestedly enough Williams left a comment that he left voluntarily, here. I have my doubts as I think that the church had to file a suit to remove him, but I could be wrong. However, Michael P Williams seems to be a magnet for law suits, here and here. Not all of the persons are the Board Chair but the majority of those lawsuits were filed against him.

Funny Math

Now you see it, now you don't. What happened to the funds on hand at the end of the campaign report? Only Michael P. Williams would know. Following are Michael P. Williams campaign reports from when he ran for City Council District D. The first report was filed on 7/16/07 the last report was filed on July of this year, 2010. Where is the District Attorney when you need one to investigate funny math? It may all be easily explainable but only Michael P Williams knows.

report 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


The Qatar Contract in it's entirety, here

I had to study this contract for a little while to figure out the 45 million dollar value that HCC had given it. If one goes to Appendix 3 and does a little math it can be done. Appendix three begins on page 31 of the contract, one goes to the bottom of the first year and finds Total of fixed and billed as one will get an idea of how HCC arrived at the 45 million dollar amount,

Year one is 5.3 million

Year two is 8.5 million

Year three is 9.6 million

Year four is 11.0 million

Year five is 11.3 million

The amounts were rounded to the nearest hundred thousand.

5.3 + 8.5 + 9.6 + 11 + 11.3 = 45.7 million dollars, wow that seems like a lot so what is HCC, us the taxpayer, doing to get all that money? Well we don't get all that money we get paid a percentage of the salary of the faculty that HCC took over there, for instance, in year one HCC gets;

year one 10.5% = $416,000 (rounded to the nearest thousand)

year two 8% = $525,000 (we went from 43 faculty members to 75)

year three 8% = $596,000 (we went from 75 faculty members to 84.5)

year four 7.5% = $641,000 (we went from 84.5 faculty members to 97.5)

year five 7.5% = $654,000 (we went from 97.5 faculty members to 99.5)

Total earned by HCC is $2.83 million, not bad but there are some conditions for this, will get to that later, now $2.83 is short of the $4.5 million that HCC says it will get from the contract, so where is the other money coming from? It comes from Access Service which is defined as Curriculum licenses, Accredation Development, and Library Material and connectivity fee below are the amounts

year one = $213,000 (rounded to nearest thousand)

year two = $213,000

year three = $213,000

year four = $313,000

year five = $338,000

Total = $1.29 Million

So we have $2.83 + $1.29 that equals $4.12 million, approximately what HCC has claimed they will make from this contract, not bad except that there are cost involved that will come from HCC taxpayers.

1) HCC is required to provide a 10% performance bond for the fixed amount, i.e, the first year would require a bond of $500,000

2) HCC must maintain insurance (does this mean that HCC must provide the same Health insurance that the employees have here?)

3) The contract states that HCC could not make this contract public unless it is okay by the government of Qatar (pg 12 at 20.3), no wonder it was so hard to get a copy of this contract. Who ever sent it to me thank you. This is very bothersome to me, how could the attorneys for HCC allow this provision? Texas Law requires that this contract be open record. Is there intentional violation of the law with this provision?

4) Costs to Be Absorbed by HCCS (pg 20)

a. Faculty and Staff Recruitment

b. Credentialing Cost for Faculty including Background Checks

c. All staff and faculty replacement except for the CCQ Dean Position

d. Payroll Services

e. Set up and maintenance of student data services

f. Quarterly administrative audit and evaluation of the program

g. Curriculum licensing to CCQ

h. Development of Employee Orientation and Feedback

i. Accreditation support

j. Program Review

k. Overall program development

l. Maintenance of program currency

m. HCC s portion, as verified and approved by CCQ, of joint development of grants and resources

5) In recognition of the fact that HCCS intends to maintain at CCQ the same standards of quality

existing at HCC Colleges, including, without limitation, with respect to the faculty members, all

HCCS faculty members should be from the HCCS Colleges when possible. This is troubling to me as it indicates that some of our best professors will no longer be available to us the citizens of Houston, Texas.

So how much money will HCC and the taxpayers make? We do not have any idea without knowing the costs that are associated with this contract. As time permits I will see if I can figure out what the costs are.

Where are the Trustees, are they all too busy traveling all over the world at Taxpayers expense? Are they too busy running for other offices? Are they too busy lining their pockets or their friends pockets? One thing I do know is that they are very busy fighting with each other.

Some one, if there is still an honest Trustee left, ask the questions on this contract! If you can not figure out what questions to ask, let me help. Question number;

1) Are the instructors at Qatar HCC employees? If Yes,

2) Is HCC paying all the insurance and benefits? If Yes,

3) What is the cost of the insurance and benefits?

If they are employees and HCC is paying insurance and benefits then in all probably there is a net loss to the college as benefits for employees almost always exceeds 10%. My reading of the contract is that those instructors are HCC employees. Trustees do your job.

So the Question may become if the College is losing money, who is making money on this contract?


I have had to add security to the Qatar contract as the link was lost some how, checked to see if the error was in the program (accidentally removed) and found that every thing was fine in this end.


The Saudi Arabia Contract, here and here

I call it a contract because if it quacks like a contract, it walks like a contract, than it must be a contract. For some reason HCC has taken to calling Contracts MOUs, not sure what an MOU is but I think they are making reference to an agreement (maybe memorandum of understanding?), furthermore, they seem to distinguish between level one, two, etc MOUs. This particular contract with Saudi Arabia is particularly bothersome as it is in excess of $100,000 and it did not have Board Approval. State Law requires approval for certain contracts, here. I could not find where this type of contract that is in excess of $100,000 per year falls outside the requirement for approval. We have nine elected Board Trustee that are suppose to be watching out for the Tax Payers, they seem to be missing in action, or should I say inaction. One of those Board Trustees once made an issue that Transparency was crucial, where is he now?

I am still thinking on this and have made further inquires of HCC for all MOUs signed by the Chancellor. For some reason getting HCC to provide public information is like having to pull teeth, they just do not want to provide what the law says they have to provide.


Attorney General's Opinion on Kathy Butler Report, here

What is interesting is that The Board of Trustees did not see the report although Houston Community College stated that they had. It is my understanding that the Board Chair Michael P. Williams was the only Board Trustee to see it. It is my understanding that some Board Trustees have asked to see it and have been denied the right to view the report.

I recently received an email that they have hired a new attorney to look at the situation and that the new attorney is the same one that has been in the news. The attorney is Michael R. Harris, here, here, and here. I, also, understand from a reliable source that Michael R. Harris is part of the lobbying team that HCC has just hired. Rumors have also been flying that a certain high level administrator was seen talking to Michael R. Harris prior to voting, if that is true that would violate Board Policy and I believe State Law.

More Rumors, I call them rumors because I cannot verify them and I seriously doubt that the people would admit that it occurred, so it is a rumor that is in circulation. Rumor is that Michael R. Harris was also involved in the JOC program where certain companies and/or individuals received contracts worth millions of dollars. The JOC program is normally used to help small businesses get established but in an economy like we have now a JOC program is costing the Taxpayers of HCC money as the cost of labor, construction, is way down. So why the JOC program? A JOC program is a method where certain individuals can be brought in, said individuals too often have close ties to either the trustees or the employees making the selection of the JOCs.


This has been of interest and one thing I have noticed is that now you see it now you don't seems to be one of the things that seems to be occurring but then again, searches don't always give you the same result, some time ago while doing a search for iceps I found this. I am sure that it is all explainable, but I am still waiting for that good explanation, I have my doubts that it was formed for counseling, I could be wrong, but the name iCEPS is such an unusual name as the initials stand for

  1. Islamic Entrepreneurship Convention
  2. Institute for International Economic Cooperation and Development
  3. International Center for Economic Policy Studies
  4. Institute for International Economic Cooperation and Development

The attorney suggests that the company was formed for "He said the company was created to offer consulting services on such issues as operating multiple campuses — HCC is made up of six colleges and several additional satellite campuses - but has never done any work." link is here. I am sure that the fact that they named their corporation iCEPS international LLC was just cause they liked that name, not because they were interested in international type of future employment.

Just a Thought

As I sat here doing research I came across this (highlighted) and being that my first thoughts are always if I were an ambitious lawyer it would be nice to be close to some one at HCC. 7000 international students that is a lot of students that would need help getting their immigration papers in order. It was just a thought, I am sure that all lawyers are ethical and would not get involved in something that was either unethical or illegal by working with people inside HCC to solicit business. Just a thought.

Besides I thought that HCC did not solicit international students, here, look for high lighted area. I am kinda disappointed that my bubble was busted after all two Community College Leaders were recently busted, here. But, I have to admit that HCC does have a lot of international travel, here, that does not even include the Trustees world wide travels at our expense. That will be coming later. Now keep in mind that is only what they are admitting to, also keep in mind that when they have 40 hours that is not a two day trip, that is probably a seven day trip. Why seven day? Well they leave on Friday, 8 hours, Saturday and Sunday 0 (zero) hours they ain't working, Monday 8 hours, and so on. Dang I love to travel I am in the wrong job. Oh yes, the colleges also have their own little junkets, that is another story.

Thought this morning, so who is not telling the truth? Do we recruit international students? Well calling some one a liar is not nice, maybe they just did not know and did not know that they did not know.

I woke up this morning and gave it some thought, I was too generous with HCC. I think that this is how it works, I schedule a trip out of Houston at 12 p.m. so no time is added to the travel as it does not start until Monday on a regular day. So Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday are not included in the hours. Would HCC do some thing like that, I think so. I would if I did not want to really let people know how much traveling I did. Taxpayer revolt where is it? I guess the pond is too small to notice.

Now you see it, Now you don't

I am not ready for this story, but some one commenting on an article in that thing that calls itself a newspaper, here, seems to think that some how any one can manipulate google. Señor explain why these job posting could be found a few weeks ago but now they can not, google, bing, yahoo and then explain what happened to them. There are other things that have disappeared but I have a bad habit of printing what I see at the time, my biggest problem is finding them when I need them as I am not the best organized person in the world.

Other Things that go Poof in the Night (darkness)

Well not too long ago one could go here, that link now takes you here. Me, I liked it better when one could hit the link and get this. Why did HCC remove that link? I love the link it used to tell us about all those International Initiatives. Now the public does not have the information at it's finger tips (internet). Well they do when they come here and look the cache will soon be gone, bye bye cache.

Her Institution

Houston we have a problem when someone starts to refer to Houston Community College as her institution, here. The math is wrong on her part, there may be some money made but we can not know until HCC fesses up to the costs involved. Wish there was a board member with juevos, heck there is one but she is constantly being slapped around for asking questions.

SEAMS (South East Management Services)

SEAMS was formed to help Houston based firms do business in Southeast Asia. SEAMS was working with Maricopa Community College, remember them they are the ones that had a scandal, here. I asked for all Conflicts of Interest on file at Houston Community College and was not sent one signed by the employee that works at HCC, but yet Mary Spangler wrote " December 2009, which included Ms. ... voluntary disclosure statement." I left the employee's name out as it is not her fault that some one misspoke (maybe the College purposely or inadvertently did not send it). Misspeaking seems to be a bad habit at HCC especially considering that it is an institution of higher learning, maybe it should be an institution of higher ethics and send its' employees to ethics classes.


1) Does an employee that does a lot of international traveling to Southeast Asia at Tax Payer expense have a duty to report the possibility of a conflict of interest when the company that she owns is based on creating "opportunities to help Houston-based firms do business Southeast Asia"? What does State policy require? What does HCC policy require? I will research it and then find the appropriate State agency to ask if it is required by law.

Some answers to the above question

HCC Board Policy does not require that an employee file a conflict of interest statement, here. State Law however is not clear at least I have not found some thing on point that would have required that South East Management Services file a conflict at it's inception. However, when South East Management Services entered into a contract, agreement, what ever HCC wants to call it, State Law seems to be clear that a Disclosure was required, here. To the best of my knowledge there is no disclosure on file. I have asked for all disclosures and have received several disclosure but not one that was related to South East Management Services. Was there a contract, agreement as to South East Management Services and HCC, I would think so as evidence suggests that, here is something that was found on the internet that relates to South East Management Services and HCC. Interestingly enough those posting are now gone, but I managed to copy those posting before they disappeared.





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